Glazer: Scott Pioli is the Reason Chiefs Will Continue to Suck

Not so Great Scott!

Chief general manager Scott Pioli came to KC to replace Carl Peterson in 2009. Carl had slipped badly and the team never advanced further than a single playoff win in 1993. Carl’s five year plan for a Super Bowl had failed 4 times over 20 years. He’d become more than arrogant, downright hateful, mean and nasty and truly believed he was the face of Kansas City.

Know what? Maybe he was.

I most remember him going to our airport with George Brett – which was televised – to meet President Bush. So it was Carl, not the mayor, who represented Kansas City. But the Chiefs, the fans and the media were tired of Boss Carl. Not just because he was a vicious prick, but because he couldn’t win anymore.

With Marty Schottenheimer the team had been exciting, a regular play off caliber group that was popular, not just here, but around the nation. But after Marty was dumped the team fell apart and never recovered.

There have been no great or even very good teams since Marty left in 1998.

Again, you don’t have to remind me of our three phony playoff teams.

So along came Scott Pioli to fix all this mess.

After all, he was the V.P. of the New England Patriots, a team that won three Super Bowls on his watch.  I think maybe Pioli gets a little too much credit for the PATRIOT WAY winners.

He didn’t run the team, he was one of the main men with personal to be sure, but give a little credit to Coach Bill¬† Belichick.

Scott then picked his quarterback, Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel, his coach, Todd Haley, and drafted first round picks Tyson Jackson, Eric Berry, Jonathan Baldwin and Dontari Poe. To this point Berry and Baldwin show potential, Jackson is a bust and Poe is a we don’t know anything yet guy.

The rest of Scott’s draft is at best suspect or to be more fair, not very impressive.

At this point Pioli has given the Chiefs no big time star. Eric Berry is coming off an injury and he may never be the same. Eric gave us one nice season, that’s all.

The Chiefs now look lost.

So a team many felt would compete for the division title looks to be a candidate for LAST PLACE.

Not good.

Todd Haley is gone and now Scott has his new guy Romeo Crennel as head coach. Nobody is real excited about this pick. Romeo’s a nice guy, class act, great D coach, but head coach…at Cleveland…well, they stunk.

So far Scott has mimicked Carl Peterson in almost every way.

He doesn’t allow anyone to give real answers on most anything from injury to information on who is doing what, or even how anyone is doing. Romeo is a bit more open mouthed, but Scott reportedly had people’s offices bugged, according to Haley. He’ alsos more than a little arrogant – not a people person – and has a poor relationship with media and doesn’t care. He pretends to care about fans but he doesn’t.

Pioli cares only about himself…and his power.

If this team wins only 5, 6 or 7 games will Pioli be fired? He should be for sure, because his tenure is a failure already.

Barring a miracle, the deal for Matt at quarterback was a killer. As of today one could argue Cassel is one of the four or five worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL.

Hey, we have six rookies starting at quarterback in the NFL this season and Matt is worse than almost all of them.

Unfortunately the answer is no, Pioli won’t be fired.

Clark Hunt is just not a strong leader, so he likely won’t fire Pioli for another two to four years unless the Chiefs continue to win only 5 or 6 games. Clark will allow Scott to draft his NEXT GUY at quarterback, thus buying Scott a couple more seasons to hope.

Romeo will get the axe and be the scapegoat.

So we can continue to enjoy the BEST 53 show for a few more seasons of pain.

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13 Responses to Glazer: Scott Pioli is the Reason Chiefs Will Continue to Suck

  1. harley says:

    obviously you didn’t watch the game friday nite glaze. But if you did you would
    notice that cassell is moving much better in and out of the pocket than he ever has.
    He needs bowe and had pioli listened to me they would have gotten another
    big time receiver either thru the draft or trade. If you follow pioli he doesn’t take
    chances…he could go out and get an experienced receiver and bring him in here
    for nothihg…i mean moss or owens. Sure moss is a one dimensional receiver
    but he can offer some help to these young receivers who are still dropping
    passes….lets put it like this…it can’t hurt!
    Pioli…moore….it seems kc team owners think great gm’s come about thru osmosis..
    they both worked under big time successful gm’s and they think they can carry
    that talent by themselves. The book is still out on both…but neither has a major
    big time winning coach/manager to run the team. What the heck is hunt and
    glass waiting for. Romeo and yost are mediocre at best…and any talent they
    have will be wasted with these guys running the teams.
    You chnage your outlook daily. The questions of the chiefs will be answered
    in the first 4 weeks of regular season. Has pioli sank too much confidence in
    cassell and if cassell fails there’s still no alternative at qb. Where has pioli been
    lately? If cassell gets hurt…write the season off…no backup to come on.
    I still contend that the royals and chiefs both have talent. They just need
    gm’s to understand that the coach/manager plays a bigger role than many
    people realize.
    yost must go!!!!! crennel…lets wait and see what he can do. It’s too much to
    be the head coach and d coordinator….why did pioli let him do this. The
    championship teams don’t let it happen….why does pioli think things are
    different here.
    Hopefully the chiefs get it together…which they should if the plan works like
    pioli thinks it should

    • Jim says:

      I gotta agree with Harley. I have NO idea who or what this team is yet. As encouraging as the first PS game was, the next two were every bit as discouraging. Until the real bullets start flying, I have no way to evaluate what the hell the Chiefs are. My gut tells me they are the 7-9 or 8-8 team I thought they would be going into the season.

      In a QB driven league, Cassel needs one HELL of a running game to even look mediocre. Anyone that thinks that wet-noodle of an arm throwing the ball 7 years down field is going to take the Chiefs anywhere is fooling themself.

    • Jackson says:

      Really Matt Cassel needs more targets? he has two top TE and Bowe, Breston, and Baldwin ( not to mention McCluster)…get your facts straight what we need is someone who can actually get it into there hands. Cassel has zero pocket presence and dosen’t have a great arm either…and the royals have talent hahahahahahahahaha wow i cant even comprehend that one how many times have they gone over 500 recently? and who are the starting pitchers?? You obviously know little to nothing about sports in general and maybe should do some research before commenting

  2. Kerouac says:

    Pioli does keep a clean stairwell, no paper wrappers sully His ivory tower…

    • craig glazer says:

      Sorry one mistake here, in 93 we did win TWO playoff games….we have no defensive backfield unless Berry is better, Flowers plays, Lewis isn’t out for the season otherwise, with no D line a poor defense is around the corner…promise…sorry…so I see no more than 7 wins, I like the under 8 bet.

  3. smartman says:

    Aren’t they rich
    Aren’t they a pair
    One’s fat and black
    One has no hair

    Send in the clowns.

    Harley chimes in
    He knows it all
    He’s off his meds
    Having a ball

    Send in the clowns
    We love ass clowns

  4. the dude says:

    Pioli: Just another Belicheck coattail rider.

  5. Rick Nichols says:

    Hey, that’s a great poem by smartman! Anyway, it looks like Mr. Hunt is displaying the MLS Cup won by the Hunt Group’s Columbus Crew in 2008? 2009? 2010? – one of those years, as I recall. But I don’t think he’ll be hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy anytime soon. This organization has bought into the notion that people who have been successful somewhere else can be brought to Kansas City and should be able to “magically” duplicate their former success here. Easier said than done, of course. Too many variables in play – head coach, assistant coaches, ownership, and last but certainly not least the players. The ability to correctly evaluate talent would appear to be a definite weakness of the organization at this point.

  6. Lee says:

    My God. A Sondheim reference in this intellectual wasteland. I felt my brain actually growing smarter but then I read some more Glazer and it went back to its post concussive atrophy.

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