Hearne: Mystery Surrounds Future of America’s Pub in Wesport

This time last year owners of the urban dance club America’s Pub were up in arms…

They felt the club was about to get kicked out of its longtime home in Westport’s Manor Square because many in the neighborhood blamed it for attracting an African American crowds to the entertainment district, resulting in a spate of crime and violence that gave the midtown party zone a black eye.

America’s Pub’s jig was up by last January.

“It’s not very mysterious, the landlord didn’t want America’s Pub as a tenant anymore and you cannot make someone lease space to you,” the club’s attorney Harris Wilder said at the time. “It’s that simple. It closed New Year’s weekend – the last night was New Year’s Eve.”

Wilder stopped short of claiming the club was a victim of racism, saying only, “Let’s put it this way. I think the facts speak for themselves. The negotiation process was the least professional I have ever seen from a landlord. And I would add that America’s Pub’s owners made numerous, repeated, sincere efforts to communicate with the landlord and all they got was a no.”

Eight months later the space at 510 Westport Road is still empty.

Not that it hasn’t been looked over by potential interested parties. Local drag bar Missie B’s to name one. Comedy club owner Craig Glazer has also given consideration to opening a second Stanford’s in the space.

The latest?

Management company Krtek Real Estate told the Star it’s considering “different uses” for the space.


“Look what they did to the space where Tizer’s used to be in the same building,” says one Westporter. “Now it’s a school. Doug Krtek thinks outside of the box, he’s open to anything and he’s not real fond of the bar business.”

That insider’s best guess as to what may eventually take America’s Pub’s place:

“Some sort of retail store or office space.”

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48 Responses to Hearne: Mystery Surrounds Future of America’s Pub in Wesport

  1. smartman says:

    The facts are in. America’s Pub is gone and Westport is gangbusters. Just goes to show what can happen when you get rid of the blackterial infection.

    • rkcal says:

      yeah, now only fat white chicks as far as the eye can see…….sigh.

    • obviously says:

      Way to be a bottom-feeding bigot. Keep up the hate. It strengthens us as a nation.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Obviously, I see where you are coming from, but the comments are hardly bigot based, its just fact. Skybar left the River Market, the shootings stopped. Any place you hang a shingle for a black-centric club, that seems to follow. So, what do you do with the facts of the matter? Its not the fat-bottomed girls doing it.
        There are some demographic facts you have to be willing to look at. I’m sorry its blacks that it centers around, and no, its not ALL black clubs. I’ve gone down many times to the cigar/burbon joint down by P&L. Its laregly black. In fact, the owners came up to my wife and I as soon as we walked in, before we knew what the crowd was like, just to inform us its a clean, upscale, high class spot and we should NOT expect any problems because the eliminate that at the door! I never felt safer, never had so many strangers come up and great us, ask what I was smoking…. and just engage in literate, civil converation. They didnt care that we were white and they were black, it was a color free zone.

        But what the owner said was key; “We ELIMINATE that at the door”. If their patrons came up in jerseys, long white tee’s with their ass hung out from under it, ball caps sideways, they just flat didnt get in. Now, I ask you, are the owners, both BLACK, bigots and racists? Oreos? Uncle Toms? No! They understand the same formula and don’t play into it.

        Yeah, its easy to scream racism, but no body wants that in their neighborhood when they are trying to run a high class, problem free business.

        So, as I asked, what do you do with the facts of the matter?

        • obviously says:

          He compares black people to bacteria. His racism is as plain as the nose on your face, and there’s just no place for it.

          I know it’s tough to adjust as whites become a minority but he needs to get used to it.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Obvious, yes, he did say that, but first, I’d like you to answer my question and I’ll address what you said. What do you do with the FACTS of the matter? Open a club that specializes in late night hours and rap…. guns come out, people get shot. What should we do with that little nugget? Over look it because it may look bad on a SEGMENT of the black culture. Not ALL blacks, but a segment?

            And to address the bacteria comment, isn’t that about as close a description as one could get? It really does look like an infection that follows that genre. No one would be making up excuses if that happened elsewhere for some other reason. I can PROMISE you if Glazers pals, when they move the Full Throttle crew in to town, breaks out in violence, SOMEONE is going to scream about the white trash and the I TOLD YOU SO’s will be flowing like a case of Camo 40’s at a Tech9 after party!!

            So, why is it that its bigoted? Its a disease, a bacteria and seems to permiate that segment of the crowd. Again, you dont see it at Blue Room, Jazz Hall, Quodos. Those places are busting at the seams with “blacks”. But any place there is a 3:1 ratio of subwoofers and “beats”…. you get gun play.

            Looks like a bacteria to me, if whites are 5% of the population or 75%. What would you call it? Your thoughts?

          • smartman says:

            No it’s BLACKTERIA! No comparison necessary. As Mr. Wilson says, FACTS are FACTS. The failure of blacks to properly assimilate into the larger American culture, which can be done without losing Afrocentric sensibilities, will keep them down longer and harder than any Slave Master. All this hip-hop gang banger wanna be bullshit doesn’t play well nor will it be accepted in polite society, hence America’s Pub is GONE, as is Skybar, as will be many more black clubs and businesses that cater to and encourage anti-social behavior. At least back in the day black gentlemen asked, “Mind if we dance wif yo dates?”…and didn’t randomly catcall out from the sidewalk, “Yeah, I’d hit that,”. If blacks put the same energy and passion into education, work and social discipline that they put into pursuing thug life culture our country would be 1000 times stronger financially, morally and culturally than it is today.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Round 5 for Obviously, who apparently isn’t so much. (obvious)

            Smartman (and he’s called that for a reason) states:
            “Mind if we dance wif yo dates?”…and didn’t randomly catcall out from the sidewalk, “Yeah, I’d hit that,”.

            So, last summer I’m on the Plaza with my wife, we walk past the theatre (proper spelling) through a gaggle of “scholars” at Arrick likes to call them. No one cares to clear the way and its a cackle of comments from “look at dat ass” to, yes, as Smarty said, “Id HIT that bitch”.

            Now, tell me about bacteria and let me ask you this. If I walked down to the Epicurion, past a great looking black couple, looked at the man and said, “Your wife has a world class posterior, kind sir, and I, if given the chance, would engage in sexual activities with your wife if given the chance” (black street slang removed as to not sound racist and to put in your ear what a suburban white person might say), how might I be treated by people standing on the sidewalk down there on Troost?

            Are you telling me you, obviously… support that activity in what Im assuming is YOUR culture? Would Mr High Class Black Man and Mrs High Class Black Lady shrug that off….. or would the Epicurion empty and I’d have a world class ass whoopin on my hands?

            Why would they TREAT me that way? Why whoop MY ass? Are they BIGOTS and RACISTS? They can’t take a little nasty talk from me about their girls? What up with dem folk?

          • paulwilsonkc says:


          • the dude says:

            Nah, they are just typical low class ghetto trash, no repect for anyone else besides their “Me, I gottsta gets mine” mentality. Would rather mug you at the streetcorner for your wallet money than work an honest day’s work.

            But these ‘scholars’ are our future as Ms. Whitney used to say. Well if these ‘scholars’ are our future then we are collectively fucked.

        • mike says:

          While I agree about the facts of the matter, using the n word, terms like”blacterial infection”, etc. could easily be interpreted as insulting to black people in general. The problems mentioned are not caused by genetics and I’m aware that is not what Smartman thinks. I wouldn’t like it if a redneck dive or hardcore 1% biker bar were to have problems and have it called a “white maggot infestation”.

  2. Craig Glazer says:

    Yes Hearne is sure right about one thing, WESTPORT is the comeback story of the year for KC biz…its on fire….weekends are way way up, like 50% up…weeknights are also up, several places that wanted to leave are now staying and they have opened five or six new restaurants,bars and shops in the last six months, even the old Chile’s is now leased for a new restaruant…Getting the Pub out was the right call. Yes we are looking for a new second comedy spot in that area, the Pub might be too big a space though we just want comedy maybe with a small bar for waiting NO dancing or disco,hah…GREAT JOB WESTPORT..

    • harley says:

      glaze you’re late to this news…go back to fe ruary and march where
      i talked with kyle and he said this was happening since the first of
      the year…but its not just because of the black bar leaving….they
      had some other things occur such as the power and light chaning
      demos…some new places opening.
      Now as far as the old angry white guys on here complaining about
      black clubs that’s a joke. How many of you old angry white guys
      been to america’s pub….or were in the crowd in westport…or ever
      met and talked with the mayour or met his son….NONE OF YOU
      Smarmyman’s fixing up old gross disease infested used hottubs…i guarantee
      this fool ne ver left the house and went anywhere near westport
      or amerca’s pub. samefor wilson and the rest of you old angry white
      go down and see the truth. see whats happening.
      Wilson..what was the name of the black owned cigar bar you talked
      about? I ‘d like to know…didn’t know therewas one downtown by
      p and l. Iknow the cigar box but thats not black owned….i know the
      owners but i didn’t know what place you referred to.
      But anways…this nation has to learn how to live with the black and
      hispanics…you guys are too old and grumpy to see what the demographics
      are and how they are changing drastically.
      Angry old white guys are as current as 8 tracks and cassettes…out of
      style and out of mind.
      Get used to the new world…it is changing andall your finger pointing and
      computer noise won’t change it. Embrace the change…you’re on the
      way out.
      RYAN AS VP. There as no better choice for romney to choose this
      bullshitter as his running mate. Its changed the election…now
      obama will clean up even more states. Ryans budget kills education
      funding…medicare…social security….Romney blew it this morning.
      He was down 9 points according to fox new…now when the obama
      maching grinds this skinny little twerp up and exposes his plan
      its all over but theshouting. How stupid is romney. He changed the
      election from a referendum on obama to a choice for voters…
      how many seniorsin florida will run from romney when the see
      what this ryan plan does…obama by 7-9 points in florida…..
      for democrats this could not have been a better day.
      Now…go back to your a.m. radios guys.

      • smartman says:

        100 million people on Government assistance, not including Medicare and Social Security. Majority of them are minorities and illegals. Fuck that! I don’t mind a helping hand but these motherfuckers are taking my arm leg and dick too.

      • mike says:

        Shows how up to date you are. Rush, Hannity, Levin, Huckabee, etc. are now all on FM, but you are just an out of date old guy that remembers Metcalf Ave. as a gravel road. Now go hang out at a hip-hop gangbanger club with your pants below your ass and your cap on sideways and see how popular you are!

  3. balbonis moleskine says:

    lol @ “the jig is up”

    • smartman says:

      C’mon Balboni. You’re a smart guy. You can jump in this debate deeper than that. Who’s gonna carry the banner after Wilson and I get wasted in a drive-by?

      • Chuck says:

        I will.

        • smartman says:

          Chuck, I’ll update my will and leave you all my guns, ammo and camo, including my one off camo-sutra hunting jacket which is an erotic blend of camo and copulation.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Smarty, if thats Camo as in a big ass 40 ounce, leave that to Obviously. If its hunting gear, carry on.
            Nice job leaving me out of your will; Im not feeling the love. If it was Harley, thats one thing… but its ME!!

          • Chuck says:

            The guns and ammo, will, I pray, be of good service in a worthy and long overdue endeavor.

  4. obviously says:


    Thanks for proving my point, repeatedly. And obliviously.

    • Chuck says:

      Your affective response never once addressed Paul’s question.

      Answer his post, or don’t, but don’t claim the high ground of a road you are afraid to take.

    • Chuck says:

      Remember, you are always entitled to your own opinion, NOT your own facts.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Obviously, its an intellectual discussion we are trying to have hear. Please come armed with more than you have….. or you just look silly. I just asked a simple question or two. Does that make me racist too?

      Tell KJ hi for me when your at da club tonight. I’ll loan you $1000 for the next time he needs you to bail him out.

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chuck, its just like dealing with Harlinator; You can’t teach a pig to sing, you just waste your time and piss off the pig.

  6. smartman says:

    Come all Ye of porcine persuasion
    Stick in the knife, exsanguination

    Come well armed to this discussion
    Be prepared for repercussion

    Put up or shut up
    My drift? Catch it

    You’re just Stepin Fetchit

    • Chuck says:


    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Geeesh. Smarty, I was writing another chapter in my book about the XXL Guy’s Guide to Landing a Hot Chic, after Hearne’s side swipe of the Modern Family dude. But this post threw me off track. Now Im headed for the studio to lay down some beats!! I do NOT appreciate this.

      • smartman says:

        Spend the money on a good PC and Pro Tools and lay down your own beats at home.

      • balbonis moleskine says:

        The quick and easy way is to look at her dad. If her dad is a big guy, you’ll be bangin’ her.

        This may not apply to you Paul as you may have to go down to Forest Hill or John Knox to see her dad…

  7. smartman says:

    Wilson, speaking of KJ, the other major blog had KJ’s new mix-tape, that he just “dropped”, up for a listen and downloads. KJ has referred to himself as a “dope ass rap assassin”. I listened to some of all the tracks and have heard DEF’R jams out of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      KJ, sad story, dopeass or not. A mix of trust fund baby and hood rat. At least he’s out there keepin it real on the mean streets.

    • Chuck says:

      Gotta be hard on his dad. Sly is a Marine, a successful lawyer, family man, Mayor of a Major City and his kid wanders peripatetically through mean streets and mean ideas he is modestly qualified to read about on the internet.

      On the one hand, if he wants to really get that street cred he needs so bad, he will have to hit the weights, learn to fight for real, aquire some ordnance and altercate at a far higher level than he has to this point.

      On the other hand, he could go to law school, or some school, study, aquire the standard, expected gravitas awards, diplomas and achievements that someone of his station would be expected to aquire, and, perhaps contribute in a meaningful manner, as has his father (No judgements here, his father is a respected member of this society and country, wether you agree with his politics or not.).

      I am still holding out hope that the kid wakes up and decides that Alan West is our greatest living American.

      Hope springing eternal and all that.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        If THIS doesnt get a comment, OBVIOUSLY, no one is paying attention.

        I do feel bad for his dad. Its hard to put that much into raising kids with what you want to instill in them, then finding yourself in a perpetual battle with that old free will!! Buy them books and buy them books – they eat the covers.

        KJ does need to perfect his assasin image. I dont think you can open for today acts if your rap sheet involves being cited in Mission Hills for your subs being too loud. Yeah, I know he’s smacked some folk around, but if he’s going to be FiddyCent, he needs to take or spread some lead.

        • the dude says:

          Or do some REAL jailtime in state pen, not overnight drunk tank in the county pokey after getting your face kicked in. That is instant street cred in the hippity hop scene from what I hear.

    • mike says:

      KJ reminds me of Larry Johnson that played for the Chiefs. Has never been poor or repressed a day in his life and tries to act like he is some badass from the hood who has been held down by the man. Shows he is a badass by hitting women and mimicing people who are from the hood. He is just a spoiled brat who has listened to too much gangsta rap.

  8. Super Dave says:

    What do you get when you cross a retard with a gang banger?
    Someone who spray paints on a chain link fence.

  9. mike says:

    I would like to see a hip-hop club put up next to a hardcore biker club.

  10. mark smith says:

    There actually were two joints on Troost around 80th, on the edge of the Marlboro area. Must have been 15 or more years ago. One little dive bar, bikerish, or at least rough neck working class white and the other was an all black joint about 3 times larger. Fights at 130 closing were pretty common, dont recall any shootings or stabbings. But that was then. Now it would be all gun play all night.

  11. mike says:

    It definitely would be worse if you had full patch 1%ers in close proximity to gangbangers.

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