Glazer: Chiefs Have Top Three Quarterbacks in NFL, Says Scribe

Who has the best quarterback lineup in the NFL?

It may surprise you to learn the answer is, the Kansas City Chiefs. Not even close. Our guys are the best.I looked over the other team’s guys and guess what? We win!

Oh wait a minute, you thought I meant the best playing quarterbacks?


I mean the best looking. If Hollywood came calling, the Chiefs under center would all three be starters.

In a league that now has attendance issues – not due to popularity but too much TV coverage as well as ticket, food and parking costs – the Kansas City Chiefs have found the answer

All they need to do is have their three quarterbacks take their helmets off and stand around the sidelines looking…..well, just standing there. Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel, Ricky Stanzi and Brady Quinn are THE BEST LOOKING TRIO OF QUARTERBACKS EVER!

Even though Matt has struggled behind center, the ladies think he’s gorgeous.

But stand back babes, the guy’s already married. Still you can dream. His paycheck ain’t too shabby either. Brady Quinn, who’s now hanging at Woodside during his free time, turns the ladies heads anywhere he goes. A young Tom Cruise or even a Tom Brady, has nothing on this former No. 1 pick from Notre Dame.

With five years in the league Brady may never be the on field he dreamed of  when he was the quarterback for the Irish, but  Playgirl would love him on the cover – even if S.I. doesn’t.

Then there’s the ‘darling’ of the squad, Ricky Stanzi.

He’s so fine he blows your mind, hey Ricky! This blonde, long haired, Brad Pitt type, is already the apple of many fans eyes, though he’s never seen the field during a regular NFL game.

In fact, he’s playing for the backup role tonight in St. Louis, currently held by Quinn.

Ricky needs to be “oh so fine” tonight or there’s a chance Goldielocks could even be cut or sent to the taxi squad.

Hey, here’s an idea for Scott Pioli

Remember those old cheesecake posters? I’ll bet one with this group’s faces and bods (shirts off) would end up in plenty of ladies back rooms.

Yep, the Chiefs are No. 1 in at least one area, the hottie, signal caller group.

Move over Lenny the Cool and Trent “Now what did he do again” Green.

Ricky, Brady and Matt in this arena stand second to no one. Hey, we finally won something. Now if we can just snare that Governors Cup tonight.

Yeah, that’s the ticket – the Big Stuff.

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16 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Have Top Three Quarterbacks in NFL, Says Scribe

  1. Eric says:

    Glaze, good one. Never thought of that. You are the man on Dare. Histerical. Chiefs are the best in the west.

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    It is the opinion of the scribe that the Chiefs’ QBs lead the league in good looks,
    But can these handsome signal-callers complete their passes during a game?
    Because if looks alone were enough, then we could simply “put it in the books” –
    A Super Bowl win for Kansas City, three more studs in the Hall of Fame!

  3. mike says:

    Glaze, I know some of those women you have been with have been crazy, but don’t let it drive you to looking at guys!

  4. Super Dave says:

    Ass beatings like tonight and nobody will gave a damn what they look like. Well Glazer will.

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    Yep they stunk it up for sure…yikes

  6. mike says:

    I think Stanzi looks alot more like Tyler Palko than Brad Pitt!

  7. rkcal says:

    Women will lose interest when they realize all three leave the pocket too early and have no long game.

  8. Craig Glazer says:


  9. balbonis moleskine says:

    Sounds like Craig wants to play a game of “Slap, lick, fondle” with his wonder trio.

  10. Craig Glazer says:

    See you two finally came out of the closet…only two gay men would think that…so tag you two are it…smart gay guy

    • Super Dave says:

      What ever Glazer your the one writing stories about cute guys. Oh and a friend on fb says this about you:
      Coop: he’s done been gay is he just admitting it
      Coop: which really is an insult to gay people

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    yeah I’ll tell him when he comes in.

  12. the dude says:

    Gezz Buffy they’re so hunky and all, but they couldn’t throw a 30 yard pass to save their lives!
    Sooooo dreamy!

  13. Craig Glazer says:

    Is it me or did Ricky look pasty, too thin and oh yeah terrible at QB…..hmmm…

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