Glazer: Scary, Scary Night for Chiefs casts Doubt on Season

OK, the Chiefs stunk it up last night…

Big let down, huge. In fact, it was likely the most watched preseason game on TV here in years. Our number one defense was awful and looked like that phony D of 2003. The one that was the worst in modern football, the one that never made the Colts punt once in the playoff  game we lost that season. That one.

It was ugly last night.

We were down 14-0 in the blink of an eye to one of the worst teams in the NFL.

But before I go off on all the bad, we did have some important good stuff.

Well, one thing anyway – Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel looked pretty good. No, he still can’t go deep, but he has command of the short game and sees his second and third receivers now. And he has confidence. He’s our it player, sorry.

And the new tight end Kevin Boss looked sharp. He’s likely Matt’s go to guy. The starting backs still showed promise too and our two star defenders still look deadly, Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali.

The rest of the team were terrible.

Without a solid defense this is a 7-9 or maybe 8-8 ball club at best.

Right now that’s in question again because the Chiefs stopped nothing. The pass D was an F- and the front line run stoppers were on vacation. Bad stuff, yikes!

Yep, they looked as crappy last night as they did good last week.


And that leads to another nothing season.

I like Romeo Crennel‘s post game comments: “We were bad in all phases of the game. There was nothing good to take from this contest. Everyone played poorly, the coaches, the players, all of us stunk”

Hey, the guy doesn’t pull punches.

“You can’t win in the NFL if you don’t play hard on each and every play” the Chiefs head coach said.

And he was pissed.

See, it’s his goal to win all the games, even the pre-season ones. Why? This franchise has no pedigree, no winning culture and our head man knows this, so he’s trying to create a winning habit. Something the Chiefs lost in 1997.

This club has been a very bad team ever since.

The Chiefs still need to learn how to win. So yes, these games don’t count, but they matter. Hey, the St. Louis backups looked good and they scored at will and shut our offense down.

And poor Ricky Stanzi.

He lost any chance of being a number two quarterback on this team. In fact, he may even get cut or moved to the practice squad at some point. He was given no real chance. They put the kid in with no weapons and the soon-to-be-cut line. He sure didn’t get the first or even second team offense to play tonight. He got jacked.

Likely Chiefs fans will never know what Stanzi might have been able to ever do with a first string squad. Brady Quinn is now the number two for the season. Ricky was “not so fine,” after all.

Yes, Chiefs Nation has fallen back to Earth.

Nobody is as excited today as we were a before this trouncing by a last place Rams team.

Now we can all see why the Chiefs magic number for wins and loses is 8. Now it looks like they will be up and down all year unless they can find a way to harness their talent.

This team does have some big talent. And those guys have to force the rest of the team to follow, but right now that’s in question.

I’m not giving up yet. I still think this can be a very good football team.

Let’s see if the Chiefs can use this bad loss and lack of direction to build on. In the past that hasn’t happened, but there’s still hope for the 2012 Chiefs.


Dwayne Bowe is back, as I said he would be. John Baldwin has to get involved in the offense much more. The coaches have to get that first string defense to show up every game. The potential is there, but it has to come together in game one, at home, against the Atlanta Falcons.

The winning culture has to begin now, if not, Romeo won’t be here next year.

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29 Responses to Glazer: Scary, Scary Night for Chiefs casts Doubt on Season

  1. mike says:

    I think it is a mistake to get too high or low about a preseason game as far as being an indication of how the team will be in the regular season. It is more about getting ready for the season and talent evaluation. Many of the players that were stinking it up this week won’t even make the team. Likewise, some of the guys that looked good in last weeks game playing against the 3rd and 4th stringers of the other team won’t be around either. It is hard to know how good a team is until the first stringers are in most of the game and the play calling is opened up.

    • Super Dave says:

      Good points Mike and I agree with them.

      But the so called scribes and sports mouth pieces have to write or broadcast jibberish like this to in their minds keep us informed about what we already knew. Amazing how many so call sports experts this town has when in fact for the most part not much to write about. But they feel the need to try and explain to us how bad the teams suck as if we were clueless.

  2. harley says:

    yikes glaze your so fine you bloe my mine heyglaze hey glaze please use more oorignal words. you sound like my child.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    yep lots of poor sentences and so on, agreed, I just reread it. I wrote it last night at about 2 AM after work, no excuse, tired and pissed at what I just watched…my fault…but the point is still valid…it did matter, we do see what we have, and the first team D was an F…there were no subs in that first quarter for the most part…on defense…it is something to be concerned about…I feel the Chiefs are in an almost must win in game one with the Falcons…just to gain confidence for themselves, the fans, the league..right now, there is not much belief in this club outside of KC…and I can see why…again lots of talent…seems we don’t have the leadership.

    • mike says:

      I think our biggest problem compared to Super Bowl caliber teams is our talent level at quarterback. Cassel is probably slightly above average which is only enough to barely make the playoffs. If he gets hurt, look for a near repeat of last year. The way the rules are now favors the passing game compared to years past where you could win with a grind it out clock eating offense and a good defense.

  4. chuck says:

    The last time I went to a Chiefs game, many years ago, I did what I always do, sneak down to the first level andgo to the rail watch a couple of plays before they catch me and make me go back up. When you get that close, you can for a second, get a feel for the incredible speed of the game and the size of the monsters who play it. The violence, even when expected, is astonishing.

    The Chiefs will be fine.

    Here is how ya don’t get a read on your NFL team.

    1) You listen to athlete or coach interviews.

    2) You believe the athlete or a coach when he says ANYTHING about his performance, his QB’s performance, other coaches, players, it’s all total dreck and is scripted now and has been for 40 years. Sure there are a few exceptions, Jim Mora’s “Playoff” rant, Denny Green’s “They are who whe thought they were” implosion, Roger Staubach calling “Hacksaw” Reynolds a choker, Jim Everette kickin Jim Rome’s ass, but 99% of the time, it is horse hocky.

    3) You listen to the team spokesman/announcer with regards to that team’s prospects.

    We have many laughs at the expense of our sports radio guys and our sports columnists, but they work for companies (As do other local guys all over America.) who spend great quantities of cash to somehow get an edge on the competition and predict with more accuracy than the competition, the quality of said sports teams. When they are right, they crow like an NBA player after a dunk, and when they are wrong (Whitlock, “They are going 16 and 0) then its a long bloody trip up Golgotha for a public crucifiction.

    KK, Petro, Carrington, Fescoe et al, didn’t get where they are in the public eye by consistantly being wrong. Once again, I know there are exceptions, but these guys spend ALL of their working hours, trying to get paid, for prescience in local and national sports.

    Last week, Petro and a guy on 610 (Forgot who.) said essentially the same thing about the Chiefs. They mentioned that Javier Arenas and maybe Glen Dorsey were on the bubble (I realize there are salary issues with Dorsey, but I hink the point I am going to make is still valid.)

    Now think about the last time, the Chiefs cut a quality player who you knew another team would snap up. (Bernard Pollard doesn’t count, he hate Haley, and Haley hated him.)

    Last year, after Flowers, Carr and Lewis, Arenas was the best defensive back we had. Dosey cut?

    The Chiefs have not been this deep in 20 years.

    The local sports radio guys parse these details ad infinitum and when you look at the national perspective, combine it with the local and read hundreds of articles, then you can, without being on the field, or knowing the coaches and players personally, make your best picks.

    You have to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Here is an article on teh Chiefs, by a writer for CBS Sports, John La Canfora.

    20 Paragraphs, and 2 (?) thousand words to tell me that the Chiefs look like the 8 and 8 team Vegas says they will. Read the article. Notice anything?

    The biggest move of the offseason in free agents, was probably Mario Williams to the Bills. The next, in my opinion, was picking up Eric Winston. The galactic differrence in ability between these two players, ON A TEAM THAT RUNS can’t be understated. The omission of a mention of the offensive line and that aquisition gets Mr. La Canfora a D- for effort and an F for preparation.

    To get the feel for this, or any team in the NFL you want to bet on this year, you have to do your own homework. The best source for information and an angle on any team, will probably be an off the cuff remark, or a roster move that catches your eye on a second string player.

    The best source for info on NFL teams, in my opinion, are local radio guys all over America, who do NOT have their teams on their stations. The second best, is still local radio guys.

    Chiefs go 10 and 6, and win a playoff game.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Problem with Arenas, you can’t coach height.

      Some “expert” on Bleacher Report said the Chiefs had the best team in the AFC except for QB. He said they needed to trade for Tavaris Jackson. I can’t make this shit up.

      I still say chuck and a few others should make their full predictions and then we compare with the “experts” at the end of the season.

      chuck, tight end from Temple tearing it up in Oakland. Whodathunk?

  5. chuck says:

    Glaze, the Chiefs are NOT in a must win game with the Falcons and will probably be 2 and 3, or if we are lucky 3 and 2 after 5 games.

    Just my opinion.

    The Falcons win their division this year.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Falcons are the Chargers of the NFC, under performers when the chips are down.

      • mike says:

        The Chargers are a coaching change away from being a top team. They come out flat and uninspired at the beginning of every season since Norv Turner has been there. I don’t see how he has kept his job unless he is a 1st class brownnoser or something but I’m glad he has.

  6. chuck says:

    A little post script, keep in mind, that on the Defensive Line, they are going to keep 8 or 9 guys, but Dorsey is on the buble???

    Defensive backs, they will keep again, 8 to 10, yet Arenas is on the bubble?

    The team is deep.

    Lewis hurt his shoulder again, so Arenas will probably stick, but either one of those guys gets cut, they are on another team in an hour.

  7. smartman says:

    Clark Hunt is not Jerry Jones. Matt Cassel is not Tom Brady. Romeo Crennel is not Vince Lombardi. If you don’t have people in those key leadership positions that people respect and will follow to hell and back you will not be successful.

    Predictions on the Chiefs are all over the board in the national media. NYT had a good profile. They are who we think they are. They ain’t gonna be playing in much less winning another Super Bowl anytime soon. NFL doesn’t have much faith either. Only one MNF game at the Steelers in November and the obligatory Thursday night NFL Network game. These are no cardiac kids…..catheter kids, maybe.

    • mike says:

      If we had Tom Brady, the other two wouldn’t matter that much. Top quarterbacks make coaches, general managers, and owners look like geniuses.

      • smartman says:

        Agreed, but you need at least one of three. We haven’t had that in over a decade. Clark Hunt’s balls would fit in an ants mouth. Scott Pioli is a bust. Matt Cassel is a bust and Romeo Crennel is a has been bust getting ready for a repeat. The French are more serious about winning than the Chiefs.

  8. Orphan of the Road says:

    Under moderation again. They must have me lumped in with chuck 🙂

  9. Kerouac says:

    Don’t shoot the messenger, but…

    Like I said, 5 wins in 2012, tops… ‘they are who we thought they were’ to borrow from Dennis Green – an .500 team now, and south of said come regular season’s completion. They’ve played 2 poor teams now and were trounced by one of them… tell it like it is.

    “Yeah buts”? It’s just pre-season… it’s a different offense… the return of players who were injured in 2011… they’re ‘holding things back’… there are new players defense… (cue Rodney Dangerfield: ‘Hey, I got a million of ’em!’) Flowers was out? Berry’s back. Bowe ain’t here? New ‘superstar’ Baldwin is. Weigmann’s gone over the hill? Winston blocks good like a (‘clap clap’) o-lineman should; 6 of one, half a dozen other, ‘excuses’.

    The Chiefs would like to be like the 1972-73 Dolphins, appears: a great running game (Morris, Kiick & Csonka), one WR of note (Warfield) and a cool, pinpoint accurate QB (Griese). Alas, Charles, Hillis & (insert whoever else) isn’t the Miami trio, Cassel isn’t Griese, Bowe isn’t Warfield & they definitely don’t have the OL in ’12 Miami had back in the day – we haven’t even talked D yet – let us not embarrass the ‘Swiss-Chiefs 11’ with comparisons the early 1970’s Dolphins.

    Flowers & Bowe ‘missing’ is my favorite “yeah but” excuse, KC fandom.


    He’s missed games 3 out of the 4 years he’s been in the NFL, and it appears he might miss some more 2012 – the guy gets hurt annually some form or another. He is also overhyped – not even KC’s best CB in 2011 despite PR parroting the team party line (Brandon Carr, who was the Chiefs best, picked off 2 passes last night for DALL btw.) Hali is still here, D. Johnson & Berry too – that’s 3 Pro Bowlers. #1 picks Ty Jackson, Dorsey & Poe make 6 #1 draft choices & that ‘PR machine’ is already fitting Houston for a HOF bust, move over Bobby Bell. Fact is, Flowers (#2 pick who has never even made a Pro Bowl entering year 5 his) is no Deion Sanders. Chiefs defense has talent – that has not translated to success to date, beyond ‘hype/talk’.


    He is the Chiefs best WR (faint praise as he may be their only any consequence) – but Otis Taylor he is not, even on DB’s best day. More catches 2011 yet less yards and 10 fewer tds. Cassel was hurt/out? They produced only 4 td passes in the 9 games that they ‘were’ playing together, compared the 15 year before. Difference? An creampuff schedule ’10, big-boy opposition ’11. He’ll produce more when he & Breaston team up again? In 2011, Bowe did team with Breaston, journeyman, dime a dozen possession type; no great shakes the duo. Baldwin? Gesundheit. He’s a product PR spin: training camp hype (remember Jessie Haynes?) ‘Media creation’ has caught 1 pass in 2 games -and fumbled it away to the opposition who promptly rammed it down KC’s throat for another TD. Baldwin ain’t got a clue, and though Bowe may know a bit, even in 2010 he was but a second team All NFL according to the AP.

    And the ‘QB competition’ Pioli promised? Last year he gave us Tyler Palko and Ricky Stanzi; only aft Cassel was injured did a real QB (Kyle Orton) fall into SP’s lap via pure serendipity. Then he let Orton get away (like Carr, and to the same team even. ) And
    Cassel’s competition 2012? Stanzi (starring as Palko) & Quinn (as Blackledge). Send in the clowns? Don’t bother, they’re here. Recall when KC brought in LB Jimbo Elrod as competition for an aging Willie Lanier: JE started three games… in 4 years; Stanzi should be so lucky – he’ll never start. Quinn? He hasn’t started a regular season game in, what… 2 years? Thanks Pioli, for all you don’t do.

    If anybody gets hurt QB, OT, WR and CB (Flowers one example ’12, Charles, Berry, Moeaki 2011 HB, SS and TE), whether Cassel, Albert and Winston, Flowers or Bowe, KC has zero depth of any consequence behind these players; potential isn’t depth. If it is, you saw how it translated via Baldwin/Wylie, Brown/Arenas, Stanzi, Poe, et al. With FS Lewis out (again) now, CB Flowers still not ready (will he be?) and Atlanta here in less than three weeks, I see a loss at minimum game 1, and a blowout ‘L’ the real possibility.



    Too much competition, too little room for error and injuries to elevate an average NFL team 2012 to something more. If ‘luck is the residue of design’ as Schottenheimer used to muse, then he must have left his blueprints home during post seasons, every.

    Miracles aside, the Chiefs just ain’t got the horses (or enough of them case of disaster, injury), despite all the objections fandom/media can muster to the contrary… the ’68 Jets don’t reside KC.

    • mike says:

      Excellent observations. The only thing I will point out that could help them is that the rest of their division is not that good either. For example, what happens if Manning gets hurt? Rivers is good but doesn’t have the team around him that he used to and they are poorly coached. The Raiders beat themselves more than PeeWee Herman. The main hope for the Chiefs is to stay healthy and suck less than the other teams in their division. Then they could go 10-6 and make the playoffs. They would probably still get knocked out in the first round, but who knows? One can only hope.

  10. Rick Nichols says:

    That loud thud you heard last night was the sound of a thousand Chiefs’ fans falling off the bandwagon,
    Hopes deflated and spirits draggin’ –
    But relax, folks, it was only a “meaningless” preseason game.
    Even so, it was a lost opportunity just the same.

  11. the dude says:

    Geeeeeeeeeet reeeaaaaaaaaady for teh SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

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