New Jack City: Crown Jewels Play Into Vegas Win

The ever opportunistic Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority thrives on promotional hooks for Sin City…

And this time they’ve found the royal prize by tying its infamous What Happens in Vegas-Stays In Vegas moniker to the desert paradise’s latest scandalous cellphone photo published last week by TMZ.Com.

You’ve seen the picture.

A nude Prince Harry covering his royal jewels during a game of strip pool at Wynn’s Encore Resort.

Last Friday the Authority placed full page ads in major national newspapers denouncing this unforgiving breach of unspoken etiquette with the following in your face copy:

“For Shame!

“To those who traded in their pledge to their Las Vegas brethren, we deplore you. We are calling on you, the defenders of what happens in Vegas staying in its rightful place—in Vegas.

“We shall boycott partying of any kind with them. No bottle service. No bikini clad girls. No Bucatini from Batali. In other words, we will not play with them anymore.

“Who’s with us?

(signed) Las Vegas–Join the Cause.”

You are then directed to code
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10 Responses to New Jack City: Crown Jewels Play Into Vegas Win

  1. smartman says:

    Bullshit! I’ll hold the code with me mates but outside of that all tits, ass, piss flaps, raging salmons, goo-guns and other aberrant behavior are mine for the picture taking. Harry is an idiot. Not to check cameras at the door when you’re getting ready to get your freak on is moronic. And this poof boy can pilot a heli? Bloody hell!

    As suspected by many he was not sired by Prince Charles. He looks more like one of his mums many other lovers who were laying the pipe she craved. The British Monarchy is a joke. God Save The Queen, but after her they’re all just a bunch of white trash in-breeders, like the Kardashians, Sitch, Snooki, J-Wow and the bloody lot.

  2. ron says:

    Heard where Wynn picked up entire cost of suite and service for the prince. don’t know whether that included cost of hookers though.

    • smartman says:

      Too much too little too late. The Wynn brand has been severely damaged by this. When high rollers or celebs come to your properties they may have their own security details but Wynn still hasn’t learned how to take the extra steps to make sure things like this don’t happen. This fiasco will cost Wynn tens of millions of dollars in revenue from other BIG FISH and idiots like Harry with more money than brains.

  3. Rick Nichols says:

    When one does Vegas
    One’s expected to play by the rules,
    At least according to the LVCVA.
    “Please,” they beg us,
    “Mum’s the word, especially regarding the royal jewels.
    So just relax, have fun and enjoy your stay …
    And by all means spend generously along the way.
    This is how we ‘play’ in Vegas.” – The LVCVA.

    • jack p. says:

      Hey Rick, I think I met ‘Mum’ once while on a junket to Vegas. Believe I met her in/around a bar at Caesars. Would’ve cost me about $200 though to “…just relax, have fun….and ‘play’….”.
      Decided against ‘Mum’s’ offer and went for that great steakhouse at the Forum Shops instead.

  4. jack p. says:

    …Ooops–almost forgot. I’m speaking of course (above) about THE PALM. Highly recommend it!!!!!!

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    Its funny, the Olympic swimmer he was with the pool had a huge party in his VIP suite that night. He had security at the door that took everyone’s cell phones and did a brief pat down to make sure none were hidden.
    That must be the sign your’e walking into a GREAT party!!

  6. the dude says:


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