Sounds Good: The Yawpers@Barnyard Beer, Victor Continental@Liberty Hall, The Roseline@Replay

Hey, what can I say, it’s a good time to be in Lawrence as you can tell from my picks for the week.

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Yep, us Lawrencianites are relishing the last few days until the college kids get back to town with their rap music and purple Mohawks and high top sneakers.

Get a grip on yourself, man.  Go to east Lawrence on Friday and check out some art in the new/old warehouse district.  There’s something like 6 galleries within one block, and there’s booze, art, food, and some bands.  For the “official” schedule go here and check it:

Friday, July 27th

The Yawpers at Barnyard Beer in Lawrence

Self-described as “a grittier version of Wilco,” this Boulder band has only been around for about a year, but are already garnering some critical praise and landing decent gigs from Colorado to Austin to North Carolina.  Their sound is a mix of indie-country-rock and upon first listen, I like ‘em.

This could be a really cool show because, if you’ve never been to the Barnyard, it is very intimate and allows for the bands to really hang out with the audience.  Check out some of their songs here for free:


The Victor Continental Show at Liberty Hall in Lawrence

Oh, Victor Continental.  I don’t know if you’re still cool or just tired and played at this point.  But there’s no doubt you’re a Lawrence icon, a hyper-sexual grease-ball with an indiscernible accent, a mad drinker.  Among other things.

Vic brings his lewd and rude variety show to Liberty Hall on Friday and Saturday.  What can you expect if you go?  Well first, of course there will be dick jokes.  I mean, come on.  And lots of topical Lawrence “humor.”  Here’s what Vic told The Larryville Chronicles about the emerging hip-ness of North Lawrence:

“Ah would like to think Ah began the trend of North Lawrence being hip by featuring it prominently in mah show last year. Whenever mah fingers aren’t in other places Ah like to keep them on the pulse. Since last year, they have even built a bridge to connect North and South Lawrence. You’re welcome.”


Saturday, July 28th

The Roseline, Olassa, and Danny Pound at the Replay in Lawrence

This should be a super cool show, especially since it’s at the Replay, a venue as small as it is dirty.  Lawrence’s The Roseline have a new album out, titled Vast As Sky, that has been likened to Whiskeytown or the Jayhawks.  Listen to it here:

Also on the bill is folkie Olassa.  Olassa has been getting a fair amount of run lately, playing bunches of shows in KC at Davey’s and other alt-country friendly venues.  She’s a headliner in her own right, so this pairing should be fun.  And of course, there’s the ever-present Danny Pound, a stalwart of the Lawrence indie scene.  Last time I saw him he seemed a bit rejuvenated and stole the show at the Lawrence Art Center’s singer-songwriter showcase.
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  1. legendaryhog says:

    I hit up the Yawpers on Friday night. Only got to catch four songs though because the opener bailed so the Yawpers went on early. They were pretty damn good though and the lead guitarist played a acoustic through a Matchless, which actually sounded pretty good (i mean fuck, it’s a Matchless). No bass player, two acoustics, one of which was basically an electric fuzz guitar sound, harp, skins. Drank a few wiskeys with the singer after as there was only about ten people there. Would see them again. I don’t get the Wilco comparison.

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