Hearne: Life After Missouri’s Tigers; KU Football Renaissance Explained

There’s been no shortage of hooting and hollaring about KU football and new head coach Charlie Weis...

Last year’s slogan for KU’s football team was "Believe." Which worked just fine for the two meaningless, winning games at home against McNeese State and Northern Illinois. From there however the Jayhawks went 0 and 10 against K-State, Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Missouri and every other team they faced.

It was ugly and cost KU coach Turner Gill his job.

Which brings us to sexy new head coach Weiss and the hopes and dreams of the KU football faithful who can scarely remember the good, old days when the head coach was "phat" and abusive to student athletes and delivered winning seasons and bowl games.

So how high are those high hopes lately?

"Pretty modest actually," says promoter, and KU football follower Brett Mosiman. "I think everybody’s excited to have Weis but people realize that the last coach was like Terry Allen. He was a horrible coach and a horrible recruiter. He was a wonderful human being, but a horrible Division One football coach and the cupboard is bare."

Put another way, a four win season for KU this year would be a godsend, Mosiman says.

Here’s why…

"The Big 12 is the most horrible gauntlet to run in all of college football because they play nine conference games – some leagues only play seven," Mosiman says. "But even with a couple of cupecakes to start the season, KU still has to play Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, TCU, West Virginia and Baylor.

"I mean, the two baby teams in the Big 12 are Iowa State and Kansas, so there are no easy games. And when you’re Kansas you’re playing nine very tough games. In the Big 10 they’re playing games against teams that are really bad like Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, Northwestern and Minnesota. There’s five teams that probably haven’t been to as many bowls as Kansas. I mean, KU could compete against those teams. But nine games against bowl elligible teams is what KU has and that’s a huge deal."

And getting Missouri off the schedule doesn’t make it any easier, Mosiman says.

"No, because we replaced Missouri with TCU and TCU’s been in the Top 10 seven times in the past 10 years," Mosiman says. "And West Virginia, I think most people would say is equal if not better than Missouri. The point being that KU is not only the 10th team in the most solid league, they’re playing nine bowl elligible teams. And on top of that the Big 12 gives us four home games and five road games, so what chance do we have?"

There is hope however, Mosiman says.

"In two or three years we’ll be in a lot better shape, but playing a lot better this year probably means we’ll win two or three games. I’d say the over/under on the season is probably 3 1/2 to 4 games. So in a rosey scenario we might be four and eight maybe. I predict four and eight."

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10 Responses to Hearne: Life After Missouri’s Tigers; KU Football Renaissance Explained

  1. rkcal says:

    I didn’t do a Google search….
    but I’m fairly certain this is the first time ever that the words “sexy” and “Coach Weiss” have ever been used in the same sentence.

  2. Boomer says:

    Hearne is interviewing the guy that advertises on his gossip site about sports. Eh, still better than reading Glazer’s sports writing.

  3. Hearne says:

    Hey, sports “experts” come in allshapes and sizes…
    And make no mistake, Mosiman knows of what he speaks. Been interviewing him for years.

  4. Cliffy says:

    Moisman doesn’t know squat. But Boomer is right … it’s better than Glazer.

  5. harley says:

    this mossiman guy better stick to his regular business
    him trying to explain sports is like hearne trying to explain rocket science. This guy is
    in way over his head.
    1. KU football will be ragtag. No doubt about it. Bringing in short term players is not the answer.
    You need to build the program with 4 year players …not has beens from other failed teams.
    I like charlie and want to see ku get back but it won’t happen this way. You need long term
    growth to make it happen…not this staggard half way method he’s instituted.
    2. comparing thos big 10 teams to ku…i think you’re buddys wrong again hearne because i
    can pretty much guess that those football programs have a better record/more bowl games
    than ku…need to verify that.
    3. Take it from a ku football fan to try to downplay the mu tigers. Since your buddy doesn’t probably
    get out of lawrence much and probably has no knowledge of what’s happening in the sec
    and at mizzou..I can forgive the guy for being ill informed about the mu move and what it
    means to the school and to the league its in. Obviously mr. mossman doesn’t watch
    or pay attention to the news. MU is about the have their greatest year ever. Attendance will
    sspike to all time highs and put their attendance into the top 10-15 in the nation. recruitment
    just in the last 6 months for football and basektball has gone thru the roof. While phatman 2
    is recriting has beens Mu is getting the top talent in the nation…not just the midwest but the
    entire nation becase the great high school players wnat to play in the best league with the
    best players. Money is flowing into mu at record pace. As mossman knows businesses depend
    on cash flow …so when a unversity is brining in huge amounts of money it affects the overall’
    operation…and mu is essentially on fire. but thats just one part…involvement with the school
    at advancing….licensing rights just since the move to the sec have exploded. A new tv contract
    will be in place that pays them 15-20 million dollars a year more than what they big 12 is
    getting. A new network that will make their expsoure thriple is about to start.
    Enrollment is so strong that a waiting list is ongoing. Out of state students are clamoring to
    getinto the university. Acadmeically the university is growing…with expanded facilities…more
    research and developement dollars than ever before…an endowment program that’s about to
    make mu one of the top univerities in the nation.
    If mr. mossman would travel to columbia he would see that incredible growth there too.
    I understand the guy’s inablity to look beyond the street of downtown lawrence…but if he
    just let his hatred of mu down…he would see the move and the growth at mu is beyond anything
    he will ever experiennce in lawrence. He’ll see mu is prospoering and adding new facilities
    while ku is dropping altheltic progrma and their bball coach is screaming because he has
    to produce the revenues to keep the department running. He would see columbia rated as one
    of the top citiesin the nation…something lawrence may never see.
    We are on a roll (as i’ve said before). Before ku fans start opening their mouths they really need
    to find out what effect the sec and this move had on the university and it’s programs.
    Hearne…you really need to have someone tell the outher side. We know you have a built
    in hatred of mu and its alumni and its programs. Maybe if you were lucky enough to attend
    the greatest journalism school in the nation at MU you would have learned how to be
    fair and balanced in your reporting. You wouldh ave learned how to identify people wiht
    knowledge and information who weren’t so biased.
    This is a great time to be a missouri fan…..and next time you need some info i as always
    am available to provide that to you.
    MIZ SEC.
    oh…and when the ku fans finally realize that mu has left them in the dirt…maybe they’ll be able
    to see how great it is to be a n mu fan in 2012….ahtletically/academically/and financially.

  6. harley says:

    by the way hearne
    I will be sending you an mu jersey with the right colors…black and gold.
    You put the tiger picture on here with the wrong colors/uniform and logo.
    Maybe you need to get educated on whats happening at our school.
    I will definite;ly be keeping you posted…thanks.

  7. the dude says:

    just waiting to see
    when the big 12 finally implodes- my money is it only has about 4 years left in the tank.
    Texas once again killed the golden goose.

  8. Markus Aurelius says:

    so does this mean we’re going to start having articles about
    women’s lacrosse next? Seriously, there’s not much difference in fan support when it comes to KU football. Chalk this one up in the ‘who-gives-a-rat’s-#$@Z’ column.

  9. chuck says:

    Notre Dame to the Big 12?
    The “slogan” this year for KU football should be “This Is Our Crime”.

    They should never have fired “How do I get to 435” Coach Mangino, that guy was the best coach in the Big 12 and I pull for MU.

    I am assuming, that the usual geniuses are making decisions in Lawrence.

    “HEY!!! HEY!!! SHUT UP!!! I GOT IT!!! We went to the Orange Bowl with a fat coach, so…?”

  10. smartman says:

    KU to Ivy League
    Admission requirements are being raised. Does this mean that kids will now be smart enough to know that KU is a shitty school?

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