Glazer: Scribe Says Living Hell Awaits Sandusky in Prison

Say it ain’t so, Jerry….

Well you did it. How’s it working out for you now, Sandusky?

Guilty on 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse over a 15 year period. What does that mean? Life in prison and trust me, Sandusky will get the max. Look, at age 68 anything over 15 years is basically LIFE. Thats a given.

So he’s a monster. No doubt.

Now the worst is yet to come for Jerry Sandusky. Seeing him come out of the courthouse in cuffs, with that nice, light brown jacket and tie on, his family weeping, the look on his face – yeah, I can see where there’s a twinge of feel sorry for him in some people.

Is it wrong to feel that way about a man who ruined so many young people’s lives? Not really.

The man is clearly INSANE. He really thought he didn’t do anything wrong. All those young men were lying somehow. His own adopted son was going to testify that Jerry molested him.

According to Sandusky’s attorney, Joe Amendola, "Jerry was prepared for this."

WTF? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? WHY DIDN’T HE RUN OR TAKE HIS OWN LIFE!

A few reasons, I suppose.

For one thing, his family. Sandusky seems to be close to them, especially his stepson. Then there’s where to run? He’s a well recognized person, older and not a professional criminal with connections to get to a halfway safe place like South America.

Just to let you know, United States law enforcement tends to find anyone they really want to find. Ask Obama. It just takes time. They also will extradite your ass from about anywhere in the world if they find you. So this would have been tough for old Jerry. And money could have been a factor as well; running costs big bucks and Sandusky may not have wanted to leave his family with no money. He would have needed a ton to survive somewhere else in the world with his profile.

Suicide made the most sense to me. In the garage, car exhaust. Nighty night. Best way out.

Of course, Sandusky figured he was innocent.

So what will happen to old Jerry next?

He’ll be in lockdown, a single one man cell. On suicide watch. No towels, razors, anything sharp, plastic spoons. It’ll be tough to kill himself where he is now. They’ll walk by his cell several times an hour to make sure.

Next, Judge John Cleland will sentence him within 90 days. That will be some form of life sentence. Due to the fact he’s a child molester Jerry will likely go to a high level prison, a state prison. Not good for Jerry. At first he will be forced to NOT BE IN THE POPULATION.

That’s because inmates hate child molesters more than rats. They might kill him on the yard or in the shower.

Old Jerry will be in solitary confinement in a segregated building in lockdown; no cellmate, 23 hours a day. Brother, its enough to drive you nuts, but he may already be there, nuts I mean.

Much of what Jerry will now see happens to most high level beginning inmates. It happened to me.

Save the long term lockdown. All incoming prisoners at high level prisons are placed in the shoe for breakdown and awaiting sentencing. Then they transfer you to your new home somewhere in the state. This is the hardest time you have in prison.

My being a former undercover agent/cop and a guy who stung/robbed drug groups was not good. Especially with all the publicity. But that was nothing compared to what Jerry Sandusky will experience until the day he dies.

Jerry may get lucky and get shanked – stabbed – and die early.

That’s only if he gets into some form of the prison population. Which could be years before that’s ever possible. But one day he’ll be with others in some form. Because at some point he’ll demand to go into the yard population. That’s where he could be killed. And once he’s in long enough and they kinda forget about him, he can make a weapon out of some blades off a shaver melted into a toothbrush and cut his wrists.

But more than likely none of that will happen.

Jerry will simply die of illness or old age in some Pennsylvania prison.

The odds are on his side to do just that. It will be a long slow process, a real nightmare. Understand this is a sick man, a guy who had much good in him but his sexual appetite for young boys destroyed him along with the many young men he molested.

Guess he should have been born a couple thousand years ago in Rome. He could have schooled athletes and been with young boys, it was legal then, but not now.

Today he’s a monster and monsters get killed or locked up.
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7 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Says Living Hell Awaits Sandusky in Prison

  1. Can't help yourself Glaze says:

    High level
    Much of what Jerry will now see happens to most high level beginning inmates. It happened to me…. Even you want to compare yourself with Sandusky as a high level inmate HAHAHAHAHAHA. you can’t help but beat your own drum.

  2. smartman says:

    Do It My Way
    What you do with old Jerry is load him up on Viagra evey day, put a 72″ big screen in his cell and make him watch just barely legal gay male porn for 12 hours a day. For the first couple of weeks keep his hands shackled so he can’t stroke himself. After that turn him lose with the caveat that if he touches himself to masturbate you’ll whack off his hands with a machete and cauterize the wound with a blow torch. Unfortunately, he’ll NEVER wind up in gen pop to get whacked. Too much liability for the state.. No pun intended, but he will be handled with kid gloves. I hope the fucker lives to be 120 with 23 hours a day in a 6 x 10.

    I know that you like psycho broads Craig. Now that Jerry is in the can Mrs. Sandusky is gonna need some lovin. For her to defend and pretend the way she did you can’t tell me that she’s not the most severely mentally fucked up broad on the face of the earth… spot ahead of Nancy Pelosi.

  3. Bob says:

    If anyone can relate
    to Jerry Sandusky’s experiences it would be you Craig.

  4. KCMonarch says:

    They’ll get to him eventually
    Just like they got to Dahmer.

  5. balbonis moleskine says:

    ancient rome as a yardstick
    Lots of things were tolerated in ancient Rome. Slavery, pedophilia, dictatorship, imperialism. That doesn’t mean they were right.

    I hope that people can understand that having a sexual relationship with a child is “mala en se” not “mala prohibita”

  6. the only people cons hate more than pedo's are cops and rats says:

    So how did you make it out alive shit, shit bird?
    just asking.

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Back At You Bird Droppings
    Simple, by my brains, guts and skills…being an ex law man was not a good thing, and it was on national, local news quite a bit at first, but it faded…I had some ‘important” friends at T.I. and didn’t need much help in Saford or the level 1 camps, being in the shape I was in…but unlike you Bird Brain…I was not a punk…a guy like you wouldn’t have made it in the high level prisons…course you would have been a stoolie, huh.

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