New Jack City: Hot Times On The Big Screen

Seth MacFarlane‘s raunchy TED beat expectations by over $20 million in ticket sales this weekend!
By grossing an estimated $54.1 million in North American theaters, the talking-dirty teddy laffer has become the best-ever opening of an original R-rated comedy. By comparison TED bested THE HANGOVER by $9.1 million which had held the record with a $45 million dollar opening during the summer of 2009.

And when it comes to word of mouth—which will keep TED around for a while—the hit comedy has scored an impressive A- Cinemascore.

Speaking of scoring…

Warner Brothers’ male stripper dramedy MAGIC MIKE didn’t fare bad either.
The Channing Tatum-Matthew McConaughey showoff brought in (estimated) $ 39.2 million while earning a B- Cinemascore.

Things are bound to heat up even further at the boxoffice on Tuesday when THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN joins the holiday fray.

Note: Catch my SPIDEY review here Monday!
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