New Jack City: The Dark Knight Rises Above Tragedy

The big question in movie industry circles is if and how the Aurora theater tragedy would effect this summer’s most anticipated movie…

To be honest, numbers have not been easy to come by. The major box office reporting services are laying low and won’t release them until Monday.

But through a number of sources, indications are that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will have taken a slight hit from previous ticket sales predictions.

Friday’s domestic opening day take—including the midnight show performances—came in at $76.1. That’s about $10 million below earlier expectations yet still making it the best Non-3-D opening day of all time. (Remember 3-D movies have hefty up charges.)

For the weekend it now looks like THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will achieve $161 million + in ticket sales.

My initial prediction was $155 million. Industry projections were between $180 and $190 million before the midnight show incident.

CinemaScore exit polling gives the new film an A score.

By comparison THE DARK KNIGHT opening weekend in 2008 amounted to $158 million.

And since the tragedy happened at the CINEMARK theater in Aurora, I was interested to see whether it had affected the market share of its sister theaters in Merriam and on the Country Club Plaza.

According to sources with access to ticket sales information, both greater Kansas City Cinemark complexes appear to have performed up to expectations.

Official figures will be reported Monday by Warner Brothers and through traditional industry sources.

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  1. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Stop showing this dude’s smiling face.

  2. rkcal says:

    This is what these maniacs want- their faces front and center on every possible means of communication. Here’s a thought- let them remain the anonymous worthless fucks they are. Bet that brings down the number of these incidents.

  3. mike says:

    Unfortunately, people are curious and showing these people gets ratings and sells advertising. It has to be allowed because of our freedom of speech. It is ashamed to see these sickos benefit in any way but if they didn’t say who it was and show him, people would be mad about that too. They would say they have the right to know and the press was protecting him from harm by keeping him anonymous.

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