Donnelly: Has Roger Espinoza Played His Last Game in Sporting Blue?

Following a terrific showing in the Olympics for his native Honduras, Sporting KC’s tenacious defensive midfielder Roger Espinoza has reportedly drawn interest from some major European clubs.

The front-runner seems to be EPL side Wigan, but others interested include Spanish clubs Athletico Madrid and Mallorca.

If a move to England is in the cards, it will probably happen in the next few days, as the transfer window closes this Friday and KC will want to grab some cash for him as this is the last season on his current contract.

Otherwise, Espinoza will¬†play out this season with SKC and be gone, assuming that Kansas City doesn’t make a ridiculous offer for him.

But it would have to be a pretty huge offer, because Roger has already stated his intention to join a top club in Europe rather than stay in MLS.

Stay tuned…
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5 Responses to Donnelly: Has Roger Espinoza Played His Last Game in Sporting Blue?

  1. legendaryhog says:

    Sell him now while he has the most value. I don’t see him performing well in the EPL, but maybe he’ll get some playing time as Wigan was at the bottom of the EPL last season (as usual). Would be nice to keep him for the year though SKC’s midfield defense was pretty stellar last game against NY. Wonder if SKC can do a little negotiation magic where they sell him now at a premium, but get to hold on to him for the rest of the season. I.e., Rodger could transfer in the mid-season transfer window come January.

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    Hopefully so in the current version of “Sporting Blue” because the uniforms the club regularly wears for the home matches are about as drab as any I’ve ever seen. In fact, they’re about as exciting as a 0-0 draw with neither side recording a shot on goal. That darker blue uniform Roger is pictured in at least has a little life to it, and the other one’s not too bad either. My personal all-time favorite Kansas City uniform was the rainbow-look uniform from the late ’90s (1997?).

  3. Mysterious J says:

    This team is going to challenge for more hardware without 2 starters? I doubt it.

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