Glazer: 4th of July Flashback; Blowing Up Dear Old Dad & The Plaza

The Fourth Of July has always been one of my favorite holidays…

Ah yes, the fireworks. If you’re a guy you remember the M-80‘s and Cherry Bombs. The good fireworks were always illegal, so those were the fireworks we always wanted. And somehow we’d end up with a box or two of them. They were like 20 firecrackers rolled into one.

It was almost like dope back in the day….

Who had them? Where did we need to sneak off to get them? I knew DAD WOULD FND THEM and so it was. Good old dad to the rescue. How in the world did that man know where to find these illegal beauties? I never did know.

Now the cherry bombs looked nice, but were not as powerful as the M-80’s. So if you were cool you’d light one of those bad boy and throw it up in the air as far as you could send that bomb. The blast came seconds later, a puff of smoke, a loud blast, heaven.

And the fuses on these two little devils were like dynamite. Long green stems. Yep, a simple firecracker punk wouldn’t do, you had to use a cigarette or a lighter.

We’d save the M-80’s for last.

And as we became teenagers, the cherry bombs and M-80’s were kinda the equivalent of "Can I buy you a drink" to young girls. They’d act scared and stand behind you and watch you throw them. They put their hands over their ears but still watched. It kinda turned them on.

Remember how’d you’d save about 10 or 20 of them to fire off on New Year’s Eve? Or blow up mailboxes on Halloween? Yep, those were special firecrackers alright.

I had a couple bad experiences with M-80’s and Cherry Bombs.

I remember when I was about 10 and my dad was throwing them one after another. He only let me do about every fourth one and one of the cherry bombs had a very short fuse. But why waste it? I took a firecracker punk and jammed it into the cherry bomb and it still didn’t light.

Not until my dad Stan, picked it up to see what was up.

Then, BOOM! It tore up his thumb and hand.

I got the crap beat of me for that one but I deserved it. Man, that must have hurt.

I learned how to time fuse the M-80’s and Cherry Bombs. One day a couple older kids took me to the Plaza Movie Theatre to see a new film called "What’s New Pussy Cat" with Woody Allen. I had a couple M-80’s. I wanted to show off for my older pals, David and Brian Haken.

So I took my little bombs, some cigarettes and went into the bathroom. I lit the smoke and fixed it as a fuse so it would burn down in time and blow up the M-80. Then I set up two of them and went back and sat down in the movie.

About five minutes later…KAA-BOOM!

What was cool then was a moment later a second KAA-BOOM!

There weren’t many peoiple in the theater, but those that were there moved out to the lobby until the danger had passed. I got away with that one, but I bragged about it to Brian and David and they were pissed and never took me with them anymore.

Guess someone could have gotten hurt, but as a kid, I was thinking, "Nah, nobody is gonna take a poop in this toilet today." And they didn’t.

Today I just watch other people shoot off the fireworks.

I guess it’s like being at a concert out in the crowd, shooting fireworks finally lost its fun to me.

Like too many other things we grew out of as time moves forward.

M-80’s,Cherry Bombs once ruled my holiday world but sadly, no more.
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42 Responses to Glazer: 4th of July Flashback; Blowing Up Dear Old Dad & The Plaza

  1. bob says:

    I could see that
    I can picture you blowing your dad.

  2. smartman says:

    Cherry Bombs Away.
    I remember routinely being able to buy cherry bombs and M-80’s at Mike’s Fireworks on James Street up until 1974. After that it became a little harder, but even today I can still get my hands on them.

    How come no Woodside hotty updates yet?

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    On the Way With Woodside Update Boys
    I am at Woodside now jammed, 700 people..damn..story comming up…good comments Chuck and Keraou(sp) you love that, and most of you guys…thanks for the interest…oh Bob you meant you BLOW YOUR DAD…I am very straight, as EVERYONE WELL knows, so is Stan the Man.

  4. Bob says:

    If you are straight
    why would u want to blow MY dad?

  5. Super Dave says:

    I am sure Woodside will be thrilled

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    Super Hater DAve
    Do you ever get tired of being a fool. Everyone that knows who you are, and I really don’t, thinks you are an old, ugly, broke loser…are you. Maybe thats why you hate your betters…no clue. Enjoy. Oh yeah I am your better, but you already knew that.

  7. chuck says:

    With the exception of blowing up bathrooms,
    up to the part about Halloween, I did every single one of those things. 🙂

    Oh, I didn’t blow my dad’s hand off. 🙂

  8. harley says:

    what stupid f*ck would make a comment about
    about someones dad? seriously. stick to the story. it was a fun story
    about fireworks and some dipshit has to ruin it.
    This site used to be fun. We’d kid people but nothing like what
    started when the old nasty guys came on here.
    We’d jack with glaze but never anything like that. I said it before..
    if you don’t like the comments/stories shut the f*ck up.
    If you disagree with the story or writer provide some facts/intelligent
    words to debate them.
    this place used to be fun. Now i and glaze can’t geton here without
    some dumbfuck comingon and saying something stupid. The old guys on
    here want to run everyone down..personally….if you don’t like glaze or his
    story…hey move on don’t read it.
    Instead we’ve got people like smartman and his crew of crusty old
    negative a holes always trying to say something nasty or crude.
    Super dave/smartman/ bob…stfu….when this stie started there was
    some fun stuff…this was a fun article….we don’t nned you threatening
    violence…your constant hate messages/your constant bullshit/constant
    deogatory statements about everyone and everything. Go somewhere else.
    And when glaze offered 10K to prove his point the otherr stupid fuck who
    put up b.s about him dropped out. They can talk but theres nothing to bakc
    it up…just talk…just bullshit….
    I offered some phony m-f trying to come off as some chick $10,000 cash to
    provev my point and that phony pos left too. Out of the blue some phony
    comes on like a psycho and tried to pull the smae b.s….but when it cam
    e time to show the money….they back off.
    I used to buy everything…cherry bombs /m 80;’s…from ben asner at
    capers corner at 47 th and mission….we’d use the smae cigarette trick
    and blew one off outside a pro football players house on the 4th. Thje
    guy chased me and my buddies for 30 minutes but we knew where to
    hide and he never caught us. We used to blow the cherry bombs in
    the horse barn in our back yard and everyone in the neighborhood would
    come out and watch us.. yea it was fun….i now leave that stuff to the
    pyrotechnic people…
    oh glaze…come out to lifetime o.p…better crowd than woodsie…you’d knock
    all the milfs and 40 year old hotties off their chairs…contact me…be my

  9. Super Dave says:

    Like those words Craig glad you are back to commenting will just speed up what I have said all along and Hearne ignores.

  10. smartman says:

    Glaze and Harley Cruising For Chicks?
    Would be two wild and crazy guys just like George and Yortuk Festrunk. The women at Touch

  11. Bob says:

    Sure Craig. Let’s see. You’ve been on the radio and commented about how you use sex toys and have them stuck up your butt. You wrote a story on this site about having a young boy watching you have sex with his mom. And your dad was known to pick up male prositutes that were dressed as women….he of course claimed it was all a mistake and he thought they were women. Yeah you have no homosexual tendencies at all…not that their would be anything wrong with that.

  12. johnny d says:

    bob is a huge fan of craigs
    do you stalk this guy? Are you sick Bob? What’s your problem? Do you peer in his window at night? You are sick!

  13. Black Betty says:

    So what he likes toys
    Men his age aren’t always able to do everything. So he brings along help. That just shows he is smart. He knows how to take care of me and himself. U should try it before you slam it. Maybe slam it is not the right word.

  14. jimmy ferra says:

    Must be a loser
    I think Craig writing on a holiday shows what a loser he is and how is need for attention is all consuming. Be like Hall and take a break. You got to get a life and stop seeking all this attention. Good luck to you.

  15. Chuckie D says:

    Craig keeps his window’s open
    in case little children want to come by and watch. Shop Best Buy so i can keep my job. Bring back Tracy

  16. mike says:

    To be honest with you,
    I couldn’t care less about Glazers’ sex life. I don’t know why he even wants people to know his personal business or why anyone is interested in it. Who cares!

  17. A friend says:

    I’m a friend
    Craig is actually a good guy once you get past all the BS. I’ve been a long time friend. But Craig is like ALL OF US. Insecure and has a need to make himself appear bigger then he is and desires attention. I think a lot of it stems from his childhood. Also like ALL OF US Craig searches for signifigance.

    So he gets on radio or this blog and shares personal detials of his life. Some real. Some less then accurate. Most of his friends like me just cringe and wonder why he makes himself look bad. But Craig is old school. Bad attention is still attention.

    I guess the thing I tell him is that he has impacted literally thousands by making them laugh. Not many have done that. So he doesn’t need to pretend to be a sex machine, super hero, and a major local celebrity.

    But almost all of his actions are based on wanting to be well liked. Playing the buffoon, giving a way tons of money to help people, or bragging. Its about being insecure in who he is. But again, we’ve all been there.

  18. Super Dave says:

    To the frind
    A friend says,”.Its about being insecure in who he is. But again, we’ve all been there.”

    No we have not ALL been there.

  19. the dude says:

    What would this site be
    without some Glazer ball busting!!!
    T’would not be much of a site at all.
    Wednesday holidays suck hairy donkey balls.

  20. cindy loo says:

    without some Harley ball busting!!!

  21. A friend says:

    from a guy that calls himself SUPER DAVE. You have no insecurity issues?

  22. the dude says:

    That too
    cindy loo, that too.

  23. cyndy says:

    I make a lot of money off people like Super Dave. From his written words I perceive a man who
    is an expert in pool feces. Someone who is obsessed with the fecal count in public pools.
    I’ve seen people like this on a regular basis. They are seriously into the numbers. They have tendencies to look
    at everything in terms of fecal. Fecal content. Fecal matter. Fecal food contamination.
    As a registered and highly educated swami fortune teller and based on the hyppocratic oath of
    my profession I see this person as someone with serious problems from the training
    days. I see an individual who has problems relating to other people unless the subject
    turns to items they feel comfortable with. As a palm reader and noted ouija board expert
    i can see where this individual could become seriously deranged as he tries to discuss
    this matter with other adults at private cocktail parties. So I am suggesting that Super
    Dave go to my groupon offer for 30 free palm readings for just $29.95. If you act now
    I will throw in a special gift of a ginsu knife set and an entire years supply of oxy clean.
    Thank you.

  24. the dude says:

    So that’s what you are
    up to these days Beena, reading palms?

  25. Super Dave says:

    It was a KC Star reporter just like Hearne who way back in the 70’s put the Super Dave tag on me so no insecurities here people just kept calling me that and app 36 years later still so.

    And cyndy I can see you as well are ill informed about pool safety and those who are experts in it. But it’s just a very small section of the areas I am an expert in.

  26. A friend says:

    So Supes i just want to make sure I have this right. A KC Star reporter gave you a nickname in the 70’s and 36 years later you are still using it as a moniker. And you believe that story makes you seem less likely to have an ego problem then if you had given yourself the name? Have you ever heard the expression confirming my point or digging yourself a deeper hole?

    My grandma called me sweetie pie around 36 years ago. I can assure you that no one still calls me that or any other nickname from that era. Nor do I still go to the little boys room.

    Glad to know you are self confident and have no Craig like ego issues. Because apparently we all haven’t been there.

  27. Super Dave says:

    @ a friend
    It amazes me the number of people who can’t handle the truth at all. You think I am the only person who has been given a nick name that has followed them all their life or most of it and hundred or more years afterwards? I can’t begin to list the people who only know me by that name but it is a long list. Well all I can say is you don’t know much about people do you? Let’s see how about a history lesson here.

    William Cody known as Buffalo Bill
    James Butler Hickok known as Wild Bill
    Henry McCarty known as Billy the Kid
    Dwight D. Eisenhower known as Ike
    Louis Armstrong known as Satchmo
    Manfred von Richthofen known as The Red Baron
    Al Capone known as Scarface
    Andrew Jackson known as Old Hickory
    Larry (Chipper) Jones

    George Herman Ruth Jr. was born in 1895 in 1914 he became known as The Babe and or Babe Ruth. Interesting enough 98 years later he is still known by those two nick names and they was names given to him by others. So just because you can’t deal with it does not mean that others in the world can not accept a person’s nick name and know they don’t have an ego problem either from it. So go dig your own hole and stick your head in it.

  28. Attention Grabber says:

    Some Friend who needs an enemy
    So you call yourself friend then basically out your buddies flaws here in the open press. Then have the audacity to sling some mud at a stranger. No surprise there but sure enough hypocrisy. Glazer is a legend in his own mind will always be and nobody here thinks that will change. Much like firefighting if you don’t keep putting water on it you’ll find it burning down the neighborhood. Consider it Glazer’s sorely needed checks and balance to make sure his ego doesn’t rise above the acceptable public standards. Fact is by putting himself in this forum, and all other media, he is opening himself up to the critics more so as he continues on with his NEVER ENDING bragging. They aren’t haters, they aren’t jealous, they recognize bullshit on an epic level and Glazer has tossed his fair shair of personal salvo’s over the years. When you walk around trying to lift your shit higher than all those around you expect someone to point out just how much it wreaks!!

    As for nick names you can bet a name like Super sure as shit is as valid for the same reason as the “King of Sting”. Heard and printed countless times in these pages. So much so Jackie Gleason has started to roll his eyes from the grave, book with fewer printings than a Dr. Suess Penthouse Forum. You’ve all but confirmed the same feelings in his inner circle and perhaps if you were a true “friend” you’d work on making him a better person than making excuses for him. Consider those here doing what you should be doing if you were a “friend”.

  29. A friend says:

    Attention and Dave
    Attention-awesome post. And yes many of us have tried to help Craig. But he is who he is. He is not actually open to counseling or critical thinking. As far as outing him….that was called tough love and a method to help him.

    So you just continue on Super Dave. Now you are putting yourself in a category with Buffalo Bill and Babe Ruth. I would just stop writing if I were you because you continue to make my point for me.

    However you do bring up a great point that is not related to you but I guess may be. I don’t know how you got the name Super Dave. But its something I think of when I read some of Craig’s stuff. Craig will often talk about having a book published as he feels this gives his stories crediabllity. We now know that much of the stories and early books of Bufflao Bill, Wild Bill, and others were either works of fiction or greatly enhanced facts. One should take that understanding when reading Glazer material.

  30. Mr Wonderful (Aka Big Bob) says:

    MY MOM
    My mom called me poop bucket 36 years ago. I’m glad she stopped.

    Also SUPER DAVE here is where your point or arguement holds no water. Most of those nicknames you mentioned were given and said by others not he ones who received the nickname. And in the case of those that would use the nickname like the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show they were done because the person had a huge ego. So I agree with “Mr. Friend” you continue to prove his point. If others call me Mr. Wonderful thats one thing. If I get on the computer and call myself Mr. Wonderful then that says something about my ego.

    By the way Big Bob is not an ego thing. 🙂

  31. the dude says:

    Jesus flippin’ christ you idiots,
    it is called an avatar name or an intarweb nickname, I really doubt Super Dave is his legal fucking name.

    Intarweb much?

  32. boby mcgee says:

    Hey Dumb Dude
    He’s had the nickname for over 36 years. Long before avatar or intarweb. Why do they let 12 year olds on this site. You may know computer crap but you obvioulsy don’t know how to count. You must be a progammer Doogie Howser.

  33. the dude says:

    booby mcgeesh,
    I support the use of nicknames online, tugnuts. My comments were directed at SD’s detractors.
    God it is getting stupid in here today, must be the heat. Nope, it’s the stupidity.

  34. Super Dave says:

    @friend and Big Bob
    Those close to me in the business world, friends and family all know why I am called Super Dave and call me that day in and day out. Even Kelly Urich calls me by my nickname; Bryan Busby as well has been known to use it.

    So those close to me all understand the nickname, the meaning behind it, and why it is used day in and day out. As for you two clowns who are you to have an opinion in the first place about what I am called. Even Glazer has an issue with it but like I care, he time and time again shows his stupidity about it as you do just like the dude points out and as well as attention does.

    No it isn’t my legal name but what people call me and know me by. I didn’t pick it but it has been a part of my life all these years only because those around me use it. People who know me that read this blog know it is me or at least ask for sure if it is me. If I had decided to call myself that it would be an ego issue but it wasn’t that way at all it was given to me. As a forensic psychologist I know points out the issue isn’t about your name but about the fact that people can’t stand the fact that you really are a super person and hence why so many call you that. They don’t know you and since you are a very private person for the most part unlike a lot who expose themselves on that site the mystical side of your life is something they can’t understand

  35. Fred says:

    Dave….u r full of crap. I thought this was all nonsense. But you have now really got my goat. You write “I didn’t pick it”. What Bullsh*t! You pick it every time you sign off that way!!! So you HAVE AN EGO ISSUE where you refer to yourself as Super Dave. So stop this nonsense where you keep trying to convince us this is other people forcing this name on you. A FREAKIN psychologist tells you that you are in fact a super person. HYSTERICAL. Was this Marshall Sapen by any chance? Dr. Phil? Please write more. While it pisses me off its funny to see inside the mind of an ego manic.

  36. Super Dave says:

    Poor Fred
    Well Fred you don’t know me nor can you read in the first place because if you had read what I said you wouldn’t make stupid comments.

    Funny how somone can say the ignorant things you have while saying someone you don’t know is full of crap. I would hope you would seek help with your anger control issues if something you know nothing about pisses you off as you stated here.

  37. Back at ya friend says:

    Nobody’s friend
    Come on people. Anyone that has read any of what Glazer writes for any length of time has heard the “King of Sting” more than the phrased sliced bread. He’s even been so self involved to classify himself as a high profile criminal when compared to Sandusky.

    This is the one and only time the origin of the name Superdave has EVER appeared in these pages. We all use a “handle” within the pages so to call someone out for their handle is grasping to make a point. To “scribe” it into every other story to pump your self worth and rise your shit above the crowd in an effort to make everybody take a wiff is a sign of a mind that needs some serious counceling. Consider this Craigs councelling considering he’s getting it on the cheap i’d say we are doing him a favor.

  38. Mr Professor says:

    Excuse me sirs
    but I beleive what Super Dave was called out on was when “Friend” said Craig was insecure and everyone had been there. Super Dave responded that “not everyone had been there indicating that he had never been insecure.” Then his “handle” was used as an example that he to might have some insecuritites and ego issues.

    So now here we are several posts later and the issue has been changed to “Why are people slamming Su[per Dave for his nickname?” Glazer soes indeed need serious counseling. But that being said the feeble attempts for Super Dave to prove he has no insecurity or ego problems indicate his need for counseling to. But it appears he already gets it from the couselor that tells him that he is indeed Super. Strange indeed.

    Good day gentlemen.

  39. Super Dave says:

    You just Can’t handle the truth.
    A name is how we are known or remembered as by all the people who surround us in life. You may be called a certain name as well for what it is you do and how you act. You as well could be called names which many would find offensive if not downright rude only because the person saying it is of such.

    I am known as Super Dave by many people and that

  40. 4caster says:

    Super dave please shut up
    You’ve already dug a deep enough hole for yourself. So move on and let it go. Also: Why does Bryan B usby call you “super dave”?
    I was curious why he calls you that. Just asking. Now that’s really strange! Know what I mean.

  41. Matt Wilson says:

    Just a minute
    What the hell is wrong with you people are you just douche-bags all the time? I know Dave and yes he is a great guy. That

  42. guy that started all of this says:

    And the TRUTH is
    And the truth is just as I spoke from the beginning. We all have issues including shocking enough Super Dave. Its just yours have been on display now for almost a week. As Craig would say…”thanks for playing.”

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