Hearne: PR Dude Wipes Out Bambi, Totals Land Yacht

At long last Kansas City PR dude Will Gregory is sporting a new set of wheels…

The reason: “A deer hit me in broad daylight,” Gregory says. “I was coming home from a kids soccer game in Lee’s Summit.”

How many points?

“Uh, I don’t think it had horns,” he says. “I was actually on the phone when it happened, but I wasn’t drinking. I was distracted when the deer plowed into my car but I stayed in my lane.”

So Gregory got sideswiped is his story?

“Yes, luckily my car was a Land Cruiser,” he says. “If it was a (rice rocket) like you drive you wouldn’t be here writing the story. Otherwise it would have been in my lap, so there’s something to be said for gas guzzling SUVs. They’re definitely deer proof.”

How’d did Bambi come out in the deal?

“I didn’t go back for it,” Gregory says. “What was I going to do? I’m not a veterinarian. I mean, they’re not going to send an air ambulance helicopter.”

The moral of Gregory’s tale: “Be safe and drive SUVs, kids.”

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2 Responses to Hearne: PR Dude Wipes Out Bambi, Totals Land Yacht

  1. chuck says:

    My friend Tom Shenkelberg from Polsinelli told me he wrecked 2, yep, 2 new BMWs on I-35 back in the 90s hitting deer. If I recall, I think he told me he hit them at night.

    He (Tom) is about 6’10” but the deer had no fear. 🙂

  2. expat says:

    If he was really talking on his phone while driving it’s too bad the deer didn’t take him out as well.

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