Starbeams: Power & Light Parking Problems, Bradley Wiggins & Michael Phelps

The Power & Light Building in downtown Kansas City is under contract to a Minneapolis developer who wants to turn the historic building into more than 200 apartments.  Great.  Now I’ll have to park even farther away to get free parking for the Boat Show.


The Royals rebuilding program is in high gear.  In fact, several of the team’s starting pitchers at the beginning of the season will assist in converting the Power & Light building into apartments.


Bradley Wiggins became Great Britain’s first Tour de France winner and he did it drug-free. Wiggins even tested negative for fluoride!


Olympic gold medals are actually 93% silver, but don’t worry. Michael Phelps says his is 100% Columbian Gold.

Kelly Urich is the morning show host on The Point 99.7 FM

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