Jack Goes Confidential: ‘THE WATCH’-Marginal R-Rated Bromance

Lately movies seem to be taking the brunt of the blame for acts of violence…

The latest example being of course, last weekend’s suburban shooting Denver incident that occurred at Cinemark’s Century 16 complex with the fingers being pointing at Warner Brothers’ THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

It happened earlier this year when the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman went down in Florida. Talk about bad timing. 20th Century Fox already had its new comedy in the can. Unfortunately it was called NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH with a release date of July 27.

So now what?

First off came a title change to simply, THE WATCH. Followed by a general change in the marketing of the concept of the movie. It went from an emphasis on neighborhood patrolling to outer space alien hunting.

So was it—and is it– all worth it?

Kinda. Sorta.

THE WATCH digs deep into the mindset of the modern day man cave. Four guys protecting their suburban community of Glenview, Ohio. Creating a neighborhood watch group of sorts which for most of them is a way of escaping their boring lives one night a week.

That’s when they accidentally uncover an alien plot at their local Costco store managed by the group’s organizer Ben Stiller.

Why did the aliens pick Costco? Because, “Everything they need is under one roof.”

But Costco is only their starting point as they now invade and take over bodies throughout the neighborhood. Time for our heroes to shun the ridicule thrown at them since the group’s inception and take matters into their own hands to save the town (and world).

So far, so good as these ghost-busting comedians vs. aliens movie starts out promising enough. But can it keep it up?

Sorry to report: it doesn’t.

Seemed at times like they were improvising stuff as they went along. And it wasn’t helping.
What began with plenty of laughter from our screening audience dwindled to mild chuckles—and then nothing.

When it all ended an hour and forty minutes later, our audience filed out of the theater with hardly any reaction. That despite the film’s headline cast of Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, Richard Ayoade, Rosemarie DeWitt, Will Forte, Erin Moriarty and Billy Crudup. With screenplay (co) credits going to Seth Rogen, no less.

As the soundtrack states: “Costco is for members only.”  And I guess it didn’t live up to my expectations either.

THE WATCH raising 2-1/2 out of 5 disappointed fingers.
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6 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: ‘THE WATCH’-Marginal R-Rated Bromance

  1. the dude says:

    Sounds like a suckier version of The Burbs with aliens.

  2. Craig Glazer says:

    Jack you are always so dead on with your reviews, I almost never disagree with your thoughts…if anything you sometimes are a bit lenient to be nice…. the only action drama I have given a A too in a couple years was THE TOWN, a 9 in my book, course my kind of film and done well…at the time I was not a fan of Renner’s I am now…thought Ben Affleck was outstanding, want to see more of him like that, but since that movie he has been quiet.

    Yeah this one looks like they may have just walked through it…when you are on top like Ben and Adam, you kinda get to do what you want til you hit three losers in a row, not bad movies, bad box, both seem to avoid that..I just want to do one or maybe two A films….the first A movie is the hardest to get…so I respect all those guys for that. Good job Jack. Yes I still talk too and see Gina now and again, she still looks good.

    • jack p says:

      Thanks Craig. Be sure to catch Renner in “THE BOURNE LEGACY” when it opens here in 3 weeks. He does a fine job.
      Talked with him at CinemaCon and he told me that Universal had me for the long haul—providing the new series does well enough for sequels.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    I did give TAKEN a 8 plus…

  4. tiad says:

    I rest easier now, Glazey, knowing you are on this.

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