Glazer: Order Up! A Serving of Crow for Remorseful Scribe

In today’s Kansas City Star Sam Mellinger wrote what might be his best piece as a sports journalist…


Like a couple of the comment folks, he made me feel kinda bad for going all negative on our All Star game. I WAS WRONG. The game and event did matter. The fans here were excited. It made us feel more important and brought smiles to a frustrated fan base that loves sports.

Mellinger was dead bang right.

Who am I to put down such a fantastic effort by our city and its people? Hey I am proud to be from Kansas City. Even nut job Harley’s comments hit home, I was being a SCROOGE.

Yes, 18th and Vine is not much, we all know that. However to see thousands of people line up on the Plaza for an ALL  STAR PARADE midday on a weekday was awesome. The Plaza is second to none and the stadium looked fabulous on television. It really did.


We want people to appreciate our town and in many ways this event did just that.

Our fans do care. We did sell out all three events which some cities don’t. Who didn’t want an All Star ticket? It was nice to see families smiling at the stadium and we did get some great national press.

Sam pointed out how important the Royals were in the 80’s.

How he and his dad would turn around and watch the game even when they were not supposed to during a family meal. We all watched it. I did, anyway.

Maybe it’s because we love the Royals and Chiefs so damn much it hurts to see them be so bad for so long. They’ve been like that cheating girlfriend or wife. We just want them to come home and love us. Is that so bad?

I’m sorry now I was so down on this event and being a jerk.

Maybe I care too much and it gets me upset.

This All Star Game was a winner for this city and we are all better off for it being here.

Sam, you made me feel bad, great story.

Hey, maybe we’ll get another big event soon because this one was a such a winner.
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31 Responses to Glazer: Order Up! A Serving of Crow for Remorseful Scribe

  1. paulwilsonkc says:

    I’m SORRY for anything bad I’ve EVER SAID ABOUT YOU!!!!
    Dear God in heaven… you just referred to Harley as “nut bag”. I will now SEE TO IT that you ARE put on the list of Kansas City

  2. paulwilsonkc says:

    Im sorry, typo, I meant NUT JOB!!
    Oh god… I was so giddy I couldn’t keep the term straight!!

    As I type this he is duct taping his blow up doll to a chair and beating her like the lazy little latex licking love pouch LOSER she is!!

    And still no takers on the $30K polygraph challenge. Are we surprised? No, we are not.

  3. the dude says:

    I bow in your greatness,
    Oh glazed one, now please kick harlinator in the nuts a few more times for my sadistic pleasure

  4. smartman says:

    Bow Wow Wow
    Glaze had it right the first time. Glory Days is just another Springsteen song. If anything, this experience is just a reflection on how sad and pathetic we have become. Anyone familiar with the process of people dying in a hospice type situation knows that it is not uncommon for that person, prior to passing, to have a few moments or even a whole day when they spring to life and seem good as new. Then, just as quickly, it’s back to being comatose and unresponsive as their body begins the final process of shutting down and letting go. That’s what this ASG experience was. It wasn’t a rebirth, it was a reminder of what once was, but will never be again. RIP-KC.

  5. harley says:

    at least I wasn’t texting to kcc about
    masturbation and dicks while watching the all star game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is freaking hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Proof to come.
    Come on dudes….this one is the funniest thing on kcc since hearne
    started this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. the dude says:

    I wonder what the death rattle
    of a town sounds like.

    “Proof to come.” Harley, you are the most unintentionally funny guy on here, I swear.

  7. Orphan of the Road says:

    You can’t live forever on yesterday’s memories
    You can’t live on promises, winter to spring.

    It could be a shot in the arm, like Irving Thalberg on amphetamines. Or like a junkie, two-days after.

    When I think of hospice, I think of Art Buchwald. Guy was off and on for twenty-odd years. Too bad KC didn’t have a living will.

    The All Star Game in KC is like chrome on a Harley. Chrome don’t get ya home. And like that new chrome Harley do-dad, it will be laying on the side of the road before long. Being shiny makes it easer to find in the breakdown lane, amongst the broken glass and chunked-out tires.

    Gosh, if we only had a downtown stadium and a 1000-room hotel. We’d be shittin’ in high cotton.

  8. paul d wilson says:

    Harley and his proof…. its all so interesting…
    1. The “dump” I live in
    2. His history as a pollster
    3. His “proof” of texting to KCC
    4. Stan Goldberg, his attorney
    5. Police reports filed at JoCo by him
    6. plagerized posts by the hundreds
    7. Lie after lie then lies about him not having lied about the lie he just lied about
    8. His indictment of any person on here he doesnt like with “facts” about who they are
    9. (every good attorney has a yahoo account they conduct business from)
    10. His PROOF that Cindy Loo Hoo is REALLY just Smartman
    11. $10K that says the knows Seligs daughter
    12. How anyone but HIM is a LOSER if they dont meet HIS standards!

    And all the personal THREATS and MISHEGOSS!!! Here’s my LATEST CHUTZPAH from him, via email, minutes ago!! READ THIS, KCC Commentors, hot off the press, one of several threats I’ve had from him;

    Stan Greenberg
    1:36 PM (11 minutes ago)
    to me

    Subject: I thought we had a truce

    I have not mentioned you nor referred to you in any comments since reading
    your last email….but you continue to mention me.
    Problem that we are having is that you and others have used my
    name in communications outside the site and hence even though
    i wished to remain anonymous you have spread vicious and unfounded
    lies about me.
    Those lies have been tortious in nature and have done serious damage to
    my business. I am not going to allow you to speak lies about me
    and my business and my clients TO OTHERS!
    I have the top civil attorneys in this town who specialize in
    in this type of legal matter. Last year i paid them almost
    $30,000 to do work for me. I can produce the invoices if need
    be…..they are the top law firm downtown and they are the best
    at what they do!

    You choose to use your personal name. I don’t! We have at least
    3 people who you have mentioned items to and which
    can be construed as malicious and detrimental to my business
    and my clients.

    Why would a businessman like yourself associate yourself with
    someone speaking about masturbation on an unknown site
    and then allow yourself to communicate about that subject
    for the general public to see. That does not make sense.

    Your actions have
    gone too far! No further communication is needed.
    All emails will be blocked to this email address.

    Oh, Im NOT a business man, Harley, REMEMBER? Im a LOSER BOX SALESMAN! Im NOTHING. Im a HAS BEEN. I can only talk about 5 YEARS ago, I dont do anything that MATTERS now!!

    So THERE you have it boys and girls. I can’t identify this guy from ADAM, dont know what he does OTHER than his LIES about what he does, but there is his latest threat to ME!!

    I’ve done damage to his business by using his name, a name I dont even KNOW!! Well, you have my reply, Mr Hot Shot. PROVIDE ONE OF THOSE THREE PEOPLE who said I have said something to them. I dont need 3, just ONE!! YOU DONT HAVE THEM because I have NO IDEA what your name is, you ass.

    I’ve hurt your BUSINESS? Youre on TOP OF THE WORLD!! Harley wins EVERY TiME, ALL THE TIME!! No one can hurt you!! Remember?

    Your lies, claims, threats, they are endless. Face is, schmoo…. your day has come and gone. When Glazer calls you a nut job… YOU, my friend, are a nut job. A shande far di goyim. A meshugeneh. And then you want to start the threats again!! Im DONE with you son, and if Hearne had a pair he’d ban you from doing crap like this to people.

    Call your lawyers, call who ever you want to start proving your claims. YOU, my friend, have barked up the WRONG ass tree this time!!
    Oh, Im STILL waiting for that BEER you want to have, since we know so many people!!

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    WHY would this clown NEED to pay $30K to attorneys
    to “take care of this kind of thing”????? What on earth is he DOING in his life that would make that kind of defense NEEDED?

    Go away, you litle pesky fly…. youre in my soup and I’m hungry.

  10. the dude says:

    I had no idea Stan
    Greenberg at was the top law fiem downtown.

    Aw man, too much, you are truly too much harlinator.

  11. smartman says:

    I am officially incontinent. I have been laughing so hard that I am pissing my pants as I type. Who knew that posting on a blog could be so much fun?

  12. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smartman – “those lies have been tortious in nature”
    I’m not a smart man, like you. I need some insight. Does that mean I’ve harmed one of those big turtles? I mean, cause if that was true, that IS serious and I’d feel really, really bad. I love those things and wouldn’t want ANYTHING to happen to them. Tortious behavior AND poaching ivory, it ALL MUST STOP!!

  13. BMAN says:

    PaulwilsonKC – P’Cola
    We just got home from P’Cola…great place. We have decided to move there within three months.We can’t wait to get back there. How has it been for you?

    Great article Craig. Crow is hard to swallow, but with a little Gates BBQ sauce it’s all good.

  14. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Bman – We’ve gone there since ’80
    There are so many great stories about people who went down ONCE and never left! My former place got leveled by Ivan!! We’re at Regency Towers for now. I was going in the days when Sunrise Taco Shop was in the old Sunrise Motel on Via DeLuna, before it was razed!! Then they moved to the Boardwalk, house band? Free Love Barbie!!

    I’ve subscribed to the beach news paper for 100 years…. and am the ONLY out of towner to have been run in the faux Mayor of Penscola Beach elections. How was that done? Each person has a coffee can on the bar at Peg Leg Petes and you put in a PENNY for each vote!! Mike Danger, one of the editors, ran me for office!!

    We’ll be at Flounders at 5:00 Sunday, sucking down a Diesel Fuel!!

    One of my fav stories… we got caught in the rain and had to do some laundry. Ran it down to the little place on the boardwalk. The guy and his wife came in who owned it, started up a converation. They went there one time, for vacation. Both IBM’ers from Chicago. They stayed a day extra, so had to drive all night and all day to get there as they stayed too long. He said at 3:00am, with his wife laid up against the passenger window resting, he said, Honey, I need to tell you something, we are going to go back home, take our early outs from IBM, sell ALL OUR CRAP and MOVE to Penscola!! He said she started screaming with joy and said, IVE WANTED TO SAY THAT FOR 5 DAYS, but I thought you’d think I’d lost my MIND!!

    So, there they are. They got bought out of IBM, bought a little place on the beach… open their little laundrymatt, go back to the beach, come in at closing, sweep up… and go back home.. to the beach.

    THEY… know how to live. And some select people on HERE.. .would label them LOSERS because of what they are doing, what they are living in… etc. THEY, have WON the game, my friend.

  15. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Owning a house on the beach and running a laundromat?
    I’d take that right now

  16. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Guy Who Thinks…. who WOULDN’T!?!?!
    Got a huge buy out from IBM, back in the day, a couple who is head over heels in love, happy life, happy marriage, have a little business that brings in about $50K a year, back then…. and they walk the beach all day. Read, hang out with each other… and live life.

    But as I said, they only have a little $150K condo, thats a DUMP to some people on here who always want to talk about COME SEE HOW I LIVE, SEE MY ART, SEE WHO I HANG OUT WITH!

    And there in, lies the problem. These two ARE living the life. i dont care what anyone’s opinon is with regard to the price point on their condo. They have nearly a million in the bank, full retirement early from IBM, a nice little business that gives them beer money …. and a back yard thats nothing but sand and Gods scenery.

    Losers? I think not.

  17. the dude says:

    only if you own numerous
    businesses (allegedly) in the area, hobnob (allegedly) with all of KC top brass, have Stan Greenberg at as you top area lawyer would you be able to say those people are losers.

    I am not that (alleged) man though.

  18. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Dude, Im just a fat, old, loser box salesman
    who has done NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING for 10 years. I currently live in a dump, he can PROVE that. Im a fraud, he can PROVE that. I can only live in the past where my success USED to be. I’m a lowly worm, old, out of shape, no money, no nothing. I’m not worthy to even comment. I have to improve my lot in life by a factor of 10 before I could even be CALLED a loser. Im less than a loser, Im a worm. Im whale poo… and thats on the bottom of the ocean. Just doesnt get any worse than that.

    I am (allegedly), that person.

  19. paulwilsonkc says:

    Glazer has come up 1000 notches in my book!
    He apologized, said he was WRONG about something, and called someone a nut job. I’m starting a Glazer fan club as we speak. Im getting the email:, if Stan Goldberg will approve it.

  20. Orphan of the Road says:

    You’ve made a nice little business of selling the stuff you find in the dumpsters. If I can make the move from the cardboard box to under the bridge, I’ll spring for one. It is tough being poor when the good folks here won’t even take my cash.

    If they put pay toilets in the QT, I’ll have to start puking.

    Craig’s working without a net, nobody to run the stuff past. Unlike another who is working while being chased with a net.

  21. paulwilsonkc says:

    Orphan, thanks for your good graces….
    I got moved out of the park, down by 12th street where that big ass cow is? You know the place? I was on FOX NEWS, that was MY tent they showed. I now, have no tent, no big ass cow to look at in the mornings, and Beena said if I would pray to it, maybe I could find an old van to live in, down by the river. SHE LIED!!

    I’ve been staying at the Marriott downtown. I wait in the hall till someone leaves with a bag… and grab their door before it closes. Then, I call the front desk and tell them, “Hey, Im going to stay a couple more days”… so far its worked for 2 months. This weekend, Im moving up to the Concierge floor. How did I miss THAT ONE? I could have had it much better off than I have.

    Come on down and stay with me, life is good. Not like those LOSERS under the bridge. God, that sucks.

  22. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Orphan, I’d make the same offer to SmartMan….
    but someone on here said he writes gay things under his real name and fake name, which means he must BE gay. I dont want no gay guys hangin round. Im pretty hot, he may make a pass at me. Now, if he really WAS Cindy Loo Hoo, like our resident authority says… thats a whole different deal.
    No offense, Hot Carl.

  23. Orphan of the Road says:

    I usually go to that place in the panhandle where the Amish winter. As long as I shave my mustache and don’t cut my hair, I fit right in until they notice the buttons.

    I’ve got a corner on 39th St where I’ll be panhandling soon. If I make enough I’ll go back to the Cancer Center. If not I hope I get enough for some Wild Irish Rose.

    I never thought of the smartman as gay. Grumpy maybe.

  24. paulwilsonkc says:

    Thats what I LOVE about P’Cola…..
    it used to be where all the old hippies went. Its just my favorite spot in the world. Its not VEGAS for me, its old acquaintances down there, a good book, sitting on the balcony looking at the white sand and gulf…. no clock, no PC, no schedule, no where to be, except when its time to crawl back to Peg Legs or Flounders….

    Smartman’s not gay, thats just what our resident “authority” said. And if we want to talk GRUMPY…. I may add my name to the list.
    Don’t know if you’ve been watching our stuff for real or not, but you’d be amazed how much really IS reclaimed!! We just sold out last weekend. It was an amazing venue. Now… I’ve got 5 on the drawing board that will be the big, high end pieces, and about 15 others n the wings. Come down and see us in August.

  25. the dude says:

    You don’t have to dodge
    any tar balls on the beach or in the drink, do ya wilson?

  26. Orphan of the Road says:

    I have an old RCA radio which I always wanted to do something with like what you do. Well I had one before the implosion in Ought Three.

    OOOOOHHHHHH, THAT kind of gay. You kids got new words for everything.

  27. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Dude, we were there, I think it was October…..
    when that all hit. There were still machines going up and down the beach skimming sand at about an inch deep. On OCCASION you would see something that looked half the size of a marble, but that was it. Didnt see any in the water, just up where the surf breaks. But that soon after, and it was already back to near normal.

    The fear of the property owners down there… (and I know EVERY hotel owner down there, all the BIG WIGS, all the high rollers and have lunch with the BIGGEST NAMES in that town….. ok, I got that moment out of my system) back when that happened, was there were rumors of enormous pockets of oil trapped and very deep levels. They feared they would break loose and come up in levels no one had seen with the original spill. But, alas, never happened.

    @Orphan, I remember Ought Three….. I was on top of the world, I had it all. But now………………. oh, sorry, theres a door and a man with a bag in a SUITE!! I have to go now. Mamma is staying in HIGH STYLE tonight!!

  28. paulwilsonkc says:

    And, Orphan, I really do need one of those cabinets…
    dont need the guts, but could use a cabinet. I already have one drawn up for what Im going to do.

    Going to cruise down to Weird Stuff this week, they always have… ahh…. weird stuff.

  29. BMAN says:

    We stayed at a B&B, but hung out with my friend Mr. Schlobohm at the Regency as he just happened to be down there at the same time….Nice place. Maybe you could help us with some good info and contacts so that we can have a smooth move down there??? If so, you can email me at

    Cool story about your friends deciding to move there…my wife and I actually had a similar conversation while driving home.

    We are excited to move down there. We are going to rent at first. Do you rent out your condo when you are not there?

  30. paulwilsonkc says:

    Bman, I’ll email you….
    Youre making a good choice!! It just doesn t get any better than that.

  31. mike says:

    I’ll have to admit
    I am finding myself agreeing with you more all the time. Other than when you are self promoting, you write some of the better articles on here. You always call it like you see it.

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