Glazer: Scribe Gives His Blessing to Texas Ranch Worker Killing

Sometimes killing a person is fine, just fine…

A Texas rancher did just that, killed a man with his bare hands. He beat a 47 year-old worker named Jesus Mora Flores to death. Why? Flores was raping his 5 year old daughter. The father was never arrested for the killing.

A grand jury decided not to indict the rancher for the killing. His name is being withheld due to the nature of the crime – rape, molesting a child. Flores was seen running off to the woods with the little girl, according to Shinner, Texas police. The father also was in the area and saw what was about to happen. When he reached the rape scene, Flores had his pants down around his ankles, the little girl was undressed and Flores was in the process of raping the child.

The father jumped the child molester and beat him about the head and body. He then called 911 and asked for help. "Come on! This guy is going to die on me!" the father yelled. "I don’t know what to do!" 

The police didn’t know where the ranch was, it was in a remote area and it took them a long time to reach the ranch. The rancher/father put the soon to be dead guy in his truck and was about to drive him to the hospital.

Too late, he was dead.

Was he in the right? Was it OK to use deadly force? His own hands. Flores had been stopped. He was not able to fight back after the first several blows. Flores had no weapon and his pants were down. Did the rancher do the right thing killing the man who had been attacking his little girl?

I say, "Damn right, he did."

The best result would have been to beat the hell out of this animal and turn him over to the law.

Maybe the rancher wanted to kill the man, we’ll never know. If it was my little girl, I would have wanted the attacker dead. Five year-old child. Terrible. I think justice was done.

Other agencies outside the area likely wanted him charged with involuntary manslaughter.

A charge that could send him to prison. Not in Shinner, Texas. No sir. He’s a hero and I agree.

This is that rare example of courage, fear, and anger that makes sense.

I think we all have thoughts about what we might do in similar circumstances. You protect your family and loved ones. In fact all human life when the innocent are being attacked.

I also thought about Texas being the state that has sent many young people to prison for decades just for having small amounts of marijuana on them. Well, that was a few years back.

Sometimes good does triumph over evil. Just not often enough.

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40 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Gives His Blessing to Texas Ranch Worker Killing

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    The would be rapist got off light
    enduring years of rape of prison, then being murdered by a broom handle whould’ve been better.

  2. smart an says:

    Job Connection
    If I was the President of Penn State I’d hire this guy as the new Athletic Director.

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    Only ONE inccorect quote in the whole story, Craig!!!
    “I don’t know what to do!”

    He KNEW what to do, and he DID it. He killed the man. End of story. Correct solution.

    If this would happen more often we’d have less to deal with in the Court system. And you know what? People just may think twice. Thats the beauty of concealed carry when a potential perp looks you up and down on the street. “Do you, or dont you?” No one knows. I love the element of surprise when someone THINKS they have the upper hand. Its worked for me twice, Im sure it will again.

    And I’ll only say ONE thing before I pull the trigger; “I know Jesus and I own a gun, Im about to introduce you to BOTH of them!”

    This guy got what he deserved. DAD should get a parade in his home town, a street named after him and given CITIZENSHIP, all at the same time. Amen.

  4. legendaryhog says:

    Penn State? Really, because pedophilia is so fucking funny. You are a weird motherfucker.

  5. the dude says:

    County DA
    must have decided it was a justified homicide plus the guy made like he was trying to help the pedo get to the hospital.
    I see no controversy here.

  6. smartman says:

    @ the hog
    No you dipshit, the guy that killed the guy should be the new Penn State AD, since he obviously knows what to do when he sees a child being harmed. Maybe he can double as Pope too. I’m pretty much on record that pedophiles don’t deserve a day in court other than to determine how long and how they will be tortured before we ram some rebar up their ass and hit it with 400 amps of electricity.

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smartman has MY vote
    I know what he meant, he meant what he said. Some of us are like that.

  8. little big man says:

    i got big gun in pocket
    5 feeeeet 3 inchus. I have bigg gunn in my pocket for little guys. I no how to use it.
    I’m a bad muther. I need a gunn cause i’m so small some 1 might try and
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    When i meet sum 1 at the bar dey luk down at me and laugh. Til i pull
    out my big bigg gunn. They still laff. Not funny. I den stomp on der toe.
    They no i mean buziness. I’m 1 bad dude. Watch out. But don’t knee me
    in my head!

  9. chuck says:

    To bad Sonny Bono is dead,
    he woulda waxed the guy for stealing his coat before he ever made it to Texas.

  10. Tom L. says:

    Who is that a mugshot of? What a poorly written article!

  11. Irony says:

    might want to remember glaze
    Might want to remember this Glazer the next time your bragging about banging some 19 year old that she has a father. About anyone would agree he got what he deserved but “daddy’s little girl” doesn’t stop at any one age..

  12. Congoman says:

    God bless you rancher/father, I am proud of you!
    I am from the Congo and this is exactly what we would do in this case. In fact, if we cannot to kill the guy, police will surely finish the job. This is the only justice pedo-crazy Jesus Mora Flores deserves back home. God bless you rancher/father, I am proud of you!

  13. Whoa says:

    But, I don’t believe that the father was a rancher..wasn’t some festivity occurring on the grandfather’s ranch? And it was a ranch hand that was the perpetrator. No?

  14. Greg says:

    Where do I send a donation?
    I’d like to send this guy some money so he can buy a new fence some new toys for his children. In my book he is a hero. If someone sets up a fund for him please let me know.

  15. PB says:

    Did what any of us would have done, attempted to protect his daughter and his rage at the time resulted in the perv’s death, but there is nothing heroic about this story, it is sad and tragic in every conceivable way. Hopefully, since the girl is so young, she’ll be able to supress/forget this horrific event and move on to a normal life but I can’t imagine the trauma of a kid her age first having to deal with an attempted rape and then seeing her father beat a man to death right in front of her. And right or wrong, I’m sure there’s a certain amount of guilt that the dad feels for allowing his daughter to even be put in that situation, that’s only natural. Daughter will probably be forced to live like a nun going forward, another consequence that’s hard for folks to see thru all their bloodlusting bravado. Perv killed, can’t rape little girls anymore, that’s indeed a good thing in hindsight, but to think of this as some sort of feelgood story for those involved, that’s nuts but fairly typical of the overly simplistic/”Idiocracy”-type mindset of this day and age.

    This man doesn’t want or need a parade or props from internet “badasses” celebrating death no matter how justified, I’m pretty sure he just wants to move on from this event that will no doubt have an affect on him for the rest of his days. The perv no doubt got what he deserved and I’m glad common sense prevailed in this case as the dad will be free to raise his daughter but it’s awfully easy for us all to be so flippant about such a tragic event since none of us will have to ever deal with any of the aftermath. This is real life with real consequences, not Deathwish VI.

  16. paulwilsonkc says:

    Correction, PB – Im not an “Internet badass”
    One of my closest friends dealt with this her senior year of college. Been a “good girl” all the way along and suffered a violent rape and kidnapping that lasted 8 hours plus with violence and trauma comitted upon her that movies and night mares are made of. She knew who the person was, the son of a property owner who did maintenance. She was told if she called the cops he would kill her first…. but he WOULD be back “for more fun” later. She graduated 3 days later with heavy makeup and sunglasses to cover what was visible and was so affected by the event she moved to the opposite coast the day following graduation and never reported it because she knew he meant what he said!

    As part of the ordeal, her faced was slammed into the carpet where the floor meets the baseboard and held there till she should she would suffocate. Her place had just been sprayed, so for what seemed like an eternity, she inhaled the scent of pesticides. I can’t tell you how many times I was with her when out of nowhere she would grab my arm, pull me back… and with this sense of impending dread shout “BUG SPRAY… get me OUT of here!!”

    I watched this for 20 years AFTER the fact!! If the situation presented itself and he was standing in front of me TODAY, I wouldn

  17. PB says:

    Sorry Paul
    That term wasn’t necessarily directed at you or even anybody specifically on this board, more from a culmination of responses that I’ve been reading in regards to this case on various message boards and blogs. And again, no sympathy for the deceased or any other perv/violent criminal who meets his demise at the hands of another, my post was more about what you just referenced, these kinds of stories don’t simple go away even after justice is meted out. They are tragic tales with everlasting consequences for all involved, heck even from the pervs side as they have mothers and no, parents and family aren’t always responsible for how their children turn out. While the end result is something we can all agree on, I just stop short of celebrating it all as I know there are some terrible affects that will linger for those involved long after we’ve all moved on to the next news story.

  18. paulwilsonkc says:

    PB, youre exactly right….
    the byproduct of either act will never go away for either party. I can’t tell you the horror I watched this girl live 20 years after. Maybe I should have held back on the hyperbole, but theres a corner of my heart and head that ALMOST feels that way. Just wanted to clarify.

  19. mike says:

    I agree with you Paul
    To me, there is something wrong with a man who WOULDN’T beat the crap out of someone who is raping a child, especially if it is his child. That poor girl could have problems her whole life, all because some sick piece of trash was getting his jollies off of her. Who knows how many others he has raped. He reaped what he sowed.

  20. harley says:

    but i’m all over this city and never have a problem. Don’t carry a guy. Don’t need it. We go downtown…we go to the
    river market…mostly stay in joco….but what section of town are you in that you need to carry a weapon.
    What area are you in that you are so afraid of trouble?
    Grown up in kc…been to some areas but never had a problem…never got attacked..never had
    problems…what are you people doing to incite problems.
    And if you have a problem you better be sure you’re on the right side of the law…..kansas and
    missouri don’t have those laws like florida passed ….at least not yet.
    I think you’re all about boogeymen and acting like this is the old west. Maybe don’t go to those
    area that have problems…18th and vine…maybe stay away at nights….duh!!!!!!!!!
    downtown in a dark alley…duh!!!
    I think its just like the one comment made on here….you’re just a bunch of city slickers trying
    to act tough and fighting shadows. Most of you couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag!!!!!!!!
    This ain’t dodge city!

  21. mike says:

    I’m not trying to be a Barney Bad Ass but you don’t always have a chance to call the cops and wait for them to arrive. If someone attacks you or a family member, you have to stop the attacker however you can. If you wait 15 minutes for the police, it can be too late. Just for the record, I’ve been robbed 4 times. I gave the robbers the money each time. If one of them started to attack me, however, I would have defended myself by any means necessary. It’s not about being macho. By the way, crime can and does happen anywhere. Kelsey Smith was in Oak Park Mall for example. Don’t be so quick to judge others on this.

  22. Sheila says:

    I SAY GOOD!!!
    Way too many rapists don’t ever get caught or even taken to jail! Too bad every rapist doesn’t get the same thing! Our children and women would be safer! Rape is a horrible, horrible thing!

  23. Harley says:

    Its the VOICES again, I cant keep my storys straight!
    When it fits the story….
    say I nevr leave joco then
    because Im too rich and to kool
    it fits waht I want to say this
    time I
    say Im in downtown and river ……………………… market
    all the time.
    problem is I dont know if Im cumming or going
    and the voices
    wont stop
    there are two many
    versions of me for me to
    keep tract of
    god Im………… pathetic no wonder
    this whole site pays homage to
    my ignorance and …………pshycosis or how
    ever you spell it…………

  24. Harley says:

    @ Mike, Im quick to judge everyone
    because im an ignorant
    piece of slime
    who hides behind
    a facade
    its who I am its what I do
    get over it loooooooser
    youre just like the rest of
    Harley is right all the
    its proven because I do polls
    and I say
    if I judge and cut down
    every1 else they dont have
    time to see what a loser I am
    because the are on a defense all
    the time
    its how I cope
    noing everyone
    hate me

  25. elmer fudd says:

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  26. elmer fudd says:

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  27. harley says:

    hahahahahahaha. The elmer fudd stuff is very funny!

  28. Harley says:

    Im sorry, Elmer Fudd is me too
    I fucking suck
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    but now people know that two
    cause the can google what I
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    I stold it
    no wonder shehateme

  29. Harley says:

    it never ends with the voices
    now I cum
    like a fool as me
    and laugh at what
    I just wrote faking Elmer
    and hope that makes
    people belive
    it wasnt me being me
    but it was
    problem is people
    are all smarter then
    me so they know Elmer is
    me if I laugh at me or not.
    I can’t keep this up I look
    stupider and stupider3

  30. little little man says:

    pretty much sums it up. Oh and how about washed up? and how about broke? Need we say more?

  31. Harley says:

    now I really messed up
    by using little little man name
    what my girlfriend calls
    m my
    and it made me so mad
    I used it here but
    sense she’s outting
    me everywhere
    now they will no
    little little man is
    me too. That not puny at all

  32. Harley says:

    me, little little man and elmer have to clock in
    lunch hour over
    time to going back
    to be wage slave
    prolateriate or how
    ever you spell it worker
    have fun desciples and fan3s
    it back to the grindstoen
    for harley jojo little little man elmer
    and al those other voices
    where my anti psyhcotic meds?

  33. Harley says:

    that Harley i mean
    elmer stuff is funny!
    only thing more funnier
    is that little little man.
    dude man
    Id like to party with him
    stalk me at capitol grilll
    and I’ll buy
    you a miller light
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  34. mike says:

    harley, it amazes me
    that the less someone knows about something, the more of an expert they think they are. If you’ve never been a crime victim or had someone close to you be a crime victim, spare me the crap about crime victims being at fault for being in the wrong place. I was running a business when I got robbed. I was not walking down an alley somewhere trying to be a bad ass and looking for trouble. Have some bipedal animal pretending to be human point a gun at your head and threatining to blow your brains out and see if you still spout off about it being the victim’s fault. By the way, someone living in a poor part of town does not make being a crime victim their fault either. Only 1% of the people are 1%ers. Do the math, Einstein!

  35. harley says:

    where was the biz?
    where was the biz you were running? then we’ll discuss what i said.
    I said that if you stay out of areas like 18th and vine and the have no problems.
    80% of the crime occurs in a 4 square mile area of the city…pretty simple.
    How much gun crime in joco…don’t know the stats but in all my years of being
    in this town i’ve never encountered any problems.
    And then you get people like porky who shout about using force. These
    people couldn’t fight their way out a paper bag. After 20 second they’re huffing
    for a breath because theyre overwieght out of shape nad basically they’re
    a big whiff.
    its not the victims fault…never said that…but the truth is that you can avoid
    trouble most of the time. I stay in joco…never had problems in town center…
    or any other centers in this area. If you live in kcmo…then thats anouther
    sure crime happens…but i’m gonna guess you were working in a
    rough neighborhood…and that happened..
    but like porky who goes to the tougher neighborhoods ….if you;re
    not in those areas the chances are better you won’t be a crime victim.
    But itdoes happen….
    and I mentioned that wild play with that gun doesn’t do much if you
    break the law…killing a man can get you lots of trouble and jail time.
    be carefull……..

  36. Dale says:

    Bit too much celebration going on here
    Bit too much celebration going on here. The father seems to have acted under nderstandably protective instincts for his daughter, and you may – as I do – feel that the death of the rapist is justifyiable under some cicumstances when a defenceless girl is getting raped, but who or what exactly do you think you are helping by baying for blood and barbaric justice methods like savages?

    Or maybe you think that on the spot, dimished responsilbilty, VICTIM ADMINISTERED justice is

  37. mike says:

    Your right. It is not to be celebrated. A man is dead. A little girl is emotionally scarred for life. The Dad probably is as well. Yet, I don’t feel bad for the rapist either. It is hard to feel sorry for someone that rapes children. I commend the father for trying to get help for this guy when he realized he was dying. His intent probably wasn’t to kill him. He probably, and rightfully so, was probably trying to sufficienty trying to incapacitate the rapist until the cops arrived. His adreneline kicked in and he probably used more force than he realized. People can be unpredictable when in a panic situation. I’m glad he is not going to be charged with any crime.

  38. Dale says:

    Bit too much celebration going on here
    Bit too much celebration going on here. The father seems to have acted under nderstandably protective instincts for his daughter, and you may – as I do – feel that the death of the rapist is justifyiable under some cicumstances when a defenceless girl is getting raped, but who or what exactly do you think you are helping by baying for blood and barbaric justice methods like savages?

    Or maybe you think that on the spot, dimished responsilbilty, VICTIM ADMINISTERED justice is

  39. Misty Allen says:

    I cannot understand all of the hype about protecting criminals… Where is the courage? Are we just suppose to sit back and let them have their way with us.. I am sorry, but if that had been my daughter being raped by a grown man…. I would have done worse…. I would have taken my time… They deserve what they get as far as I am concerned…. How many other children do you think he might’ve raped in the past or would’ve raped in the future? That is why we have to many prisons, to much money being wasted on criminals and appeals… This was a happy ending to this story to me. And for those who defend this guy, I sure hope your daughter or granddaughter is never raped and left wondering why didn’t you protect me? Why did you not defend my honor and others like me.

  40. mike says:

    @misty allen
    While in theory, It would be nice to take your time and give this pedophile what he deserved, it wouldn’t work this way in reality. In a panic situation like this, all anybody would be thinking about would be stopping the attack from continuing and rendering the assailant unable to continue. That father was so amped up on adrenelin, he probably had no idea how hard he was hitting him until it was too late for the rapist to survive. Too bad because if the justice system had been able to try and convict this pervert, once he got to prison he would have wished he was dead!

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