Glazer: Lebron & NBA Kings of the World

The man so many love to hate has his ring…

Lebron James has been crowned KING of the NBA. The Miami Heat crushed the Oklahoma City Thunder, 4 games to 1. It’s over. Your favorite guy, Lebron, is MVP and he’s one of just five to have a triple double in a final NBA title game. It goes on and on, he’s the best basketball player on the planet.

Like many of you I was pulling for OKC.

Kevin Durant was a Big 12 guy and I thought he might be the better man. James put an end to that thought. Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh proved they are the best. And they vowed to win more championships for them and Miami.

OKC only has two super stars, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. There is no third guy, James Harden was a no show.

Lebron is one of the most vilified players in pro sports.

Why? Because he walked on his hometown club Cleveland, had a TV Show about his "Decision" and then failed to win a title in his first season with the Heat. James was seen as an egomaniac, cold and overrated. He addressed this after the game last night.

"I looked in the mirror and realized I had to be better, on the court and off."

To a certain extent James was humble in victory. I watched him on the sidelines and he was happy as a sixth grader who just got an extra week off for Christmas. The guy seems to be for real with his, "Sorry I was a jerk" attitude today. He’s earned our forgiveness.

James also overcame the cry that he can’t close THE big games. He sure did in this series, including game  4 with a bad cramp and severe pain.

The other reason the Heat jacked OKC is bench strength. KU’s Mario Chalmers was outstanding. In fact, he’s now the new NBA KU star following in the steps of KU’s Paul Pierce.

Yes, the baton has been passed from Kobe Bryant to Lebron James. Lebron is now THE MAN in the NBA.

Look, all the hate that was put on Lebron James was simply NOT fair in the first place.

Though he looks older, the guy is still young, in his late 20’s and was simply trying to live up to his superstar status. He needed to win titles. Cleveland, his hometown and former NBA team, was just not able to get him there. And it’s likely it never would, even with Lebron. He had to move on to a better situation.

I know it sucks for the small market and we all can relate in Kansas City.

Lebron came off as a bit cold and stuck up, but guess what? When you’re at his level that happens. I know, I know, "Thats what he’s paid for, live with it."   I get it. But when you’re that young and everyone is kissing the ground you walk on every minute you get a big head.

Lebron seems to be a decent guy. He never gets in trouble with the law, shows up for good causes and doesn’t have several kids out there with no dad.

KU was well represented with Chalmers, Nick Collison and Cole Aldrich all seeing action.

However, the final score didn’t reflect the beating OKC took, 121 to 106.

They were never in the game. OKC is young and they will be back. Oklahoma needs to find a couple support players to better help their two superstars.

In the end, maybe the best news for the NBA is this; more eyeballs on the playoffs.

It’s closing in on being the offical number two pro sport in America behind the NFL.

Hey, baseball has NOT had the attention this NBA playoff season has experienced.

Major League Baseball does not have a star like Lebron or Durant for that matter.

The NBA seems to be on the way up and so is Lebron James.
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9 Responses to Glazer: Lebron & NBA Kings of the World

  1. smartman says:

    I’m Still Waiting
    For the big Dirk Nowitzki tv ad campaigns. You said Dirk was gonna be a bigger pitchman than Peyton Manning?

  2. smartman says:

    Learn to Spell
    It’s KOBE, not KOBY. How could anyone that follows sports no know that?

  3. OKC Fan says:

    Who is Russell “Westbrooke”?

    Do you guys ever read the Onion? Craig is like a real-life Jackie Harvey, the “Hollywood insider” who routinely spells names with complete abandon.

  4. the dude says:

    OKC is young,
    they will be around if they can keep Durant and Westbrook together and pick up some more supporting players.
    Wade is fading with age and does not have a lot more in the tank, OKC will challenge down the line.

  5. elmer fudd says:

    I can stuff da basketball
    mom put one of dem small childrens basketball rims on my drivway. Mom gave me a
    ball. Now i can dunk da ball. I wuv to play basketball but all da other kids on da
    block say i’m too short to play with dem.

  6. Harley says:

    Im sorry craig, I look like a douche
    immitating Elmer and tring to make
    think its
    knot me………..
    You……………………………………………… deserve a better
    bitch …………………than me
    i apologize
    I must even embarass

  7. PucKChaser says:


    I love KU, but Mario Chalmers couldn’t carry Paul Pierce’s NBA water bottle. Pierce is a future Hall of Famer. Pierce is #25 on the all-time NBA scoring list. Chalmers is a nice role player on a very good team. His job is to just not make mistakes.

    Lebron is still an Ahole. Michael Jordan was humble after his six NBA championships, but we now know that Jordan is a first class flaming red Ahole. An Ahole is still and Ahole, regardless of whether they win a championship and have good PR handlers who tell them to be nice-nice to the media afterward.

  8. Kerouac says:

    Uber alles
    Wilt Chamberlain

  9. Bigger Dude says:

    Enjoy The Pounding You Get Glazer
    Buddy you are the best thing on here my man. These old farts wish they were you. All that pussy brother. Oh man. You are my idol. Your stories kill. Keep it up Buddy.

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