Today: Win Free Tickets to See the Scissor Sisters Monday @ Crossroads KC!!!

The heat is on, but…

By the time the Scissor Sisters take the stage Monday it will all seem like a bad dream. Nobody died for lack of air conditioning, nobody’s car overheated, nobody passed out at the pre Fourth of July family kegger and Craig went an entire day without a "typo."

Nonetheless, KC Confidential to the rescue with five pair of free tickets for the Scissor Sisters show, a mix of glam rock, pop with electroclash and nu disco – that’s right, nu-disco.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one. The Scissor Sisters all but burned down the Uptown a few years back and the band’s new CD "Magic Hour" is going strong and "dedicated to get you out and keep you out on the dance floor all night long."

And where better for that to go down than at The Crossroads?

Here’s the deal…

All you have to do is email me at the name you want left at the box office for your two tickets and they’ll be awaiting you at Will Call.

Uh, just one catch…

Tell me why you want to see the Scissors Sisters, a give me Scissor Sisters anecdote OR explain to me how the band got it’s name. I’ll give you a hint; the word is "tribadism"

Have fun at the show!
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11 Responses to Today: Win Free Tickets to See the Scissor Sisters Monday @ Crossroads KC!!!

  1. smartman says:

    Two horny lesbos inserting their respective V slots into each others Y gap in order to stimulate their clitoris, vulva, labia major, labia minor, G Spots, ( with the aid of sex toys ) , with the intention of achieving simultaneous orgasm, sometimes multiple, ( see squirting ) , Best performed with Brazilians and lots of lubrication. Position can also be adapted for anal pleasure with man on man, man on woman, woman on woman or with pre and or post op transgender individuals, ( see cream pie ).

  2. balbonis moleskine says:

    Im pretty sure scissoring is the exact opposite of a cream pie, smartman.

  3. Hearne says:

    So hit the link gentlemen and…
    I’ll leave the tickets in whatever name you would like

  4. balbonis moleskine says:

    thanks hearne
    I’m sending you an email with my deets. thanks for the tix.

  5. smartman says:

    True, as cream pie requires ejaculate as part of the optic process. However, I do have a touching and erotic man on man scissor, cream pie scene in my movie Brokeback Fountain which I’ve been filming on the Plaza for the past 8 months under the Dynamic Trio banner. Two bartenders, Verne and Greg, show up in KC for the summer drinking season, hoping to make money for permanent body hair removal. One thing leads to another as they both wind up having to bang their female manager Geena, in order to keep their jobs. Geena gets knocked up, not sure by which one but she plays good cop bad cop with both boys. To her dismay she comes back to the bar early one morning with her mani-pedi friend and catches Verne and Greg playing hide the salami in the kitchen. She’s devastated and goes on a four day long coke binge, forgets to pay some bills, kills the fetus and is forced out of business. Don’t worry. This movie has lots of Happy Endings.

  6. PB says:

    I’d Be All In If It Was A Better Band
    That’s why I’m going to see the English Beat at Knucklehads. I can spare the $15.

  7. Homophobe Alert says:

    If it isn’t obvious to everyone by now that you’re either A) a classic homophobe, or B) a closet homosexual, then you’re not trying hard enough to let everyone know. No poster online in KC makes more gay slurs, homophobic slams or backhanded remarks about anal sex than gay smartman. Like a pastor denouncing homosexuality at every turn and with the straight face of an “I was stretching my legs” Larry Craig, you send more signals than a feather boa-wearing prancer dressed in pink and calling everyone honey. You may never have taken a man’s shaft up your cornhole and maybe you never will out of fear that you may just like it too much, but son you sure do think about it a lot. Dr. Freud would put you in front of the class as Exhibit A and then test his students on what they’ve learned from listening and watching you strut around with the back of your hands on your hips. I celebrate your eventual coming out and encourage you to wave that flag with the pride you bottle up inside! You be you! Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance the night away!

  8. KCMonarch says:

    For the record
    Not the first time “Smartman” and “bottle up inside” appear in the same paragraph.

  9. smartman says:

    Sorry girls
    Closest thing I have to a gay moment is wearing shoes that match my belt. I have lots of gay and lesbian friends. I did some consulting work for the DIY network…that makes me an honorary gay person doesn’t it? I will admit to a mancrush on Andy Garcia back in the GF days and briefly with Gayle Harold during QAF, but after further exploration it was the clothes, not the man, in both cases. Sorry to disappoint. If my sexual orientation ever changes I PROMISE to out myself on KCC that way EVERYONE will know.

  10. Homophobe Alert says:

    Good story bud. Who has “lots of gay and lesbian friends” ? Answer: A fag

  11. paulwilsonkc says:

    We got jacked up on some cheap champagne… .missed the show
    Smartman, Im a little more gay than you, with that whole artsy fartsy thing going on…. have gay/lesbian friends, but certainly not a fag. I would guess, however, that was clearly aimed at Hearne, who has gone so far as to marry to hide his gay-ness!

    SS is a fun group, wish I could have made it down. Well worth the listen.

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