Glazer: Scribe Says Chiefs Need Crennel to Step Up and Deliver

We all know you need an elite quarterback to win a Super Bowl…

The Chiefs have had two, maybe three. Len Dawson, who won one and lost one, Joe Montana, the greatest ever with four Championships but not in KC and the man who would have likely taken us to a title, Rich Gannon.

Not having a top five quarterback since has taken the Chiefs out of too many seasons that might have mattered. However the other dark note is we’ve had no long term head coach.

All the other consistent winners have a great coach for years.

The Eagles with Andy Reid, the New York Giants with Tom Coughlin, Pittsburgh with both Bill Cowher and now Mike Tomlin and of course New England with Bill Belichick.

In the past the Chiefs had both Hank Stram and Marty Schottenheimer for long runs. Stram had a 12 year run in KC with only 2 losing seasons, his first and his last. Hank also had two Super Bowls. Marty had 9 seasons with only 1 losing record, in ’98, his final year here. The only other long standing head coach was Marv Levy, with six seasons and a losing record, but he went on to Buffalo, won four AFC titles and went to four Super Bowls.

It’s been a long, sad story for most head coaches of the Kansas City Chiefs

Paul Wiggin, Tom Bettis, John Mackovic, Frank Gansz, Guther Cunningham, Dick Vermeil, Herm Edwards and Todd Haley – none had much luck. And yes, I remember Vermeil and the ridiculous 2003 phony season that starting out 9-0 and then became a joke with no defense at all. In the end it was a bad football team.

So yeah without the right head coach, we stunk. Since Marty Schottenheimer the Chiefs have been a no show.

We all know that, so now what?

Romeo Crennel is now at the plate. His past coaching is nothing great to speak of. However he has some talent and the fans are buying in big time. Plus he’s a strong defensive minded guy. We saw that in the last three games of last season.

However, if the Chiefs struggle and win less than 8 games, he’s likely a goner. Even 8 is not a sure thing Crennel will be back. It’s my belief this team needs and expects post season play, at least a wild card. If so Romeo stays.

Let the games begin.

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15 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Says Chiefs Need Crennel to Step Up and Deliver

  1. the dude says:

    Bye bye my fair Romeo, it was good knowin’ ye.

  2. Hot Carl says:

    Glaze, you’ve written this column at least 10 times already. Time for a new angle or, better yet, a new subject. Preferably one you know something about.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Hot Carl, beg to differ, I have not written about the importance of the head coach before, mentioned who all of them were, etc….however as far as knowing…I may be one of the best NFL guys in KC as far as ‘what will happen’… my picks more than prove that, I will be doing them again this year… and there will be plenty more stories on the Kansas City Chiefs… there you have it..

  4. BS Nerdlaw says:

    Glazer’s right, Hot Carl….Come Monday morning (or sometime Saturday), the Glaze will be writing yet another Chiefs article, where hot off the emotion of the BIG GAME Friday (Or, for most fans…a meaningless pre-season game)…he will either announce that the Chiefs are once again losers (if we lose). Our offense hardly moved the ball, and we didn’t WIN the game against the hapless Cardinals. OR…if the Chiefs do look decent and win (Cassel and co. score during 1 of his 2 series) then it will be an article about how good we look, and how it could mean great things for the season. You can put it in the bank…The article will be one extreme or the other, as will be the case all season long. Because everyone knows that an NFL season can accurately be gaged by pre-season football. Expect a whole range of emotions from the Glaze over the next several months. The sky will be falling one week, then all of a sudden we’re gonna be world beaters again. Throw in the occasional innacurate stat or comment, and you’ve got a typical Chiefs article on KC Confidential. Most of us have just learned to call it what it is….Unintentional high comedy. Embrace it!

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    Really, again, when you have the insight, the guts to make the calls on games, put up some dough, I’ll listen, until then…I suggest you listen to me my friend….see I am correct most of the time…p.s. all sports guys write about their team week after week, ups and downs…way it is…I just have a little more insight than most thats all..

  6. Chuck says:

    Ok, check out this, from Pro Football Weekly on Payton Manning. ***

    Peyton Manning has taken his first snaps as the Denver Broncos’ quarterback, and his arm looks fine.

    Manning didn’t throw any deep passes in his first drive of the preseason Thursday night at Soldier Field in Chicago, but he threw well enough to drive the Broncos down the field before the drive ended when a pass over the middle was deflected and intercepted.

    Manning’s first pass was a short one to tight end Jacob Tamme, his old Colts teammate, and it was a good pass right on the money — but Bears linebacker Lance Briggs did a great job in coverage of sticking his hand in and knocking the ball away. Manning’s second pass was a bad one that should have been intercepted — it bounced off the hands of Bears defensive end Geno Hayes — but on the deflection it went into the hands of Tamme for a first down.

    After that, Manning threw some solid passes to Eric Decker. One came after the Broncos’ line gave Manning plenty of time to go through his progressions, eventually allowing him to find Decker along the sideline for a first down. Another went over the middle to Decker for 19 yards on third-and-17.

    The drive-ending interception was a little behind the intended receiver, Brandon Stokley, although Stokley did get a hand on it before it was tipped into the air by Chicago’s D.J. Moore and picked off by Major Wright.

    Manning’s one and only drive of the night doesn’t tell us a whole lot — he never really aired it out on a deep ball, and he didn’t take any hard hits — but the Broncos have to be satisfied with the way his arm looks.

    I swear I don’t know what the hell they are talking about. I looked at the pass that was intercepted, it was behind the reciever and the rest of his passes were ducks.


    You look at the film tomorrow and tell me I am crazy. I think he looked like shit.

    • the dude says:

      He’s just trying to psych you out chuck.
      He is Peyton Manning, Lord of Denver- and ye naysay him?
      That kind of heresy could get you drawn and quartered in the mile high city limits.

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Chuck hope for the Chiefs sake this continues…but remember how bad Brett Favre looked against KC in his game of preseason as a Viking…terrible..then he had a great year…at least in the regular season, when he first came back…

  8. smartman says:

    Trying to gauge potential by one preseason game is like waking up with a headache and thinking you have a brain tumor. Look at the Vegas lines. Denver is damn near a lock to win the division.

    • Chuck says:

      Smarty, I get it, but the press thinks he is “Back”.

      He is in NO way back, based on that dusultory performance last night.

      Glaze your right, I still think the Vikes were a better team than New Orleans in that game. Farve slung it across his chest, and you know the rest.

  9. Craig Glazer says:

    Cliffy, I know….isn’t that terrible…thats why so many people read my artilces…so thanks

  10. Rick Nichols says:

    O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
    Art thou still seeking a “break through” campaign?
    Hast thou not heard? Gannon’s found in Borneo!
    Still in pads and prepared to pop the champagne!

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