Glazer: Scribe Takes KBI ‘Lie Detector’ Test, Dodges Bogus Beating Rap

OK gang, here’s part two of my phony domestic violence charges story…

First I’d like to make a couple things clear for some of the comment section folks. THIS IS NOT ABOUT HOW COOL I AM, IT’S ABOUT HOW INSANE THESE CASES AND ARRESTS HAVE BECOME.

This is just an example of my personal experience where if a woman accuses you, even if there is absolutely no evidence, you still get arrested. Then you have to hire a lawyer, be on pre-probation, pay thousands of dollars and, oh yeah, nothing ever really happened. This is a favorite in Johnson County.

These cases and DUI are the corner stone of law enforcement in our county and we don’t do anything about it.

We just don’t care until we are accused.

The girl in the story – I’m calling her Julie – came by my place in Fairway around 11 PM on July 3rd last year. She’d had too much to drink, and arrived in a cab from the Westport area. She’s a young lady I’d dated off and on for more than a decade.

There were years I didn’t see Julie, but she always popped back up and we’d had many nice dates in the past, including New Years Eve two years ago. Julie wanted a more serious relationship, but her drinking made me say NO.

I wish she’d been more normal because she was and still is a very pretty, built lady.

So yeah, there were some red flags, but never to this extent. On that fated evening she got upset for two reasons. First I got a phone call from another girl late at night and second because she ran out of booze and I had none. And somehow that was my fault.

Julie left with no argument, none at all. I had no clue she was that pissed.

She ran into a female police officer about 500 yards from my condo at the Einstein Bagel parking lot on Shawnee Mission Parkway. She was walking there to meet a cab, she says. The female police officer, a gal a bit overweight, told Julie she had been abused by her former boyfriend. I found all this out several months after the arrest when Julie was interviewed by us. The officer then talked Julie into the phony, “He hit me story.”

After that, the officer – from Roland Park – called Fairway police to come write up the report because I lived in Fairway. Of course they were more than happy to do so. Turned out Julie had an outstanding arrest warrant but nobody ran her driver’s license, they just got her a ride home.

Here’s the deal.

Julie told them her boyfriend hit her and that she was upset and was walking around in the dark.

The truth: Nobody hit her or did anything to her. She knew she had a warrant out and used a misdirection play to get them off her and onto a bigger fish…ME.

Afterwards the police officer called and agreed to come over, talk, and if he wasn’t satisfied call for detectives to visit me, and let them make the call. Then he and his partner came over and arrested me.

I showed them in two minutes the story was b.s.  I explained the time it took for me to run or drive home in a few minutes didn’t add up.

I was in my bedroom gear, my heart wasn’t beating hard like it would be if I’d run that far. My car engine was ice cold, so I couldn’t have driven and raced back. Julie said she lived with me, so I said look around my place. There are no photos of her, girl’s clothes or any mail with her name on it, she was lying.

Then I explained that Julie is a tall and in shape gal and had someone hit her she likely would have scratched or hit back. They agreed. I took off my shirt, no marks, no red marks anywhere on my body or face, NONE.

I asked if she’d been struck with a weapon or a fist and they they said fist. I showed them my hands, no red marks, or anything at all.

I said, I can continue, but the big cop wanted to arrest me no matter what. His smaller partner seemed to recognize that the story Julie gave was b.s. but went along with his larger, not so bright partner.

So I was arrested, taken to Gardner, and driven nuts.

So I had to try and get out of jail on the 4th of July!

My brother reached a Judge at the lake and faxed a bond or I would have been in for another day or so. Thank goodness. That place is really boring and time moves like a snail.

I must say the Deputies in Olathe and at Gardner were very nice, most knew me from radio and most knew I had been a law enforcement officer back in the day, so they were very nice. Still I was stuck on on a metal bunk, you can’t talk and time rolls on very slowly.

Plus the tood there really is awful, worse than most prisons.

Bottom line: it’s all about the money, nothing much else. Here was a case with NO PROBABLE CAUSE, just Julie saying it happened. Johnson County lawyer Jay Norton told me, “This happens several times a day. It’s sad but true. It’s a money grab.”

Sure, there are some legit cases, but most I suspect are just arguments or never happened at all.

Probably more than half shouldn’t result in any arrest. Be that as it may, I was stuck seeing a probation officer and paying her for each visit, doing drug drops twice a week because I was HIGH PROFILE and driving all over the city to do it three times a week.

Hey, I have a life and a job. I have no time for this nonsense. You pay for each drug drop. My lawyer cost $2,500.

Now comes the only good part: I was wise enough to take a lie detector test.

I learned this while I was in law enforcement. THEY DO MATTER. You are told they are not admissible in court. Well, in some important ways THEY ARE. If you hire a KBI agent or use the FBI service, and pay for it (FBI has to want to do it or use a former FBI Agent) the judge knows you are likely telling the truth.

They are more than 90% correct.

I used the KBI, took six tests and was taken off the pre probation immediately as the court could see it was likely b.s. So that helped.

A comment person said that I won because Julie didn’t show up. In some ways that’s true. She didn’t. However the asst. DA was willing to go forward with the officer’s testimony but the judge was not. Why? Because he was sold on the lie detector test, all six of them – all passed.

Believe me, that was an issue.

They can convict you with no witnesses if they want too. Usually the no show gal does lead to a not guilty, case dismissed, but not always.

Another comment person correctly gave the answer to these trumped up cases with no evidence. MAKE THE PERSON WHO SAYS YOU DID THIS AND IS LYING pay the court costs. BETTER YET MAKE THE CITY OR COUNTY PAY you back. Why should someone pay for all this for no reason at all.

It’s unfair, it’s criminal.

Now the best part, THE KBI OFFICER WHO GAVE ME THE TEST said:

“You used to be an agent for us in the 70’s?” I said yes. This was after the testing was over. He was an older man, and he said, “I remember all that noise about you back when Vern Miller was Attorney General. Did you see the photos of the girl you supposedly hit?”

I said, “No.”

Then he said, don’t get too upset but here they are.

I looked.


The KBI man said, don’t get too crazy or upset.

“So I was framed! This was all a lie and the cops knew it!” I told the officer.

“Yep, happens all too often,” he said.

“There’s no recourse against them really. False arrest is a tough one and lawyers don’t want to go after the local cops. It’s too hard and they all work together – even the defense lawyers make a living off these cases. There aren’t enough major crimes to support the system so we have all these now.”

The judge told me he was sorry for my troubles.

I had a $2,500 lawyer bill, an $800 lie box bill, two cracked wrists from the cuffs. Nice. Not on purpose, but it happened and nobody wanted to take the case and go after them. Unless that is, I paid 300 bucks an hour to file and wait to see if it would be heard.

What happened to serve and protect? 

I talk to lots of cops on both sides of the state line and they are all pretty much down on what’s going on, but hey, that’s how they make a living. It’s the direction they are pushed. You either get with the program or leave.

There are more tickets and more misdemeanor arrests today than ever before. Why? MONEY. Not to protect.

Look, I know I’m high profile. I know it’s easy for some readers to think, well that’s because Glazer had a record, and the cops don’t like him. But really that’s not true. Some cops do like me. In fact most do.

They would have done this regardless of who I was. Maybe if more people complained about this kind of thing…..nah..we are all too busy.

Until it’s us.

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26 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Takes KBI ‘Lie Detector’ Test, Dodges Bogus Beating Rap

  1. smartman says:

    Don’t get mad, get even
    First of all I question your use of the word lady for this alcoholic cunt. It is not hard to get even with your date or the cops if you know certain things or people. It’s all very, very legal and will keep people from fucking with you forever.

  2. the dude says:

    the real problem here glaze
    is that you insist on “dating” and banging silly floozies that are clearly a few sandwiches short of a picnic.
    These things tend to happen when you dip your wick in tha crazy, be prepared for more of this down the line as you get older and the floozies get nuttier. Just find yourself some fairly stable pros and you’ll save money in the long run.

  3. bubba says:

    You still aren’t telling the truth
    I have no idea if you actually took a “lie box” test or not. What I do know is that the charges were dropped without prejudice, meaning if they can get the victim, they can refile. That is the only reason they were dropped, not because of anything you did or proved. The only reason things didn’t move forward because your “victim” didn’t show up in court. My point is not against you, it is against system that doesn’t allow for or isn’t interesting going after the accusers who file a police report that are not true.

    BTW, I gotta ask, how come a baller like you has to get a bondsman for a $1500 bond?

  4. bubba says:

    oh and
    this case only lasted two months, not several. You didn’t drive all over town for piss tests, Unless you where stupid enough to drive to Olathe for no good reason (maybe joe was making you check in on your bond in person), you drove down SM Parkway to Switzer. Quit the bs and stick to the fact that JOCO police departments arrest just about any man accused of any sort of domestic violence charge, regardless of the lack of evidence. BTW, you aren’t high profile with JOCO sheriff and court system. You are just another person getting chewed up in their machine, which again should be your point. Nothing that happened to you didn’t happen to me in the almost exact situation.

    BTW, if your lawyer didn’t tell you, you don’t have to talk to the police, you don’t have to let them into you home unless they have a warrant. If you had just ignored them, you could have talked with the detectives with your lawyer. He would have told you to shut your mouth. Advice I got, luckily haven’t had to use.

    I would think you would know this. You are the King of the Sting after all.

    But once taught me my lesson, I stay away from the crazies, regardless of how nice their tits are.

  5. bubba says:

    again you are lying
    Court documents show that your bond supervision was terminated on 7/25/11, 21 days after your arrest, so no more piss tests for you after that. What you went through was probably BS but you have me doubting it now as your facts just don’t check out. Doubt your brother got a judge at the lake to do you any favors. It is common for a JOCO judge to come in and set bonds with standard conditions for JOCO on this sort of case on a holiday to ease crowding, as in this sort of case, a judge has to set the bond. Nothing special about you. You were just one of many that was allowed bond. Why all of this BS about special treatment for good or ill?

    What is your law enforcement history anyway? From what I have seen from your own writing, you committed serious felonies when you were young that you would never be allowed to become part of law enforcement. If you count on being a snitch as part of law enforcement, that makes you nothing but a rat to both sides of the law. Neither sides trust you and if anybody out at the jail knew you, it was just Mr. Dare’s show (not the radio, Walt Bodine could probably still hold a better rating than you). Which just shows the collective intellect of the JOCO sheriffs jail staff.

    Do you really believe all of this crap about yourself or are you just trying to make an interesting read?

  6. What goes around comes around says:

    Goes Around comes Around
    Karma, aint it a bitch. Ya know Glaze there is a saying that we attract what we present. Your all too quick talk up your escapades, your fancy vacations, braggery about your conquests. Playing Big Man in the City, flashing, cash, talking about your movie and book deals. Yadda Yadda Yadda. Then your completely shocked and astounded when the same drama you relish in to make your name comes back around to bite you in the ass. This isn’t about “commentors” and your willingness to keep us informed it’s about drumming up more drama to satisfy your own twisted sense of normal. Plus judging by your run down of the counter evidence its not the first rodeo you’ve ridden.

  7. Rick Nichols says:

    … be careful of the company you keep!!! Get down and around, sure, but whatever you do, don’t get in too deep. And oh, yes, don’t forget to get home in time to get some sleep (just in case the cops come knocking on the door at two in the morning). Your situation reminds me of the sign I saw out at my cousin’s place in western Kansas a few months ago: “If it’s got tits or tires, it’s gonna give you trouble.”

  8. balbonis moleskine says:

    Why did Julie file charges?

    She told Glazer to “Give her ten inches and make it hurt”

    So he fucked her twice and punched her in the face.

  9. The ghost of Verne Miller says:

    I smell boosheet
    from your court file

    The case was dismissed because the victim didnt appear. Not because of these alleged “lie detector” tests. Since when does the KBI get involved in misdemeanor domestic violence cases? And isnt 5 tests in a case that spanned 2 months and 4 days a little odd? My bullshit meter is going crazy. I got it from my days working with the KGB, or was it the ASPCA.

  10. Real Ex-cop says:

    Hey dirtbag,
    I don’t have to read your piece-of-trash book, I know your case. You were a glorified snitch for Vern Miller because you thought it was cool and it made you feel important. I see you have wisely backed off of calling yourself an ex-cop in this part two piece of crap, just as I told you to, but have very unwisely tried to hide under the “law enforcement officer’ umbrella. Let me be clear, so you understand. You are, and always were, a punk and a dirtbag. I don’t care if you say you were a special agent, secret agent, double secret agent or super dirtbag, but don’t ever refer to yourself as a cop or an excop again.

  11. mark smith says:

    That’s gonna leave a red mark.

  12. the dude says:

    Say it ain’t so Glaze, the King of Sting is not the king of sting??
    Harlinator will be horribly dissapointed as president of the Craig Glazer fan club, he will be crushed.
    I don’t know what he will do with this information.

  13. TRIP says:

    @Mark Smith

    I liked it better when you had your own blog instead of just commenting on KCCC

  14. Craig Glazer says:

    Dear Bubba
    Oh I forgot, you were the guy who used to sell dope, forgot…so yeah you KNOW I was a POLICE OFFICER…COP… being a special Agent is like saying DEA or FBI, still law enforcement low life dealer guy. So for the last time with you go to school, learn to read, I’m pretty sure you were around for those 100 plus KC STar stories when all that happened KANSAS DRUG AGENT ARRESTED…headlone, never said anything about working as an informant like you likely had to do. As for your other issues…I have no clue…my PRE PROBATION was dropped cause the Judge and asst. DA saw the lie detector tests…you are a moron so you wouldn’t know to do that, course you likely are always guilty…In my phony 2001 case, where informants like you made things up about me to get out of their problems, THE VACA’S….they FAILED THEIR LIE DETECTOR TESTS…the Feds asked them to take them after we said all their statements were made up…turned out they were…so thats how I became aware that a lie box test can be valuablle, no they are not admissable in court, but unoffically they do matter…in my case my annoying weekly visits to drug testing and probation were dropped as you said in 21 days, sorry I said a month, my bad, I missed it by a week, YOU KNOW YOU TRY AND MAKE IT SOUND LIKE I LIE AND BRAG ON AND ON…this story was about what can and did happen, its not bragging…My brother, Jeff you know the guy who told you never to come back to our club again…got ahold of the our lawyer, he called the judge…I was in jail and couldn’t really do that very well…why did I pay the bail…instead of the bond…I am friends with those guys, they charge me a little less, and my brother didn’t have 1500 on him on a Sunday, so they did it for a hundred bucks, no big deal…what else can we do for you BUBA, why don’t you just take your downers and go to sleep forever…

  15. bubba says:

    Don’t drunk post
    “Oh I forgot, you were the guy who used to sell dope,”

    Never sold dope in my life.

    “forgot…so yeah you KNOW I was a POLICE OFFICER…COP… being a special Agent is like saying DEA or FBI, still law enforcement low life dealer guy. So for the last time with you go to school, learn to read, I’m pretty sure you were around for those 100 plus KC STar stories when all that happened KANSAS DRUG AGENT ARRESTED..”

    Drug agent, that covers a lot ground. Does that mean agent like you Jimmy Walker have the shill for an agent? You were never a sworn law officer.

    “my PRE PROBATION was dropped cause the Judge and asst. DA saw the lie detector tests…you are a moron so you wouldn’t know to do that.”

    I am the moron? I simply waited it out as I knew the “victim” was never going to show up as she was just pissed one night. By pissed I mean both the English slang for drunk and pissed off at the world. I know a very good lawyer, he looked at the piece of shit case, he said $500, more if doesn’t get dismissed out of hand. So what was the point of all of your lie detector tests and $2500 in lawyer fees plus $300 to Mannies. Almost same sort of case, cost you $3600, me $500. Same out come.

    “In my phony 2001 case, where informants like you made things up about me to get out of their problems,”

    I have never informed on anyone. You have publicly stated you have. I goes against my personal code. You are the one who was looking to get out from under. If by some really fucked up odd twist of fate, you and I ever get locked up together, I will let you know who I am, I will dare you even claim much less prove I informed on anyone. I will then hand you your ass. Won’t happen in this lifetime. I don’t know who you think I am, but I don’t personally know you. I did personally know your dad circa 1994-97, thought he was a good guy.

    The only thing I know about you is that you are full shit and easy to bait. If I ever feel the need to beat the shit out of an out shape, 50 some odd, never was been, I’ll look you up and bait you in throwing the first swing, self defense after that. Lucky for you for you I am content to just point out your bullshit. This isn’t a threat, just pointing out that you are very easily baited. All one has to do is point out your bullshit and you lose it.

  16. bubba says:

    Oh and
    “My brother, Jeff you know the guy who told you never to come back to our club again…got ahold of the our lawyer, he called the judge…I was in jail and couldn’t really do that very well…why did I pay the bail…instead of the bond…I am friends with those guys, they charge me a little less, and my brother didn’t have 1500 on him on a Sunday, so they did it for a hundred bucks, no big deal.”

    First, I have not been in any thing that your family had interested in but maybe twice, circa 1991-1992, never had more than 2 drinks, never had any interaction with anybody but the bartenders and a couple of chat ups with women in the bar. Never met you or your bother.

    Again, you didn’t get any special treatment by a judge. It is common for a judge to come in on a holiday and set bonds.

    Mannies (Joe) doesn’t do anything for ANYBODY on $1500 bond. City bond 20%, county 10%. He doesn’t make deals until we are talking high dollar bonds and he thinks the judge is being unreasonable and he knows you are going to show. He doesn’t make deals to cut down a $300 charge to you so you can get out on a Sunday. He knows you want out and that you are going to pay that $300 because either you are pussy who can’t wait to get out or you have business to take care of on Monday. He is a business man.

    But all of that means nothing because in 2011, July 4th fell on a Monday. So unless you spent a week in or time traveled back in time, you didn’t get out on a Sunday.

    Again you you are full of shit.

    Cut your losses and move on. Or we can continue this and I can keep showing how full of shit you are.

    Wonder, is that a job around here, maybe I can get on as the one who points out your obvious shit, like the calendar.

  17. Big Bob says:

    The more Glazer talks
    the longer his nose gets. Glazer I know several people at the KBI they think you are a wanna be. Even guess you have some mail order badge. You were busted out what two years ago when it was discussed on this site you didn’t even know the difference between assault and battery. Why are you so insecure that you feel the need to make stories up? Why do you like children watching you have sex? You need some serious help. Why would you attack someone for selling dope when you buy dope and quite frankly are a dope. What is a headlone? Why don’t you ask Hearne to edit your responses also because you spell like a below average second grader. You got any “I was friends with Boib Berdella” stories to share? You are strange

  18. Craig Glazer says:

    Big Bob Guy
    Pal you don’t know anyone that matters cause you don’t. I was the nations highest, let me repeat, HIGHEST..ranking cop at age 20, a Attorney General’s Special Agent…that means gold badge baby, there were six of us..John Eckhart, Jack Hartman, Mike Banks, Jeff Spero, me and our supervisors, Gary Porter and another gentleman who passed away a few years back…there was another agent whose first name was Ray, but he got dumped due to sleeping with his informants..the man who died was Jerry Federgreen, our boss was AG Vern Miller, our salaries, the agents were between 1200 and 1500 a month, no car, ‘buy money up the ass’ and our gold or silver shields…I was the most written about case/story in the KC Star and Times from July-Dec. of 1974/75…due to my arrest, they said my informant, C.I. Don Woodbeck placed drugs with a couple runners I and about 40 other officers arrested including Mike Banks…somewhat true, but it wasn’t against the its done all the time, we just did it first…latter the court in Johnson County realized the case was political to oust Miller from the Gov. did, and I was placed on probation the only one who stood trial out of 7 or 8 indictments…thats called HOLDING YOUR MUD SON…something a guy like you would not be able to do, takes guts, real guts.

    So there you go Big Boob, there it is in a nutshell kinda hard to deny the story when it was one of the biggest of that year….and it was referred to hundreds of times latter in the Star and LA Times and New York Times and NBC Today Show and Entertainment Tonight…anything else you want to say to look like the nobody fool you are and have always been? I didn’t think so..find a puppy to kick. Thats about your level of being tough.

  19. Big Bob says:

    Glazer King of Sting?
    Craig Craig Craig. My dear boy. I guess you don’t get see much but inside your own bubble. Did you read the FRONT PAGE story on the Kansas City Star a few weeks ago? It was about a Ephren Taylor a kid who wrote THREE BOOKS. Was on ABC’S 20/20, CNBC, The Montel Williams show and others. And guess what. Most of it was BS with a little sprinkling of facts here and there. Craig it is no special talent to lie. You just aren’t particular good at it that is why most people with an IQ over 50 see through to it. You don’t think that privately Hearne really believes you do you? It’s ironic in that you are the person that is most self deceived. Its like the actor that takes on a role and then is unable to let it go. Thats why you need help. Thats why you don’t address any of the real issues.

    I’ve heard all about you and money up the ass. Along with the toys you bring with you to help out.

    “Holding you mud son” Mud. Fudge. Dirt, whatever you want to call it dude. Thats your business.

    You know if you put all of this energy that you use into trying to convince people you are what you aren’t into something more worthwhile you might actually make a name for yourself. Good luck with that. Thanks for playing.

  20. Tom the terrible says:

    Coem on Big BOB
    Bob if you read this site even people that claim to be Glazer’s friends say he is a liar and has “issues”. So you don’t think you are giving us breakin news do you? Also you can’t spell either because you must of meant Glazer King Of Stink not sting.

  21. ray says:

    bwa bwa ha ha
    ” i was the highest, let me repeat, HIGHEST.. ranking cop at age 20. bwa bwa snicker doodles hahahahahahaahah. you can tell little trash monsters like the girl in costa rica, bwa, and the 4th of july girl shit like that snicker snicker. how are you going to say that to someone that does have an i q of over 50? ” highest ranking cop in the country” bwabwabwabwa. at age 20. bwabwabwabwa. is there an article that i can read that states that other than a hearne article. snicker doodles. that ranks right along with your as famous as jesse james and dillinger. bwabwabwa. sounds like stanisms

  22. Super Dave says:

    This is the bullshit of all bullshits!

  23. bubba says:

    Are you for real or just on a binge
    “Pal you don’t know anyone that matters cause you don’t. I was the nations highest, let me repeat, HIGHEST..ranking cop at age 20, a Attorney General’s Special Agent…that means gold badge baby, there were six of us..John Eckhart, Jack Hartman, Mike Banks, Jeff Spero, me and our supervisors, Gary Porter and another gentleman who passed away a few years back…”

    Really, and Leo is just busting down your door to get this made into a movie so he can play you?

    Bet that’s what you tell the girls around the Woodside pool while you Wittless divide up the big pie for that project that Westwood green lighted.

  24. mike says:

    ??? for harley ray
    What the hell does bwabwabwabwa mean?

  25. benny of da doubt says:

    you can easily shut up your detractors Craig
    Hearne is an ex newspaper guy. Seems it would be simple enough to dredge up a few of these “infamous outlaw/ rogue lawman articles in the Star or LA Times archives. Im sure you have a scrapbook of every mention of your name due to your enormous ego. Scan a couple of articles and post them.. It would give you some actual factual contextual validity to what are otherwise unsubstantiated horse shit.. You keep SAYING all of these newspaper stories were written. So showing some actual proof should shut everyone up. No? I didnt think so.

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