Glazer: Ring the Bell, Close the Book, Blow Out the Candle – Royals Are Done

I’ve got good news, the Royals season is over!

Okay, they’re still playing, but now that they are 900 games under .500 – I’m kidding, OK? – and we are getting into August, it’s over.

The Royals season this year ended in April, as usual.

This time out with a 12 game home losing streak. Nice. The Royals never battled back, they have nothing to battle with!

There is no starting pitching and the hitting was a huge let down. As usual, the team is promising to be a contender…by 2014.

“You’ll see a big difference next season, just you wait.”

Don’t we hear all that every year?

In my humble opinion as your humble scribe, we’ll see more of the same let downs next year. There has been no winning culture for this franchise in decades, NONE. They are baseball’s worst franchise.

I know, I know, we’ve still got  Eric Hosmer (maybe this seasons biggest BUST), Alex Gordon (he’s done better lately, but still has no power) and Billy Butler (has shown power, even hitting his usual .300 good guy, just not a player that matters much for some reason – a Mike Sweeney on a bad team).

So we can continue to hope, but what’s the point?

The Royals always have a cast of hopefuls but little more. Remember WE HAD NOT ONE ALL STAR AND NO PLAYER WAS EVEN CLOSE.

And don’t give me that Billy Butler B.S. PLEASE.

He was an add on, barely, and it was mandatory or he would not have been on the team let alone the HOME RUN DERBY.

This team likely will lose around 90 games again, be in last or close to it as they have been all season. The Royals will buy one name pitcher in the off season and maybe one player you have kinda heard of. That’s it.

And next year, they maybe, just maybe, will get to .500 WOW.

Who cares?

Sorry, I hope I’m wrong, but they just don’t have any elite players and you need a couple. Hey, anything can happen, but using the last 27 years as example it’s not likely.

The good news; attendance was up by 200,000. Love that All Star Game.

The Glass Family is making a nice, big buck. Season ticket holders, you still have two months to enjoy the stadium, a bad team and it’s really fun watch them lose in the 100 degree plus heat.

So be my guest, get out there and watch them lose 90 games.

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6 Responses to Glazer: Ring the Bell, Close the Book, Blow Out the Candle – Royals Are Done

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Told you this back in April…
    No pitching, no chance. Next.

  2. the dude says:

    the fat lady sings and
    the Royals are denied another chance at the postseason dance yet again. Glass makes a tidy buck at the end of the day and the fans’ collective anuses feel a bit more sore. When does football season start so we can watch another professional team get payed to lose?

  3. Big bob says:

    Sorry Craig
    Saw the list of Emmy nominations. Couldn’t believe you didn’t get one with all the acting you do. Just like no local papers ever give you a best of award. Life ain’t fair.

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    Well Big Bob, Might Check The Star This Saturday
    Do yourself a favor and read the national section of FYI this Saturday, by Lisa G, Star Gazing….might surprise you…just saying.

  5. Big bob says:

    Number one
    on my list of priorties. Nice to know the Star is still in business.

  6. Super Dave says:

    Whatever you do, don’t congratulate yourself too much. You’re not that good neither maybe .50 Least Royals might get .500

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