Whinery: Obama’s Truth Squad Whack-A-Moles Website

In one of the more chilling incidents perpetrated by our “Dear Leader,” an obscure website- homelandsecurityus.com – was given 48 to relocate from GoDaddy.com, the popular web hosting site.


The website’s owner, Douglas Hagmann, the CEO of Hagmann Investigative Services whose clients include Fortune 500 companies, was flabbergasted when given the news. An investigator with the “GoDaddy Abuse Division" told him that his site contained “morally objectionable” material and had to go. Which is a pretty laughable when you think of all the filthy pornography that pervades the Internet.        

Mr. Hagmann used his investigative prowess to find out what was really going on, and what he found out was stunning.

First he was able to get GoDaddy to confirm that it was not “any official government agency” but the order had come from a group with ties to Obama’s campaign. Then his many contacts in government confirmed it was “Obama’s Truth Team”- which is the campaign’s rapid response team in charge of political spin- that had given the order to have his site shut down.

Let’s think about this for a moment…

The President’s re-election campaign decides it does not like the content of a website critical of its policies, calls GoDaddy’s corporate headquarters and has them issue an edict giving them two days to find a new place to host their site or its entire content will be deleted.

Nixon was a piker compared to Obama.

What Nixon did at Watergate would be “legal” under the PATRIOT Act if perpetrated today.

So how did homelandsecurityus.com get the dubious distinct of getting in the President’s crosshairs?          

A quick perusal of the site shows that Mr. Hagmann has been on the cutting edge of exposing the “Fast and Furious” scandal.

“For those of you in Rio Linda” as Rush would say- It’s a drug and gunrunning scandal involving the US Department Of Justice, ATF, DEA and Mexican Drug Lords. One where thousands of firearms were sold to weapons traffickers in hopes of tracing them to “bad guys” and making arrests. Instead the guns have been linked to numerous deaths on both sides of the border- including Brian Terry, as US Border Patrol Agent.

There are a plethora of other conspiracies concerning the scandal which I will sift through later…          

The President recently claimed “Executive Privilege” on behalf of his Attorney General, Eric Holder, to prevent any more documents from being turned over to a special investigative committee in the US House Of Representatives headed by Darrell Issa (R. CA). 

The President will regret this…        

By using the doctrine of “Executive Privilege” the President has now tacitly admitted that he has personal knowledge of the “Fast and Furious” scandal- something that he insists he was left “out of the loop” on. Privilege can only be invoked on matters involving the White House. So the next question that’s coming is, “What did the President know and when did he know about it?”

And as for homelandsecurityus.com… Its up and running having found a new web host.

And it’s well worth your time to check out!

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112 Responses to Whinery: Obama’s Truth Squad Whack-A-Moles Website

  1. harley says:

    sorry mr. esquire
    your new name is the “garbage man”! More trash in this article than in a garbage can. Your facts are so
    wrong including the trash you put on here about the guns…the deletion of information about the
    bullets and the actual use of executive priviledge by the president.
    If we want to read or hear garbage like this shit you put out we can watch faux news or
    turn to watch the cartoon channel.
    This article reeks with more innacurate information than anything written by the astute
    writers of kcc.
    Your writing is nothing but fantasy and right wing crap. In other words when you get some
    integrity about you’re writing replace this incorrect piece.

  2. paulwilsonkc says:

    All Hail His Majesty, King Barack Hussein Obama the 2nd
    Every knee shall bow, every tongue shall say: Long live the KING! God save the King.
    Lets see what law he decides to suspend today.
    The sign of any good dictatorship; see a law you dont like, suspend enforcement.
    See something you WANT to do, Constitutional or not, IMPLEMENT it anyway! Doesn’t matter, thats why you’re KING!
    Let’s hope he doesnt decide to suspend elections in November stating we are at too critical a juncture in the economy to change asses in the middle of the stream…. we must stay with the current regime. It’s for our own good, after all.

  3. mike says:

    The article was not false. In fact, Congress is going to have a vote tomorrow that will probably hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress due to the fact that he has contradicted himself in testimony to Congress and has withheld information. Whinery didn’t even mention the politically driven selective enforcement of laws. He also didn’t mention the leak scandal. Where do you get your news? MSNBC?

  4. Jim says:

    Don’t do it, Mike….
    Mike, if Harley doesn’t have Obama’s cock in his mouth, it’s in his ass. If you try to reason or use logic when rebutting Harley……..well…….you are pissing in the wind. That head of his is harder than Chinese arithmetic.

  5. harley says:

    you must be smartman…always referring to gay stuff…because people who do that are actually
    I don’t have time to go into the details but i will when i get time. This article is just like the
    bullshit the repubs have pulled for years…all political..
    actually this program…if mike would read…started before obama got into office..
    the bullet can’t be identified that it came from a gun that was let in…the nra got laws
    passed that allowed 30,000 guns a year to pass into mexico from the u.s…
    how many of those guns killed innocent victims and americans…issa already said
    stheres no coverup within the white house…..oh and what about those 6000 dead
    that all started with a lie…
    JIm/smartman..you’re a disgrace…and i’m sure from the wording that you’re not so smart man…
    and you were “outed ” by other commentators on here.

  6. Harley says:

    Jim, I dont care if your jim or Smartman
    Ewe hit………………
    the nale on
    the head.
    I am stupid, phoney….
    and racist and loser blowe hard.
    I have outed
    myself…………..know help
    needed by commentors.
    Now I have to
    put this back in my mouth
    once you go Obama,
    ewe never go back

  7. mike says:

    If what you say is true, then Holder should let Congress have the documents they requested. At first, Holder said he had no knowledge of Fast and Furious and only admitted he did when he was caught lying. By the way, you say only republicans pull this so called “bullshit”. Remember Scooter Libby? He turned out to be innocent. The republicans are nice to Obama compared to how the Democrats treated Bush!

  8. Jim says:

    Yo Smartman!
    Hey Smartman, Harley has us / you / me all figured out. Damn, I guess the jig is up.

  9. harley says:

    the garbage can article
    writer uses as his basis of this story a guy named hagman. Have any of you people gone and checked
    this nut case out? He makes the right wing nut cakes look like liberals.
    If you check this nutcases history he’s predicted at least 2 depressions in the last 10 years..
    but this summer heres what he says..
    fEMA camps are being built to handle miliions of americans being moved.
    Department of Homeland Security is planning to start a civil war in america.
    The mega banks are all behind this because then they can control everything!
    The rich people in america know about the coming financial disaster and are preparing
    right now to move everything into militarized camps to protect themselves.
    Congress and president and preparing to declare martial law this summer to
    prevent outbreaks of violence..
    this guy who the whine man used as a basis for this article is one big fucking
    kook. This garbage writer used this as the basis of his article….
    Had i not gone to see what this looney toon guy was talking about i would neve
    r have believe what he was saying…and his credentials were lies…
    Are you serious…and you write using this nut as the source of your information
    on this entire article.
    yea…out front…out front and crashing into a wall trying to use pure bullshit.
    and did you read the advertisers of his site…..end of time preparations…
    mr. winery….you are a fucking phony for even putting this trash up. I know the
    kcc has few readers…but to write such lies and garbage based on a man
    who predicted thev last 3 civil wars…the last 2 depressions…come on man
    stop lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Orphan of the Road says:

    Five year plans and new deals wrapped in golden chains
    And I wonder, still I wonder, who’ll stop the rain?

    Gosh, oh gee willie, THIS President is abusing his power. Oh wait, so did the last one, the one before that and so on and son amen.

    The powers which appalled the “Conservatives” when they were proposed by Clinton, were embraced under George W by those same people. The voices of reason within the “Conservative” are shouted down by people who are not Conservative but play one in the media.

    Richard Posner’s remarks on the recent SCOUS decisions says it all about how out of whack our judiciary operates.

    ” I don’t object to the result, but the case is a good illustration of how unmoored constitutional law has become. The analysis part of the opinion begins with two quotations from Supreme Court opinions, one that the cruel and unusual punishments clause “guarantees the right not to be subjected to excessive sanctions” and the other that the clause “flows from the basic ‘precept of justice that punishment for crimes should be graduated and proportioned.” These propositions have no basis in the text of the Eighth Amendment (imprisonment is not cruel, and mandatory life sentences for juvenile murderers is not unusual, at least in the United States) or the English legal history that lies behind it or punishment practices in 18th century, as the court more or less confesses in the same paragraph with a corny quotation from another Supreme Court opinion: The concept of cruel and unusual punishments is based on “the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.” Is the United States a maturing society? Surely not in the realm of criminal law, a real disaster area

  11. harley says:

    stupid m-f ers on kcc
    heres the problem. this guy writes an article with his main source of information a guy
    named hagman. The internet has dozens of sites about this nut job.
    If you write an article use some serious people to qoute…not another of those
    crazy fucking nuts who have predicted pure shit for the last 10 years.
    This hagman guy is a phony and to use him as a source in the article is
    absolutely stupid on the part of whoever mr. whiney man is.
    So i point out the article is garbage…i go check out the source of the article
    who is the focal point of this losers writings ….i give a few “details” that the
    writer failed to mention which changes the whole story and soon

  12. mike says:

    There is alot more than what was stated by this guy in this article to oppose Obama. Not everybody is for his far left socialist leaning policies, especially when they have not worked elsewhere. Look at the mess in Europe. Those leaks I mentioned had to come from people in Obama’s inner circle based on the content in them such as the kill list. Even Diane Feinstein, a democrat, was upset about this one! By the way, people are going to take your viewpoints more seriously if you delivered them without all of the ad hominum attacks on those who disagree with you.

  13. paulwilsonkc says:

    I don’t care that he’s a wing nut – once again
    dust it being stirred to bypass the point. It was ordered SHUT DOWN!!

    Another common trick by the lefties learned from beginners magic trick books: Watch THIS HAND over here…. while the OTHER hand is performing the trick. They all attempt to call names, stir up dust, hoping everyone will chase the rabbit trails, defend themselves, while pulling you off topic. And the topic this time: nut job or not, the “government” wanted him shut down. THAT and there in lies the ONLY point. Not whether or not he is a black helicopter believer, not whether or not he’s correct, legit or valid. The point is, clearly, he was shut down for HIS beliefs and what he posted.

    If you want to stand and support that, get your gas masks ready….

    Who will be there when they come for YOU?

  14. harley says:

    sorry …..wrong again..
    obviously you did not visit the website. Please go see the trash this guy puts up…and what
    mr. whinery used as the sole source for this b.s. article..if you were to read the site and see
    what was on there…it clearly violates the servce agreement that go daddy has….i know…i know of
    some radical left wing sites that were also REFUSED HOSTING BY GO DADDY……and they too deserved it…but there are
    thousands of internet hosting companies to go thru.
    heres what go daddy had to say…the exact same qoute the used when shutting down the
    hosting (they didn’t shut down the site as mr. whinery said…they didn’t tell the guy to quit
    putting his b.s. up…they only said they would refuse to host his site…and thats different
    than shutting it down. I suggest anyone saying the site was shut down do some reswearch
    on the net and see how this works. I work with some of the top seo companies and internet
    companies in the nation. I have visited directly with the go daddy people on several instances…
    and their policy is not to shut the site down…its to tell the looney tunes to move onto another
    hosting provider…and thats a big difference..
    .heres what go daddy said….and its no different than the release when they refused to host…2 left wing
    nut cases site…HOST…NOT SHUT DOWN….
    We did receive complaints about objectionable content on Homelandsecurityus.com, but it was not from a government agency or campaign committee, nor was it political in nature.

    As you may already know, we investigate all serious complaints about content reported to violate our terms of service. In this case, we substantiated the complaints and found several examples of content that appeared to violate our Terms of Service.

    We don

  15. paulwilsonkc says:

    Heres the facts…..
    a branch, arm ,department of unit of the GOVERNMENT told tem to shut it down.
    Thats all that matters to me. i dont care if its porn, black helicopters or Rachel Madcow naked, thats not the goverments role.
    Its not about private business. Go Daddy allows full on porn based addresses.

  16. smartman says:

    In typical Alinsky fashion Half Black Barry and his minions are on the attack. All you need to know about the regime can be found on infowars.com. Alex Jones has been talking about this shit for years and they know better than to fuck with Alex, because if they do the genie comes out of the bottle and doesn’t go back in. It’ll be Armageddon for the commies and libs in this country. The largest army in the world is the US citizen and most of us in that army are God fearing, gold owning, gun toting conservatives. We have the ability to invoke real change in this country when provoked. Take my advice. 10,000 rounds of ammo and at least 3 months, preferably 6, of food, water and medicine.

  17. mike says:

    Are trying to make Harley have a heart attack or something?

  18. harley says:

    oh…there he is again!!!!
    the government did not order it shut down…no agency of the government ordered it shut down. Go daddy also
    got ripped when they denied further hosting to 2 left wing nut case site….they don’t disctriminate against the left or
    the right.
    Oh and i wondered when the tin foil hat gay guy would return to qoute alex jones…another credible
    guy with predictions of upheavel and massive civil uprisings. come on dude…these guys love people like
    you…low information…racist….uneducated….broke dicks who need a .scapegoat to blame for the fact that
    they’re losers…sorry tin foil man…you’re wrong…your hero is again wrong…and yes…get all y9ur
    phony guns and ammo together because its just a matter of time before the nazis take your
    .house away…..get a life and get out of the bunkier ogf your basement….wow…how stupid can you be?????????
    the commies? come on tin foil hat gay guy…where are the commies hding…under your bed with bobby?

  19. Lance the Intern says:

    Hey Harley
    Seriously — Can you point out any factual errors here in this article? Here’s my takeaway from it:
    1) Homelandsecurityus.com was dropped by godaddy.com
    2) The owner of the site, a Mr. Haggman, did some research and identified that the site had been dropped at the request of an “Obama Truth Team”
    3) The “Obama Truth Team” does, in fact, exist (http://www.barackobama.com/truth-team/)
    4) Homelandsecurityus.com contains a great deal of material regarding Operation Fast and Furious that is critical of the President.
    5) The President recently claimed executive privilege to prevent any Operation Fast and Furious documents from being turned over to a HoR investigative committee.

  20. harley says:

    actually mike
    its hard trying to educate these people. Its really hard to try and let them understand that the world
    is not coming to an end…the government isn’t out to get them….and that life really is incredible!
    As far as a heart attack…no way mike. I worked out this morning for one and half hours at
    prairie life…played 30 minutes of bbal with some really really really great players…they must
    have been from some school…someone said one guy was named nate green (don’t know)
    but as always i shoot from the outside (way outside) and not try to drive in the lane against
    these really good players.
    I’m in great shape and will defintley outlive the rest of the people here on kcc…except maybe

  21. mark smith says:

    harley thought Fast and Furious
    was the memoir of an angry female sprinter. Here is Holder in 95 giving his agenda on video.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhqUGCNiK9w .

    It makes the conspiracy theorists seem anything but far fetched. Obama, the constitutional law expert is doing his best to shit on everything the constitution stands for. He makes Jimmy Carter look like a member of the Tea Party.
    And harley, writing in caps and while calling the author everything but a white man, makes you sound like the love child of Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi. So go watch the video.


    Why don’t you just go back to lining your pockets and defeating measures that would benefit all Americans like a good, mouth-breathing, selfish, short-sighted Republicunt synchophant.

    Or start a big investigation like you did with Whitewater. How’d that work out for you?

  23. HARLEY says:

    bring out the looney tunes and tin foil hats
    I’ve awaken the local nut cases. Obama is doing nothing to fight the constitution. Have you read the
    supreme court rulings…they beat up on the papers please law (eseentailly saying try it…and if we
    find it profiles it’s out!!!!!)….
    And yes folks….I hope the supreme court throws out the mandate…although for your constitutional
    PENALTY….SO YOU PEOPLE….ITS NOT A MANDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!READ THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    take off the tin foil hats….the world is not ending…its a beautfil world….it
    a great world…its not ending soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll watch the video on holder…………NRA SENDS 30,000 GUNS TO MEXICO…how many’
    people did those kill????????????????????????
    you all are amazingly little sheep……get educated…get informed…and realize the world
    doesn’t happen in your basements!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lance…i will get back to you after my lunch with one of kc’s top business people.

  24. Harley says:

    Ewe guys are too stupid to find my own lies
    so I be goin to help ewe.

    My 1st comment: harley 06:42:31 AM – Wed.
    My 2nd comment: harley 08:20:06 AM – Wed
    My 3rd comment: Harley 08:29:08 AM – Wed
    My 4th comment: harley 08:39:48 AM – Wed
    My 5th comment: harley 08:49:12 AM – Wed
    My 6th comment: harley 10:25:30 AM – Wed
    My 7th comment: harley 10:44:05 AM – Wed
    My 8th comment: harley 10:58:18 AM – Wed

    and in that………………
    10:58 comment………… I stated:
    As far as a heart attack…no way mike. I worked out this morning for one and half hours at
    prairie life…played 30 minutes of bbal with some really really really great players…

    You broke dick tin hat wearn
    mutha fukers, do the math
    your selfs.
    When do you think
    I was workin………………………….. out, 4am?

    hahahahahaha punked
    ewe all again! I lie hear every day
    and no one is smartman enough to catch me
    I lie so much I forget most
    of them

    ………….Harley is right
    100% of the…………… time
    and when I lie Im still right
    cause you ………………
    ……..all are losers
    and I believe what I want to.
    I dont know the differeunce in
    true and lie so your all punked!
    Loooooser broke dick wanna bes.

  25. smartman says:

    Harley, like Glazer, is not only entitled to his own opinions but also his own facts. Trying to engage Harley in Socratic debate is like trying to get Mayor Sly to make a public appearance with his wife.


    I can’t recall any president that treated the Constitution like toilet paper, smeared with his cronies’ shit, more than your Personal Jesus, George W. Bush.

    “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face! It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!” is a quote well-known by lovers of freedom who recognize the damage Bush did to the constitution.

    Remember the fourth amendment? Bush wiped his ass with that part of it. With our internet use monitored and now having to show our papers, it’s totally gone. Nice work by your cronies. So get lost, “Esquire.” Go crawl back under your rock.

  27. Orphan of the Road says:

    I thought it was Andy Jackson
    Who used the Constitution for toilet paper, setting a fine example for those who followed.

    “I don’t object to a loose construction of the Constitution; there isn’t any sensible alternative, given how old and out of touch the document is, how unrecoverable the actual thinking of its authors and ratifiers, and how vaguely worded so much of it is. But it would be nice if interpretation could be based on something more than gut. We need evidence-based law as we need evidence-based medicine, wrote Richard Posner.

  28. smartman says:

    Ruh Roh Scooby Doo
    The Obama administration has made far more incursions against the constitution than all other President’s combined. Fast and Furious was a balls out attempt to fuck with the Second Amendment and almost daily we can find situations where our right to free speech is being challenged. Obama is a fraud. Like Harley fucking his inflatable doll, he’s way in over his head and doesn’t know what to do. Leader’s lead, they don’t piss and moan and whine all the time. If Obama didn’t know how fucked up things were on day one, then he and his transition team were, and are, idiots. The only thing that matters in governance is RESULTS. He has none.

  29. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smartman, I was so hurt to read you’re gay….
    and to find out when you write under your assumed name, “Jim”, you say “gay things”, making you gay in real life.

    I tried to follow that dizzing line of intellect, got sick, went to the bathroom and puked my guts up, then came back to offer my condolences.

    Gay or not, SmartJimMan, you are my friend. Keep speaking truth to swine, just dont wrestle in the mud with one.

  30. Orphan of the Road says:

    @smartman, Wilson
    I doubt it but he still has time to trump all those who came before.

    I am truly in awe of our “leaders”. They can rant and rave on a subject and then pick up their briefcases, walk around the table and take the position against their stated position and never miss a beat.

    The only thing in government which matters is controlling the contracts.

    Wilson, I never believed that gay stuff about smartman. He always seemed too grumpy to be gay. What? Oh, THAT gay.

  31. smartman says:

    It’s Gayday
    I would not make a good gay man. I have a very strong gag reflex. Now, if having an impeccable wardrobe, all seasons of QAF on DVD and a couple of Bon Jovi cd’s makes me gay than so be it. I am who I am.

  32. BMAN says:

    Harley – WOW!
    I have not been on this site for very long and I have had a couple of discussions with you Harley on politics and health. I had thought you were a reasonable thinking liberal, but it is obvious that you have drank the kool-aid for a very long time. Seriously…take a step back and start thinking objectively. I am not bashing you…just saying, step back and think out of the box. The answers come from both sides of a debate and/or facts. Not just one side. You know that Harley….really you do.

    Both parties are screwed up, but this administration is a total JOKE period. Just like Bill Clinton said “Amateurs”….the whole administration. Even a lot of democrats won’t go near the Obama administration. Hillary and Bill are salivating over all of the Obama issues.

  33. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smartman! He’s HERE, he’s QUEER, hes PROUD!
    I’ll stand by your side and march with you!

    And I agree, Orphan, I watched more Harvard or other ivy league B school grads come in as “Executive Assistants”, roll out of that as VP’s and ruin that place that any other class of people. Sad….

  34. smartman says:

    @ Wilson
    Now that my sexuality is all cleared us I’m going to celebrate with some foil gras and a nice Pinot Grigio.

  35. smartman says:

    I mean FOIE GRAS
    Damn you Steve Jobs and your cursed quasi intuitive auto correct!

  36. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Smartman, sounds like a GREAT idea…
    subsitute the Pinot for a nce BV cab…. and I’ll join you. I am, however, a happily married straight man so don’t get any matching shoes and belt ideas….

  37. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Smartman, I just listen to what you mean…
    not what you spell

  38. harley says:

    since not a single comment from the peanut gallery
    came with any facts (typical) I thought i might add a few things to backup my claims.
    As for smartman…you should kiss obamas ass since now you can marry your partner!!!
    Heres a few…don’t have much time…more to come..
    And i would love to see what the republican congress did over the same period…not much…just tried
    to run the country into the ground..
    hop[e this is enough…but i have more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He pushed through and signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, otherwise known as

  39. harley says:

    and most importantly …..
    he got (along with the brave soliders and the incredible intelligence system his adminstration set up…yes…obama
    committeed more dollars to surveillance of al queda members including bin laden thatn george bush did in


    NOW…PLEASE…TELL ME WHAT THIS MAN DID WRONG….show me the constitutional
    problems he created….

    oh and smartman….you’ve got a new name….ASSMAN….BECAUSE YOU’RE ALWAYS SO
    NEGATIVE…”BURN THE JEWS….KILL THE BLACKS”…..nice guy assman…
    maybe karma will get even with you…..GFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. harley says:

    you fuckers gotta stalk me???????
    actually worked out from about 6:am-alittle after 8….the time on my first comment must have been wrong..
    however…heres the challenge…meet me up at prairie life one day at 6:30 am…
    i drive the mercedes thats usually parked under the tree….come on out..
    letsz see if you old guys can keep up with me. would be fun…I do weights…do bball…
    aqnd if you need any further exercise i’m up for that too…..
    and for all you old tired guys….get off your couches …..get in shape or your
    old ladcies will be leaving you for younger more in shape guys…
    reach me here…would love to see some of the more “active” commentators
    on here just make it one time around the track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. paulwilsonkc says:

    Epic FAIL
    Obama’s Stimulus Failed To Keep Unemployment Below 8 Percent as Obama Promised

    Obama’s $825 Billion Stimulus Failed To Keep The Unemployment Rate Below The 8 Percent And Is Nowhere Close To The 6 Percent They Predicted It Would Be At By Now.

    Instead, Since The Stimulus Was Passed, The Unemployment Rate Has Increased From 8.2 Percent To 8.5 Percent And Has Remained Above 8 Percent For A Post-WWII Record 35 Straight Months.


    On CBS’ “60 Minutes”, Obama Called His Health Care Package One Of His Major Accomplishments


  42. smartman says:

    Today at 3 Rivers Psychiatric Hospital
    Harley learned to cut and paste. Harley, PLEASE get my positions right. I’m good with the blacks but I do wanna send the niggers back to Africa. I also think we need a holiday called Gasover to get rid of fucks like you that give all Jews a bad name. I’m not anti semitic. I just changed my Internet service over to Bebe Internetanyahu.

  43. paulwilsonkc says:

    Bullying the Big Three automakers into doing what Obama wants.

    Insulting Queen Elizabeth.

    Insulting Israel

  44. harley says:

    looks like smartassman can’t answer the challenge
    its his usual ybullshit. He can’t argue facts so he uses his usual brand of gay humor.
    You were outed yesterday by another commentator and you were not able to answer.
    Please smartman…stick to facts…you made a statement…please please
    use your brain (whats left) and lets have a serious debate. You and your
    little buddies can’t come up with an intelligent argument so your revert to
    your usualy “gay” humor…because we found oun what you like to do and
    you were outed yesteday. You buddies over there love you…know what
    i mean???????????????????
    get it?????????????

  45. Harley says:

    Yeah the CLOCK was wrong, thats what Ill say…
    thaaaats the ticket
    …it works for
    everywon but
    I comment it gets my
    wrong, thats my excuse.
    i really did work out 2 hours
    i was commenting from the
    treadmill….. using my
    etch a sketch
    now leave me alone
    I have 3 more impotent
    lunchs do cover today
    with world leaders

  46. smartman says:

    Harley una cara used tiene como puerco
    Harley, I think the distinguished Mr. Wilson just shoved a 2″ by 4″ up your ass with his responses. As a compassionate conservative I don’t kick a dog when it’s down, but I will make a donation to Wayside Waifs in your name.

  47. harley says:

    come on wilson….i asked for some others
    accomplishments….we can get negative all day long…have you nothing postive to say about
    your guy romney and the rest of the republicans. I understand why you l.ike those guys!
    So libya…obama got kaddafi out of office…boy who was one of the biggestv terrorists
    in the world…without a single american life lost or a bullet shot by americans…
    hwos that wilson…understand that?
    cooperation wit5h pakistan? are you fuking nuts? We never really had anyrelations
    with pakistan…and to fly in and get the guy who killed 3000 innoecent americans..
    are you serious? he got the actionin and out without a single amercian life
    lost. who cares about pakistan…do you think they could last without us…
    they need us bad…discuss that wilson.
    insuraing cahtolic insttitutiois provide birth control…hey wilson..ipm sure you
    already knw this but for many many years cathoiic services have provided
    free birth control….did you know that. Did you know that 30 states had
    laws in place long before obama got into office to be forced to cover
    birth control by insurance companies…know that????
    Oh and since when are there any cathlic girls not on birth control.
    Maybe talk with some of the girls from notre dame or the othert
    catholic schools….going back years and years they’ve been doing
    the rockhurst guys……and using birth control.
    Bullying the big 3 automakers…come on wilson…got any facts…
    obama saved them…romney wanted them bankrupt…said let them
    go bk….without the money obama pushed millions would have lost
    their jobs…aned you would not have had the parts to fix your old cars…
    and the spiral effect would have been disastrous for all the suppliers
    and venders of the big 3….even ford motor credit stayed afloat with the
    government money…did you know that????????????????
    wilson…you’re arguing with an intelligent and very successful man
    here. You’re trying to beat me at my own game…ain’t gonna
    work…sorry….if you want to debate my points on a few of your
    misconceptions please reply…otherwise mind your own business
    or face the wrath of my excelelnt ability to outwit and outthink you.
    You can’t beat me…physically/intellectually/financially/economically…
    ….its just that simple.
    I would love to hear your retort to my points ina civil manner
    but i’m pretty good at this type of stuff.
    stay cool….

  48. smartman says:

    And we thought billy carter was funny
    Handy Reference Guide to Obama

  49. harley says:

    you’re good with negatives…tell me somthing positive that romney or the republican congress
    did that helped america…please..
    and as i said..i’m great at this game…don’t need to just cut and paste..i know
    this stuff..
    and as always…i know this hurts…but you can’t beat me. You can’t outsmart me.
    In any way…intellectually.
    financially…athletcially….i’ve got it all going on….
    sorry. I’m on top of the world right now….

  50. harley says:

    harley wins…AGAIN! PLEASE…I JUST OUTLINED …not from cutting and pasting …4 things that were wrong
    with your arguments. I used my own knowledge….come tell me where i was wrong…if you can…
    HARLEY WINS…AND THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. HARLEY says:

    you can’t beat me guys. You can’t outsmart me. You can’t outwit me. You can’t even make intellgient
    non cut and paste arguments. My case rests.
    Harley reigns supreme…
    come work out with me at prairie life or lifetime.
    See how the successful people live. Come with me for an entire day. See what
    suceesful people do during the day…come watch me…you will learn a lot.
    thanks…i appreciate the intelligent debtes…lets see what you can do….
    harley is cool…;…………..no bullshit!

  52. chuck says:

    Interesting article.
    Hey Harley
    Lance the Intern 10:52:01 AM – Wed. Jun 27. 2012

    Seriously — Can you point out any factual errors here in this article? Here’s my takeaway from it:
    1) Homelandsecurityus.com was dropped by godaddy.com
    2) The owner of the site, a Mr. Haggman, did some research and identified that the site had been dropped at the request of an “Obama Truth Team”
    3) The “Obama Truth Team” does, in fact, exist (http://www.barackobama.com/truth-team/)
    4) Homelandsecurityus.com contains a great deal of material regarding Operation Fast and Furious that is critical of the President.
    5) The President recently claimed executive privilege to prevent any Operation Fast and Furious documents from being turned over to a HoR investigative committee.

    I’m gonna go with this answer and I give my proxy to smartman, mark smith and Paul.

  53. Harley says:

    Harleys points are FACT
    other’s points are rumor and inuendo.
    Im tied up with MLB people rest of the day planning parts of the All Star Game, its what I do. Out of time but will be back tomorrow.
    Im not a Romney guy, not here to promote him or his positives. There aren’t that many.
    As for the rest of your defaming comments, I will do with them as I told you I would.
    Everything I said/wrote is just as documented, just as factual.
    No one can “beat” anyone at their own game when they think they are the only keepers of the truth.
    Logical, thinking people dont play that game. Emotionally, financially, physically. Arguing with someone who it “always right” is wasted time from the start as no one is always right.
    They have a name for people who think they are, but they aren’t.
    Now, an evening of MLB execs. Sorry.

  54. harley's cool says:

    Come fly with harley!
    To my readers/disciples/ followers :
    I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that i can handl;e any intellectual conversation.
    I still continue to prove that facts are facts and I have them at my side.
    Thanks for all the nice comments and references. I will continue to be the
    speaker of facts and forgiveness…
    If any of you need any help please address me thru kcc.
    thanks…as always…

  55. paulwilsonkc says:

    Good night all…..
    There was another infamous man in history who talked a lot like that……..
    Repeat it enough times and you beleive yourself.

  56. Harley says:

    one udder thought before my exotic business evening
    with movers and shakers i invite you…all to fly with harley but no one
    nos who I am or how to find me.
    You like that touch how I do that? Name a club
    that has mutiple locations, you dont
    know my name, my email but come spend time
    with me. Harley lie 347

  57. Harley says:

    I need a hellium tank
    im so baffled by my own brilliance I cant take it any more
    good by kruel world

  58. harley says:

    now that you mentioend my connection to
    mlb…and since you brought it up.
    Have known bud selig for almost 30 years. Great guy. Daughter was my little sister in frat in columbia…sari.
    Have been to milwaukee to watch brewers.
    alos…knew her 1st husband..now big time dentist in milwaukee…wasmy frat brother.
    Bud knew us so well that he gave us a huge favor (to my other frat brother who was in his daughters
    wedding) on some business venture…and are indebted to him….
    No..i won’t be helping plan the all star game…but you can see me there.
    More free tickets…
    just one of my many people i’ve met and became friend wtih. I’m not a name dropper like others
    but i have many people that i know well and can call asap. I don’t use people for favors but
    in business i’ve done many favors for important people and i can always make calls
    when something needs to be done.
    (be the ball) you have to focus on one thing i will get to
    lance the interns comments…just give me some time.
    I’m busy.. but i want to address those real soon. When you have so many irons in the
    fire it’s hard to keep up!!!!!!!!!

  59. harley says:

    i have met many of you…many know
    who i am…would love to meet those who i don’t know. If you ever need anything
    i am always wililing to help someone who deserv es it.
    Spend many hours every year in volunteer work. Am involved in holiday promotions
    that give away over $500,000 in merchandise to very needy families.
    If you need something…contact me via this site or thru law4life1000@yahoo.com.
    I rarely read it so if you need something email me at yahoo and contact me
    via this site so i will go read it…
    thanks…and good luck to all!

  60. Harley says:

    Harley lie number 386
    law4life1000@yahoo.com – I uriginally told everywon
    that was my attorney’s email, Stan Greenberg, remember?
    Ive just totally ………………. skipped over
    that lie and now
    claim it really is
    email address.
    Sea? I can lie and ignore it then its knot
    a lie any more.
    As…………….. long as I put
    my hands on teither side of my face
    and dont sea or here it it
    never…………… happened.
    Ima sociopath by ………….its
    klinikle defunition

    and by part of $500THOUSDAN dollar
    christmas merchandize program I mean
    I donated a unwrapped knew toy
    so yes I was part of it
    Im a jew but Im taking a cheat
    bet on the baby jesus just in case

  61. harley says:

    uh…to whom it may concern…YES.

  62. harley says:

    response to lance the intern
    Hey Harley
    Lance the Intern 10:52:01 AM – Wed. Jun 27. 2012

    Seriously — Can you point out any factual errors here in this article? Here’s my takeaway from it:
    1) Homelandsecurityus.com was dropped by godaddy.com
    2) The owner of the site, a Mr. Haggman, did some research and identified that the site had been dropped at the request of an “Obama Truth Team”
    3) The “Obama Truth Team” does, in fact, exist (http://www.barackobama.com/truth-team/)
    4) Homelandsecurityus.com contains a great deal of material regarding Operation Fast and Furious that is critical of the President.
    5) The President recently claimed executive privilege to prevent any Operation Fast and Furious documents from being turned over to a HoR investigative committee.

    1. Mr. haggman did some research? This same nut case did some research and from his inside sources
    that he qouted after research said:
    a. the fema camps are being set up to take in millions of dislocated americans.
    b. the department of homeland secrurity is planning to incite a civil war
    c. the gun running operations actually existed….read fortune magazine please…
    read about the nra and that this was a plan to control guns. Outright lie…
    obama has rolled back more gun control laws than bush…and bush was
    hardly gun control
    d. wealthy americans are aware of the financial collapse soon to come and are
    setting upi militarized zones to protect their assets and families. I’m sure those in
    Mission Hills are already on this and building these zone and encampments while
    we speak.
    e. Have you read this guys site? havev you read his bulllshit? where is whinery the
    writer of this garbage to defend this stuff. The guy has “inside sources” in dhs…
    and read about his previous predictions and outlandish lies….come on guys get real.
    Go daddy did not shut down his site..they merely said to move it. Yes his site was
    against the fast and furious program…that never really existed! But so are thousands of
    other right wing sites…fox news…kkk sites…thousands are lying about f and f…and were
    they asked to find other hosting companies.
    NOONE SHUT DOWN THIS TRASH SITE!!!!noone shut down this site. Wilson is wrong.

    tRUTH TEAM DOES EXIST…its part of the war room strategy they insitituted in 2008.
    Go daddy and the truth team did not shut down hagmanns site. They merely
    sent it to another hosting company….did you read my previous post explaining
    the position of go daddy. Did you read the kooks website. Its blatantly against
    the policies you agree to host a site…but go daddy also has forced other
    left wing sites to go elsewhere.
    Noone can stop the internet. You should know that. The worst porn..illegal porn
    gets hosted on the internet. People can anoonomysly put up a website with oout
    having theire names in whois….
    The truth team was in effect in 2008 and there were no charges tha sites were
    forced to find other hosts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This kook has stuff against obama and his supposed invlement in fast and furious..
    so do thousands of other sites…read the service policy of go daddy…
    I ask all reasonable people to read the fortune magazine article that came out.
    Please read and we can discuss this again. Many documents were turned over…
    theres months of testimony….even issa said the white house was not invled in
    a coverup…

    this nut case has no credibility at al…none…he used that up. Read his
    previous writings and see they ae blatant bullshit along with alex

    get your stories straight….this is all about politics….get vready..
    obama/biden 2012

  63. ad girl says:

    sad and pathetic
    I’m a journalism major mizzou grad. I’m been wondering how things are going to online evolve past the clueless KC Star. I was really pulling for Hearne and this site.

    But I can’t believe how sad and pathetic this has become. Its a disgrace far worse than the star. Its lazy ass reporting, idiotic dialog and really juvenile discourse with absolutely no redeeming value or quality. A wide open format just doesnt work. Idiots like Harley totally override any quality here. Hearne do you have to be beat over the head with a 2x 4 ? This is truly pathetic. Its not working. +60 comments of mindless egocentric sewer gas is not a move in the right direction. Its not hit counts, its unique visitors. You’ve got nothing here and you’re not evolving. I’d be ashamed of this garbage.

  64. rkcal says:

    yeah, well this was………um…………a good debate……yeah……….um, I got this thing I gotta do now…..um……..bye.

  65. paulwilsonkc says:

    ad girl, i like the site…but
    You point out one glaring problem and you are correct. The hits soar when the idiot factor increases and there’s one primary cause of that, which you also eloquently pointed out. It won’t change anything, but thanks for pointing out the obvious. Lots of people feel just like you.

  66. Super Dave says:

    And I thought Glazer’s crap was bad

  67. mike says:

    just curious
    Was this at one time a serious journalistic website or has it always been more about entertainment? I have seen some good thought provoking articles on here but also some stories that make the National Enquirer look like the Wall Street Journal.

  68. smartman says:

    @ad girl
    How is the pizza delivery business these days? Do you work with Harley?

  69. chuck says:

    @ad girl
    Unfortunate career choice at this juncture, but I liked your critique.

    The free and open discourse offered on blogs like this all over the nation, is not only a catharsis for blow-hard self absorbed pretenders (I am president of the club.), it is that most important proletariatly (Is that a word?) processed information, vetted by experience, truth, knowledge, recieved incessantly and spatially on an egalitarian playing field to parse which in no way negates the source or heretofore journalistic cognescenti, but in fact holds serious fire to the feet of same.

    The legitimacy and bona fides of said blog, are, the mind numbing stupidity of the lowest common denominator and thier offerings, ipso facto.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it kiddo. 🙂

    Don’t go away, an infusion of youthful cynacism and dissrespect would be much appreciated.

  70. Lance the Intern says:

    Response to Harley…
    Harley — Thanks for the response. I think I understand where you’re coming from, so bear with me.

    Mr. Hagmann stated on his site that he did the research and found that the so-called “Truth Team” had given the order to Go Daddy to shut down the site.

    Mr. Whinery here reported what Mr. Hagmann stated on his site.

    It seems to me (this is the “bear with me” part) that the issue you truly have is with Mr. Hagmann and the “reporting” (I’ll use that term VERY loosely) on his site, rather than with anything Mr. Whinery has written here. In fact, it seems you are in general agreement with the points I identified coming away from the article.

    So I have to ask, why all the venom and insults for Mr. Whinery?

  71. DSW-Esq. says:

    Thank You Lance the Intern
    You should be the defense attorney…

  72. ad girl says:

    A wake up call 4 u fucksticks
    Listen up you deadbeat over-the-hillers. You knocking journalism? Why you saying its a poor career choice? You know not all of us think money grubbing consumerism is the optimal; path. This here is one f’ed up country you are passing along and some of us are intent on rectifying your overconsuptive greedy damage. I firmly believe you sad fucksticks have allowed some gross injustices and war mongering. And you want to come here to this sesspool and mindlessly pontificate? And you’ve got the balls to knock my profession? Well f off!

    Other than this Chuck, you’re a studmuffin. I adore intellectualism.

    So BigDaddy Wilson contends nothings gonna change here. It sure could if the Captain would get his ass in gear. Why even start something like this if you then just let it languish? Get a fucking registration system- made up name and a valid email adderess. Get rid of the ‘the mind numbing stupidity of the lowest common denominator and thier offerings, ipso facto’. Its not that tough! Add 3 like keys (mild attraction = 1point, like = 2 points and 3=love,love,love) and 3 dislike keys to every written piece and comment. Then tally the scores for each writter and commentator. You must be registered to use them. Right now its the lowest common denominator because no one gives a shit. Its all annonymous. Its juvernile mindless-ness run amok. Everyone has competitive tendencies. I’ll guarantee this would improve posts and allow banishments.Add another key that reads ‘This guy’s a dufus and should be banned’. So the board becomes self monitoring. No dictators needed. Take a look around at other similar online blogs ansd operations that are classy. It can be done.

    And how about some Facebook interfaces and an easier to use/read smartphone vwersion?

    How about some fucking hypertext linking capacities?

    No ones doing shjit here. No one is evolving anything. So it just downward spirals. Its crap because there’s no ones trying to improve it.

    And you sit around this playground egofesting and knocking my profession? I could IT and tech innovate circles around any of you geisers. I’ll say it again- sad and pathetic.

  73. cindy loo hoo says:

    Kudos ad girl, for speaking up
    That needed to be said. As they say in the business, I

  74. harley says:

    I LOVE ADGIRL….GO GET EM GIRL…!!!!!!!!!!
    despite the fact that you called me an idiot…you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!
    As a fellow MU jschool grad i love it. YOU’RE RIGHT…YOU COULD OUT
    IPHONE…SMART PHONE THESE GEISERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    See ad girl…i tried to put some seriouis intelligent information about this worthless
    writer and his bogus bullshit about obama and all the lies that obama has had to
    deal with over the last 4 years…absolute lies!
    Every time i do that i get the other commentatiors who come out of the woodwoork
    trying to take me down…personally. Not one intelligent rebutall to what i say…
    not one person comes out and disputes what i say…and i have to get a comment
    from jim…did you read that? sick!!!! And i fight back …which i shouldnt do.
    As an fellow mu grad..i’ve done very well. MU is the best university in the nation
    and like you I am glad to have gone there. You should read all the comments i’ve made
    having to defnd mu against people who hate it…and i get some really bad comments
    including from smartassman who said “burn the jews!!!!!!!”.
    But what do you expect…the owner is a gossip columnist…famous for articles on such
    mind inspiring topics like a plumber who takes advantage of seniors and his
    local phone provider…countless articles about a defunct bar……coke usage…crown center sprinklers….oceans of fun (which brought in some
    enlightening comments about feces)….a guy without a single source. You said you looked
    here after the star’s demise. You need to keep looking. This site is not for the
    faint at heart..I ask and plead for intelligent comments and debate and guys come
    after me with the crap you see here.
    You can outwit any of these guys. You can out tech any of these guys. But you can
    never outinsult these guys. Smartassman asked you how the pizza delivery business
    was? Insulting you!
    Don’t worry adgirl…i’ve got your back. MU grads are changing the world…and so will you.
    I know how to get back at these giesers. I just tell them how well things are going.
    Most old guys in their sixties are just waiting for the clock to run out. Waiting for
    a free check from uncle sam.
    I tell them about what i do and what i plan to do…not what i did in the past. Can’t drive a
    car looking in the rear view mirror.
    Adgirl….hearne won’t change…after the star cut him off they took away his platform. From
    400,000 plus readers to about 10 regular readers and commentators…and a lot
    of gossip and b.s.
    TIME DONATED TO HELP PEOPLE…can’t they read…..so no…you’re in the perfect place
    to not only be successful but also make a difference!!!!! ive worked with 2 presidents…
    someof the largest corporate titans in the nation…i can get anything i need from friends
    ……and I still am proud of being a j school graduate from missouri….do you know what its
    like to be a mu fan in johnson county
    I feel like i’m 30 again (wished i was 18…at the field house/harpos/watching mu play every
    game/etc)….because i love life. So when you see my comments they’re all reactionary
    to the tough abuse i take on this site….
    AND DON’T LET ANYONE EVER TELL YOU “you can’t do somethin” or ” it can’t be done”
    or “you won’t make it”….tell them to go fuck themselves (sorry…foul language).
    because the people in the world who ain’t done anything are the ones who will
    try to bring you down. When you’re successful…the ones who didn’t make it will go
    after you…it happens to all successful people.
    I should probably write better and spell better on this site but you get my drift.
    Hopefully your generation will do better than the selfish self absorbed baby boomers
    did in keeping america great. Some baby boomers have given their lives…served the
    nation…some went into public service…some changed the world.
    We turn over this nation and world to you in tough shape. I look forward to
    hearing more from you.
    Oh…i’ve got a better idea…you know so much about blogs and site…START YOUR
    OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think you’d be great….and you’d call it adgirl.com!!!
    good luck…miz-sec!

    oh…to cindy loo hoo….noone puts a gun to your head to read my posts.
    Obvviously you’re practice needs some help if you have to come on here
    to do a diagnosis. You’re way off base. Get real….trying to diagnose
    someone from their writings. What else do you do? Read palms and
    tarot cards?

  75. Orphan of the Road says:

    @ad girl
    Those guys may have put a burr under your channel but they are correct. Most of the people I know in journalism don’t have degrees in journalism. Rather they have history, political science, English. One of my friends has a law degree and works for ESPN radio.

    Overall my friends with degrees do not work in the field they studied.

    These are just things to consider.

    One big difference between todays journalism majors and my era, if we misspelled two words during our assignments, we were out of the program.

    Good luck and hopefully you will do better than what we are seeing today.

  76. chuck says:

    @ad girl – We hoped you would like it here.
    Count me as a big fan.

    smartman will come around. His acidic commentary is like the drool in “Alien”, really cool if ya stay outta the way.

    I have a healthy and obsessive disdain for most journalists, who I feel report the world as they want it to be, not as it is.

    Here is hoping you acquire some E.R. Murrow awards and someplace in Mexico, Ambrose Bierce gets ta grinnin.

  77. cindy loo hoo says:

    Harley, my practice needs no help
    but thanks for painting me with the same broad brush you do everyone else. I now feel included in the great unwashed you feel superior to. I make one comment; you can diagnose the health of my practice. Interesting, yet you don

  78. Lance the Intern says:

    Ouchtown, population you, bro….

  79. harley says:

    sari…her first husband jimmy markenson was
    my frat brother… 3 other frat borthers were in her wedding….saw him just last year in columbia….we have many of the same friends
    in st. louis…no big deal…you’re wrong dr. feel good…
    And bud did help the groomsman (brad) in st. louis get a rights license…pretty simple…brad and iwent to 3 super bowls togehter and
    were in milwaukee together..
    sorry dr. … Get your stories straight..or

  80. harley says:

    any more info …
    you’re a medical doctor….and you’re arguing with me on this website on this? are you serious? you doubt me

  81. harley says:

    i think i know who
    you are. If you’ve read my posts you know i know everyone in kc…thanks.
    get back with me as soon as possible. thanks

  82. harley says:

    sorry wrong person
    thought you were someone else…no big deal…thanks…
    get back with me on the selig deal…
    if you need more info i can provide it.
    See dr. you said you were going to ignore me…YOU CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!
    you can’t even ignore me…if you do as you say we would not be having
    this conversation. u would have moved on…
    the other people on here can’t ignore me…they can’t stop!!!
    and neither can you.
    If i’m what you say…then ignore me…its that simple!

  83. cindy loo hoo says:

    Harley, did you really say get “MY” stories straight ..or?

  84. Orphan of the Road says:

    I ain’t read any journalist since the 70s 🙂

    When I was in college, my journalism classes were taught by people who had worked for radio, tv, newspapers and brought a wealth of practical experience with them. One had been in OSS during WWII.

    Barry Nemcoff was a professor and once vice-chancellor of the Communications dept. Check out this clip from a documentary on him.


    By 1983, most of the faculty had never had a job in the journalism world. They were teaching how to write a short story or book or how to manage a film budget without ever having been close enough to those things to get a whiff.

  85. expat says:

    Harley dysfunctional?
    I thought he was just a typical loudmouth Jew; a dime a dozen in NYC amongst banksters but not so common in Kansas City.

  86. cindy loo hoo says:

    Expat, its really a sad situation
    and I would think if Hearne had any common sense he would see how destructive this person is to his site. Jew, Gentile or Hindu doesnt enter into it.
    I have read this for a few months and watched it over and over. It

  87. harley says:

    are you serious…
    i read your comment…are you serious….you are a doctor. I expect this type of comment from the
    people on here…but not a doctor.
    i was big sisters chairman of our frat. Sari was at stephens…we were friends…simple as that.
    She married jimmy…frat brother and friend. We met in columbia last year for a football game.
    One of the groomsmen needed help with a business venture. He was in the aerial photography
    business. I told him to call selig and see if we could get an mlb license. Bud did him a huge
    favor and help him get that license which normailly takes months even years to get. The guy and i did some projects togehter and he’s
    a very good friend. Jimmy was i think a year yonger than me and now a dentist in milwaukee.
    very good guy. check the story and then get back with me.
    And dr. i’ve never abused anyone…man or woman.. so you’re diagnosis is wrong again. Never been
    in trouble forr abuse…treat women like jewels…my record is clean..no arrests..no problems.
    please do what you say and ignore me from here on out….we’ven ever had an actual
    doctor come into our group but this is an honor.
    what would be fun is if you could analyze the other major commentators on here like smartman
    and also do glaze and hearne….that would be very cool. and it would be funny to see what
    you have to say about my co commenters on kcc. We’re all nuts…just read our comments..
    and maybe you can give us some directions on how to stay off kcc…
    stay cool…thanks for the mention…i can now add you to my expandind list of followers/
    disciples and fans.
    thanks and i look forward to reading more comments!

  88. harley says:

    your husband
    work for arrow truck on manchester? i may know him. knew previous owners very well.

  89. harley says:

    dr….read this….
    knew her 1st husband..now big time dentist in milwaukee

    this is from my first post…how can you ask her if she knows me dr…..she doesn’t know harley…
    get back with me on this….thanks…stay cool.
    do you know jimmy…really good guy….

  90. smartman says:

    The man with the shrunken head in a debate with a head shrinker. GLORIOUS! I’ll pay money to keep this give and take going. With all due respect doctor in order to give Harley a fighting chance here he is entitled to both his own opinions and facts. The more time he spends blogging here the less time he spends doing things that are harmful to other people. He’s like herpes and we are his Valtrex. As Jesus says, ” whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, so you do unto me”. We’re just showing Harley a different type of love and fellowship. We all take turns carrying the cross. And In the end, as you did, we all take turns nailing him to it.

    As for ad girl. So KCC is a bit naughty and unkept at times? The same can be said for postings on salon.com, huff post, economist, etc. if you’re looking for constant orgasmic intellectual stimulation go to grad school at NYU or start dating Chuck. KCC is the real world of blogging and commenting. At times dull and mundane and at other times stimulating and riveting. It’s our guilty pleasure in between episodes of Bait Car.

  91. chuck says:

    I think Hearne wrote an article touching on the lack of experience for journalists in various and sundry subjects just recently. Pretty spot on.

    I loved the video. Wow. 7 years.


  92. expat says:

    Harley is an obnoxious person (why does he need to reply three times instead of just once?) but sometimes he’s right about things (if you can get past his horrible text formatting). Calling him an abuser just because he writes a lot of ridiculous blog comments is pathetic and shameful.

  93. chuck says:

    @ ad girl
    See, I told ya, he is coming around.


  94. Lance the Intern says:

    I would like to take you seriously, but to do so would affront your intelligence.

    – William F. Buckley, Jr.

  95. chuck says:

    Put the paddles on B. F. Skinner and rid us of this
    troublesome commenter.

    Skinner will have to reverse program the entire kcconfidential commenting cognescenti, to cleanse us of the pathology.

    I needed a 12 Step program to finally stop responding. I had to admit I had a problem.

    Did you hear a bell?

  96. mike says:

    @cindy loo hoo
    On a story awhile back, Harley recommended to Glazer to bring a roll of duct tape in case the woman he was with started yelling at him. I called him on it by pointing out that duct taping a woman’s mouth shut was abuse. He NEVER said he was just joking or that he was just speaking metaphorically. He instead questioned us for thinking that we were “experts” on abuse and basically said we were wrong for thinking that such behavior was abuse. What you said on here confirms what I have thought since then.

  97. cindy loo hoo says:

    Mike, you’re preaching to the choir
    I make a living treating people just like him.

    Case in point, I cut and paste his words stating he was Sari’s frat brother while he tells me thats not what he said.

    I made my point, a redundant, reptitive one made by many on here and it lands on the ears of a fool. Interesting then, he thinks he knows who I am, and asks if my husband works at a truck shop on “Manchester” because he, Harley, used to know the former owners!?!?! See the connection? Good, because there isn’t one. This guy lives to make name dropped connections where it doesn’t even matter or is pertinent to the story line.

    In one comment post, he asks me to ignore him, follwed by asking me to get back to him with more info on Selig! Please dont talk to me, TALK TO ME, you can’t IGNORE me, PLEASE IGNORE ME!!

    I’m done. I made my point. He’s a liar. I know who he is from years back. I’ve not been in the metro area since the early 90’s. I know a couple of people on here. But he sure doesn’t know me and won’t. He’s a sad human being. You gentleman really should, as I suggested, stop feeding the monster, as that’s what he is.

  98. mike says:

    @cindy loo hoo
    Thank you for using your expertise to shed light on this and confirming what many of us already suspected.

  99. harley says:

    “The proclivity to internalize, and then vent, pent-up anger is psychologically inherent in the human condition. This is the root cause of bigotry, racism and the need for an enemy.”

    I read this article and it pointed out many women’s need to “let off steam”…This writer said it could be because the
    “happier ever after” syndrome is falling apart. they strike
    the first person they can…hoping that it’s someone who won’t strike back.
    The article goes on to mention that they need an “enemy:…someone to hate….someone to vent anger…to scream at…
    and attack without any reason. According to this analysis done by a professional psychologist
    the woman has so internalized the anger that that person will use it against someone who
    can’t return the anger…sort of “opt out anger”….a seething problem that can’t be fixed.
    Others say it’s because of external influences…I really don’t know…I’m not dr. phil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve really never been in a relationship with someone who feels that way. I’ve been lucky!
    Peace and stay cool. Thank you.

  100. hardly says:

    sum wimmen jus nead two lett offf steem………..taht is wat cauzes raceizm/biggutree/an nead 4 and enema
    thay luk 4 hoo wont striek bakk………..nead sum won two hate………..atak withowt reesun…………skreem
    lukkily ive nevver ben in a relashunship liek that…………….
    thay no if thay screem at mee………………
    eye hav a roll of duct tape reddy……………………thay are afrade to mes with mee……………..
    thay then taik it owt on peeple on websights pruving mi theery………………….
    hardly is alwase wright…………………..
    peice an stay kool. thank yoo.

  101. harley says:

    we did it! we did it!
    we got to 100 coments. Can we get to 150?
    Keep them rolling in????
    Hearne whats the record…i’m busy this weekend but can post
    from 6am-9am saturday and sunday…
    hahahahahahahaha! tHIS IS ONE BIG JOKE!
    hell…we might even catch up to greg hall in comments!!!!!!!!
    just kidding…..
    as the lady said….NOONE CAN IGNORE ME…I’M THE KING OF KCC…
    STAY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. HARLEY says:

    this whole fucking site is so funny…..anyone new on here has got to start reading this
    shit and say “all these guys are hilarious”…..
    seriously…does anyone take this shit seriously….i mean if an alien
    caome on here and read these comments they’d getin their
    ship and head back to mars!

  103. Lance the Intern says:

    The article, “The Psychology of Projection” ,only states what you have in the first quotes. It was written by Roy Masters (NOT a professional psychologist, by the way — he’s actually a conservative talk-radio show host, author, and founder of the Foundation of Human Understanding).

    Try again.

  104. HARLEY says:

    the qoute and blog
    was taken from a blog onthe internet….that qoute was used as a reference…the person
    who wrote it had some name on the blog…..it was a blog i got f4rom google search.
    Lance…not a librarian…nor a psychologist….just did search to find some
    blog and that was pickedv up…
    nice try again.
    when you get a real job instead of an internship give me a call..

  105. Lance the Intern says:

    Ah. So no original thought in the post — rather parroting some unnamed blog author. Good to know. “Lance the Intern” is a nom de plume, by the way. In real life, I’m kind of a big deal. People know me.

  106. HARLEY says:

    lance…come on…
    unlike your buddy the esquire…i use legitimate…authentic…reliable…verified information.
    I let the experts speak for me…as i said..i’m not dr. phil…
    i think some other parts came from the man you mentioned…
    but i don’t rely on right wing crazy nut cases who wear tin foil hat
    who think the world is ending.
    Good for you…change your name…intern has a lesser meaning…
    you seeom like you know the net pretty well…
    take care…

  107. ad girl says:

    KCC= a KS Brownback outfit- nothing evolves!
    and the garbage continues to flow…..

    one deranged nitwit undermines dozens of quality commentators.

    Listen up, Mr Christopher. Or should I say Mr Gutenberg? You errantly had this faulty, deficient custom coded years ago and you havent done a fucking thing since. Dumbass. Either pull the plug here or grow some balls and some leadership. I know you can afford it. I’ve heard of B.C. This cesspool needs to evolve. What is this, a Flintstones tablet? There are ways to add features which would greatly enhance both the platform and the quality of whats on it. Here, read this and take notes:


    If you don’t know how to go about it, hire me. If you’re gonna do nothing, I’m betting I could raise the start up funds right here with the regulars. Either fish or cut bait. Quit fucking sleeping on the brush creek (BC) bank.!

  108. harley says:

    ad girl
    count me in for $25. I don’t think hearne needs our money. think the guy has tons of money to do whatever he wants.
    and ad girl….come on…we’re seeing thru the b.s.
    We’ve been fooled once..not again…..sorry.

  109. harley says:

    okay….this is a laugher
    “one deranged nitwit undermines dozens of quality commentators”

    adgirl qoute

    WTF? dozens of quality commentators? Are you fucking serious ad girl?
    where…on scotusblog.com….dozens of quality commentators?
    on kcc.? MU grad? hardly!
    nice job…you got me and chuck and a few others!!!!!!

  110. mike says:

    @ad girl and cindy loo hoo
    Don’t let Harley discourage you. What this website has needed for a long time is more intelligent commentary from the female perspective. I would personally like to see Mermaid back on here also. We too often have had no female commentary or in the rare case when we did, we had a woman who referred to herself as a queen and only offered cocaine fueled narsicistic rants. Have a great weekend!

  111. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Mike, I agree totally, BUT, did you see Harley’s commenT??
    We’ve been PUNKED! Ad Girl isn’t a real person and Cindy Loo Hoo is really SMARTMAN!! He said he figured it all out, Harley is right, all the time!! What facts did he use to determine those findings, you ask? HARLEY FACTS, the only kind he ever needs!!!

    Next claim, if you recall, he said SmartMan is gay, because he says “gay things” when he’s using his “fake name”? I’m waiting for SmartMan to now be accused of having a sex change and he really IS Cindy Loo Hoo!!

    I’m sorry, Dr. Cindy, its just how it is around here. We’ll apologize in advance for the one nit wit that drags it all down.

    Mike, I have to go now. This is the fake Paul who is really the fake Ad Girl, which is all contrived in SmartMans basemenet.
    Nothing is real….. stawberry fields…. forEVER.

  112. harley says:

    yes…mike and wilson
    they’re phonies…big time. verified it. They got us once…but not twice.
    They trick bagged us…did you read their comments….they gave themselves away.
    and if dr./no dr. cindy wants to put up $10,000 cash and i’ll prove what i said ABOUT SELIG AND MY
    STORY… lets do it.

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