Hearne: Time Running Out on Jardine’s Liquor License

Time’s running out for a ‘savior" to rescue Plaza area jazz joint Jardine’s

That is, if its hard to get 3 a.m. liquor license is to be salvaged. Whether the intention is to do a jazz, blues, dance, gay bar – you name it – it won’t be easy to reopen the space at 4536 Main if the license lapses.

"It expires at the end of July," says Regulated Industries head Gary Majors. "It’s one license and a 3 a.m. license. Typically they have 90 days once it expires to reapply."

And you can pretty much forget someone new coming in and getting a 3 a.m. license without working something out with beleaguered Jardine’s owner Beena Raja.

"No, first of all the license has to be renewed and valid," Majors says. "In other words, in good standing. It’s pretty easy to sign it over, but we have had instances when the owner going out the door says, ‘I’m not signing anything for anybody’ and then the license just dies and has to be reapplied for."

No small feat.

Because a new operator would need to go through a consent process with neighbors, a 45 day process that may or may not result in a license being granted.

Other complications include paying off money owed to liquor distributors and back taxes, something Jardine’s is believed to still owe.

"The state really won’t renew a license if there’s outstanding debt to liquor wholesalers," Majors says. "And you have to bring us a ‘no taxes due’ letter so that we know the city taxes have been paid. The state license makes sure the state taxes are paid."

So are there any deals brewing for somebody to take over the club?

"I haven’t heard a word until your phone call," Majors says.

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27 Responses to Hearne: Time Running Out on Jardine’s Liquor License

  1. the dude says:

    Fork stuck,
    checkmate. Game over man!
    Tank you for coming!

  2. Harley says:

    too bad, wilson
    not sure hes
    even been….
    there before let alone
    ready to by it.
    I’m the only one on this site who
    could and Im ………smarter than that

  3. Markus Aurelius says:

    how many more pseudo-articles/publicity attempts to obtain
    a buyer must we endure????

  4. smartman says:

    Stop beating the dead horse! Beena DEAD! Nick Wright DEAD! Neidermeyer DEAD!

  5. the dude says:

    Wormer, he’s a dead man! Marmalard, dead
    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

  6. harley says:

    You mean the 3 gay guys didn’t end up buying it? Are you serious? The 3 gay guys trying to
    buy it never closed the deal. Hearne said they had money. Where did it go
    Well who cares. Bulldoze the joint and noone will care. Good riddance.
    Now hearne has to find something else to write about for the next 10 weeks and we won’t
    have to hear about those dudes any more.

  7. Hearne says:

    Uh, I’m not the one who broke the story about the gay guys..
    Did the followup, remember?

    This is the first official confirmation of the liquor license deadline. Hey, it could be anything, not just a jazz bar obviously. So we’ll see (or won’t see).

  8. balbonis moleskine says:

    With Trio next door, a gay bar would probably bring the most crowds. Plus gay people don’t usually shoot people with guns at 3:05am after closing time.

    Beena’s favorite:

  9. Mr Awesome says:

    another Jardines article. Was worried the week would go by without one. Can’t wait for the series on Taco Johns or something similiar. Where are you dining now that Jardines is closed? How are you paying writers without Jardines discounts? Do you need some food coupons so you can visit other restaurants? Can’t wait until the next in this AWESOME series.

  10. mike says:

    I commend Hearne
    for still writing about Jardine’s. Beena tried to get him not to write about it anymore and he showed us he has a set by doing it. Also, I’ve followed this story from the beginning and am actually curious to see what happens. Thanks for staying on top of it, Hearne.

  11. Tommy gee says:

    Hey mike
    did you bring any apples for the teacher also? Tell the boss how nice his tie looks? Are you a former hallway monitor? Trying to get some free tickets to see Jimmy Walker from Glazer. Geez…always one in the bunch. Wipe that brown off your lips dude.

  12. mike says:

    @Tommy gee
    I have been very critical of Hearne in the past when I didn’t agree with him and think it is only fair to compliment him when I do agree with him. I would no more enjoy seeing Jimmy Walker than I would enjoy reading any more of your dumbass comments!

  13. Tommy Gee says:

    But yet
    you read on and respond. Now, who is the dumbass? Which goes along with the kiss ass correct?

  14. mike says:

    @Tommy Gee
    I’ll read and respond to whatever I want to however I want to. If reading and responding makes you a kiss ass, you just read and responded to what I said twice. You are not going to bully me into not saying my opinion by your insulting comments. Anybody who reads KC Confidential regularly knows I disagree with Hearne and Glazer more often than I agree with them. Ask Hearne how much of a “brownnose” I was on some of his previous articles.

  15. Tommy Gee says:

    You apparently don’t even read your own comments and are able to respond with intelligence to them. You have even gotten the terms dumb ass and kiss ass confused. Reread what you have wrote. Then if you can come up with a logical sentence let me know. You must of went to the Craig Glazer school of logic.

  16. KCMonarch says:

    mike = one of glazer pseudo names
    4+2= another fake post from glazer.

  17. mike says:

    @tommy gee
    I guess I had a hard time deciphering what reading and responding has to do with being a dumbass or a kiss ass except when it is you reading and responding. I guess the correct word to describe you would not be either one so I stand corrected. I should have just called you an asshole!

  18. Tommy Gee says:

    Ok Mike let me help you out
    since you can’t seem to understand. On Friday June 22 at 3:34 you wrote that you would no more enjoy seeing Jimmy Walker then responding to my dumb ass comments. You then have proceeded to respond to several of my comments. The most recent calling me an asshole. Are you comprehending all fo this? So you are the one that started all the dumb ass and now asshole comments. You are the one that wanted to add your two cents to Hearne’s enlighting Jardines series. You are the one that says you don’t want to respond to comments but then continue to do so. And finally you are the one that then writes you are having a hard time deciphering what its all about. I guess we can add stupid ass to your resume. Hope this helps you decipher.

  19. mike says:

    @tommy gee
    I said I would no more enjoy seeing Jimmy Walker than READING your dumbass comments. Also learn the difference between the words “then” and “than” if you are going to try to be pedantic. Also learn how to spell “enlightening” if you are going to talk down to me like that. I also don’t need your permission to add my “two cents” to anything or take your insults without responding. Your telling me to wipe the brown off of my lips is what started this in the first place. If you don’t like being called an asshole, stop actining like one!

  20. Tommy Gee says:

    You arrogant ass. I love a guy that wants to correct other people and then writes the word “actining.” And also don’t you have to READ the comments to RESPOND. Same thing knucklehead. I got you pegged in the first one. A teachers pet brown noser. Now go back to correcting the school newsppaper. And yes I put the two P’s in there on purpose. It will give you something to do today.

  21. mike says:

    I guess it takes one to know one. By the way, I can read your comments without enjoying them. It is kind of like looking under a rock to see what is there. By the way, Idiot, if you’ve kept up with this Jardine’s story on here at all, I have been one of Hearne’s biggest critics for being an apologist for Beena. The reason I complimented him was for writing more articles about Jardine’s when she didn’t want him to. I have disagreed with Hearne on here for his take on Don Harmann, Jardine’s, motorcycles parking on the plaza, global warming, obesity, etc. I agree with him on this rare occasion and you think you can encapsulate my whole personality. THAT is arrogant in my book!

  22. Tommy Gee says:

    Where or where is the logic
    Mike see if you are able to follow your own logic. You write you would no more ENJOY seeing Jimmy Walker then reading anymore of my dumbass comments. Now your logic is that you read comments without enjoying them. So can I conclude that you would indeed go see Jimmy Walker even though you wouldn’t enjoy it? Is this like your wife having sex with you out of duty but not enjoying it?

    Your logic on the numerous Jardines articles is its great that Hearne is writing them because Beeba doesn’t want him to. So therefore since you don’t ENJOY my comments but I continue to write I can now assume you will write a comment thanking me?

    This all makes perfect sense to you is that correct? Have you thought about getting into politics or being a writer for wrestling?

  23. Big Bob says:

    that encourages Hearne to write more about Jardines is an idiot. Help him stop beating that dead horse. Stop the madness Mike!!!

  24. mike says:

    @tommy gee
    Leaving the house to go see an act is not the same as reading a comment on a blog. Your other logic is also flawed. I never said it was good to write any article that someone doesn’t want written. I said that specifically about Beena telling Hearne not to write about Jardine’s anymore. If you have followed this story at all since clear back in early december, Hearne was reporting the story in a manner that I and many of the other readers felt was strongly slanted in her favor. Hearne also had a romantic relationship with Beena at one time. He also shilled Jardine’s in his articles years ago when he was a reporter for the Star. In that context’ it pleasenty surprised me when he continued to write about Jardine’s against her wishes. Also, if you know about how Beena treated her employees and others she dealt with, you might understand how I would enjoy seeing Hearne defy her wishes. Lets both drop this bickering. You misunderstood why I said what I did because you didn’t know the context in which it was written. Just read in absence of knowing the context, I can see how you might have misjudged me as a brown nose. That got me to be defensive and think you were an asshole. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I’ll drop it if you will.

  25. mike says:

    @big bob
    I think we are also overdue for another article about the motorcycles parked in front of the plaza coffee shop. JUST KIDDING!!!!!!

  26. Bib Bob says:

    Sorry Mike 🙁
    But I’m going to have to fall with Tommy on this. You say reading a comment and going to see an act are not the same. okay.

    And who made that initial comparison? You did. So now I’m real confused as you appear to be arguing with yourself. BUT I agree with you. You now both need to shut the f*ck up. But I also got to tell you Mike that I have to wonder if you and Tommy Gee inhabit the same body but just are different personalities HA HA.

    Have a good one. Out to go die outside also known as mama is trying to collect the insurance by having me mow the lawn in 90 degree heat.

  27. mike says:

    @big bob
    I mowed my lawn the other day in this and and it was brutal. I also got stung by a bumblebee in the process. They seem to be really thick this year and get more aggresive the hotter it gets. Hopefully, mama won’t get to collect on that policy just yet.

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