Glazer: Don’t Look Now but the Chiefs Are Falling Apart

What looked like a playoff season for the Kansas City Chiefs is already falling apart…

It’s just one thing after another. The injury bug has already taken what looked like one of the league’s best defensive backfields down hard. Both starters Brandon Flowers and Kendall Lewis are out for who knows how long.

With those two out for the beginning of the season, that spells big trouble for KC.

I know the Chiefs are pretending these injuries are just day-to-day, but I smell a rat. Both could be out for weeks.

Now the worst news: Perhaps the best player on the team, Tamba Hali, appears to have failed a drug test. Word is it was weed that got him in trouble. But almost all NFL Players of color smoke weed and many white players as well, so he’s just an example. In any case, now our most important guy is OUT for game one against Atlanta for the home opener.

Very ugly.

Now all of a sudden shades of last season are raising their dark heads.

I even bought in before the St. Louis mess Saturday night. Now? Well, 8 and 8 is starting to sound good. The Chiefs went from a one point favorite against the Falcons in game one, to a 4 point dog.

Take the Falcons.

So the bad news is starting to pile up and fast for our Chiefs.

We just don’t have that pedigree or leadership. Sorry Chuck, but it doesn’t look good old buddy.

I am giving them a look see, but for now, I’m off the bus.

Maybe the next two weeks will change my mind…and yours, however it’s looking pretty bleak. Damn, we have all that new talent, but we can’t throw down field and our defense is falling apart with three starters gone…for now.

Oh I almost forgot, Scott Pioli and Clark Hunt will be quick to tell you we are building for the future…like 90 years from now. I say its now or never for this team to grow up.

I hate to say it, but I think more problems with these players is just a few days away.

Oh brother, those New England Patriots look good again – I guess I can ride that wagon this season.
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12 Responses to Glazer: Don’t Look Now but the Chiefs Are Falling Apart

  1. chuck says:

    Yep, I am worried Glaze.

    I thought they had a better than even chance to win the first game, now, with no pressure on Ryan at all, it will take a bad bounce and some luck.

    If Flowers has the dreaded Linsfanc injury, then that is one to two games.

    My bet with smartman is in serious jeopardy.


  2. Jim says:

    Glazer, when the hell did a DE become ANY teams most important guy? If that is the Chiefs best player and the most important one, we were screwed before the suspension came down. Name ONE other team in the NFL that is counting on their DE to be their most “important” guy! This team is going to win or lose on the backs of Cassel, Charles, Bowe, Moeaki, Baldwin, Hillis, O-Line, et al. Don’t get over-dramatic regarding the loss of ONE player for ONE game. If the Chiefs go out and only put 10 points on the board against Atlanta, it won’t make a shit WHO plays DE that day. this league is all about OFFENSE.

  3. Lance the Intern says:

    Glazer — Tamba Hali violated the NFL substance abuse policy. He did not fail a drug test.
    There is a difference.
    Look at the punishment Joe Haden (Cleveland Browns) is facing. Had Tamba Hali failed a drug test (as Haden did), I suspect his punishment would be similar to what Haden is facing — a 4 game suspension.

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    Early reports had little details on this, I heard he was found with an illegal substance several months back in another city…I’m sure the actual situation will come to light soon, I only had that information at the time yesterday…

  5. Rick Nichols says:

    Yep, the Chiefs’ prospects would appear to be falling faster than the price of Facebook shares. But the most alarming thing out at Arrowhead these days is not the injuries and the suspensions but rather all the control freaks who occupy the front office. What a paranoid organization!

  6. Hot Carl says:

    Who the eff is “Kendall” Lewis? Glazer, you are a moron.

  7. BS Nerdlaw says:

    Wheww!! Okay then, Glazer…so it was Kendall Lewis that was injured, and not Kendrick Lewis. Had me a little worried there for a minute.

    • Ryno says:

      No kidding man! Kendall Lewis must just be some undrafted rookie free agent they brought in for a camp body. Thank GOD it wasn’t Kendrick Lewis!

  8. Kerouac says:

    CG, why the picture (top) of #20 next to the narrative re: Lewis & Flowers? While it could be Deron Cherry (also a safety who played in the 1980’s), or might be an 1960’s safety Bobby Hunt (sunburned) or ditto a 1970’s Mike Sensibaugh, my bet is that it’s an 2010 / 2011 HB Thomas Jones, the of late former Chief… inquiring minds want to know.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      I don’t pick the photos Hearne does, he often picks some great shots, he is not a big sports guy anymore, but he was a season tix holder for like 30 years, Chiefs, he just moved on about five years ago when the Peterson group wanted 2 and 3 year contracts for tix…plus he was tired of the poor quality teams we kept fielding…can’t blame him.

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