Glazer: The Chiefs Need to Stop Cocking Around & Pay Dwayne Bowe

So Chiefs star Dwayne Bowe is still not signed…

He wears the franchise tag which means he must stay a Chief at least through this season. D-Bowe will make just north of 9 million buckos this year with KC, which is not too shabby. But he wants a long term deal, likely a five-year $40 plus million agreement with about $25 or more million of that guaranteed.

But Chiefs boss Scott Pioli says no deal to long term, big bucks deals. Why? Bowe has been inconsistent, had off field issues and wide outs are a dime a dozen. Really?

Former Big Chief Carl Peterson once told me kickers were a dime a dozen after he let Nick Lowery go and settled for a cheaper Lin Elliot who cost the Chiefs a Super Bowl for sure!

Not since Otis Taylor have the Chiefs had a top wide out.

Yes, we have had a few decent receivers including the most overrated NFL player ever Tony Gonzalez.

That’s true, sorry.

Gonzalez never won a big game or lead us to anythiing major. Oh, he’s a sure hall of famer, but no he is not an Otis Taylor – who should be in the hall of fame because he was way better than Tony G.

But back to Bowe…he is THE MAN on this offense no question.

I know he’ll play this year after he holds out to avoid the hard work at training camp. That’s probably why he will not sign now, he knows he has to play this year. Because if he stays out a season, he’s a year older and his value will go down not up. So with no numbers to brag about in 2012, he will play, after all $9 million is not a bad number.

Bowe’s pissed because an even lesser player, Jamaal Charles, did get paid, more than 30 million bucks long term. And there’s no comparison between the two at this time. Sorry again.

Why? Bowe has played just one season less than Charles. Bowe has 36 touchdowns, easily leading a horrible Chiefs offense lead by Matt ‘The Franchise’ Cassel. And Charles has had a not very impressive 12 touchdowns in four years. Nothing to brag about there.

So yes, he has a nice yard per carry average, but Bowe has the same with yards per catch.

Charles at about 5.5 and Bowe at about 14 yards – both very good.


He may never be the same. Bowe meanwhile is healthy and has shown he’s not a guy who gets hurt much. He did miss four games because he used dope, but most of the team does. He was just the example guy.

Sorry, but that’s true. But just weed, not the hard stuff. Of course they all use roids…what a shock.

Bowe is the Chiefs offense at this point.

When he’s out…THERE ISN’T ANY OFFENSE. Well, sometimes when he’s in there isn’t much either. However I think we can blame having a sub par quarterback for the last four years for that one. The other thing about Jamaal, he was not looking so great last year before the injury in preseason or the two games he did play in. So I was already wondering.

Yes, the Chiefs have John Baldwin, who looks promising but is yet unproven. The rest of our receivers are all maybes. Period. Bowe is the one and only star on the team. Dwayne and Tamba Hali are the only big names on this ball club. If Bowe has a great year…PAY HIM.

It took the Chiefs 40 years to find a receiver even close to Otis Taylor and his name is Dwayne Bowe.

Pay the man.
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16 Responses to Glazer: The Chiefs Need to Stop Cocking Around & Pay Dwayne Bowe

  1. the dude says:

    You know you have a sad little team
    when Dwayne Wayne Bowe is your best offensive weapon.

  2. Lance the Intern says:

    You should stick to writing about what you know…Hair thickener spray, sleeveless t-shirts and penis pumps. Moron.

  3. smartman says:

    Bowe and Arrowhead
    Sorry Craig, but Bowe is a HUGE head case. He makes Julie, (not her real name), look like a young Margaret Thatcher. Paying Bowe BIG MONEY would be right up there with the mistake the Royals made with Jonathan Sanchez. Bowes numbers are also somewhat inflated because he got a lot of action in garbage time. He’s not a reliable possession type receiver. Expect him to be gone after this season. If Scott and the Clark’s wanna show some NUTZ, T.O needs a gig. Bothers got babies and baby mamma’s to take car of.

  4. Dez Bryant says:

    I just beat the fuck outta my mom and got arrested for it.
    I would beat my dad’s ass, but I don’t know who he is.

    If the Cowboys cut me, I wanna come to KC!!

  5. RBA says:

    Do some research as to why Bowe was suspended, it wasn’t weed, ok?

  6. BS Nerdlaw says:

    RBA is right, man…Your research stinks!

    People will take you more seriously if you put some time into your writing. It seems like you just start typing what’s in your head, without even getting your facts straight. Comparing Otis Taylor (a wide receiver) to Tony Gonzales (a tight end)…and then saying that one was better than the other because one went to Super Bowls and the other didn’t is bogus. Last time I checked these guys didn’t throw the football to themselves. Otis Taylor was amazing, but he was on playoff caliber teams. Tony Gonzalez never had that luxury, and he was far and away our best offensive weapon for years. You can’t blame our lack of success on him. It’s a TEAM SPORT! There are 53 players on a roster, last time I checked. That didn’t even make sense.

    And yes, Bowe was suspended for taking a diuretic…because he was trying to lose weight from an offseason of being out of shape….NOT from smoking weed! The Chiefs brass knows this, which is another reason they don’t want to pay big money to him. His work ethic had been good the last year or so (probably because he was about to be a free agent) , but he could easily go back to being a lazy turd if not pushed.

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Dear BS
    I did mention that of course Tony was a tight end of course, but he was the main target as is Bowe…to be great you must lead your team to a few big wins, especially in the post season, like Taylor did, Tony either was a no show, or didn’t get it done six times with Chiefs and Falcons…so…that’s my point…it is his job if he is THE MAN.

  8. Skeptic says:

    You, Glazer, are the one that needs to stop cocking around.

  9. Orphan of the Road says:

    And they franchise him again next year
    Spend maybe $20-million total. If he produces for two-years, he’ll get a big payday. If not, he signs for whatever he can get.

    How much is enough? Whatever he can get, I’m OK with it. But I’m not going to feel sorry for him making that money.

    Pioli and The Clarks will never be big spenders. Hopefully they can find some diamonds in the rough. So far most of it has been broken glass.

  10. chuck says:

    Chiefs win 10 games this year and one playoff game.
    DON’T DO THE JIM MORA “Playoffs!??! Playoffs??!!!? Playoffs!!???!”

    They win 10.

    I would put Bowe behind C. Johnson, L. Fitz., R. White, J. Nelson, Wes Welker and Mike Wallace. He is a top ten reciever in the NFL and could start on any team.

  11. Jim says:

    Glazer: The Chiefs Need to Stop Cocking Around & Pay Dwayne
    I’m afraid I have to agree with Glazer on this one. I may have a problem if Bowe had not led us to the playoffs three years in a row with a couple of Super Bowl rings, Since the Chiefs have had such great on-field success with Dwayne, I think that he deserves as much money as players who have really done these things.

  12. newbaum turk says:

    Lin Eliot didn’t lose the game…
    First, I don’t know what “cocking” around is but the Chiefs should offer a good, not blockbuster, contract to Bowe. For as bad of a coach Todd Haley was, he is a good recievers coach and got the best out of Bowe. I guarantee the Chiefs think if they sign him to a long-term deal he will become lazy. Second, the Chiefs coaches lost that Colts game, not Lin Eliot. I watched pre-game warm-ups that freezing cold day. I’m assuming the coaches did too. I’m sure they noticed it was almost impossible to kick a frozen rock. The Colts kicker missed all of his kicks except one, albeit a very important one. Paul Hackett’s and Marty’s offense was brutal that day as usual. Run, run, 3-yard swing pass, punt. They did it all year but the defense and Arrowhead always bailed them out. Except it won’t work in the playoffs. You have to score some points. And don’t forget the other awful coaching mistake. Rich Gannon sitting on the bench behind Steve Bono. Yes, Bono went to the Pro Bowl that year. His yardage per completion was also second lowest in the league behind Boomer Esiason who was running for his life on an awful 1-15 Jets team. He retired after that. Two years later Marty would repeat the same mistake having Gannon on the bench behind Elvis Grbac and the Colts beat them again in the playoffs.

  13. Rick Nichols says:

    I don’t recall the Chiefs going to the playoffs three years in a row since Bowe has been with them, and I haven’t seen any new Super Bowl trophies at Arrowhead lately. In fact, there was no Arrowhead when the Chiefs won the Super Bowl in 1970, their only world title to date. It’s a business. The Chiefs have a salary cap to deal with and if Bowe isn’t willing to accept what he’s being offered, there are other players out there capable of filling this role. In the rest of society, an excess supply of labor exerts downward pressure on wages. The NFL should be no different. If Bowe doesn’t like the offer on the table, he’s free to take a hike. If he does I’d encourage him to head for Joplin where the Chiefs’ Habitat houses in the Governor’s Challenge still need some attention. Or at least they did when I was down there in late June. I’m quite confident he could “catch on” steady down there.

  14. Hot Carl says:

    Glaze, you are a brutal writer. Stop apologizing for your opinions, awful as they are, every three sentences.

  15. Fart Stinkletter says:

    Give Bowe what he wants?
    No way.

    He will either play like a mother fucker, in order to be applying for a job elsewhere, or he lay down.

    As our luck would have it though, if we get rid of him, he will probably get a SB ring as a raider.

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