Starbeams: Cordish Plan Down the Sewer, DMV Days, New Math & Chocolate Love

The Cordish Co. is planning a $70 million downtown project with a 23-story tower as the centerpiece.  They also want a 25 year tax break.  Thankfully, our $3.6 billion crumbling sewage problem is well-funded, so the timing’s perfect.


Summer is officially here.  June 21 is the longest day of the year….unless you’re at a Kansas DMV.  Then it’s even longer.


A new poll says confidence in U.S. public schools has dropped to the lowest level in nearly four decades. Only 29 percent of those questioned in a Gallup poll said they had a “great deal” of confidence in public schools.  So, that’s like half of us, right?


Boulevard Brewery will not make the popular Chocolate Ale for 2013.  They’re still working on the formula.  It’s a hard formula to combine something that lets your date forget that you took advantage of her, and yet, remember that you gave her chocolate.

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