Glazer: Matt Cassel Still Sucks but This Could be Chiefs Year

More good news…

I’ve done nothing but put the Chiefs down for several years, but can you blame me?

I had them under 7 1/2 wins on a bet last year and barely made it. Why? THE CHIEFS DEFENSE.

But this season – lord help me – I might just might buy into this football team.

If all goes well with Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry and Tony Moeaki back, and with Dante Poe in the middle, a much improved offensive line and the return of Dwayne Bowe and John Baldwin this team might just win 10 games. And if Peyton Manning fails, the Chiefs could win the division.

Problems? Let’s see what they could be. Oh yeah, quarterback Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel.

If you look at the last few seasons, with rare exception the top quarterbacks take their teams to the post season and deep and Matt is not a top 15 quarterback. We all know this problem.

So we all are going to have to hope and beg for that one special year from the FRANCHISE.

One more factor; the Chiefs opponents this season don’t shine quite as brightly as last year’s tough group.

I mean no more Green Bay games. Oh damn, we won that game didn’t we? So let’s look at the pre season before we decide the Chiefs fate.

I am hopeful though and at this time will not bet against them for the season. Not yet anyway.

Goodbye Royals, hello NFL. Thank you.
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7 Responses to Glazer: Matt Cassel Still Sucks but This Could be Chiefs Year

  1. Super Dave says:

    The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously

  2. DPW says:

    Just like the Royals no it will not…
    … be the year of the Chiefs. 500 team at best.

  3. Rick Nichols says:

    NOT A SNOWBALL’S CHANCE IN HELL (i.e., Kansas City in July)
    … the Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl. Teams have gone 8-8 and qualified for the playoffs, and I think there was even a case where a divisional winner got in at 7-9 one year. But that’s unlikely to happen in the usually competitive AFC West. No, that top picture pretty much sums up the Chiefs situation again this year – they’ll need lots of prayers answered if they are to emerge atop the pack in the West and automatically qualify for the post-season. “Hail, Mary, full of grace …”

  4. chuck says:

    Even God won’t hit a 1 iron, or predict injuries.
    That said, Glaze is right.

    Chiefs win 10.

    Chiefs win 1 Playoff Game.

    1) Falcons here–Mike Turner is slipping, the Chiefs are 3 points better than Atlanta, at home, 6 points better.

    2) @ Buffalo. Oops. Chan Gaily, the most underated coach in the NFL, with CJ Spiller’s BIG year, plus NEVER bet against Buffalo early.

    3) @ New Orleans, this is a toss up, because teh team is in a shambles because of Goodyell and they lost some studs.

    4)San Diego, we beat them here, they beat us there.

    5) Ravens here, they have taken a step back, Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are cooked. Joe Flack Jacket will need one, he plays like Cassel.

    6) We beat Tampa and after the game Aquib Talib shoots Dez Bryant’s mom.


    8) Oakland here, we win.

    9)@ San Diego, we lose.

    10) @ Pittsburgh. Toss up, maybe edge to Pittsburgh, they are not what they were (The DeCastro Kid will be a huge stud, rookie though.)

    11) Cincy here. This is a good team, they shock us and win one at Arrowhead.

    12) Denver here. Peyton should NEVER have signed there. The deffense has two guys, Elvis and Von, no running game, we kill ’em. By teh way, I think we really kill them here. It will be one sided in my opinion.

    13) Camolina Pantheres here. Cam is a stud, but the film is out, the coaches are ready all over the NFL. We Win.

    14) Cleveland. We Win

    15) @ Oakland, we lose, the Chiefs know Indy is next week, cupcake city.

    16) Indy-we kill them.

    17) @ Denver, I think the division is decided and we give it away because we don’t need it. We Lose.

    I think there is 9 for sure and 2 probables—10 wins.


    Might get 12.

  5. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    @Pittsburgh a toss up?
    Please. That’s an ass kicking for the Chiefs, as was the last time they strolled into the Steel City.

  6. RBA says:

    Dante Poe huh….he and Dontari Poe should provide a formidable force up front.

  7. chuck says:

    Ok, it is just my opinion, but…
    The Offensive line will be average at best (Should be really good next year and after.), Mendenhall is a fuckin brain dead mook coming off of an ACL. Redman is a lunch pail guy, so, the running game will NOT be what has been expected in the past.

    Mike Wallace is a great receiver-head-case who is pissed about only making 7 million this year, teh other receivers are average at best.

    Ward, Farrior and Smith are gone (Shells of themselves last year anyway.) and Harrison looked like shit all year last year. They are old on defense. Troy Polamalu is DONE. He can’t cover anymore and what he was great at, high speed collisions is in question becasue of his many concussions (Which by the way he had a ton of in college.). He is done done done.

    Pittsburgh is a below average team in my opinion. On neutral ground the Chiefs beat them 4 out of 5.

    The reason I think it will be close, is because of Todd Haley. No matter what he does all year, he is going to push every chip he has across the table when the Chiefs come to town.

    Toss up.


    Just my opinion.

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