Glazer: Scribe Lassos Hottie, Goes Phish-ing @ Starlight

It all went HOT last night!

My LA business partner took me – dragged me, pulled me – to see Phish at Starlight. And now I’m so glad Jake Ryan made me go to the show.  It was crazy fun! Hey, thanks to him, I met a smoking hot new babe.

Yes, I know who Phish is, but was never a big fan. I am now. TIGHT!

Maybe it was just the atmosphere, but man it brought me back 20 years or more. Sold out show, all white, toasted, baked, moving and swaying with the sounds.

Everyone was either on shrooms, baked, boozed or all three.

Lots of smiling faces.

The place was sold out. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen Starlight that packed.

The last two trips I made there were with Hearne to see Kathy Griffin and Chelsea, but this show was full to the brim. My pal Jake, who is mid 30’s, is following the band for a few weeks on his summer vacation. Different strokes.

Jake was the head of development for Eric Eisner‘s company that grabbed the King of Sting movie rights from me and hooked all of us up with Malpaso and director Rob Lorenz. In fact Ryan is about to do his first picture on his own in Bogota, Columbia, hmmmmm. Actually it’s a love story.

The crowd was mostly 30’s and 40’s, but it looked like the 60’s hippie days and it brought me back to a time when things were mellow and less tense. It was nice to see a large, happy – stoned but well-behaved – massive audience. It was like a snapshot of happier days in America.

I hated to leave a little early, but my date – yeah, I know I was bad, a 19 year-old – had to get some real food, so we jetted out before the masses. Most of the crowd had been in the parking lot partying for hours before the event. The smell of pot was in the air everywhere. Odd, but with this crowd very few cops were on hand and there were no problems.

I had just met this sweet, blondish babe named Holly.

She had danced and sang at Starlight when she was in high school and was a bit young for this crowd, but enjoyed the sounds of Phish. We had a blast and ended up on the Plaza for some food and ice cream at Stone Cold.

Yeah, in this pressure packed life, I don’t have many easy going nights like this one. It was a reminder of how fleeting life can be.
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112 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Lassos Hottie, Goes Phish-ing @ Starlight

  1. smartman says:

    What’s the betting line on whether you are younger or older than her parents? No teases.

  2. PB says:

    Left early for food or did she need to get home before her curfew?

  3. the dude says:

    Yep, I definitely saw you there in the middle of my people watching, the yellow top confirms it.

    The only reason I could see for leaving a kickass show like last night early is if your jugular gets slashed or a meteor drops on your head. There is no excuse for it, that show rocked- Little Feat and Lynyrd covers- YEAH.

  4. Hot Carl says:

    That chick is what you’d describe as a “hottie”? Wow, things must really be getting bad for you, Glaze. I’ve seen better heads on a boil.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Really not so hot Carl, then you are a better man then me or anyone I ever met, I give her an 8 plus….and I am a pro, you aren’t…the kid has won swim suit and beauty contests here, in Texas and elsewhere, I’d keep her if she weren’t 19…but I’m sure you can fill us in on your top girls, and put me to shame…yeah, in another life…I love the haters….dude saw her, don’t think he’d agree with your take…all haters are jealous guys…just sayin small Carl.

      • smartman says:

        8+ really? Miley Cyrus is 19. She’s probably a safe 10 for a 19 year old when you factor in net worth. I see a lot of space to occupy between your 8+ hottie and Miley. Maybe rethink her down to a 6.5 Glaze. Seriously.

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Nope on looks she kills Miley, kills course I like the 200 million that comes with Miley….

          • smartman says:

            Miley has a SUPER HOT BODY. Pics of that all over the net. Hard to tell from the pics about the special features on your gal. Still I find that most guys are too generous when rating gals, specifically on looks. Total scoring without considering the intangibles like swallowing, anal, 3-Ways, credit score, potential inheritance, cooking skills, salary, is flawed. I’ll take a bi-sexual 6 with a 6 figure salary over a 10 with a coke habit and 2 kids.

        • the dude says:

          Keep me out of this argument, you guys were walking by and I didn’t that good of a look at the arm candy. From the quick look I got she looked decent though.

      • Hot Carl says:

        8+? The dye from your rug must have saturated your brain.

  5. chuck says:

    So I tell Glazer, “Glaze, ya know having sex with such a young girl could be fatal.” He says to me, “Don’t worry Chuck, if she dies I’ll switch to her twin sister.”

    Load up on the juice boxes Glaze.


  6. chuck says:

    Remember when Glaze told us about the crazy whacked out chick he took to Cuba or somewhere? She ordered everythign on the fuckin menu, Lobster, you name it…

    Here is why.

    Glaze picks up his 19 year old date date at her parents’ home. He takes her to a fancy restaurant but, to his dismay, she orders everything expensive on the menu. Appetisers, lobster, champagne – everything. Finally he says, ‘Does your mother feed you like this at home?’ ‘No,’ replies his date, ‘but then Mother’s not looking to get laid.’

    Couldn’t help it…. 🙂

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    In fairness to me, I did not put her age in the story, I told Hearne and for him NOT TO DO IT, he did, not all the response will be on the girl…thanks Hearne…can I help it if I am a PRO…of what, we’re not sure.

  8. chuck says:

    Glaze, don’t take her to Woodside, if your like me, you look a lot different without your wallet.


    • Craig Glazer says:

      Chuck I get most of the girls I meet out there, I have the body…who says I have a wallet…oh yeah the car…well they don’t see that til it’s too late…

  9. chuck says:

    I heard my wife telling the neighbor today that she had to slap me 3 times last night.

    My neighbor said, “Why?”

    “To wake him up!”

    Jesus, a 19 year old chick would be such a fuckin load.

    Your killin me Smalls.

  10. Craig Glazer says:

    Hey this story is suppose to be about PHISH, not the girl…stop it…stop it….and don’t tell black barbie

    • smartman says:

      If it smells like phish, eat all you wish. If it smells like cologne, leave it alone.

    • the dude says:

      Indeed, let’s speak of Heavy Things and Fishman trashing Todd Akin on Suzy Greenberg. And the little tightbody dancing in the ailes in the strapless top.

  11. The Stingin Sting Ray says:

    Wow Glazer, you were actually seen with a young, good-looking gal! No mention of whether you held her hand, rode the wheel, kissed her cheek, kissed her ass, saw her tits, touched em, or even TALKED about sex, but it must be true; she didn’t run off shrieking from the mere sight of you and that dead raccoon on your head that covers your gross baldness.

    Your attempt to make us believe she is in your stable because she was willing to be seen with you makes me sad for you. It is usually difficult for me to be sad for such an extreme embarrassment of a human being, but I really have been affected by your demonstration of how much indignity one person can bring to himself.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Really, wow, I’ll tell him when he comes in…by the way….I don’t know if you noticed but I think most gals think I am more than handsome…always was…you make fun of bald men…news to people like Sean Connery, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Willis, Nick Cage, John Travolta, The Duke…and well most leading men at some point…yes I am better looking than some of these guys…but I’d like to think somebody thought they were pretty sexy, thats why they risked millions making all of them movie stars…maybe a few think I am…I know you don’t and we all know you count…right..? How would you know anything about women, you likely never had one past a five..if that…dream on sad sack.

  12. chuck says:

    Glaze, you’re gonna have to brush up on your scrapbooking and get some tickets for Justn Bieber, maybe buy her a Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker and an Easy Bake oven.

    I am BEGGING you to go meet the parents and write a story with pictures.


    • smartman says:

      It is in the realm of possibility that he could be older than her grandparents as well.

      • Super Dave says:

        Glazer likes them young and dumb Smartman, only why he can get them.

        While the rest of us have meaningful relationships going Glazer is busy scouting the La Petite play grounds looking for the next victim.

    • mark smith says:

      + infinity……
      I just sprayed my keyboard (no seacrest). Can you imagine the look on the 40 something Pops when Glazer rings the bell. He’ll think it’s an Armenian debt collector with the wrong address. Glazer, if Chris Hansen answers the door and invites you in……run like hell.

  13. chuck says:

    One good thing about me being bald, is I NEVER get hairline fractures.

  14. Craig Glazer says:

    See what happens here folks…I have not written about my love life for a few weeks..right…and the comments about my artilces, sports, political, economic, Hollywood, etc..have all received pretty decent response, not too much hate..not too much player hating, except Smartman and a couple of his bud’s, but overall ‘nice’ responses to the information, a few spelling corrections, so on..but the minute our cities coolest, oldest playboy, writes a story with a hottie young gal involved..bam…mostly hate comes back…except from Chuck and dude, a few others…one reason and one only … THE REST CAN’T DO IT..CAN’T COMPETE..FEW CAN REALLY, ESPECIALLY OVER 45..50…so on…SO HOW IS THAT MY FAULT… again be glad that one of your own is able, should give you hope, like when we pulled for an aging Brett Favre or now the return of Roger Clemens…hey if he can shine at middle age, so can we..same thing…why not props instead of hate? That’s how I see it…Hearne digs the knife in when he can, just to get you all fired up…I have skipped several of these in order to calm it all down…and it did…one girl, one story, two photo’s no talk of sex and BANG…HATERS RETREAT right here on kcconfidential…the pain, the shame, the game…and I thought we were all loyal to our home town heros…damn.

    • chuck says:

      If it makes ya feel any better Glaze, even though I am fat and short, I will ALWAYS be taller than my hair!!

      Dwell on the positive!


      • the dude says:

        “Pulled” for Favre, now you are killing me Glaze. 😉
        You do remember the pee pee pics he sent to that Jets chicken, right? He is probably not the best example to bring up for any kind of defense.

        • smartman says:

          Brett Favre is in that special class of shitheads with John Edwards. His wife Deanna beat breast cancer and has been an advocate and prolific fundraiser for the cause. Why she didn’t dump Brett’s “tweetin ain’t cheatin” ass is beyond me.

  15. TOby says:

    This is hilarious. One of the best things I’ve ever read on the site. You took a little girl to the Creamery to get ice cream because she’s NOT EVEN OLD ENOUGH TO GET INTO A BAR. Left the show early to get food, or to make curfew?

    I’m looking forward to the follow-up where it turns out she’s only 17. Or when her dad finds out you put pictures of her up on a trashy middle age dude blog with boasts about how you whipped her with a lasso. This is just, like… sick. And not in the way the Phish fans mean it.

  16. TOby says:

    Also, I dig the Roger Clemens comparison. He too is now pitching in minor league exhibition games.

    And do you really expect props for this kind of stuff? That anybody is going to high five you for “lassoing” a child beauty pageant contestant?

    Too bad Jonbenet Ramsey didn’t live past her 6th birthday, she would have been perfect for you, if perhaps a few years older than this girl. Props, bro!

  17. Rick Nichols says:

    “Tis the season to be jolly –
    Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la;
    Got a girl, her name is Holly –
    Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la;
    Took her out to Starlight gig –
    Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la;
    Did the Plaza, feelin’ big –
    Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.

  18. Eric says:

    Yes, Glazer makes a strong point. Can any of us on a regular bases land the women he has proven that he grabs? Answer, no. Maybe a few of us had them back in the day, but not now. The Glazer is one of a kind. I am impressed for one. You go bro.

    • smartman says:

      Yeah, I keep failing miserably when I try to find a mid 20’s psycho broad to go to Puerto Rico with me who will spend a couple large of my fortune and then ask the local policia to arrest me since I threatened to kill her….allegedly.

    • mike says:

      It is true that Glaze is really good at what he does. A part of me is jealous of him in a way. However, I am really alot more jealous of the men out there that have found the perfect women for them and been happily married for many years. They are generally more happy, content, and fulfilled than men who jump from one woman to another. A great wife is even harder to find than a trophy girl.

      • the dude says:


      • Super Dave says:

        I agree Mike

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Mike agreed, however in my life I have almost never seen that…most men say they are happy when they are not..they live quiet lives of desperation…I think marriage can work for a few years, or maybe when we get older and find a companion,friend to spend our time with, I can see that…but early in life, or in your 30’s, 40’s, I know maybe one or two, tops…”I love my kids” is the battle cry…it just wears out…hey I’m like you Mike…a hopeless romantic, men who have many beautiful women in life usually are…searching…dreaming of the ‘right girl’…I have been that way….in the end…they are all many girls rolled into being the ‘one’ girl….so yeah in a way your right.

  19. bschloz says:

    I would rather watch Hope Springs 3 times than take a 19 year old girl to go see Phish.
    but I digress… Glaze is the man, what a sweet post and epic thread.
    Smartman Over all the way….Hell Holly not old enough to get into Stanfords.
    Knock Knock uhhhh my name is Craig and I’m here to pick up Holly,
    Hollllyyy someone named Greg is at the front door.

    Really –You haters need to give up …..this is real. This guy is putting points on the board every night, cruising Johnson Drive in the ole’ Lotus, rumor has it they met at the Schlotzky’s drive thru. The power of a $100,000 lease.

    Glaze can I take you up on KC Con. 2 for 1 on Bobcat…. I was 2 late on your offer on TJ…I brought group of JOCO yuppsters out there. We had a good time. BTW read Stan’s letter today LOLOL .

    • Craig Glazer says:

      sure you can have 2 for 1 bobcat which show which night, fri/sat 745/945…what letter.

    • the dude says:

      If pops is oiling the gun collection when you come by to pick up miss Holly it is not a good omen, trust me on this one. 😉

  20. Kreskin says:

    Something tells me that Glaze has deadphished his share of teenage girls.

  21. mark smith says:

    I hear Muppetts on Ice is coming to the sprint. Might make a good date number 2.
    And at the risk of being repetitive, If Chris Hansen answers the door when you go to pick her up…run like hell.

    • the dude says:

      I am with Dateline Mr. Glazer, make yourself at home. Would you like a cookie with that ICE CREAM?????

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Hah, hah, hey she asked me “how old are you , I mean just curies…I said well guess, and don’t try and be kind…” she said, ummm…33? I said no…’35’…no…’38’….closer….wow you are like 40….see I think girls that age don’t have a spot in their thought for anything much over 35…but hey….told you I look damn can’t do this stuff with just a nice car and a few bucks, you have to look very good and have the talk to be up with girls or anyone that much younger… lucky I guess I have been in that world my whole life…but I have also been in the adult world…it is confussing…guess thats why I like old movies, my dog and cat and betting a few bucks on the NFL and watching all three games on Sunday…ESCAPE

  22. smartman says:

    Apparently lots of people do visit this site. I just got copied on an e-mail along with about 20 other people from a woman who says she knows this girl and she is NOT 19….or 18….. or 20, if you get my drift.

  23. harley says:

    WTF…. the old angry white guys on here just can’t handle it. They sit in front of
    their computers critiquing a guy while they run garage sales or clean up old
    used feces covered hot tubs.
    Seriously smarmyman…what would you rather do? Be out with a vibrant attractive
    female with a gorgeous smile or be in the basement with heavy duty gloves
    cleaning the crap off used hot tubs to make $20.
    Get off it guys…the glaze is living out what he wants…what’s wrong with that/
    while chuckie/smarmyman/wilson/dude/super dave and the rest of the
    over the hill gang sit and criticize the guy ….he’s out doing good things…making
    things happen….enjoying life…while you angry old white guys sit at home playing
    with yourselves wondering why life passed you by.
    Get over it. If the glaze wants to live his life that way…more power to him..
    not one of you are Dr. Phil…you just a bunch of jealous tired guys looking for
    someone to “beat on” for living life thats better than yours.
    Get real!!!!!!

    • Jim says:

      Sorry, Harley. You don’t need to be Dr. Phil to be creeped out by a 50-something hanging all over a 20 year old (or younger). It’s just……..oily.

      BTW – Is that really a picture of Glaze or is someone holding up one of the magnetic Wooly Willy boards? The eyebrows? WTF?!

    • mike says:

      There you are with your “angry old white guy” routine again. You are probably one of the oldest people on here since you remember Metcalf Ave. as a gravel road going through Overland Park. You also said you are half Italian which makes you white. The venom in most of your rants shows you are angry. Basically, it looks like you are just a self loathing angry old white guy who takes out what you don’t like about yourself on others. In psychology, this is called projection. In other words, look in the mirror!

      • harley says:

        mikey..mikey…you obvioulsy are one of my many fans and
        disciples. You know everything i’ve written…whether it
        was a joke or not….
        you nimble minded stalker…get a life…why do you know
        so much about what i wrote 6 months ago.
        I am starting to feel uncomfortable with your posts…no i’m
        not angry…actually one of the most positive people in the
        you’re a l o s e r……….no mikey the mental midget…not
        angry…just a pit tired of all the bullshit you and
        smarmyman and chuckie the clown…and the rest of the
        loonies on here dish out….until someone dished you and you
        can’t take it.
        by the way…not half italian…that was a joke mikey….you
        stupid p.o.s…
        now stop stalking me you sick sick excuse for a human..
        oh…i’m sure you’re just another one of the many people
        with fake names…’re all jealous of glaze because he’s a mver and
        shaker…someone who is doing things…
        you’re jealous because o my success while the rest of you
        old guys sit in those rocking chairs waiting for the
        social security check (which if willard is ellected will stop
        real soon)….

        • mike says:

          How convenient! Everytime someone is smart enough to remember what you say and see how you contradict yourself, you were just joking! You probably were because YOU ARE A JOKE!
          It is also funny how much you hate the fact that Smartman recycles jacuzis. You are supposed to be such a liberal. HE IS RECYCLING. That reduces the carbon footprint. You should be having Gore-basms!
          By the way, Mike is my name. Is Harley yours?
          As far as feeling uncomfortable with my posts, TOO BAD. I’ve felt uncomfortable with yours for a long time as well. I never have liked pathological liars and never will. Especially when they compare other people against their fantasy version of themselves, which of course nobody can live up to! It’s funny how we are all loony and you are completely sane in your little mind.
          I also love how you call me both nimble minded and a mental midget. Contradicting yourself again!

          • harley says:

            i call you mikey because you remind me of a
            child with a child’s brain.
            come on mikey…tell us about yourself.
            you’re so fast to jump to call others shallow
            and weak…lets see what ya got.
            all the nothings on here complain…complain..
            complain….lets see what ya got mikey.
            I put on here my business…my life…what
            s your’s…i doubt youhave one.

          • mike says:


            I didn’t say you were shallow. I said you were a liar. I’m not complaining. I’m just calling you out when you ridicule others on here such as Smartman by comparing him to a fantasy version of yourself. Who I am is not any of your business. I’m not the one on here who brags nonstop about myself without backing it up in any way. Your stories don’t add up.

    • the dude says:

      Harley, calm down.
      If you read any of my posts you will see I am just busting his balls. Take a few Xanax and dream about your corporate empire and then call me in the morning.

      • harley says:

        dude…thanks for the compliments. No xanax…back working
        out like crazy….and yes…my corporate empire is growing…
        i can teach you and the nobody’s on here some points about
        business and life.
        Til then don’t worry about me. Worry about yourself

    • smartman says:

      Harley, if you paid attention you would know that I’ve got a wife, who at 50, is still a head turner, lady on the street, freak in the bed. Like me she despises infidelity both physical and psychological.

      That being said my barrier with women has never been age as much as intellect. I have friends that have daughters in their late teens and early twenties. It’s very rare that I am stimulated in any way by the conversations I have with them to the extent that it kills any physical interest I might have in baning them. It’s not that I can’t speak their lingo, hell, I just bought some Killer City Skinny Junkie jeans, for godssake, it’s that I find most of them pretty shallow after we trade the courtesy conversation of what’s going on.

      Let’s wait a few years and see how Papa Bear Hearne feels when his twin daughters enter adulthood and start getting approached by Medicare recipients.

      HC: How about we wait ever longer? In any case, I’m confident they’ll know what to do

      • mike says:

        I agree with you on that 100%! A relationship is much more fulfilling when it is based on more than mere physical attraction. The hardest thing in the world to find is a soul mate. I am more envious of someone like you than I am of someone like Glaze if that is what you have. A great wife is irreplacable while a trophy girl is not. Good for you!

        • Super Dave says:

          Face it Glazer only cares about one thing and thats him.

          He has no idea what a proper relationship with a woman is and I as well as anyone who reads what he writes can see why.

          I had what I thought was the best woman in the world we enjoyed life each and every day. We had the best times together. But sadly I lost her and trust me once you have had real love in your life it isn’t easy to replace it.

          Glazer can’t understand what the rest of us mean about a great wife because he simply has no clue what love is.

          • harley says:

            super dave…that’s fine for you. But you really have no right to bitch about another persons
            way of living. who cares what you do…noone…
            glaze lives his life the way he wants to and
            never criticizes your lifestyle.
            lay off…and stop telling him how you think he
            should live his life…..

          • chuck says:

            Sorry about that Dave. Tough deal.

      • Super Dave says:

        They should be that age now.

      • harley says:

        you got a wife who’s a head turner? right….sure…..
        theres a great joke there but i won’t go there!!!!

  24. PB says:

    Nineteen-year olds are all pretty hot unless morbidly obese or having physical abnormalities. Even the slightly chubby ones are smooth and toned at that age. This is the case even more so from a middle-aged man’s perspective. The issue shouldn’t be whether she’s hot or not, the issue should be that she’s 19 and you’re pushing 60! Good luck with that, Craig.

  25. TOby says:

    The issue really isn’t so much guys hating on Craig for lasso-ing a teeny-bopper, it’s that he puts pictures of her on the Internet and brags about it. If someone is a real baller, they don’t need to go online and try to prove to all us more or less anonymous people that they are “getting it done.” Personally, I find it a little disturbing that someone who went to Shawnee Mission East high school in the 1960s is still cruising through the SME parking lot in a rented luxury car looking for babes.

    One thing is indisputable, though… These stories get lots of comments and hits. If Craig Glazier did not exist, Hearne Cristopher Jr. would have to invent him.

    HC: You give me too much credit! Actually though, I’m not allowed to invent stuff. This is a nonfiction Web site, if you will.

  26. mark smith says:

    harley is a late 40’s pastey white guy living in a studio apartment drawing disability for bi polar disorder. He spends his days eating pudding with his fingers at the fridge door. Anyone reading his rants can clearly see this shit heel is as crazy as a loon. I said it, its true. If I get a subpoena from his lawyer , J Noble Daggett @ law 4 life, I’ll let you know. Id threaten to punch him in the mouth, but I dont want to touch someones peen.

    • Super Dave says:

      Harley is clueless as well as crazy as a loon.

      Can’t read either

    • mike says:

      You are complimenting him by saying he is in his late 40s. Add about 20 years to that and you would be closer to the truth. He remembers Metcalf Ave. going through Overland Park as a gravel road when he was 14 years old. I am 50. It remember it as being paved when I was only about 6 years old. That was in the 1960s.

      • Super Dave says:

        My Dad is 78 and he just aksed me if I was stupid because he said “You know Metcalf was a highway back in those days”, so even he says he never saw it as a gravel road from Mission to where ever because it was 69 highway.

    • paulwisonkc says:

      Mark, you’re dead on accurate. At least half his hard drive proves it!
      I’m far from angry, over the hill or bald, married to my best friend and life has never been better.
      I’m all for anyone livng what ever lifestyle the choose; I’ve been on both sides, I prefer where I am now.
      Well see how open Harley is to it when Craig hits on his girlfriends daughter.

    • paulwisonkc says:

      Mark, that was spectacular. I Pee’d in my pants a little when I read that….and not because Im bald, old, angry, over the hill or a has been.
      Harley is certifiable. And in the face of being called a nut job by the real leaders of this page, he still thinks he’s got fans and “decip3les” who follow his every word.
      Wait till you get his LEGAL threat. It’s priceless. His “attorney” sounds as illiterate as he is and they type in the same rambling style of drivel.

      • harley says:

        more angry old white guys…more angry old fat out of shape
        white guys..
        come on mikey…lets see what you claim to yo uwork
        …tell us …do you have a house…tell us about it…do you
        have any girlfriends/wife…tell us about it.
        we already know the hard luck /down and out …. /”i remember
        the days when”/past glories/broke and out of cash/i once
        did/begging and borrowing story of the broke dicks on this
        old…aging….beer belly….worn out people who are just
        waiting for the social security check.
        come on super dave…you’re the feces expert…maybe you
        and smarmyman get together and dicuss shit!!!!1
        you’re all a bunch of hater…losers…has beens…never were…
        never been…
        you’re just the old guys that wish you had a life …..
        excuses…bullshit….and more crap about what should have
        been and not “what is”…
        go back to rocking chairs old men…go back to your
        reclycling shit filled hot tubs….you’re all a bunch of
        nobodies wishing you were somebody.
        get lost!!!!!

      • mike says:

        Asshat is just a pathological liar that compares everyone on here to a fantasy version of himself and calls them losers for not living up to it. He gets angry if your memory is acute enough to remember things he said in the past that contradict what he is saying now. The worst enemy of a pathological liar is someone who actually remembers what they say.

  27. Craig Glazer says:

    Well in many ways Harley is correct…its the same haters over and over with the same comments…first off, I didn’t write or brag about the girl, she was a small part of the story about the concert, Jake Ryan, the mood at Starlight etc…I sent Hearne several photos of the show, me, and me and the girl, thinking he’d use maybe just one…Hearne is smart, he knows you guys will go off on the ‘hot’ girl theme, he loves it…I have put at least 20 other stories on here much more aggessive than this about girls I date, Black Barbie, Jessie, Whitney, The Asian girl, and many others…I also wrote about lost loves I have had…my ex wife, I maried her when she was 22 and I was in my 40’s..we had a great 6 years, 5 married, we are still friends, she is a wonderul lady…hey I wish I could find THE ONE, but maybe I’m not cut out for marriage..if that’s a crime, I’m guilty…I am not sorry about that…

    As for my car, no its not rented there is no such thing, if you lease a car over 100 g’s you basically own it, it’s done to cut back on up front state tax, thats all, at the end of three years you either pay, refinance or sell it for a loss or profit, so if you think its a put down its not….you try and lease a six figure car…see how that goes on payments….oh be ready for a 10 g up front fee or more…I have always had these kinds of cars…anyways…I can’t do anything about being disliked by people like Smartman, Super Dave, and the rest…nothing I write or say would do anything to change their feelings…remember it’s not me they dislike it’s the idea of me…I think we have seen enough pictures of me, seen me on TV was on today with Bobcat on NBC local, you can’t fake your looks or body…sure it helps to be a somebody, but I get these girls on my own merit. My looks, my personality, my build, and in that regard I still can beat out much younger guys, always have..sure its harder now…and holding on to a gal in her 20’s is much tougher, if you even want too, but most of those girls still see me, the ones I want to see and don’t ask for anything in return but just hanging out..again, as I have stated, this isn’t to boast or brag, its just fun stuff…as stated I have cut this crap back cause it drives some of you nuts…I know many of you guys enjoy putting me down, no kidding, if it makes you feel good, I have left most of your mean comments up this time….it really speaks more to readers of WHO YOU ARE, NOT WHO I AM…I don’t pull punches…yes I like pretty girls, of all ages, to say every 19 or 20 something is pretty to a middle aged man is really stupid, a cute girl is just that…and all these girls are pretty hot to anyone, even guys closer to their age…

    Hey if you are a Depp, a Brad Pitt, a Robert Downey…all these guys are around or over 50…sure being a big star helps them to get a ‘hottie’ if they want to, no doubt…I feel the same way..but they are all very nice looking men, and so am I, like it or not…simple fact…otherwise it would be one or two young girls, there for the money or hand outs, not a boatload.

    • mike says:

      What I said was not intended as a slam on you. I hope you didn’t take it to be. I was just stating what my preference would be. You are right that many men out there are unhappily married. I know quite a few of them. Marriage itself does not make anybody happy. I have also known some guys that found the right woman and have been happily married for years. I tend to be more envious of them than some of the “players” I have known as they seem to be more emotionally fulfilled. I’m sure lots of guys are envious of you, however. Ererybody is different.

      • harley says:

        another loser…mikey….all talk no walk. He’s full of shit
        like glaze said…another wanna be…another fruitcake..
        mikey…do you like girls or guys…seems from your
        writing you like guys.

    • smartman says:

      I don’t dislike you Craig. I find you intriguing in the way Hannibal Lecter found Paul Krendler interesting in Hannibal. Additionally, you also make an extremely compelling case against the theory of evolution. In serving your purpose you also serve mine.

    • harley says:

      screw these losers glaze. Have you seen these guys in person?
      Have you had a chance to see what they look like.
      I have…and to be honest it’s not a pretty sight.
      No more excuses glaze. don’t make excuses to these losers for
      doing what you enjoy. don’t make excuses to these losers when they
      run your business down. You and your brothers built a good business
      with a great branding….you don’t have to bend to be waht these
      know nothings say.
      Make no excuses…never cowtow to those below you in life.
      You seem to want to appease these loser…DON’T
      BE proud of what you do…live life to it’s fullest…be happy….do what
      makes you happy…be good to the family….and NEVE NEVER EVER
      feel bad for the way you live your life.
      DO NOTHING IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Good points..I know Hearne told me he knew who smartman was a couple other complete haters on about everything..said they were older, unattractive men, who were past it in business and life, I don’t know, I never to my knowledge met any of them or if I did it was in passing…so yeah it is stupid to fence with people who aren’t at your level in most anything…like a fat NFL fan telling Montana he sucked…kinda dumb….good point.

        • harley says:

          HEARNE IS CORRECT….the haters and losers on here
          are over the hill…way over the hill…
          and now you can add mikey the mental midget to the
          group of haters.
          All negative like george wilson said…nothing going in
          their livesv but the hate and anger that life passed them
          look at them and what they write…hate…anger…
          need for violence…acting like they are big heros..
          no they’re not…their cowards…every single one of them.
          l o s e r s…and as i’ve always said…if you don’t like what
          glaze write…don’t read it…
          no more excuses for the old beer belly wanna be’s!!!!!

      • harley says:

        oh and yadda yadda yadda yaaadda yadda yadda i almost forgot i love glaze slurpppppppppppppppppppp

  28. Super Dave says:

    Funny I seen Bobcat on TV 4 but sure didn’t see you anywhere.

    Oh I am sorry your name was in the back ground

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Not so Super Dave it was NBC thats Fox 4, we were on TV in the Green Room before he came on for interview, I have been on both shows interviewed too many times to count….how many times you been in the media here, 2?

      • Super Dave says:

        To be honest Craig have never bothered to count or for that matter care. Does not take a lot to be on one or the other local TV stations. Very early seventies use to do a weekly bit on KMBC noon day show about animal adoptions no bid deal easy 50 bucks each time. Use to model a lot as well been in several sporting mags related to fishing didn’t count those either of even have the books. See Craig to most of us we could care less what you do. Bobcat was on TV whoopie the world is now a better place to live. Who in short of it all cares! nobody but you.

        • harley says:

          every comment you and smarmyman is negative.
          You’re just negative people. Thats why you
          maintain apartments.
          come on…everytime glaze or i get on …you’re the
          first one along with smarmyman to come on with
          negative comments.
          the resto f the kcc duds follows…
          why be negativ e…..lets get positive.

  29. Skeptic says:

    Glazer is a shallow man from the shallow end of the gene pool.

  30. Ted says:

    Hung out with Craig for years. We were doing Westport, the Plaza, everywhere. The guy is a genuine. He was a great friend, loyal and all that goes with it. Women, the guy was as good as anyone I have ever seen in that game. Hey I was darn good, that boy could get almost anyone he went after, all ages. I’ve slowed it down, Craig hasn’t. Maybe it keeps him young. Hope he finds a good woman someday. I read all this mean spirited bunk on my friend, its just that b.s. I’ll say this for my old pal, he has no equal in the game of scoring women, not in this city. Yes, even at his age.

  31. CK Stands for? says:

    Congrats Glaz. What next Honey Boo Boo??

    • the dude says:

      That’s actually Honey Boo Boo Child and she is getting closer in the Glazer dating queue.

  32. George Wilson says:

    As long as it is not hurting anyone else, I think everyone should be allowed to live their life the way they feel most comfortable. So if Glazer feels better tooling around in sports cars and chasing strippers and teenage girls that’s OK by me. Having said that, I think the thing that inspires so many negative comments about Glazer is his constant bragging about himself. Craig, in many ways you and Smartman are the same person, spending a good deal of your time on here trying to convince everyone how successful and cool you are. At some point it gets pretty stale. And I go back to a basic tenet of blogdom: If someone has to keep telling me how cool and successful they are, they’re probably not.

    Also, blaming Hearne for what shows up in your posts is really lame. You’ve done it about half a dozen times that I can remember. By continuing to write for this site while knowing how Hearne edits, you’re tacitly approving what he does. Sack up, dude. If it appears under your name, you own it.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Ol’ George, well in some ways correct..Hearne is my the man who edits and I know that so yeah you got a point. As for having to brag to make a point, not true, I tell interesting stories…some people take that as bragging I suppose. My life is different than most, so it begs telling the tales thats all. I also make fun of myself not only here but on radio, I do play kinda a bad guy, who often loses…I allow all that…I am in on most of the jokes…to say I’m like a hateful comment person who uses a pretend name, well thats pushing it….but hey if thats your opinion so be it….

  33. mike says:

    I’ll say one thing. Even the people who dislike you could never accuse you of being boring.

  34. HaterBS says:

    Ohh Craig you say we hate.. Give it up. We aren’t jealous of your money, your women. Just because its legal doesnt’ make it ethical. Your endless rant of BS, self promotion, and complete disregard for a moral baseline is what is hated. Take a look around and you’ll find plenty of others in your age bracket, income bracket, and social class that aren’t bragging about 19 year old conquests. Fact is we are faced with frustration that anyone can tell these women aren’t interested in you. They themselves lack self esteem and self respect. Instead of you lifting them up and helping them overcome their low self image you take advantage of their state to satisfy your own need for self assurance. Your a user with little regard for the stranger and less regard for women. You look down on your fellow man and consider women even lower. You call those that call you out as haters because you have no argument to justify your actions or conduct.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Hard to even answer such a silly comment…but…at one point you say these women have no interest in me, yet you go on to write how I am with them and look down upon them, using them, etc…can’t be both…as is clearly stated many of these ladies date me for years, off and on…as for the one girl in the story, hey it was one night of fun…I see no harm, she didn’t…I don’t think she wanted to go to that concert that bad, she just liked me..again no crime..

      To rant about my lack of compassion for others, why cause I date many pretty girls…. I have been a good friend to several of them for years…some of these girls, like Jessie in Puerto Rico, I had known for more than a decade, since she was 19…just the way it is, or went, not my fault a few of them are a bit wacky, I didn’t make them that way…

      Again these are unique stories that entertain, not saying you don’t have a few…who knows…most people don’t air their personal life out like I do…again no crime here, my crimes were in the 70’s and 80’s…stings…adventure, but outside the law no doubt, I think I paid the price for that life…it’s not who I am today…again you are entitled to your opinion.

  35. Craig Glazer says:

    I want to say cool, thank all of you for so many comments on this story. Granted without the hottie, just a concert tale, none of the action would have been taken. However it is the most responses on our articles since we went to the new formate, so glad you all had some strong responses. Yes I am aware many, most were negative, comments usually are….and I know I wrote several responses myself…still a fun story…by the way Holly is fine, not upset, was made aware of the story…

    • mike says:

      It is like when Jason Whitlock was with the Star. Some people loved him, some people hated him, but people from both camps would read whatever he wrote as soon as they got their paper. Even those who didn’t like him helped make him a sucess by reading and talking about what he wrote.

      • Craig Glazer says:

        I see, yeah I miss Whitlock. We hung out here and there, strange cat..a loner….not mister happy face….hope he is ok these days out in LA….don’t hear alot about him anymore…he was talented and he was the pulse of KC sports for a decade or more.

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