Sounds Good: Quixotic@Crossroads, Sandbar Block Party@Downtown Lawrence,

It’s art yo.

Local freakout troup Quixotic is playing this Saturday night at Crossroads KC with west coast trip hop producer Emancipator.

Emancipator is playing much larger venues like Red Rocks starting in a few weeks so I’d say this is a prime opportunity catch him while you can at a smaller, more intimate show.

And of course I’m sure he’ll be mixing it up with Quixotic to bug out the attendees.  I caught up with Quixotic drummer Pat Adams to talk about this weekend’s show.

“The Crossraods show will be high energy from start to finish,” said Adams.  “From my perspective, the music has evolved from an acoustic project into more of a groove oriented production influenced by beat culture.”

Got that?

“My role is to provide rhythm and momentum to the show and make the pieces groove as hard as possible.”

But how do you play the drums when scantily clad girls who are literally on fire are flying around, doing flips and stuff?

“I’m getting better…”


Saturday, August 11th

Quixotic, Emancipator, and The Floozies at Crossroads KC

Go here for advance tickets or take your chances and show up at the door.





Sandbar Block Party on 8th Street in Downtown Lawrence

Oh, Sandbar.  You are so cougar-y.  You’re kind of a guilty pleasure, but for some reason the guy gets mad occasionally when I order four “girly drinks.”  I mean the thing is bright blue, has four straws, beads, a whistle, and a plastic shark with grenadine blood in its mouth.  But whatever.

The legendary watering hole’s bash starts at 7 pm with live bands, though I don’t who is playing.  I’m going to guess…. a Jimmy Buffet cover band?

This is from their blog:

“We’ve had some questions about the shark slide from last year. We weren’t able to reserve the slide again this year, someone else beat us to it. So, it won’t be there this time.”

Bummer man.



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5 Responses to Sounds Good: Quixotic@Crossroads, Sandbar Block Party@Downtown Lawrence,

  1. Debbi says:

    Thanks for mentioning the Sandbar block party! The bands are the same as last year: Blue Orleans will start around 7, followed by Mark Valentine. Not necessarily a Buffett cover band, although they do play a few of his tunes.

    And there will be some sort of inflatable bounce-y thing for the kids, but we aren’t sure exactly what- we just know it’s not the shark slide.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Blue Orleans is an OUTSTANDING group. If you’ve not heard them, DO IT!! You wont regret it.

  2. paulwilsonkc says:

    A whole group of us will be at Sandbar for this, but help me here.

    Am I the ONLY person who doesn’t get this whole Quixotic thing?

  3. paulwisonkc says:

    Yeah, Matt, but its been a while, maybe three years ago, at Water Fire on the Plaza when they performed on the bridge over the creek.

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