We’re about a 110 days out from the most important Presidential Election this Country has ever seen…

Against the dynamic personality of President Obama, the Republicans have settled for Mitt Romney as their nominee. Unfortunately, Romney’s not the most charismatic fellow. Which is why his choice of Vice-President is of utmost importance.

Here’s what I’m afraid of…

I like Mitt Romney, he’s a likeable guy – but there’s not much about him that gets people fired up to go to the polls. He’s also not handling criticism of his career at Bain Capital very well. He needs to realize he’s in a street fight against “Chicago Machine” politics and they don’t apologize for “unfair” attacks – or for anything else they do to win.

That’s why Mitt needs a street fighter as his Veep and there’s only one person smart enough, mean enough and crafty enough to undermine the boys from Chicago and that’s the Governor from the Garden State, Chris Christie of New Jersey. This guy calls out hecklers, asks reporters if they are stupid and doesn’t take crap from anyone. What’s more he’s turned around the State- saving it from bankruptcy by taking on the unions, cutting taxes and scaling back anti-business regulations.

But once again, I’m living in a fantasy world where the Republicans nominate their best candidates.

I shudder to think of some of the names the rumor mill has on Romney’s short list for Veep. The best sources have Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, Gov.Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana as the most likely picks.

The first two – Portman and Pawlenty, are boring white guys.

I don’t think that two, straight down the line white dudes are gonna beat Obama.

I’m not taking anything away from these two gentlemen – they are both accomplished and competent- but I’m falling asleep at my keyboard just thinking about them running. Romney and either of them will put the American people into a coma.

Marco Rubio is somewhat of a wild card.

He’s Cuban, which is great for a party desperate to appeal to Hispanics. And Hispanics should be a natural constituency for the Republicans. They are hard working, pro-life, have strong family values and are very religious. But once again the Reps have alienated them by their anti-immigrant stance.

Rubio has a great plan for dealing with immigrants who are already here. However, it’s realistic, so its probably not going anywhere in a party that thinks you can “deport them all”. I like Rubio and think he would help the ticket.

Bobby Jindal is very interesting.

He’s the consummate policy wonk, a man knows how to fix things and is doing wonders in Louisiana. He’s been a great attack dog as he campaigns for Romney. And he’s Indian – “with a dot, not a feather.”

Is that a politically correct specification?

Jindal adds diversity, enthusiasm and smarts to the ticket.

There are other interesting people being talked about, most notably, Condoleeza Rice– Bush’s Secretary of State – Which is why she’s a bad idea. Romney can’t risk any links to W. And she’s a NeoCon – I’m a NeoCon sympathizer and I don”t even like NeoCons anymore…

Who knows? Someone else might come out of left field like Sarah Palin did in 2008 – I predicted that one. McCain needed someone to liven things up and Sarah did just that…Could you imagine how bad he would have lost without her firing up the Republican base?

I just hope whoever Romney picks- doesn’t put the American People to sleep. We need to beat this Obama guy if there is even going to be an America left…

This election is that important!

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16 Responses to Whinery: THE REPUBLICAN VEEPSTAKES

  1. chuck says:

    It looks like Christie is giving the Keynote Speech.

    Here is a quote from the Gov.

  2. Jim says:

    Bait and Switch
    Every 4 years people get all worked up focusing on the next POTUS. The vast majority of the people believe that is the key to getting the government they want. This just in: The POTUS doesn’t run the country, Congress does. Keep re-electing the same corrupt, short-sided, idealogues that have been in Congress for decades and NOTHING will ever change. Sending the same people back to Washington over and over and over again and expecting a DIFFERENT result from them is the very definition of insanity.

    Vote for somebody new, people. Could they honestly be ANY worse than the cocksuckers running the show now?

  3. mike says:

    Romney needs someone who is a strong conservative and will attack Obama’s record forcefully to energize his base. If he gets a boring middle of the road running mate, it will be like pouring ice water on his campaign. I’ve also noticed that Obama is prone to say what he really thinks when he is angry or on the defensive and usually hurts himself when doing so. Obama is vulnerable when he goes off script as he will say things most people other than the far left or avowed anti-capitalists don’t agree with. A pitbull like VP candidate that gets Obama to wander off script and lets Romney still look like a nice guy could be a real asset.

  4. Fleam says:

    Stop Theft
    This site takes images of other businesses legitimate pages and plays it off like it is its own.

    You need to give credit to the sites you borrow thses images from.


  5. quit weakening the nation says:

    Romney just ought to call up one of his Global-Tech buds from China; I’m sure they’d be glad to step in and help Romney outsource yet another American job.


    Whinery, every time you open your mouth about how great the Republicunt party is, you weaken the nation.

  6. smartman says:

    Play Christie For Me
    First person he’ll tell to fuck off is Mitt. Don’t see how these two get along. The MSM baits Christie every chance they get and he takes it. Should he choose to run for Pres in 2016 they’ll paint him as a short fused bully who will get us into WWIII when he tells Vlad Putin to shove a bottle of Stoli up his ass.

    This election is very simple. Do you want more or less government in your life? Do you want capitalism or socialism? It’s about ideology, not personality. Even broke ass niggers need jobs and Barry ain’t churning ’em out. Another 4 years of Barry and there won’t even be any middle class or wealthy white folks for the brothas to rob or sell coke and weed to.

    Best possible long term scenario is that half black Barry wins again and the white blood cells go all Doobie Brothers and start takin’ it to the streets to rid this nation of the blackterial infection that is killing us. Before THE GREAT SOCIETY programs out of wedlock births in the black community were around 18%. Now they are at 72%. Despite what The Godfather says, Chicago is turning into THE KILLING FIELDS. No amount of money or diplomacy is going to bring honor, code, integrity, morals, manners, discipline and a thirst for knowledge to the majority of African Americans to whom those values are estranged. The house can’t be remodeled. It’s time for a Holmes Inspection. We gotta tear it down and do it right.

    Who would of thunk that the one person in the black community that understands the problem and actually has some ideas for solving it is Louis Farakahn? Louis is throwing down on introducing some aspects of Scientology into the community to heal the mind, body and soul. Can’t make that up. L. Ron Hubbard is smiling!

  7. the dude says:

    Like this even really matters,
    we know who the Bildebergers want at QB calling their plays.

  8. mike says:

    You are right about the election being about ideology, but I wouldn’t care if the candidate were white, black, green or purple if he/she governs properly. The problems you are talking about in the black community are also in the white community as well. The problem is bad government policy which encourages having children out of wedlock and discourages paternal responsibility. If a father is not put on the birth certificate, the mother immediately gets benefits. This is just perpetuating a cycle of bad behavior. These kids often grow up to have kids out of wedlock at a young age themselves, or become criminals. These policies may have started out with good intentions but are now just a way to buy votes from people who only know this way of life.

  9. Rick Nichols says:

    Thanks to the wonders of PhotoShop or the like, Sarah still has a couple of good points to make to the American people (we’re all ears, Sarah, or in this case, all eyes), but on a more serious note, the outcome of the election is unlikely to hinge on the selection of the Republican vice presidential candidate. Nonetheless, voters will have to endure yet another media circus as the talking heads and pundits (usually one and the same) speculate and hypothesize ad nauseum until the would-be VP has been picked by Mitt (and, no, we’re not on a first-name basis – ditto for Sarah). One commenter has told us that it’s Congress that really runs the country so the occupant of the Oval Office is essentially irrelevant. Wrong. It’s the corporate elite and their shadowy friends who really run the country anymore. That said, the American people still need to be somewhat informed when they step into the booth to cast their ballots in the most important presidential election ever (didn’t we hear that four years ago? eight years ago? 12 years ago?).

  10. Jim says:

    Corporate Elites Still Need Puppets…
    @ Rich…..The uber rich and powerful STILL need congress in order to facilitate their agenda. Americans have the ULTIMATE power to impose term-limits on these puppets but they refuse to do it year after year after year. If people would adopt a “one-and-done” policy for their senators and congressmen, the influence of money would become FAR less significant. No campaign war-chests to fill and the ability to implement policies that are RIGHT and not just ones that will get them elected.

    Every time you vote for an incumbent, you become part of the problem.

    Everyone’s senator and congressmen SUCK…..except for mine. That’s the mindset of the typical American voter.

  11. smartman says:

    I agree that there are issues in all races and colors of people getting on the dole but nowhere as prevalent as it is in the African American community. It has become a way of life to let the government coddle you from cradle to grave. Being half black is about the 1000th thing wrong with President Obama if you want to nit-pick He is a social justice liberal. That’s his prerogative. Unfortunately, that’s not an ideology that plays well in a capitalist system. You can’t put a stock car in a Formula One race and expect to be competitive. He doesn’t understand basic economics. He’s never owned or run a business and had to make a payroll. He’s never mortgaged a house to start a business. He’s never not taken a paycheck in order to not have to layoff or fire employee’s. His recent comment about entreprenuers not being responsible for their success tells you everything you need to know about the guy. My ancestors did not immigrate, fight and in some cases die for this country to do the whole from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs thing. Now, if that means I have to pick up a gun and fight in order to get the ideology of this country back on track then so be it. The whole pendulum swing we go through every four or eight years has stagnated our moral, spiritual and financial growth. Let’s just duke it out and to the victor goes the spoils.

  12. mike says:

    I agree with everything you said about Obama. He is basically a Marxist. He even talked about it in his book about being influenced by Marxist professors. He thinks being sucessful is about being lucky in life’s lottery. He thinks you learn more about business in a classroom than you do by running one and talks down to business people. You mention his recent remarks about entreprenuers. That is why I hope Romney gets a hard nosed VP candidate that can get under Obama’s skin. When Obama gets emotional and says what he really thinks, he says these kind of things. The more often his Marxist viewpoints come out , especially in this bad economy, the better the chance there is for him to be defeated. It will also hurt others in his party that are aligned with him.

  13. Hot Carl says:

    Palin is a drooling idiot but she’s got a great pair of milk bags for an older lady.

  14. the dude says:

    Looks like
    Peggy Hill to me but what do I know.

  15. rkcal says:

    give me a break..
    They both are in the pocket of big business special interests, so there isn’t a shit’s worth of difference between ’em. Empty suits. Take a deep breath and it will be ok for you entrepreneurs and 1%’ers no matter who wins. If you still feel bad, take a look at the actual income trajectory for the top 20%, including the Obama years. I swear, you’re winning…really!

  16. chuck says:

    Hooah! Hooah!

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