Hearne: Is That Former Chief Tony Gonzalez in 2013 Mustang Commercial?

Close but no Tony G

You know what they say, looks can be deceiving. Big time in the case of a Ford Mustang commercial that’s been bumping around YouTube in recent months. And comments section habitue Rick wasn’t the only one to finger former Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez – now with Atlanta – as the dude on the street twice seen ogling a new 2013 Mustang in the spot.

Little wonder.

The chef suit attired guy with the wild ass tattoo on his right forearm is the spitting image of Tony G.

Which probably won’t come as a big surprise if indeed – as noted by commenters among the 1.3 million plus people who’ve seen the spot – it’s Tony’s big brother Chris Gonzalez.

Sure does look like Tony Gonzalez though – enough to fool some folks.

"Great commercial, great car, and it’s always fun to see Tony Gonzalez on TV," wrote Chris on the website Every Man’s Auto.  "He’s still a Chief in my eyes…"

Just one problem…

"That’s not Tony. That is big brother, Chris," a commenter pointed out.

"That is correct. This is Chris Gonzalez!!" added a second.

Which brings us to an actual, "name" authority (wink, wink), courtesy of chacha.com.

"Is Tony Gonzalez in the Ford Mustang commercial?" its headline reads.

The answer:

"Tony Gonzalez is not in the Ford Mustang commerical. In the 2013 Ford Mustang commercial, the man appearing in the ad is Chris Gonzalez, who is the older brother of Tony Gonzalez."

Speaking of Tony G…

Stumbled onto his bio on JockBio.com, which begins with a kiss up to Tony’s hunky looks and a dissing of KC.

"Tony’s matinee-idol looks and good-guy charm don’t hurt, either," it reads. "After years of toiling in relative obscurity, Tony has found a team that may get him the one accolade he’s been missing, Super Bowl champion."

What, toiling in obscurity?

Gonzalez went to 10 straight Pro Bowls as a Chiefs player beginning in 1999.

Oh, well…

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