Glazer: Jeremy Renner Atop Hollywood’s ‘A List’ Candidate for ‘King of Sting’

Average film fans don’t know actor Jeremy Renner very well yet…

Even though he was nominated for best actor in the hit movie HURT LOCKER, nobody much saw him as the next new Hollywood god. Well, somebody sure noticed because Renner followed with smash hit THE TOWN with Ben Affleck and now he’s becoming the man in Hollywood.

Just over a year ago I had lunch at Warners/Malpaso with Rob Lorenz, the director who has agreed to do KING OF STING. Just after that meeting Rob did TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE starring Clint Eastwood (out this September).

Rob and I kicked around actors names for the two lead roles in KOS that Eric Eisner and I will produce and Rob mentioned Renner at that time. I had just seen the TOWN and loved it, but I thought Renner was too small for the role of Don Woodbeck, my older partner in the stings. Then Rob pointed out that Jeremy was about to be crowned king of Hollywood’s biggest films.

He was right.

I’d had my eye on the co-star of The TOWN, Jon Hamm for the role of Woodbeck.

Today Renner is the only A List superstar in the Hollywood tradition.

He’s the new lead in the Mission Impossible movies replacing Tom Cruise (age 50). He’s taking over the BOURNE series from Matt Damon, who oddly is the same age as Renner (41). He’s even one of The AVENGERS.

My God, Renner’s got it all.

Finally we have a new star replacing Cruise and Brad Pitt.

Cruise and Pitt replaced Burt Reynolds and Clint Eastwood who had replaced Paul Newman and Steve McQueen.

With so many bad movies and too many TENT POLE (big budget movies with no real plot or acting needed) the day of the movie star has been fading. Sure we’ve had some nice stars like Jason Stratham, Chris Pine and of course superstars Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp. But nobody really quite had the star power of Cruise or Pitt – not quite.

And there really are no superstar female actors now.

What that really means is their name on the marquee equals big time butts in seats. In some movies Angelina Jolie is that female star, but for action movies only. Leo and Depp are huge stars, but it also depends on the movie type. Stars like Newman and McQueen meant box office gold for almost any picture they had their names on.

Leo in HOOVER or Depp in several oddball movies couldn’t draw on just their stardom.

Now Hollywood says Jeremy Renner is the MAN and it sure looks that way so far.

Hey Jeremy, if we get KING OF STING going after Lorenz next picture, well you get it. I’m glad to see Hollywood isn’t quite dead yet.

And yes, I am aware that Cruise, Pitt, Pine, Depp and crew will continue to do quite well. But Renner is the new HUGE thing that’s been missing for like a decade.

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14 Responses to Glazer: Jeremy Renner Atop Hollywood’s ‘A List’ Candidate for ‘King of Sting’

  1. mike says:

    who might be good
    What about Paul Ruebens of Gilbert Gottfried?

  2. smartman says:

    Can’t Bank On It
    Jeremy Renner has been described as William Forsythe on steroids. He is an EXCELLENT character and supporting actor but will probably never be a true A List, bankable star, able to green light and carry a movie on his name alone.

  3. the dude says:

    the real questions
    We should be asking is can he do slimy and self-promote every 30 seconds like a broken record?

  4. Boby Mcgee says:

    I think Super Dave
    should play Craigs father in this a-list movie. And what about the dude that makes all the strange sounds and is at the comedy club every three months. Michael Winston or something. He should play Craig.

    In all seriousness. Craig explain why Anthony Clark has not becoem a bigger star. He was great in Boston Commons and others shows but never made it to top movie status. Funny guy. Give us your highly sought after opinion.

  5. jack p. says:

    Renner as Glazer? wow!
    Craig, I was part of an interview session with Jeremy Renner during this spring’s CinemaCon convention in Vegas. One of my questions to Renner was whether he had signed beyond JUST “The Bourne Legacy” in the franchise. He told me that he’s part of it for the long run—as long as there will be more. Of course that’ll be determined by how well the new one does this August.
    So if it’s a hit he may not have the time for “King Of Sting.” Your thoughts?

  6. Hearne says:

    Believe Craig said he wanted Renner to play…
    His partner, not Craig.

  7. Super Dave says:

    No Thanks
    Already been in one movie enough for me.

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Smartman Please!
    Renner is already a super star, did you not read his starring roles upcoming and past? He gets over ten million a movie NOW..and growing…yes he can greenlight a project, he just did. Jack Hearne is right we looked at him for Woodbeck not me, in the script I am still 18-30 as movie progresses, he looks a bit old for a college guy, but hey I’d take him…he is pretty busy now, and likely not available if we get lucky and go next…don’t know who they will want for me, just want to get the movie up next…thanks for asking.

  9. the dude says:

    And as shown in the pic
    he wears sleeveless shirts too!!! Get me Renner!!

  10. Lance the Intern says:

    Who’s playing Glazer?
    Here you go:

  11. the dude says:

    I vote
    Danny Devito in platform shoes.

  12. Lance the Intern says:

    @the dude
    Danny Devito has too much of his own real hair…

  13. CeeSeal DeMeel says:

    I’d suggest Boris Badenuff from the old Bullwinkle cartoons to play the role of Glazer. Boris loses the hat and the fucked up accent, throw a sleeveless T on him and he is a dead ringer.

  14. big bob says:

    I always knew
    Glazer had a partner.

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