Glazer: The Real, True Hollywood Story of Why the Government Doesn’t Like Roids

Roger Clemens, NOT GUILTY…

Boy, you don’t hear those words often in federal court. They win nearly 95% of their trials. Which doesn’t mean the defendant is guilty, the Feds just have the power to always win. But not this time.

In fact, the government has now wasted millions of dollars and manpower to stage yet another public witch hunt that the public did not want to go along on.

Remember, Barry Bonds also walked.

Bonds was convicted of one minor charge but did no jail time. Clemens was cleared of everything. The government chose not to indict Lance Armstrong.

Did all three of them do steroids? No doubt.

The problem is, so did thousands of other baseball, basketball, football players just to name a few sports. "Roids" are now a common "vitamin" amongst not just pro and college athletes but Americans in general.

With the Clemens case over, it’s unlikely the government will ever again try a steroid/pro athlete case.

The public has spoken; "We don’t want to hear it."

For many reasons. For one, we love our superstars – even Bonds is loved in his city. Clemens is arguably the best baseball pitcher of all time. He’s won more Cy Young Awards than any other pitcher, including one at age 42 just seven years ago. Amazing. Even with steroids.

And you still have to be better than pretty good to do all that, huh?

Yes, steroids make you play better, especially in muscled up areas like home runs. However, it’s not fair to go after a chosen few when the entire NFL has to use them to not get KILLED out there.

So why slice and dice a few super star baseball players?

Simple, the government wants to slow down the use of steroids among young people.

Yet there is NO proven harm from the drugs when they are used correctly.

You can overdose on almost all legal drugs. The best examples of that being Arnold, Sly and Mickey Rourke – all movie stars who over used. Still they all seem to be in pretty good shape and healthy.. Stallone and Swartzenegger are now 70 and looking pretty good. 

That being said, we live in a dangerous world. Our nation has a high crime rate with the less educated Latino and Black groups.

Rampant steroid use would only grow young potential violent criminals to massive sizes.

It’s as simple as that.

Imagine 10 or 20 million thugs the size of Lebron James. Not a good thing.

So this is the major reason steroids are a no-no with the Feds. They don’t care about your health. Please.

Steroids are the new "fountain of youth." 

This is the only major way to slow down the aging process, look fit and young even into your 70’s. Nothing else can do that. Nothing. Sure it helps to eat right and work out, but again, PLEASE.

Testosterone and HGH are both legal today when doctor approved. So how bad can they be when used properly?

In generations to come these drugs and other steroids will allow people to live to be well over 100, maybe even 120. More importantly, they’ll look damn good even at 80, maybe 90.

Just think 80 will be the new 40. Damn. Sadly we won’t be here to see that.

Clemens and Bonds did pay a price.

Roger likely won’t go into the Hall of Fame for some time, and who knows if and when Bonds will ever be voted in? Plus they suffered great financial losses with lawyer bills and many sleepless nights. Most of all it hurt their families, their pride and their legacies.

Yes, they were all guilty of using steroids, but so were most of your pro heros.

My favorite Roger Clemens story – I’ve told it before but it bears repeating – was when Clemens and Red Sox pitcher Matt Young came into Stanford’s in Westport years ago. It was around 4 PM and they were in town to play the Royals. I walked up to Roger, introduced myself and we spoke for a bit. When I walked away he said, "Hey Craig, aren’t you gonna buy us a drink?" 

I turned and said, "Roger you make more money in a year than all the people in this restaurant put together, you should buy us a drink."  Roger smiled and said, "You’re right. Bartender, buy everyone in this joint a cocktail on me." 

And he did just that. Great guy.

But damn, I wish it had been later at night – we’d have been busier and made a killing!

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17 Responses to Glazer: The Real, True Hollywood Story of Why the Government Doesn’t Like Roids

  1. HARLEY says:

    the way you’re using those shots glaze
    you’re going to have problems. Serious problems. You’re not a doctor. There’s other, safer and
    less harmful ways to get your testosterone levels upped.
    You’re probably at about 800-900 right now. You can get to 1100 without those shots.
    be careful..
    and he wasn’t on trial for using steroids…he was on trials for obstruction and perjury.
    Remember its not the crime…its the coverup that gets people in trouble.

  2. the dude says:

    You are wrong about Armstrong,
    Bicyclists and other distance athletes don’t do steroids, they do EVO and blood dope.
    Very doubtful that Armstrong did steroids, it does not benefit their activities as much as EVo and blood doping.
    A good movie to watch about steroids is Bigger, Faster, Stronger for some real useful information.

  3. harley says:

    how roids are going to effect you in the long run. they might be making your outside look younger and ripping up tthe insidee of your body. one thing is for sure. you dont no what its doing to you!

  4. Lance the Intern says:

    Is one of the more difficult cases to win — especially when (as in this case), it’s one person’s word against another. McNamee is a known liar…Even the government considered him a “flawed” witness. Rusty Hardin destroyed him on the witness stand.

  5. smartman says:

    Facts glazed over….again
    The Feds have NOWHERE near a 95% conviction rate on cases like Clemens, Bonds, Edwards, The 95% rate comes from a totally different and specific type of case prosecution; moving defendants who use firearms in local crimes out of city court into the Federal system. Another crack job with the research.

    While accused robbers in the Philadelphia court system enjoy great odds of beating their cases, the rules are different at Sixth and Market Streets. The lawyers know it. The police know it. And defendants soon figure it out once they hear two very potent words: federal court.

    Since 2001, federal prosecutors have targeted about 2,000 defendants in the city court system and initiated firearms and robbery charges in federal court, where a 95 percent conviction rate and tough sentencing laws routinely lead to prison terms of 20 years or longer.

    “We’re trying to put a stop to as many of these crimes as we can,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert K. Reed, who oversees the unit that handles firearms and robbery cases. “We want to get this message out: If you come into federal court, you will face up to life in prison.”

    About 200 Philadelphia cases a year end up in federal court under the Justice Department initiative, known as Project Safe Neighborhoods. Many of these involve defendants who have repeatedly won their cases in city courts, where an Inquirer analysis found that even in the most basic gun-possession cases, only 56 percent of defendants charged in 2007 were found guilty of any crime.

    A task force made up of city and federal prosecutors as well as representatives from the police, the FBI, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives meets regularly to identify the most dangerous robbers or defendants whom investigators believe could provide important information about unsolved crimes.

    If those defendants violated federal law in the course of their criminal activity, Reed said, their cases are taken before a federal grand jury for indictment. Two federal statutes in particular have proven useful.

    One statute is used to go after robbers who hit gas stations, convenience stores, and other businesses. The other is a federal law that mandates a minimum of seven years behind bars for first-time offenders who brandish a gun in a violent crime, and 25 years for repeat offenders – on top of whatever they get for the underlying

  6. rkcal says:

    you’re gonna have Chuck peeing down his leg in his bunker with all this talk of super-sized black people.

  7. the dude says:

    a raging boner.

  8. balbonis moleskine says:

    The cream is now available by Rx.

    Every vain 40-60 year old man is going to want it, not just the Glazers who are willing to go to shady steriod peddling “youth clinics”.

    The dead giveaway will be the puffy face and swollen tissue look. You can always spot a steroid user because they have an outlandish puffy face, almost greasy looking face. Look at a picture of Glazer. Aside from the ridiculous rug and death grip on some 7, you will notice a swollen face- not just fat guy face.

    For people that age it is either a sign of botched plastic surgery (facial injections causing face swelling) or in males, steroid abuse.

    Just like facelifts, fake tits and botox—-the real joke is that people think they look good.

  9. expat says:

    Steroids should be legal over the counter, just like marijuana, if only to counteract all the phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens flooding the food supply (including female birth control residual hormones that get flushed down the toilet and end up in our water).

  10. Kerouac says:

    Perspective is everything…
    “Great guy (Clemens)”

    – my opinion is slightly less gracious: he’s a disgrace – “arguably” (to borrow your term) the biggest in MLB history – nigh on neck & over-sIzed ego with charlatan Bonds, et al. If these guys were race cars, they would have been disqualified due to having an unfair advantage because ‘no’, everyone was NOT doing it.

    Beyond the medicinally addled cheer-less personality & crocodile tears his yesterday (it unproven he ‘lied’, different than exoneration for actual ‘use’ itself), I recall Mr. Wonderful throwing a broken bat at Mike Piazza a World Series game…this some three months after he hit Piazza in the head with a pitch.

    What a great guy… a classic bully.


    There are (apparently) other effects too aside ftom roid rage, increased nose length, bloated hat size and shrunken ‘members’…

    Take indignant index fingers for example, thrust forward for emphasis

    ~ “I have NEVER used steroids, period!” ~ Palmeiro

    It also causes comprehension skills to falter, and memory to wane

    ~ “Que? Me no habla” ~ Sosa

    Stuttering & speech difficulties otherwise, and a disdain for nostalgia

    ~ “I don’t want to talk about the past, I only want to talk about the present” ~ McGwire

    Ultimately, two guys not mentioned in the article come to mind: Lyle Alzado (NFL) & Ken Caminti (MLB)… they weren’t available for comment as they’re both D-E-A-D

    “Stallone and Swartzenegger are now 70 and looking pretty good.”

    – Schwarzenegger is only 64, Stallone is 65 (they just look 70; too, neither has even reached 67 yet, the average life expectancy for a man born in 1947/1946)…

    If you want to talk living long, healthy & doing it ‘sans’ the road to ruin, consider Jack LaLane; he lived to almost 97, and considering he was born in 1911 far surpassed the life expectancy for his birthdate. How did he do it? LaLane ‘juiced’ too… ‘naturally’.

    To each their own – with this caveat: just place copious * in the record books sports, and deny the cheats enshrinement various Halls of Fame. The only thing bigger than their faux stats & massaged physiques are their egos… hit ’em where it hurts.

  11. Skeptic says:

    The Blind Leading the Blind
    And a doper defending dopers. Biased much?

  12. BMAN says:

    Hormones – Get Educated
    I agree with Craig and all of you other commenters crack me up.

    For the record the word steroids encompasses may different natural hormones. On the street, “steroids” also includes the synthetic ones too like deca, winstrol, anadrol, dianabol etc….

    I bet everyone on this blog, besides Craig, has spent less than 10 hours and probably less than 1 hour studying about hormones. Most only know what they hear by rumor. I have studied this subject for over 6 years. I have been on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) the whole time.

    It is scientifically proven that men with higher testosterone levels live happier, healthier and longer lives. I just had a complete male panel done with 76 different blood tests. The result…..perfect everything. I even still produce my own growth hormone at the levels of a 25 yr. old and I am 44. Most men over 40 produce zero growth hormone. I also had a heart stress test done and the doctor said I have the heart of a professional athlete. I was shocked because I only go to the gym about two times a week. Why did I tell you this? Because I have been on TRT for six years with internal organs in perfect shape and younger acting. We age partly because our hormones change for the worse. Craig is right again when he states that

  13. harley says:

    Just learned from the most important man
    in b/i hormone therapy…dr. gino tutera in phoenix.
    If he’s taking shots he’s not getting the full benefit of hormone therapy. I assume he’s taking shot which have
    serious problems and which causes spikes and doesnt last long. I assume he’s going to a
    licensed doctor for his shots…but knowing the glaze he might not…but that can be dangerous.
    Don’t know how much he’s taking but i’m sure he’s having blood tests taken.
    I said his level was at that point with the shots…if he has the most proficient and most effective form
    of therapy he will reach those 1000 plus levels.
    Do we know the side effect of this therapy…not really bman….but studies in the short term have
    shown the pellet therapy to be the safest and the most efficient.
    Excellent post…you seem like you would be great to speak with. Yu could help us tremendously.
    This is the greatest anti aging product available…better than lotions/shots/creams/etc…
    great post with great information.

  14. Brian Moore says:

    Hormones – Get Educated
    That is good to hear Harley. However, it is unethical in writing to post something about someone that you cannot prove as a fact. It is also insulting to that person to imply that they are doing something illegal when in fact they are not. I am quite confident that Craig has the money to go to the best doctors available.

    How do shots have serious problems? I have given myself a shot a week for six years without one single problem. Millions of people get shots every day. People have been getting shots of testosterone from competent doctors since the early 1900’s without “serious problems”. If a person gets one shot a week then there are no spikes. Every two weeks then yes there will be spikes. The half life of testosterone cypionate is seven days.

    Yes, the pellets seem interesting but, pellets are just another delivery method. They are just as safe as IM injections since they too are injected. Intermuscular injections of testosterone have been studied since the 1930’s with very positive results.

    The pellet delivery method is new but, it has the same net positive effect as the injections. Not any safer or efficient as both are fully absorbed, just a different delivery method. The cream works on most people but, you have to watch your contact with women and children.

    Yes, I agree…a great anti-aging and increased health product. Good for you in being proactive Harley.

  15. harley says:

    i assumed
    he was going to a doctor because in a previous post where I asked him about it
    he said he was. I don’t know nor do i have reason outside of his previous comment
    about it and wold never speculate about it. Pellets are superior to shot…i will let the doctors debate that but
    the top doctors in the nation have said that pellets are superior to shot and
    that they are natural and release over a expanded time based on need as opposed
    to shots.
    the creams have a hard time working because they penetrate the skin…my sources
    say they are basically worthless.
    wish you luck…you will be hearing more about this…….

  16. Simple Solution says:

    There is a simple solution
    Take away the money. No reason why athlete’s need 7 figure salaries to perform these sports. Fact is any natural athlete is a better model for children then a roid user. Want a competitive advantage train harder work longer.

  17. Whoa says:

    Racist much?
    Wow. You’re pretty overtly racist. That’s cool, at least your honest about your fear of big black thugs and violent Latinos… And, it’s pretty clear that you use the ‘juice’…

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