Glazer: TJ Miller MIA in Montreal but KC Bound

With all the big comedy stars in Montreal this past weekend, there was one glaring no show!

T.J. Miller, the hottest comedy star on the rise anywhere, was missing in action. T.J. has done way too many films lately to name, but here are a few: CLOVERFIELD, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (ONE and TWO), GET HIM TO THE GREEK, YOGI BEAR, UNSTOPPABLE, GULLIVER’S TRAVELS, SHE’S OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE – and in theaters now: ROCK OF AGES and FINDING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD. All that plus TWO new TV series – the one for Comedy Central starts in September and the other, a network show, starts in the fall.

Brother, he is a busy, busy boy.

However T.J. is taking a week off, August 1-4, to stop by one of his favorite comedy clubs, STANFORD AND SONS. Why? Stanford’s gave T.J. his first full headlining week, and his parents were in KC, so they watched all of his shows that week. It was great. We have a big brother, little brother relationship. We had no clue the young guy would rise to be the man in less than three years, but he did.

Maybe most important, T.J. had a close relationship with my little brother, Jack and Jack was killed in an auto accident last October. Miller flew in the next day to be with Jeff and I. What a kind person. He loved Jack.

T.J. even came back two weeks later, at no charge, to do a one night benefit for Jack.

TV star and Last Comic Standing winner, Eliza Schlesinger co starred. My brother and I were more than touched.

So yeah I would love to have spent this past week in Canada with my pal TJ. Truth is he would have been swamped, way, way more than me or Kramer. This guy takes no back seat to Lewis Black, Chelsea, Howie, Jim Jefferies or any star up here today.

TJ Miller is now a comedy rock star.

I truly hope those of you who aren’t familiar with him will take this opportunity to come see what the big buzz about him is all about. Really. His charisma and charm jump out at you from the stage, you laugh at almost anything the guys says. His six foot four body with a bushy Kennedy type hair style grabs you almost as much as that million dollar smile, that never leaves Miller’s face. The guy is just a winner.

He even offered to help produce or advise Steve Kramer and I on our Stanford’s cartoon. The last time he spoke to Jack was a few days before my little brother was killed. T.J. was off to meet Tom Cruise for a part in Rock of Ages. Miller was nervous and said to Jack, “Man, I don’t even know what to say to Cruise when I meet him.”

Jack ran after T.J. as Miller headed to grab his ride to the airport and fly to Miami to hang with the Cruiser.

“T.J.,” Jack yelled. “Remember Tom Cruise is lucky to meet you, you’re on your way to the top, don’t forget that!”

Miller never did.

TJ Miller is a very special new star and I have a feeling he will always find a day or two a year to stop into KC and see all of us.

He loves me and Jeff, the fans, but mostly he loved that crazy little guy Jack Glazer.
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8 Responses to Glazer: TJ Miller MIA in Montreal but KC Bound

  1. smartman says:

    All he needed to say to Cruise was “Hey Tom, nice to meet you, now bend over and let me fuck you in the ass”.

    With the overall lack of quality content being pushed out the door these days it’s not that big of a deal to be in a couple of movies and a couple of TV shows. Rock of Ages was SHIT. So yeah, if you have no sense of pride and you just wanna get paid for churning out otherwise forgetful work product knock yourself out. Nobody is ever gonna confuse TJ Miller with Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Robin Williams or Woody Harrelson.

    • Super Dave says:

      TJ Miller another name be around for a bit and then gone faster than a decent women is when she hears the term bukakke used at a party.

    • Super Dave says:

      Miller has to chrun out shit because he ain’t getting paid shit to begin with and hates starving.

  2. Craig Glazer says:

    Brother are you bitter old men or what…the guy IS A STAR NOW…I KNOW you guys don’t like me, but give me some credit…when I see a ‘somebody’ like Lewis Black before he mattered or Larry or Lisa now Nikki Glaser, TJ and Eliza…and more…I have never been wrong…some folks I like and think have it don’t get the breaks..but these guys have it and are getting breaks…they earned can’t blame TJ cause some of the films he did weren’t good, its a what he does for a living and he has to take the A movies even if they fail, he didn’t…the guy has the goods, TJ will be around at a high level for years to come…bet me on that, come see him, you will be convinced…millions of viewers can’t all be wrong boys.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Super Pooper, TJ Miller is making over 7 figures this year alone. The young man could buy and sell you…why do you print such hateful and stupid comments on a daily bases. You must live a terrible life. Go see someone for help. There is a thing called IMDB, International Movie data Base…you can go there and punch up TJ Miller, you get some idea of his success…remember he is now a name actor/comic so when he does a picture like Yogi Bear, as co star, he makes several hundred thousand dollars for just that one movie, and he has like 15 of those…now two TV series where he is THE star, you writing these unreal stupid comments make you seem like one of those guys in front of Quick Trip talking to the sky.

  4. Skeptic says:

    Quit padding the figures, Glazed. T.J. was on screen less than a minute in Rock of Ages, aprox. 1 1/2 minutes on screen in Get Him to the Greek and on and on. He is mostly a walk on in a majority of the big screen productions. His “star” turns have sucked big time, aka, Yogi Bear.

    I’m not saying that he’s not talented but this article is a padded advertisement.

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    Well maybe I wasn’t clear HE IS THE STAR OF ‘MASH UP” FOR COMEDY CENTRAL NOW…starts in September..then in March he stars in a series for FOX…plays an ex con with two brothers, sound familiar…he did star as co lead in SHE’S OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE..Stainer…and Clovefied, but yeah I guess if you think its a knock, he did have small parts in Rock of Ages and Seeking a Friend…but look at his body of work, starring in two new tv series…I wasn’t ‘promoting him’ like you think, I believe in him…he is on the fast track…hey I wish I had a couple TV series and all these film parts…its quite amazing in this entertainment economy for a young guy to do this well this fast.

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    TJ Miller finished his week second only to Jim Jefferies March week attendance. In fact he tied Jim on Saturday…with paid tickets. Miller has arrived as a top draw in KC and all over the nation. Unlike many stars who begin to sell out their club shows, TJ will return to Stanfords even if he begins doing more theaters next year. Miller is doing only a few clubs due to his two TV series this fall. His dance card is full. He is simply a great young man and a pleasure to work with..everyone loved the shows.

    What is most interesting is Miller’s ability to walk out on stage and really make up half his show as he goes…he did a ton of material on KC, Bar-B-Q…Missouri vs. Kansas…The Glazer Brothers..the Club itself…a boat load of local humor that few major stars spend time with….the guy has the comedy brain and talent to be one of this decades all time best…When he comes back, if you didn’t see him this time, or even if you did, see his entirely new show..promise you will be glad you did…

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