Glazer: Johnny Dare to Import Sturgis Saloon to Berkley Park

As summer simmers down, crowds at major events do as well…

That is unless it’s 98.9 The Rock radio superstar Johnny Dare‘s Birthday Bash. Yes sir, just when you think, they’re out of ideas at the Rock…

Hell NO. Not even close.

Johnny Dare and program director Bob Edwards have pulled off another first. Johnny’s favorite bar – – The Full Throttle Saloon – is 850 miles away in Sturgis South Dakota. So they are bringing the bar and all its toys, girls, bands, stripper poles, motorcycles, and vendors to Richard R. Berkley Riverfront Park August 24-26. Johnny’s birthday is August 27th. Even the Wall of Death will be present.

Dare is the voice of the TV show FULL THROTTLE on truTV which is in its third season. The event will be taped for a program on this year’s season ending show.

Johnny is at this very moment in Sturgis for the Bike event that draws over one million people for the week.

And the Full Throttle bar is ONLY open for those two weeks. Imagine the income? It’s insane.

Dare is often on the show as himself, interviewing guests, and letting viewers know whats up at the bar. It’s been a second job for him these past three years. His radio show has been number one in KC for several years. And with charity events, like Bikers For Babies, Johnny has become a household name here.

It’s shows like this that keep the Rock number one in Kansas City.

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41 Responses to Glazer: Johnny Dare to Import Sturgis Saloon to Berkley Park

  1. smartman says:

    Great, another excuse for all the white trash to get together and compare ink, lack of IQ, saggy titties, and chrome. Maybe some of the 2% Outlaw guys will show up and beat the shit out of the douchebag wanna be bikers.

    There goes all the back to school money. Some kids aren’t gonna get that lice treatment they need.

    • the dude says:

      Please, please if there is a god in the heavens send the 1%ers or force majeure to smite the wanna be d-bags et. al. that will attend this trash fest off the face of the earth. We do not need these kind to procreate.

  2. Lance the Intern says:

    “…Dare is often on the show as himself…”

    That implies that there are times when Dare is on the show as someone else, doesn’t it?

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Dare of course is Dare on the show, meaning he isn’t playing someone other than himself…simple….as for who goes or doesn’t…well boys and girls…his audience is over 200,000 at times, I rather doubt everyone on there is a biker, or WT, or whatever…many of the business folks I know listen, why? Because he has ‘huge guest’ its funny and he’s good at what he does…boy you don’t have to down everyone and everything…but hey, if that makes you happy.

  3. PB says:

    Sorry, Craig, but this latest Dare testimonial is lazy, even by your standards.

  4. smartman says:

    Unlike Rockfest where you are your own worst enemy this Full Throttle deal does have an element of danger not present at Rockfest. Lotta 2%’ers or wanna be 2%’ers will show up with their full patch members and prospects looking to make some bones and covet turf which will inevitably lead to violence with knives, guns, hammers, screwdrivers and other makeshift weapons capable of penetrating flesh and skull. These guys shit cops for breakfast so KCPD won’t be much help.

    The city has no fucking idea what a mistake they are making by allowing this cesspool of humanity to congregate.

    Johnny’s already indirectly responsible for the death of stagehand Lon Muncrief at Rockfest two years ago. How many more must die to keep this juvenile Howard Stern wanna be’s ego afloat?

    • Super Dave says:

      Well many of the business folks I know don’t listen to his vulgar trash talk show. In fact I knew of several places the show is banned from being played while at work do to it’s nature. So guess it depends on the types of business folks one hangs with.

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    First off, we had Johnny Dares, A BIKERS BAR IN WESTPORT…we had real bikers at time, including those groups…we had ZERO fights or trouble…they parked their bikes out front..couldn’t have been nicer…to my knowledge RockFest and all the 98.9 promotions have little if any trouble to speak of…attended by many 100’s of thousands over the years…so where do you get this garbadge? I have never seen such hateful and jealous people like you Smartman. You don’t have a kind or good word for anyone or anything. Kinda sad. Like Dare or not, he has given our city plenty to smile about..plenty. What have you given this city?

    • mike says:

      I have known some bikers and most of them won’t give you trouble unless they think you are disrespecting them. Don’t try to act like you are one of them when you aren’t. Don’t go up and talk to a biker’s woman without talking to them first. Don’t try to impress them with a Japanese bike. Also if you act scared to death of them, they usually won’t like you. Most of them will respect you if you respect them.

      • the dude says:

        I have had plenty of the Harley riders appreciate and say great things about my Jap bike at bike nights, and I am not out to impress anybody.

        • mike says:

          Of course being a Harley rider does not necessarily equate to living a biker lifestyle. The hard core bikers are a different breed from the casual Harley riders.

    • smartman says:

      In typical commie lib fashion anyone that disagrees with or challenges your opinions is a hater. I guess somewhere in all of my pursuit of knowledge I discovered that I’m not entitled to my own set of facts. My bad.

      I am certainly not jealous of Johnny Dare. I remember when chubby little Johnny was siting on the steps of the Lone Star trying to be a roadie for the local metal bands that played there. 80% of his listeners are white trash losers that do NOTHING to make the world a better place to live. They are the takers, not the makers. They certainly aren’t the NPR crowd are they. They can change your oil but they can’t change the world.

      Johnny is like Sarah Palin. He ‘s less responsible for his success due to any real talent than the fact that myopic, inbred, cornpone idiots think he, (she), has, (have), talent. He’s a headbangers version of Ryan Seacrest. Lot’s of money?Sure. Money is how people with no real talent or skills keep score. I’d rather be the guy that was in charge of putting the damn SUV on Mars this morning then be Johnny Dare. I’ve never wanted for anything and most anything I want I can buy. I could buy a Ferrari if I wanted to but it just doesn’t make sense. I don’t need any sort of reassurance of my existence or importance from a car. I prefer the thank you letter I got in the mail today for The Camodian Children’s Fund.

      Johnny Dare’s was a wanna be biker bar. A real 2%-er wouldn’t be caught dead at place like that. Now bringing Full Throttle to town might just get some of the real Pagan’s, Hell’s Angels and Outlaws to saddle up and make a ride to KC and do a little hell raisin’. Call your buddies in law enforcement. Ask ’em about the 2%’ers. They’ll tell you they are the real face of organized crime in the US. Unlike the black or Mexican gangs the 2%’ers run their business with the discipline of the old school Sicilian Mafia…..other than the rule of “You Deal, You Die.”

      If Johnny’s such a great guy why would he risk bringing that kind of filth and mayhem to Kansas City? Who’s gonna benefit other than Johnny and a handful of his associates?

      • the dude says:

        Ryan Seacrest of headbangers, you kill me smarty.

      • Super Dave says:

        You know smartman seeing what Glazer writes then seeing him trying to go one on one with you in the comments section reminds me of how this quote is so befitting to him;

        “Sometimes the world seems like a big hole. You spend all your life shouting down it and all you hear are echoes of some idiot yelling nonsense down a hole.’

      • clueless says:

        Smartman you claim to know what your talking about but by throwing out an M/C like the Pagans coming to KC is absolutely laughable. You don’t have a clue do some research before you act like your informed on the biker world.

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    Super Dave that goes ditto for you my friend…never anything nice to say…just venom and hate…were your parents always mean to you or what?

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Oh the hate and jealousy…smartman PLEASE! WHERE DO YOU COME UP WITH THIS CRAP…. by the way…Sturgis has thousands of REAL bikers and gangs… last I heard no deaths, no problems…so now you want to act like this fun weekend with bands and stippers and bikes is gonna be dangerous….. know what you need to get Royals season tickets, now thats dangerous.

    • smartman says:

      I’ve been to Sturgis 5 times. Last time in 2009, so I know of what I speak. How many times have you been? I’ve made the acquaintance of at least a dozen full patch REAL outlaw bikers. I have a mint condition 1979 AMF-Harley Davidson Shovelhead that got a factory update by Willy G in 2001. It doesn’t leak a quart of oil over night anymore. Guys that REALLY know bikes WANT my bike. At places like Sturgis, Daytona and Virginia Beach the bike gets noticed. I get approached.

      You talk bikes, have a few beers, some shots and just shut up and listen to these guys. Maybe I should wear a wire like you did and write a book.

      The majority of crime in Sturgis goes unreported. It’s a “Biker” thing. Make no mistake The Hell’s Angels run Sturgis just like The Outlaws run bike week in Daytona. Both events are crawling with FBI, DEA and local law enforcement, who have a perpetual hard on for both of these groups due to failed RICO prosecutions. That doesn’t mean that business isn’t conducted. They ain’t sellin Girl Scout Cookies or collecting toys.

      Let the games begin! If no one gets shot, stabbed, raped, sodomized, beat up or otherwise abused outside of their free will to do so I’ll donate $250.00 to the charity of your choice. You do the same for each person that does. Deal?

      • the dude says:

        What kinds of odds should we set on this event not having near enough security and some serious violence goes down?

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        I’ve been getting dispatches from my pal, Don Emde, all week. Part of the 10% who have been going there since the 50s. Kenny Roberts tagged along with him this year. Been working with Don to find the original roads used by Cannonball Baker in 1914. Maybe I’ll make the ride in ’14.

        A million people, thousands of bikers, it’s the largest gathering of trailered motorcycles in the world.

        I imagine Texas Guinan will greet the attendees with Hello Suckers.

        • the dude says:

          You know it is Sturgis by the rolling thunder of trailered Harleys on the highway. No kidding, must be Sturgis time.

          • Orphan of the Road says:

            Chrome don’t get ya home.

            There’s a real biker event going on there but the shinny things attract the hordes. That’s fine, sitting at the motorcycle races you don’t want that technicolor-yawn springing from someone seated next to you.

            Thirty-five DUIs in the first day, proud mamas everywhere.

            My friend was “the agony of defeat” for many, many years on Wide World of Sports. Won many races but that is his signature move.

            Maybe Dare’s got the right idea, take the fake to the rubes where they live. Probably take in more money than the P&L for the weekend.

  8. George Wilson says:

    Smartman said:
    “I’ve never wanted for anything and most anything I want I can buy. I could buy a Ferrari if I wanted to but it just doesn’t make sense. I don’t need any sort of reassurance of my existence or importance from a car”

    Of course you don’t need reasurance of your existence from a car. Your telling us over and over again about how smart, important, and wealthy you are appears to be your endless obsession necessary to fill that need. There is a good rule of thumb about anonymous posters in comments sections. If they can’t stop telling you how wonderful they are, they’re probably not. Do you really think anyone on here believes any of the crap about yourself you spew? You’ve supposedly got all this money and all these interests and are so connected in so many important circles but instead choose to be on local forums 24/7 spewing hate and filth. Yeah, right.

  9. PB says:

    Yeah, I’d rather smartman just buy that Ferrari so he doesn’t feel the need to constantly remind in here how wealthy he is.

  10. George Wilson says:

    And while we’re at it, the guy can’t even keep his self promotion stories straight. In one post he tells us how he doesn’t need things like a hot car to reassure himself. Four hours later he’s on here telling us all how cool his motorcycle is. Dude, all you’re missing is a pair of big floppy shoes and red nose.

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    wow smartman, looks like many of our readers don’t think too much of you or your hate mail. Maybe you should rethink some of your future remarks. Again, almost all of them are just so negative, you rarely have a good thing to say about anyone or anything. I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but you have found it important to despise a man you likely have never met. Time for a vacation pal. Hey I know attend the Johnny Dare Birthday Bash…its in a park. Nice.

    • smartman says:

      It is was it is. If people wanna believe fine, if not that’s fine too. I sure as hell am not gonna lose any sleep over it. Bigger question. You gonna accept my wager for the dead, wounded, injured, maimed and disgraced body count at this soirée?

  12. Richard Cranium says:

    Everyone knows the last 4 posts were from Glazer anyway hoping to drum up some support for his 13 year old self of worth. Good luck growing up child.

  13. Craig Glazer says:

    To even suggest that is sick…maybe we should take a close look at YOU, someone who seems to want and expect death and violence at an event….you are a strange duck indeed.

    • smartman says:

      The potential for violence at this event is very real. I don’t think it is sick for anyone to mention that. As a matter of fact KCMOPD has an expectation for certain types of violence and misbehavior at all large public gatherings and generally recommends armed and unarmed security staffing levels based on those. If I were in charge of security at this event I would demand metal detectors and drug sniffing dogs at all points of entrance. While, in my opinion, you can never have enough security where bikers, booze and scantilly clad babes are involved no one can be so naive to think that this cocktail of time, space and humanity won’t spawn it’s unholy offspring.

  14. Craig Glazer says:

    PS, Rich, none of those were from me, none. Those were all real comments…I suspect however you are smartman though…ps again, I don’t care. Hearne has asked me not to comment in anger, I now try not to do that. Other ‘known’ people who read this site also feel my answering comments is only a tool for the crazies to continue to be just that…so I should generally be silent. I have tried to be fair and decent on some answers, but I see that matters not. NO I only answer as myself.

    • the dude says:

      Come on man, you know we are only trying to get your goat, without you we would have hearne posting about Peter’s Pan or By the Time I get to Phoenix in my Fiat posts. Don’t get so worked up, it’s all good. 😉

      HC: I don’t do Phoenix, dude. Not even in my Fiat.

  15. Cliffy says:

    Smartman versus Glazer — are there two bigger douchebags on the internet?

  16. Craig Glazer says:

    Yes … YOU….

  17. paulwilsonkc says:

    Man, this is like a soap opera. Im at the condo for a couple weeks, come back, its like I didnt miss a thing!!

    Craig, somewhere in your heart of hearts, you have to know that demo isn’t the run of the mill person. If you’ve watched ONE episode of FT, you can see that. Yes, half of them have made the trip on trailers, but it really is a lower class group.

    Anytime you mix Harley alteregos and booze, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if there aren’t problems down there. Thats not sick or hate, I’d just expect it to happen. And most likely, it will be the mix of bikers and local NON bikers there just gauking.

    Nice article though…..

  18. Craig Glazer says:

    In conclusion…the event will be mostly a rock concert on stage with music, a film crew shooting hot babes and drunk guys, I imagine it will be mostly attended by those who were at RockFest, and the crowd will be just fine. No issues.

    • the dude says:

      And hopefully the snooki impersonator won’t get drop kicked in the head again like at suckfest.

  19. Walker says:

    Listen to the Rock weekly. Dare is funny as damn midgets get. When he and Glazer are at it, priceless. This birthday fest will do magic. Sell outs.

  20. Trotting Ducks says:

    i bet smartman is the first to get his ass kicked… and btw the way if u were a 1% er u wouldnt be on here period and u sure the hell wouldnt be talking about how the “clubs” go about there biz on a public fourm…. and another thing, 1% ers dont like to draw attention by acting all hatred, and barney like unless needed…
    signed: a friend of the family

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