Glazer: The 2012 Kansas City Chiefs, Bring on the Clowns!

Well, what can anyone say now?

“Dude, it’s just preseason.” No it’s not. This is a team trying desperately to show us SOMETHING and so far they’ve showed us they have nothing. No offense and no defense. Sure, after they go 2-6, they’ll start showing us a defense…when it’s basically all over.

Our starting quarterback, Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel, is awful. The man can’t throw the ball 25 yards without lofting it and is not accurate past 15 yards. I guess if every throw was under 15 yards he’d be an elite quarterback. Our wide outs dropped several throws, as usual. D-Bowe is back and he showed them how to do that, nice.


Well, now we know.

I’m not only off the wagon, I think the under eight is a lock.

That’s the Vegas magic number of wins for this, once again, CLOWN SHOW.

By the way folks, that was our number one defense out there getting run by a first year, rookie quarterback. He did anything he wanted. We stopped nothing.

All I can say to Chiefs fans is, I’m sorry, we got nothing.

Like you guys I thought we had something. Oddly, there was maybe 40,000 or fewer people at the game, but the city was dead. So I guess 250,000 people watched the CLOWN SHOW on TV.

Stop it. Go out, they don’t deserve your attention. Just stop it.

Hey, at least we still have the Royals. Oh, damn.
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18 Responses to Glazer: The 2012 Kansas City Chiefs, Bring on the Clowns!

  1. mike says:

    What worries me is that the 3rd preseason game is usually the one that is most indicative of how they will be in the regular season. With Flowers out, their secondary was terrible against the passing of a rookie quarterback. They are going to really miss Brandon Carr. Hopefully, they will correct what is wrong but that is what I was saying last week. I’m with you. I am starting to get pessimistic about this team.

  2. chuck says:

    I am in some real trouble with my bet with smartman.

    They looked flat, uninspired and physically overmatched.

    I said 10 wins and a playoff victory, but I am pretty sure no one heard me say that.

    Brutal, just brutal.

    Not to mention the rash of injuries. Again with the injuries!

    Flowers probably has a Lisfranc injury, out for the year, Kendrick Lewis blew up his shoulder AGAIN! Plus, we lost 2 guys on the defensive line (Not that it matters much, they were just getting GASHED!).

    Just brutal.

    The team really does have talent, but the injuries and the lack of effort is more than troublesome. Hali cost us any chance at winning the Atlanta game, and I had that down as a win.

    I am gonna hold out hope, until the 1st game, but last night, was scary bad.


  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Chuck I was with you after the first pre-season contest…but I noticed Matt threw nothing long at all, now he looks worse than ever going downfield on top of the lack of any defense. I think what fans don’t realize, Romeo is a very good defensive coach, but a head coach runs the coach’s for the most part, not too hands on anymore…he’s not of that ‘grey matter’ he is a blue collar coach..he’s not Dick Vermeil….so this likely will be his only season as Head Coach for an entire year and his last in the NFL….maybe we keep him as a D Coach…Scott Pioli needs to go…he was a huge failure, that secret Sam, Snobby B.S. is a hard sell with a half decade of losing teams…no hope in sight, no quarterback or really anything….we are lost…but we will build for the future..thats what loser always say…. ” we are playing to get better” means we stink….will Clark have the balls to fire Scott at the end of what today looks like a 5 or 6 win season….I think we all know Matt will get hurt by game 5-7, he is also in his last year as a starting quarterback I would think….its ugly, very ugly…

    The fans don’t deserve another year like this one…nothing to look forward to on Sunday. Not fair.

  4. Kerouac says:

    Kerouac’s earlier 5-11 prediction for the 2012 Chiefs is looking awfully good right now… perhaps too generous.

    My take is KC is a lock to start the year 0-5 (they’ll lose in BUFF, which is the closest to a win they’ll get until game 6 vs the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay- first game I see the Chiefs having even a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.) 2-4 best case scenario, 0-6 worst, and likely.

    After the bye week, they play OAK in KC – where the Raiders have owned the Chiefs for years. Week 11 vs CIN in KC is their next chance to steal an win. Their last three games of 2012 @CLEV, @OAK and at home vs IND might be win-able if only because the Chiefs do better in OAK vs the Raiders (recent history) than in KC & CLEV & IND have rookie QBs (though by then each will have played a full season, injuries/other not interceding.)

    So, prescience being fluid subject the unknown (fate), if being generous to kcinderella I see them winning vs BUFF, TB, CIN, OAK, CLEV & IND – 6 tops. Earlier I said 5 wins, and they could in fact win as few as 2 or 3; I’ll stick with 5.

    Impressions through three games:

    Berry & Moeaki are not back; Berry was decleated/sent airborne one play and toasted (an old story) by the TE Winslow for a TD another (TE Antonio Gates of the Chargers is going to FEAST on Berry 2012.) Moeaki looked ‘rusty’ to be kind; I’m just counting the moments till he goes down again; he can’t be relied on. Charles is further along but appears ‘not’ as quick & a bit tentative compared his former self… I don’t think Charles makes it through the year unscathed if he’s used to the extent be the norm an primary NFL RB.

    Cassel looks to be in mid-season form… like clockwork (broken), he’s accurate twice a game. Silly int, silly fumble – silly looking upon the turf he hit with a thud aft failing to properly gauge his ‘Lamebone Leap the end zone. He’s like the guy in the cartoon says “go ahead, everybody else does”, bird juxtaposed above his head, preparing launch an ‘bombs away’ on his head.

    Baldwin is not quick-twitch enough to be a star at WR (6 catches/37 yards/6.2 per?) That sounds like Kimble Anders type production from Paul Hackett’s sideways pass offense ; he’ll be a Mikael Ricks type/move to TE at some point his career, probably sooner than later. Offensive line: ‘Winston the Great’ looked like Barry Richardson.2 out there. If he or Albert go down, say yours prayers Cassel, because there is ZERO depth behind either OT.

    Defense? Yes please. For now: Swiss Chiefs. They can’t rush the passer but make up for it by not being able cover in the secondary either. Routt 66 is now open for egress, come one come all. Remember Brandon Carr? How do you like me now? With Flowers and Lewis down the autobahn has come to America, form the over-matched CB Brown & wandering S Elam. Hali? Looked like a rookie out there. Houston? Appears we have a problem and not a future HOF’r as the Chiefs PR/media/fandom spin-machine tried to make him into; the Chiefs have D. Johnson & not much else of note on D right now.

    And here come the Falcons: Matt Ryan, Jones, White, Gonzalez et al – have mercy, no Hali, probably no Lewis & a rusty Flowers if available at all: ATL 34 KC 10

    Mr. Pioli, paging Mr. Pioli. Please report to the Principal Mr. Hunt’s office, STAT!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Nice breakdown Kerouac, well done..I agree…it’s that bad, I think Chiefs fans also are beginning to finally see that the Scott thing is a bust…I don’t know if Clark has balls enough to fire him after this season…he should go, bring in new GM and new QB.

      • Kerouac says:

        From what I’ve read for public consumption, Hunt is not going to give Pioli a quick hook… that could change but it would leave Hunt to acknowledge he too failed by hiring Pioli the first place.

        After all the hype, all the buildup, all the Patriot Way/Right 53 (which is funny, because at the time Hunt referenced the PITT Steelers even more so), it might be interesting to see if Hunt Jr has the cojones to act, i.e., ‘do the apples his in fact fall far from Lamar’s tree’? Sr. did keep Steadman & Peterson well past their expiration date; on the other, he did give an quick hook to Hank Stram, who in his final 11 seasons had but 1 losing season.

        Pioli is just the latest “there’s a new sheriff in town” egotist who rides into town upon his (coattail of Belichick) resume, an white horse and an oversized hat that resides atop what appears be a #2 football head. Four years in, I have still yet to hear him give any credit whatsoever the former regime Edwards & Peterson who merely stocked the majority of this 2012 Chiefs team with their best talent. He damns the formers with faint praise/infers he (Pioli et al) developed that talent. Course, Edwards/Peterson never got the chance to grow their ’08 rookie haul, though Bowe was already a 1000 yard per season (995 and 1000+) WR even then; I don’t buy the ‘party line’ that #82’s growing success was due only the new regime… their backpatting of themselves both Pioli and Haley was/is a bit much.

        Anyway, I’m not sure Pioli has a bigger ego than Peterson; they were & are both insufferable. As for success their first 3 seasons each, Peterson accomplished more even though he inherited an rebuilding job just as big in 1989. Tale of the tape, evidence be Pioli’s 21-28 record his first 3 years… for reference, expansion 1960 Dallas Texans went 26-17 with a Championship their first 3 under Steadman & Peterson’s first 3 saw KC go 30-20-1 and they were not only in the playoffs 2 the 3 but won a game post season.

        Suffice to say, the Chiefs haven’t had real success since Stram circa January 1970… I don’t consider Schottenheimer’s ‘close but no cigar’ also-ran term success any more than I do BUFF’s Marv Levy same, his even more disappointing annual end.

        This is what it’s like to be a Cubs fan (if you were a fan in 1951 & had been waiting 43 years since their last title back in 1908.) Hit it Sinatra – “When I was 17, it was a very good year…”

    • chuck says:

      That is a good breakdown Kerouac, and at this point, I am looking like a guy who thinks the 27 Yanks need more power.

      However, last year without the guys who this year you mention don’t look so hot, the Chiefs won 7 with a tougher schedule. The knee injury for Berry, if he isn’t hurt again should get better every week (Come on, hang in there folks, get the gun barrel outta your mouth.).

      I disagree with ya on Baldwin, your mom makes ya quick twitch and he looks fast with fast hands to me. Patience.

      Defensive backs (Remeber Mel Blount’s first few games? Whew…) take a little baptism by fire. That Brown kid is quick and hits like a truck. I know he got nailed a couple of times, but his athleticism was unmistakeable. He will be ok. We need a real expert to come in and look at Flower’s foot, maybe Rex Ryan would take a 3rd round pick, where we normally pass on QB’s like that Wilson kid who schooled us Friday night to give us an opinion. We don’t use the pick anyway.

      “Cassell looks to be in mid season form… like clockwork (broken)…” It’s not that he is broken, it’s just that verge escarpement era mechanisms are hard to understand and take a great deal of maintenance. Dwayne Bowe, who skipped training camp because of his obsession with the Latin First Declension will finally get his head back in the game in early Sept. You watch.

      If the Chiefs win this year and do go to a playoff game, I propose renaming the stadium Rork’s Drift.

      Until then, I give you Thomas Babington Maculay, a HUGE Chiefs fan and a guy who thinks Berry, Moeaki and Charles will play GREAT this year!!

      The Three stood calm and silent,
      And looked upon the foes,
      And a great shout of laughter
      From all the vanguard rose:
      And forth three CHIEFS came spurring
      Before that deep array;
      For Chuck they sprang, their swords they drew,
      And lifted high their shields, and flew
      To win the narrrow way;

      And in the nights of winter,
      When the cold north winds blow,
      And the long howling of the wolves
      Is heard amidst the snow;

      For Lenny, Otis and Bobby Bell,
      Our deeds our fans will tell,
      In bars across this nation great,
      Here’s to Chuck and his bald pate!

      Chiefs go forth a first down flex,
      The Chargers are so wrecked,
      Denver’s Peyton’s on his knees
      And Oakland’s Al is not so pleased,
      Dante’s circles likes him not,
      He’s got a fat guy in the slot.

      Soon the Chiefs hoist trophy high,
      And Vince Lombardi gives a sigh,
      To think they doubted he shakes his head,
      If only kcconfidential they had read!

      • Kerouac says:

        “And Oaklandโ€™s Al is not so pleased”

        – so then the Chiefs are going to be in Hell ‘with’ Davis…I think there’s as much chance of KC winning a Superbowl as there be Lombardi acting Heavenly in a football venue any, he equating the former AFL resident Superbowl I with another pet peeve: “everybody grabbing, nobody tackling out here just grabbing – grab, Grab, GRab, GRAb, GRAB!” Grab some brimstone, Vince.

        Nice poem, more ode than odious.

        Yes, I remember Mel Blount: Otis Taylor used to play him like Jimmy Cagney played the bad guy (think Gates ‘playing’ Berry, to be continued 2012.) And so alas, the Chiefs…

        You know anything’s possible, even hope the face overwhelming evidence- just look at bschnoz abject hope Pioli’s ‘Right 53’ 2012. Alas, every ’68 Jets a ’68 Chiefs, every ‘Miracle Mets’ or Miracle on Ice ’80 an Schottenheimer, variously (take your choice finest hops & barley malt ’93, ’94, ’95, ’97)

        Yes, SD has Norv & OAK forsaken, DEN a relic we hope be broke Peyton… and what do we see when looking in mirror mirror on the wall ours, KC? Reality be, I see dead people – 53 that equal 5-11 in 2012…

  5. Jess says:

    Wow, Mark this day down in history. I agree with Glazer.

    The Chiefs looked lost, just lost Friday night. The defense looked like they just did not know were to line up or who to engage. The offense, was offensive, and not in a good way. I do hope they can turn it around, but I really doubt it.

  6. Rick Nichols says:

    Kansas City, King of the Cowtowns,
    And now in 2012, home of the Clowns;
    Mr. Hunt, your team’s a God-awful mess –
    I’m thinkin’ 5-11 … 7-9 at best.

  7. bschloz says:

    You’s Guys…PRESEASON doesn’t mean anything—JOKE
    Thats why you can go for FREE and it still doesn’t fill up.
    Chiefs are +1 V Falcons 1st week. Hey Matty Ice welcome to Arrowhead.
    Glaze, Chuck …don’t let Kerouac shake you out of your Chief’s position.

  8. Cliffy says:

    After preseason game #1: “True Believers Alert, Chiefs Could. Go. All. The. Way!”

    After preseason game #3: “The 2012 Kansas City Chiefs, Bring on the Clowns!”

    Does anybody really read Glazer for anything more than comic relief?

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Where you been hater Cliffy, always good for a bad word…well sport, that was an edited Headline by our owner Hearne, not me…it was a joke….my article said he have lots of talent, could maybe go 10-6 and win one playoff game, maybe..if all went well…IT DIDN’T GO WELL DID IT…I also wrote let me look at some pre-season games and then decide….now I have, this is once again a bad team…likely winning 5-7 games…no leadership….no quarterback…wounded defesne…as stated…it all went bad…happens…when it counts I was very accurate last year…and the year before…I was hoping for our fans sake this season might be different, doesn’t look that way…kinda like your life..hoping for better but…see what I mean..losers lose…maybe the Chiefs will get lucky latter, don’t think so…

  9. Orphan of the Road says:

    Invest in orthopedic devices, splints, wraps, ect. As the season progresses and the improbable follows the inevitable, the homers will be off and on this bandwagon.

    Having followed this act since 63, with a long stint in exile in the 700-level of the Vet, I welcome each season as a great entertainment event. Not so much the games but the fans.

    Why can’t Dame Karma rise this putrid mass to great heights, before smashing the fans back to earth.?

    Hope springs eternal.

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