Whinery: The End of the World as We Know it Update

Where do I even start?

The war in Syria is in full swing and I find myself once again thinking “pseudo-treasonous” thoughts by backing the Assad Regime. Almost every Arab country that’s gone down this path: Egypt, Iraq, Libya is now being governed by the Muslim Brotherhood or a derivative thereof.

Is that an improvement over the secular dictatorships the people were living under?

Where they at least had the “little” things in life – things like food, water and electricity… Now their infrastructures have been destroyed, they’re mired in sectarian violence and I don’t see them becoming free under religious dictators.

Look at Iran, not a very pleasant place to dissent from the official government stance.

Then there is the ever present collapse of the fiat monetary systems in Western “Democracies” – where our freedoms have been sold out to save the “banking class.”

Is the US Government on the people’s side anymore when Homeland Security puts in an order for 450 million rounds of ammunition, have labeled people who believe in limited government as domestic terrorists and the President’s last few Executive Orders have to do with seizing control of communications infrastructure in the event of “national emergency?

I may be paranoid- but it looks like the Government is preparing for civil war when our economic system collapses.

There is no mathematical way the USA is not going to go bankrupt- trillion dollar deficits and printing money from thin air is not sustainable.

Then there’s the drought.

I think that every county in both Kansas and Missouri has now been declared a disaster area. And the USDA has just downgraded the nation’s corn crop, saying that only 26% of it is in either “good” or “excellent” shape. This is going to lead to higher food prices, particularly meat and milk.

So what’s the Governments response to this crisis?

It has, in all its infinite wisdom, decided against suspending the ethanol program. So
when we’ve lost three quarters of our corn crop, they still want to burn up what little corn we have left- that could be fed to humans and livestock- and divert it into inefficient “green energy” programs.

How stupid are the people running this Country, exactly?

There’s your update…

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3 Responses to Whinery: The End of the World as We Know it Update

  1. chuck says:

    We were a thousand times better off with Saddam Hussein in power.

    Say, can we get a refund on that Trillion Dollar War?

    Syed Qutb and the Ayatollah Khomeini are not busy porking 72 virgins in the hereafter (Who exactly the fuck thought that was a good idea?), they are spinning like a dervish and laughing up their sleeves at the War in Iraq. A Galactic Blunder.

    GEORGE BUSH: “Well, whaddya think? How ya like my take on the enemy of my enemy?”

    SUN TZU: “Not quite what I had in mind ya dumb fuck.”

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    But didn’t Mr. Rogers tell the kids, “It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood.”? Oh, well, I guess they had to learn sometime that the world is becoming an increasingly scary place. As for the adults, they can respond in one of two ways – get down on their knees and do some serious praying or get down to the local bar as soon as possible. I predict the majority of them will choose the latter approach to the problem.

  3. the dude says:

    If you choose to squirrel away guns, water, canned food and bullets in your bunker or set aside some gold or silver to cornhole in your bum to get the choice FEMA cot when the doodoo hots the fan, it ain’t gonna be pretty very soon.
    The choices are bleak no matter what you choose.

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