Whinery: The War in Syria We Don’t Need to Fight

Isn’t America (and our NATO compatriots) in enough wars?

I think so, but the powers that be have that insane look in their eye again and Syria is appears to be the next target. The West has been emboldened by its faux victory in Libya and is now ready for the next “domino” to fall.

Syria- after Iran- should be the last country the West wants to play “regime change” in and here’s why…

The S-300 Missile System – the great equalizer as far as air defense systems go – was designed by the Russians and if there’s a war it will be operated by them. It’s a particularly nasty air defense system that can track up to a 100 targets at once and engage up to 12 at a time.

Its surface-to-air missiles are devastating with a range of up to 100 miles and they travel at up to six times the speed of sound which is a lot faster than an F-16.

Which means our big, bad aircraft carriers would be sitting ducks against Syrian anti-ship missiles. Namely the P-800 Oniks and the P-15 ship to ship missile systems. These are very nasty indeed, capable of Mach 2 speeds, skimming the water at 10 meters. We won’t even see them coming until they slam into the hull!

And this is only the tip of the iceberg where the Syrian defenses are concerned.

They have 500,000 troops in the army – between reserves and active duty- that are equipped with 5,000 tanks, 1,000 mortars, 7,000 anti-tank weapons launchers, 3,000 infantry vehicles and 1,700 anti-aircraft guns. Their Air Force is 60,000 strong and uses the infamous Mig-29 “Fulcrums”– which can go toe-to-toe with anything we Americans produce. And they have the Mil Mi-24 Attack helicopters equipped with Gatling guns, bombs and missiles.

About 3 months ago, Iran sent 3,000 special forces to Syria in anticipation of these events and the two countries have a mutual defense treaty where if one is attacked the other helps out. So we attack the Syrians we have to fight the Iranians too. And the Russians have, what is rumored to be at least 5,000 special forces and support staff ready to go to war with NATO.

We start a war here and this ain’t gonna be Iraq or Afghanistan, we’ll be going to war with the “Soviets."

And if Drudge is to be believed, China, Russia, Syria and Iran are coordinating war games in anticipation of a NATO attack.

Nuff said?

And bear in mind the Assad Family that run Syria are of an obscure branch of Islam called the “Alawi’s” who comprise only 17% of the population and know they will be exterminated if they lose control of the Country.

So will our Nobel Peace Prize winner- El Presidente Obama- start another war?

He’s tanking in the polls and is getting more and more desperate every day. Does Obama launch ANOTHER war to salvage his re-election?

At the very least, World War 3 ought to be reason enough to call off the election.

Because we are not gonna be able to beat the Syrians without pushing the World to the brink.

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13 Responses to Whinery: The War in Syria We Don’t Need to Fight

  1. smartman says:

    Putin our best foot forward
    In the world of high stakes diplomacy Vladimir Putin pretty much has half black Barry at check mate. Good news is as bad as we are when it comes to winning wars the Russians are worse. Smoke ’em if you got ’em motherfuckers. Better dead than red! Let’s tell Israel that it’s time to lock and load and kick some Muslim-Russian and Chinese ass over there before we have to do it over here. We’re all gonna die sooner or later and I’ll take General Electric over Comrade Electric any day.

  2. smartman says:

    Speaking of the UN
    Check out a GREAT recently released movie by Ami Horowitz, UN/me, http://www.unmemovie.com. BRILLIANT!

  3. chuck says:

    Welcome to Oceania.
    More boots on the ground in Syria. Even if they didn’t posess more ordnance than the Clone GAR, why put more Muslim Brotherhood shit-heels in office? The cultural differences between Islamic Taqiyya practicing cultures and utilitarian Occidental spit-on-your-hand- and stick to it Americans are galactic. The price in blood and treasure for these excursions into the Levant et al, is not just the initial cost of arms, concomitant body bags and one way tickets to Walter Reed, it is the far more subtle fifth column incursions into our own psyches and territory by a nefarious culture who laughs at our ethos.

    When the major affiliates show film of Muslims dying in the streets to over throw a Islamic dictator, I don’t give a fuck.

    Americans, doped up with decades of hearts and minds horse-shit administerred by both political parties, dictated by an ad hoc Real Politic, which has little or nothing to do with altruistic emotion, and a lot to do with national manipulation of voters, will once again find their sons and daughters (Daughters for Chrissakes, don’t get me started.) exsanguinating in the sands of some fthird world shit-hole-foriegn-country and go to their graves like beds for a fantasy and a trick of fame.

    The insanity of our efforts in Iraq, which has created a vacuum in the Mideast assuring the Shia hegemony that the Ayatollah Khomeini spent his whole life fighting for, has that goat fuckin piece of shit dancing jigs in hell with the devil.

    The folks in these countries, are not gonna buy fuckin Chevys and wear blue jeans, or EVER, fuckin EVER like us for any fuckin reason. We are far better off with despotic, baby-raping-killers in office than some adherant of the sick and twisted philosophies of Sayyid Qtub.

    Paul’s recent commentary on punishment for these evil fucks every time they cross a metaphorical or actual line they shouldn’t, is afar better approach.

    When they piss us off, go blow up one of their cities. Kill the children, the women, the kids, the fathers and level every fuckn Mosque in that same city to the ground. Then, after daddy spanks, he flies away.

    I got some really bad news for Americans. very few couuntries actually like us, and if they do, it has more to do with money than idealism.

    No war in Syria!

    Your welcome.

  4. chuck says:

    More bad news from Dearbornistan.
    If ya wanna know what is ACTUALLY going on in Europe and all over the world, with the “Religion of Peace”, I suggest you bookmark these sites right here, and after you foritfy yourself, look and see what our Islamic brethren are facilitating all over the world.



    Spare me the fuckin insufferable paeans to multiculturalism and the citizen of the world fuckin horse-shit while Kimbaya plays in the fuckin background. Make no mistake about it, these fuckers wany you dead, sooner or later. It is what it is.

  5. chuck says:

    One more thing before dying, er…goin off to work.
    Hate is a far under rated and important faculty in the human psyche. It is a necessary and natural self defense “fight or flight” type reaction to threats posed.

    It elevates the ability to withstand pain, loss and is part and parcel of the survival mechanism. The short term negative impacts are compenstated for by that same survival.

    Here is something I hate, “I hate those who respect their executioners” Jean Paul Sartre.

    The supposed nuances relating to our enemies (Thats right, they are fuckin ENEMIES.) inflicted on us by those folks who have never been in harm’s way, other than tripping over Maureen Dowd’s “Are Men Necessary” in journalism class, are NOT that difficult to understand.

    If it smells evil, looks evil, walks evil and quacks evil, then that fuckin duck my friends, is EVIL. You are 5 by 5, green across the board, Go For Launch, HATE THAT FUCKER!

    Gimme a break with the fuckin guilt.

    Your a soft, papmpered and happy American, living a fullfilling life while others stand on that fuckin wall. Think of life, as your vacation, your off to Estes fuckin Park or some such shit and that ain’t turbulence, it’s one of the engines falling off. That 747 dumbass, is America and when the oxygen mask falls outta the ceiling, follow instructions goddamnit and save yourself!

    We save ourselves first, do the best we can, and if any of our world wid ebrethren wanna come along, they gottta hustle up.

    People get the government they deserve Mr. Machiavelli, and I think we deserve a great one, lets not wreck ourselves in fear of facing teh evil that exists.

  6. the dude says:

    we do not need
    war in Syria or a proxy war funded by CIA black ops drug money like in Libya. We do not need to be funding jihadists and radical muslims because the holding regime won’t loosen up the oil contracts.

  7. smartman says:

    Plan B
    These Muslim bastards are patient. They make Sun Tzu look like he’s got ADHD. Through copulation and population, they slowly but surely take over the lifestyle, culture and politics of countries with as little as 20% of the total population. From that point on it’s a highway to hell to Wahabism. Not if, but when.

    If we don’t want to fight a war with kick ass WWII style reckless abandon the choice is very simple. We gotta drill baby drill in the USA and convert our auto and energy industries over to CNG as soon as possible. That gives us a 100 year long window of opportunity to perfect whatever the next phase of energy will be. In the end this is all about oil, not freedom or democracy.

  8. the dude says:

    they definitely take
    the longview, whereas the “white devils” can’t think past the last business quarter or any further in the future.

  9. BMAN says:

    Well lets look at history.

    No Mig-29 has ever achieved an air to air kill, in any conflict.

    F-15’s are 103-0 in air to air combat.

    F=15’s have shot down:

    F-4E’s – two
    Mig 21 – Thirty eight
    Mig 23 – twenty five
    Mig 25 – four
    Mig 29 – nine
    SU-7 – one
    SU-22 – four
    SU-25 – two
    Mirage F1 – eight

    Now who in thier right mind, would want to fly a Mig -29 when they could fly a F-15 C/D/E model ?

    The MIG -29 was developed to counter the F-16, not the
    F-15 and it shows in its miserable performance in combat.

  10. expat says:

    Thank God Chuck is around here to talk some sense. Who cares about weapons systems, the bottom line is Syria does not affect us!

  11. uh?, says:

    what are you talking about?
    There is nothing short of nukes that the Russians have that pose any threat to the US. I could make this a long drawn out post about weapon systems vs weapon systems.

    In the end it comes down Syria has no oil. Let the Russians think we give a shit.

    In Libya it came down to the US having to give the NATO allies munitions (because couldn’t replenish the bare minimum supplies they think they need for self defense). In Syria the US may or may not be providing small crew served anti-tank weapons and some training but I doubt even that. Keep in mind the map. Lebanon is where most of the anti Syria forces go for shelter, the home of the thorn in Zionists side. Syria is doomed to be a failed state like Lebanon,soon they will be throwing rocks.

    Let us not forget Egypt is far from settled with military taking more power and the people protesting. Just this week.

    I say the US should leave well enough alone. Not because we can’t throw our weight around, but because we shouldn’t try influence the out come of every battle and we maybe better off seeing what the landscape is after the smoke clears.

  12. chuck says:

    This from Live Leak today.
    Seriously, this is graphic. DO NOT WATCH IT if your prone to depression.

    This wide spread ubiquity of this type of activity from the “Religion Of Peace” is astonishing.

    You don’t have to look very hard at all, to see the malevolence and insanity that this religious cult promotes through word and deed every day.


  13. harley says:

    smartman…is smart
    we really need to drill…and fast. the oil companies have over 70,000 leases that the gov
    gave them and they’re not drilling. We have enough oil in canda/mexico and the u.s. to be
    almost completely energy independent. The north dakota oil if it stays here is huge.
    Heard they found another area thats bigger than north dakota…canada…still
    millions of barrels untouched….and we’re not even touching whats in our back yard.
    If we can do that…and combine that with renewable energy (wind and solar etc.)
    we can reach that point pretty quickly.
    obama has led the way…even in an recession he’s been out front and forward with
    the investment and backing of this huge..huge job creator and financial windfall.
    Yes…there will be tough times in those industries..we’ll have to face dumping by
    china…we’ll have to take a few loses…but overall its the greatest potential for
    keeping american dollars in america ever seen…
    as i said before…obama/biden 2012…..
    and no more wars…we can’t afford them…but i would not be surprised around
    august/september if iran isn’t in line with ours and israels program on
    those nuclear plants…that obama bombs them along with israelis…
    and thats the story.

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