Chuck: IOC Bends to Islamic Dress Codes

Shirts or skins?

In a fit of increasingly common hubris, Islamic countries participating in the Olympics have pressured the International Olympic Committee into adjusting the criteria for women’s volleyball to allow shorts to the knee and sleeves.

The catalyst for this remarkably bad idea (Gabrielle Reece would look like Darth Vader in a Burka, but she could still spike that baby!!) is less important than the execution.

The same Occidental IOC Castrato that bent to the perverted will of Islamic countries, seeking to once again assert their unwelcome cultural aberrations into Olympic Games – founded in Greece, the cradle of Democracy – are the same folks, unwilling to acknowledge and honor the athletes killed in the 72 Munich Olympics.  Go figure.

A Greek, Philippides, ran the first marathon in what at that time was a world record. 

The Athenian Army had scored a victory against a vastly superior force and Philippides delivered the news of the victory,  then died.  The Athenian enemy on Greek soil?  Persia, now Iran.

Islamic culture is now, has been and will be for the foreseeable future, mutually exclusive with relation to established Western ethos.  The insufferable condescension from these terrorist countries is only surpassed by the obsequiousness and myopia of the IOC.

An agony of humiliation and predation lights the way for the Women of Isalm all across the planet.  Honor killings, genital mutilation, whippings, stonings and extemporaneous firing squads are part and parcel of a culture more and more visible on the Internet and less and less acceptable to civilized human beings with the exception of the liberal multicultural proponents who run the IOC.

This change in Olympic Volleyball de rigueur is not a small concession to a reasonable but interesting culture that adds spice to the world’s melting pot but rather a necrotic lump you ignore until it is too late.

No bikinis today, no balls tomorrow.

Chuck Lowe

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17 Responses to Chuck: IOC Bends to Islamic Dress Codes

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    Great piece! As time goes by, however, I have less and less interest in the Olympics and probably wouldn’t watch women’s volleyball even if the ladies were playing in their birthday suits, not that I don’t appreciate “the female form.”

  2. chuck says:

    Thanks Rick.

    It’s the repugnant effrontery of these misogynistic cretins who torture, mutilate and enslave women all over the world and now set the standards for the uniform of the day with respect to volleyball that just astonishes me.

    This culture, is in Jerry Sandusky-BTK Killer territory every day with respect to their wives, girlfriends and daughters. Beating, killing and mutilating women as a natural concomitant by product of your religion (And that is categorically what the case is every day in every Islamic countries all over the world and it is EASILY proven.), and then, in a sanctimonious fit of hypocritical chutzpah, insisting on a change in uniform to mitigate the prurient interests of the Infidel hoi polloi is a new level of insanity, not only on the their part, but especially ours.

    Aiding and abetting in any way, this cult of terror and violence is disgraceful.

    • smartman says:

      I dunno Chuck. They don’t have any female idiots like Pelosi, Bachman and Palin running around spouting ideology and dogma. In reality they are only 1000 years behind the Western World in the Biblical timeline of the treatment of women. They haven’t even universally adopted the use of toilet paper. Patience, Grasshopper, Patience.

      • chuck says:

        I’m thinkin of Liz the 1st, Joan of Arc, Maggie Thatcher, Madame Curie, Sacajawea, Golda Meir, Helen Mirren, Charlotte Bronte, Helen of fuckin Troy, Louisa May Alcott (Yeah I fuckin read it, loved it.) Florence Nightengale, Clara Barton, Annie Oakley, Hellen Keller, Georgian O’Keefe you pussy and the pantheon of female perfection which through history has goaded, guided and greased the way for the rougher sex while appealing to a higher morality and gentler approach (Mostly) in this life.


  3. smartman says:

    All the Olympics has inspired me to do is revisit the issue of Playboy with Katarina Witt. I miss the Cold War. The towelheads and dune coons aren’t nearly as fun as the Soviet Bloc….Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko and Gorbachev.

  4. smartman says:

    Things aren’t much better for women in Russia

    Russia’s “Pussy Riot” on trial for cathedral protest

    By Alissa de Carbonnel
    MOSCOW | Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:01am EDT
    (Reuters) – Three women who protested against Vladimir Putin in a “punk prayer” on the altar of Russia’s main cathedral went on trial on Monday in a case seen as a test of the longtime leader’s treatment of dissent during a new presidential term.

    The women from the band “Pussy Riot” face up to seven years in prison for an unsanctioned performance in February in which they entered Moscow’s Christ the Saviour Cathedral, ascended the altar and called on the Virgin Mary to “throw Putin out!”

    Maria Alyokhina, 24, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, and Yekaterina Samutsevich, 29, were brought to Moscow’s Khamovniki court for Russia’s highest-profile trial since former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky was convicted for a second time in 2010, in the same courtroom.

    Supporters chanted “Girls, we’re with you!” and “Victory!” as the women, each handcuffed by the wrist to a female officer, were escorted from police van into the courthouse.

    “We did not want to offend anybody,” Tolokonnikova said from the same metal and clear-plastic courtroom cage where Khodorkovsky sat with his business partner during their trial.

    “Our motives were exclusively political.”

    The stunt was designed to highlight the close relationship between the dominant Russian Orthodox Church and former KGB officer Putin, then prime minister, whose campaign to return to the presidency in a March election was backed clearly, if informally, by the leader of the church, Patriarch Kirill.

    The protest offended many believers and left the church leadership incensed. The church, which has enjoyed a big revival since the demise of the Communist Soviet Union in 1991 and is seeking more influence on secular life, cast the performance as part of a sinister campaign by “anti-Russian forces”.

    The women, who have been charged with hooliganism motivated by religious hatred or hostility, have said many times they meant no offence.


    In opening statements read by a defense lawyer, who sometimes struggled with the handwritten texts, they said they were protesting against Kirill’s political support for Putin and had no animosity toward the church or the faithful.

    “I have never had such feelings towards anyone in the world,” Tolokonnikova said in her statement, describing the charge of religious hatred as “wildly harsh”.

    “We are not enemies of Christianity. The opinion of Orthodox believers is important to us and we want all of them to be on our side – on the side of anti-authoritarian civil activists,” she said.

    “Our performance contained no aggression toward the public – only a desperate desire to change the situation in Russia for the better.”

    Pussy Riot burst onto the scene this winter with angry lyrics and surprise performances, including one on Red Square outside the Kremlin, that went viral on the Internet.

    The band members see themselves as the avant-garde of a disenchanted generation looking for creative ways to show its dissatisfaction with Putin’s 12-year dominance of the political landscape.

    “I thought the church loved all its children, but it seems the church loves only those children who love Putin,” Alyokhina’s statement said.

    The women looked thinner and paler than they did when they were jailed following the performance in late February, shortly before Putin, in power as president from 2000-2008 and then as prime minister, won a six-year presidential term on March 4.

    “She looks like she has been on a long hunger strike,” Stanislav Samutsevich said of his daughter.

    “I think this is like an inquisition, like mockery.”

    A reporter on state-run TV presented a different picture, focusing on occasional smiles and chuckles, by the women, who whispered to each other as a prosecutor read the charges.

    “Look at their faces; they are laughing and joking,” the reporter said on the news, adding that a viewer might think they were “continuing the action” they carried out at the cathedral.

    Prosecutors asked for the trial, which was streamed live on the Internet, to be closed to the public and the media, saying a “rift in society” and emotions over the case put the defendants and other participants at risk.

    The judge rejected the motion but ordered live streaming shut off during witness testimony and some other proceedings.

    A group of conservative Russian writers called on Monday for tough punishment. Kremlin opponents, rights activists and the defendants say the charges are politically motivated.

    The prosecution marked “the start of a campaign of authoritarian, repressive measures aimed to … spread fear among politically active citizens,” Samutsevich said in her statement, read out by defense lawyer Violetta Volkova.


    The performance was part of a lively protest movement that at its peak saw 100,000 people turn out for rallies in Moscow, some of the largest in Russia since the Soviet Union’s demise.

    The prosecution dismissed accusations of political motives.

    “This is not a question of our parliamentary or presidential elections, but a criminal case about … banal hooliganism with a religious motive,” said Larisa Pavlova, who represents Lyubov Sokologorskaya, one of several people who work at the cathedral and are appearing at the trial as “victims” of Pussy Riot.

    Sokologorskaya, who described herself as a “profound believer”, said only clerics were allowed at the altar and that the defendants’ bare shoulders, short skirts and “aggressive” dance moves violated church rules and offended the faithful.

    “When I talk about this event, my heart hurts. It hurts that this is possible in our country,” she said. “Their punishment must be adequate so that never again is such a thing repeated.”

    The trial comes as Putin, who is 59 and has not ruled out seeking another term in 2018, tries to forestall potential challenges and rein in opponents who hope to reignite the street protest movement this autumn.

    On Monday, Putin signed a law enacting stricter punishment for defamation. That follows recent laws tightening controls on foreign-funded civil rights groups and sharply raising fines for violations of public order at street rallies.

    Opposition leaders including anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny and socialite Ksenia Sobchak have had their homes searched and faced repeated rounds of questioning over violence at a protest on the eve of Putin’s inauguration on May 7.

    Lawyers for Navalny say investigators are preparing to charge him, in a separate case, with a crime punishable by up to five years in prison. He was summoned to the federal Investigative Committee on Monday but told to return on Tuesday.

    Amnesty International said the Pussy Riot performers “must be released immediately” and that the prison terms they face if convicted are “wildly out of all proportion.”

    “They dared to attack the two pillars of the modern Russian establishment – the Kremlin and the Orthodox Church,” regional program director John Dalhuisen said in a statement.

    Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev dismissed criticism of the case in remarks published on Monday, saying the trial was a “serious ordeal” for the defendants and their families but that “one should be calm about it” and await the outcome.

    Whether the group’s performance crossed the line from a “moral misdemeanor” to a crime was “up to the court to decide,” Medvedev, in London for the Olympics, told the Times newspaper in an interview posted on the Russian government website.

    Few Russians believe the country’s courts are independent, however, and Medvedev acknowledged during his 2008-2012 presidency that they were subject to political pressure.

    “The court’s decision will depend not on the law but on what the Kremlin wants,” said Lyudmila Alexeyeva, a veteran human rights activist who heads the Moscow Helsinki Group.

    • chuck says:

      Just curious, not being a smartass, but that made me wonder what the penalties would be if some chicks showed up at St. Patricks in New York and did the same thing invoking Obama’s name?

      Seriously, you’re gonna make a pedophile joke here arn’t you?

      • smartman says:

        They’d get a record deal from Sony, a development deal from Comedy Central and become the House Band on Bill Maher’s show.

  5. the dude says:

    Ah RELIGION, when you absolutely, positively have to prevent progress of any kind you will always have religion.

  6. balbonis moleskine says:

    So watching the US team play Australia saw the aussies in bodysuits and the us in swimwear bottoms and long sleeve tops.

    Chuck, is this another example of Sharia law sneaking into the western countries or is your premise faulty?

    • chuck says:

      The usual suspects, Iran et al, are strident, violent oppressors of women and supporters of terrorism around the world. In this instance, those are the same countries lobbying for and expecting special preferences —

      “Organizers accepted the Lebanese coach’s demand to separate the teams, erecting a barrier so that the Lebanese team wouldn’t see the Israeli one.”

      So when pressure from Islamic countries to change our customs to suit their 3rd world stone age idea of propriety-

      “Women beach volleyball players won’t have to wear bikinis at the 2012 London Olympics. A new rule announced Tuesday says that participants in this summer’s beach volleyball competition can wear shorts and sleeved tops.

      Athletes in the event have exclusively worn bikinis since the sport was introduced at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Competitors could also wear bodysuits in cold-weather events.”

      and, those same countries are faithful practitioners of said “Sharia” Law, then, in my opinion, the West should (Never Will.) tell those countries to piss up a rope.

  7. chuck says:

    I am not going to completely rule out a sense of humor in Egypt.

    Check this out.

    “Egypt’s al-Hayat TV has begun airing “Ramz, The Desert Fox,” which pranks celebrities into thinking they’ve been kidnapped in the Sinai, in a bid for Ramadan viewers.

    The show has become a not-so-unlikely hit in Egypt, according to Arabic media outlet Al Arabiya, with the laughs coming courtesy of the country’s prankster in chief, Ramz Jalal.

    On the show, Arab celebrities are flown to Cairo and put on a bus headed to the resort town of Ghardaka on the Red Sea. Along the way, Jalal and his crew of “terrorists” hijack the bus, blow up part of it, and grab and blindfold the unsuspecting celebrity.

    The mark is then subjected to a fake gunfight, with the camera rolling the whole time.

    Once the blindfold is pulled off comes the reveal, with the celebrities shown the camera and crew and let it on the joke.”

    Sweet Jesus that is funny! 🙂

    Ramz Jalal is sure a hell of a lot funnier than Rahm Emanual.

    “Jalal himself staged a show last year in which he trapped celebrities in an elevator with a lion.”


    • smartman says:

      And when the CIA does that it’s called “torture”. Boy have we become a nation of pussies.

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