Hearne: Alamo Delivers on ‘Expendables 2’ Tonight With ‘Van Dammage’

By now, everyone who cares  knows Alamo Drafthouse will suffer no fools at its new Mainstreet movieplex…

Not the sort who talk or text during movies anyway. That said, there’s practically no limit to the foolishness Alamo will eagerly participate in when the spirit moves – from heavy metal singalongs to nudist screenings.

The Alamo’s about to spring one such trap at 5 p.m. today.

The name of the Alamo’s game is Van Dammage and leading up to an 11 p.m. promotional screening of The Expendables 2 – the Mainstreet will unleash no less than 438 minutes of classic, (Expendables co star) John-Claude Van Damme action flicks.

It’s an 18 and up affair (unless accompanied by an adult), but no one under 6 will be admitted, so no screaming babies at this baby.

BTW The Expendables 2 screening is a freebie, the promotion being the first of many out-there Alamo promotions to follow.

For example, the Van Damme movie titles tonight are a well-guarded secret. And a special menu has been tailored to the event which of course was top secret as well…until right now. However Van  Damme fave snake will not be served.

Check the menu here.

There will be other unmentionable surprises, Alamo’s Brad Johnson promises, including a special giveaway item.

You’ll have to go though to find out. And with luck, Kickboxer will be among the movie offerings.

See you there.

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