Loose Ends One: Is Sarah Palin’s Daughter an Antler?

Tons of travel and molten hot heat have resulted in lots of loose ends…

Let’s tie a few of ’em up, shall we? Starting with an item that caught my attention recently in the Pitch.  Basically, the Pitch noticed in an outtake scene from Sarah Palin‘s daughter Bristol‘s reality show that she was wearing a Missouri sweatshirt.

Did somebody at the Pitch yell, Stop the presses when they saw that pic?

“Why is Bristol Palin wearing a Mizzou sweatshirt?” shouted the Pitch headline. However, not only did the question go unanswered, there’s no evidence any attempt was made to get to answer the question.

The Pitch just ran with an obscure, fuzzy pic and five sentences of light Bristol banter.

Why was Palin wearing a Mizzou sweatshirt? I wondered.

So I sent out a half dozen or so inquiries to different departments at the University of Missouri in Columbia and guess what?

I got an answer.

There are no records matching that name at the University of Missouri.
Christian Basi, Associate Director
News Bureau
University of Missouri”

Hey, it’s far from definitive, but I’ll take it. The answer being that apparently Bristol neither went to MU or attends now.

My hunch: some staffer on Palin’s failed reality show got her to don the MU duds as a lark. Or maybe she’s a huge SEC fan and wanted to welcome Missouri on board.

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9 Responses to Loose Ends One: Is Sarah Palin’s Daughter an Antler?

  1. Mark X says:

    LOL … the Palin spawn in a Mizzou shirt? … some jokes just write themselves … this one is too easy ….

    • smartman says:

      +1, Momma Grizzly had an epic fail with Sarah Steelman. Sarah Palin is headed the way of Roseanne Barr and Bristol gets a redux on DWTS.

      • the dude says:

        Did you see that picture of her at the steelman gig with the bondage pumps and the painted on “S” shirt topped off with the wrap around dictator sunglasses? Classic man, classic stuff.

  2. balbonis moleskine says:

    I know she isn’t an “antler” because those people all belong to one fraternity at MU. As far as I know she has a vagina and is ineligible for membership in a fraternity.

  3. tiad says:

    Jr.: Maybe Jenny What’s-Her-Name over at The Star can investigate and get to the bottom of this deep mystery. It could be the career break she needs. I’m just sayin’….

  4. alwaysfiredup says:

    Todd Palin went to Missouri Valley college iirc. Maybe that’s the connection.

  5. PB says:

    White trash of a feather.

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