Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Magic Mike’ Dishes Sex, Drugs & G-String Beefcake

Talk about having your dessert up front…

The women members of our screening audience were squealing with delight at almost the very first scene of MAGIC MIKE.


Because a naked Channing Tatum was rolling out of bed showing off his firm naked arse to their delight. Welcome to Warner Brothers low-brow, summer beefcake serving of MAGIC MIKE, a film that takes us into the sordid world of male strippers and operates on the premise of:

"You’ve got to deal with what you’ve got."

And Tatum has it. Looks. A bod to kill for. And a stage presence that women at ‘Girls Night Outs’ go nuts for.

As for his acting, not so much.

The story here (yes, there’s a story) has Tatum taking young stud Alex Pettyfer under his wing and schooling him in the fine arts of women, money and a good time—not to mention the classy side of male stripping.

It all goes down—pardon the pun—at the Xquisite Revue run by Matthew McConaughey who struts a pretty mean tear-away pants performance himself.

Oh sure, there’s a front and a back story.

But even some acting – if that’s what you want to call it – is pretty hokey, so I won’t bore you with it.

Suffice it to say, what we’ve got here is plenty of male flesh on display.

Hell, there’s even some female goodies to gawk at.

So along those lines it’ll deliver for the gals just like McConaughey’s best line in the film promises to his studs:

"You’re the husband they never had."

Raunchy, racy—even occasionally amusing—Magic Mike is squarely aimed at the lusting female fantasy audience.

And naturally visits from the gay dude crowd are welcomed as well.

So leave your inhibitions at home if taking in the hard R-rated MAGIC MIKE, for which I’m grinding 2-1/2 out of 5 fingers.

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