Starbeams: Did D Bowe Fumble? Hot Weather Meets TV Hottie, Everybody Yahoo & Aretha

The 3 p.m. deadline for Dwayne Bowe to sign with the Chiefs NFL passed with no word on whether or not a long-term deal had been reached.  Dwayne tried to reach a deal, but it slipped through his hands.


Triple digit heat returns to Kansas City this week.  The weather has made me hot, sticky and out of breath – and that’s just from watching Karli Ritter on Fox 4.


One of the top executives at Google, Marissa Mayer, has left to be chief executive of Yahoo. I can hardly wait to start searching for everything on Yahoo……said absolutely no one.


Aretha Franklin says she wants to be a judge on American Idol. Thankfully, TWO chairs are available for her.


Kelly Urich hosts the morning show on The Point 99.7 FM

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