One Moment of Your Time, Please—The KC Confidential Guide to a 95 Degree Super Flea

Ol’ Skip Sleyster went to the great swap meet in the sky, but his Super Flea Swap & Shop lives on...

Located in the historic Northeast section, the Super Flea offers bargains, knockoffs and barely legal items for area bargain hunters. Porte de Vanves in Paris, LA’s Slauson Super Mall and Kobey’s Swap Meet in San Diego may be the best in the biz, but the Super Flea holds its own. 

The Paris and San Diego’s swap meets are outdoors, but KC’s is laid out like the infamous Slauson.

Super Flea is housed in an old storage warehouse errected by Aaron Montgomery Ward.  Various vendor stalls occupy the sprawling and dizzying layout. The warehouse lacks A/C but box fans make the experience bearable, so be prepared to sweat for your deals. 

Bargaining is possible but not necessary. Admission is 50 cents. Parking is fenced, guarded and free.

Flea market fans will not be disappointed.  You can get all the knock-off jerseys – the best was probably a George Brett pine tar era baby blue throwback.  Other high quality, solid color jerseys were available for $4-5 with caps running $8. 

Your flea bitten correspondent picked up a Royal Blue t-shirt and blue KC cap for $12 all in.  Baseball caps were especially plentiful and cheap.  Get yourself a new crisp one.

The Super Flea has concessions and vendors that sell all sorts of odd candies and off label drinks. And right inside the entrance/exit area is a cart that sells popcorn, Mexican cokes and Mexican fruit pops.  A buck-fifty for a fruit pop or a Mexican coke is a good way to keep cool with all the other poor souls. 

A giant Lollipop bearing a Penn State logo was purchased for 25 cents after being relegated to a Super Flea stall post the Sandusky scandal.

Two major stalls sold tobacco and smoking accessories. The quality seemed OK, but was inferior to both Cooper’s and It’s a Dream on Broadway. Nag Champa and other incenses can be bought if you don’t mind not fooling anybody about your activities.

No firearms were for sale.  

One can find butterfly knives, Rambo knives, and throwing stars though.  And stun guns were quite popular, going @ $25 apiece for the basic models. Hey, and if your grandmother’s been picked on by bullies at the Senior Center, you can buy her a 75,000 volt cattle prod concealed inside of a cane for just $75.

The Sunday breakfasts at First Watch will never be the same! 

The impending death of the CD means less music vendors at flea markets, however local rap artists can be found hawking their latest singles. Most of the other music is Tejano, so you won’t miss much skipping these vendors.  

If you’re a tradesman or tinkerer, there are lots of tools and accessories that may get a little hot in your hand. Or say you need 22 inch spinners or giant kickerbox speakers installed in your late model Donk, there are stalls that can oblige you.  

But if a little old lady with a odd looking cane tells you to turn it down, take my advice and listen.

Super Flea is open Saturdays and Sundays, 8:30 am to 4 pm and is located at 6200 St John Avenue.

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9 Responses to One Moment of Your Time, Please—The KC Confidential Guide to a 95 Degree Super Flea

  1. smartman says:

    Lie Sensed licensed merch
    Last time I went to Superflea most of the licensed merchandise lacked the holographic stickers that are provided to manufacturers by the licensors to indicate it is officially licensed product. Some of the cd’s and packaging were clearly second generation. Flea markets are also notorious for offering cheap knock offs of As Seen On TV products, which are pretty inferior in the first generation. Buyer BEWARE.

  2. smartman says:

    All Star Beams
    All-Star event finds KC area awash in fake souvenirs
    Over two-week period, officers seized more than $540,000 worth of knockoff souvenirs.
    The Kansas City Star

    While the All-Stars were on the field at Kauffman Stadium this week, law enforcement officers were raiding a Lenexa warehouse believed to be the distribution center for most of the counterfeit ball caps sold in the Kansas City area.

    The haul from that one operation nearly doubled the amount of counterfeit merchandise seized over a two-week period that in the end was valued at more than $540,000, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

    That agency, along with Customs and Border Protection and local police and sheriff

  3. Super Dave says:

    Ol’ Skip Sleyster was as Dad use to say “was the working mans man.” I remember Grandma always not wanting to miss reading his little tidbit he put in the Star every week. Will say one thing about the man he always seemed to figure out a way to make a dime off a pile of crap.

  4. chuck says:

    If you can hear this, you are the resistance.
    Holy shit smartman, Home Land Security and Law Enforcement hunting down plebes and confiscating illegal ball caps with helicopters and internet surveillance has got me wanting to roast some of the King’s fuckin deer on a spit in Sherwood Forrest.

    I love the ‘Street Value’ of merchandise listed as $540,000.00. Like the newest dweeb intern outta Johnson County Community College’s Criminal Justice Class is sweating over a calculator in the basement of the OP Cop Shop buried in poor quality Mark Tehan T Shirts (I got one.).

    Goddamn what the fuck did that operation cost? Were there Drones involved? Were Barry and Hillary safely esconced in the situation room with monitors and real time video?

    That shit is creepier than wakin up next ta Keanu Reeves in a pod.

    I gotta go, Morpheus is here with my blue pill.

  5. the dude says:

    it is good to know our
    law enforcers are protecting us from buying the cheaper knockoff stuff from china as opposed to the “real deal” from China.
    Thank Dog we have them to protect us from inferior product.

  6. balbonis moleskine says:

    I want that cane, zappity zap zap.

  7. the dude says:

    You don’t want that
    cane Bababooey, you’ll just wind up shocking yourself with it’s inferior construction quality.

  8. Mark X says:

    Thank God for the DHS …

  9. ranger danger says:

    The Flea
    Is a stinkhole beyond comparison. I’ve seen better markets in Bombay and Thailand. The entire place smells like armpit mixed with anus, and seasoned with incense they wouldn’t buy in Mexico.

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