Glazer: Good Riddance, Rodney King Was a Joke

Forty-seven year-old Rodney King died this weekend…

King drowned in his backyard pool – a pool paid for by a lawsuit from his 1991 beating by LAPD. It was a beating we’ll never forget, caught on video and which led to the LA riots that killed 55 people, injured 2,000 and caused millions of dollars in damages.

King became a "black leader" because of the incident but many white people had a problem with that.

Hey, there’s no doubt King was beaten and no doubt it was wrong. There’s also no doubt the police in LA and everywhere else in this country have no right to behave like animals.

But the problem with the entire mess is Rodney King himself.

King had a lengthy criminal record, but so did Malcolm X.  However Malcolm X became an educated, powerful leader and role model for millions. And at the end of his career he spoke to people on non violence. And if nothing else, Malcolm X was a brilliant man, right or wrong.

King on the other hand was not sharp, not a good example, uneducated and a lifelong punk.

He was given the chance to lead and set an example but what did he do with it? He parlayed his beating into more than million bucks and ended up on "Drug Rehab" reality shows. A real genius.

Now the guy’s being mentioned alongside Whitney Houston, Donna Summer and hoody-wearing victim Bobby Trayvon.

Really? Does King deserve to be enshrined in THAT group? Hardly.

In 1991 Rodney King was running from the LAPD while driving over 100 miles an hour. In all likelihood he was leaving the scene of a crime, had dope on him and more. That he ran because he was dirty is almost a given. His excuse: "I thought the cops would kill me because I am black."

I guess several million black men who get pulled over in LA all the time are lucky. They all lived somehow and managed not to get beaten. Oh yeah, King was on parole for armed robbery.

We’ll probably never really know what may have set off the beating. And again, it was wrong, very wrong. Maybe King got out of the car, yelled something at the cops and was scary and aggressive. Maybe the high speed chase and his record made the cops crazy. Still that beating was too much.

In the end, three cops were acquitted in a trial by a jury of all whites. Hey OJ, see how that works? Later the Federal Government had to make an example so they gave the two main "beating cops" 30 months in prison.

King then half ass tried to be a black leader and celebrity.

However he didn’t do either very well. So in the end the pool killed him and TV had him on only as a joke. The stupid, dope addict angle. The guy was not much of a speaker. I know, "Can We All Get Along."  That was his one-and-only best moment.

Do I sound down on Rodney King?

Yes, but only because he proved to be such a bad example – an uneducated black man who managed to make whites feel guilty. That’s the truth, he had no talent.

A better example of a black hero during the LA riots was when white truck driver Reginald Denny was pulled from his cab and nearly beaten to death and a black man, Bobby Green, raced in, pushed him back into his cab, and drove him to the hospital, saving his life.

That’s a hero. That’s a good example of a real man.

I don’t hold it against King that he had a bad record, so did I. It’s what he did after the "beating."

Which was not much.
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25 Responses to Glazer: Good Riddance, Rodney King Was a Joke

  1. Reginald Denny says:

    I never did get along with that guy.

  2. the dude says:

    Who is trying to label
    King as a hero or a leader? Everybody knew he was a goofy crackhead.

  3. WTF? says:

    A guy with no talent writes an article about a guy with no talent.

  4. Goody says:

    “hoody-wearing victim Bobby Trayvon.”


  5. Harley says:

    the way I sea it….
    are….only 1 swimming
    pool away from our own…
    … and no NotSoSmartMan..
    …Im knot talking about killing myself
    falling in Im talking about
    my sluuuuurp buddy doing
    what Rodney did.
    Ewe are all safe, Wilson Dude, Smartman, NotSoSuperDave since you are………all
    loooosers you dont even have a pool! I do so I can fall in and die any time I want sew sea what lusers you really are? U can’t even kill your
    like my role model Rodney did.
    Beeno get me some coke snoooooooooooooooooooooort

  6. mark smith says:

    i think “symbol” is the word you are looking for
    The mainstream liberal media and black leaders like al brylcream sharpton are calling king a symbol, who unwittingly spearheaded the outrage over lapd brutality. After that chase king refused to get on the ground. Once on the ground he kept trying to get up. That’s going to earn anyone a beat down. The media and activists are correct in saying that king is a symbol, but way off on what he symbolizes. Rodney king smoked crack, beat his women, pissed away close to one million bucks, and never progressed beyond being a self entitled, lazy, violent, crack head and drunk. He is a symbol of what not to be. If Martin Luther king had have had a nightmare instead of a dream, that nightmare would have looked a lot like Rodney king.

  7. tom crawford says:

    You confirm
    You confirm at least weekly if not daily that you are an idiot. You are the only one that considered Rodney King a black leader. I understand the hope is if you say enough stupid shit you’ll get more responses. But obviously that is not working for you either.

  8. Skeptic says:

    Rodney King was a joke
    And you Glazer are a punchline!

  9. Harley says:

    tom you are fucking disgusting…..
    only you could take a very special great monday and make it into something disgusting…and horrid by commentinging on my close friend Craig. Nice job Tom im crying now I hope you are happy
    i received emails from others about you….you are the lowest. Won persun email me and said you are a POS low life con man and I

  10. Harley says:

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    it would be a
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  11. chuck says:

    Mr. King was an innocent citizen, just trying to get by.
    Rodney King is a convicted felon with a long criminal record. On March 3, 1991, he was out of jail on parole, and driving recklessly and at great speed through residential streets of Los Angeles. It was later determined that he was blind drunk

  12. Harley says:

    chuck you are fucking disgusting…….
    only you could take a very special great monday and make it into something disgusting…and horrid by commentinging on my close friend Rodney. Nice job Chuck im crying now I hope you are happy.
    My dad new
    Rodneys brother Martin he was from the
    NE side of kc.
    They were in cali when this happened and saw it all returning from vegas where they had won so much cash he sold his car and bought a 1 ton truck in vegas to haul the money back it wayed to much.
    Rodney was a good person
    you just hate all blacks.
    i received emails from others about you….you are the lowest. Won persun email me and said you are a POS low life con man and I

  13. chuck says:

    Reginald Denny became famous because of the video.
    There were other victims.

    Few people heard about Matt Haines, a 32-year-old white man who, with his nephew, was riding a motorcycle into the black part of Los Angeles after a black friend called to say that her car would not start. The two whites were stopped by a gang of about 15 blacks, who knocked them off the motorcycle and beat them as they lay on the ground. Without provocation, one of the blacks shot Mr. Haines in the head. His nephew was shot three times in the arm, but when the gunman held the pistol to his face the weapon did not fire. Mr. Haines died; his nephew survived. [

  14. chuck says:

    What is really interesting to me about the aftermath
    of the Rodney King riots, then and now, is the level of violence is now a constant, that measures up to the aftermath of the 1992 riot.

    Those attacks you just read about, pale in comparrison to the extemporaneous attacks that now are part and parcel of our every day existance. Yet, no verdict, no riot, that new level of accepted violence a racial hate, which was noteworthy 20 years ago, doesn’t touch the shit that hits the fan every weekend.

    Burn baby burn.

    When is enough, enough?

  15. beena says:

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  16. chuck says:

    I am thinkin you got all the mileage outta the word “verbacious” you are allowed.

    Fron now on, “verbacious” is “verboten”.

  17. chuck says:

    Here are some quotes from today’s Yahoo on King.
    “It was a critical question at a moment of crisis that forged our human bonds with one another,” said Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson. “It grew up out of the hope and the desire, especially of people of color, to see this nation come together.”

    And it came from an unemployed construction worker who, through an accident of history, now stands among the unforgettable names of America’s racial journey

  18. chuck says:

    Here is denial Yahoo.
    The reason may be media bias; a commitment to an agenda that favors multiculturalism. It may also be attributed to the sheer volume of black-on-White murders. The national media could afford to allot significant time to the James Byrd murder. To allot equal time to every black-on-White murder would be impossible. There simply are not enough hours per day.

    Below are a few summaries of black-on-White murders. More are added daily.

  19. Church of Jed says:

    another fail
    Too many news headlines said that he was a symbol of police brutality and the racial injustice. In the end, he was just another symbol of earned stereotypes of Typical Diversity Behaviour and self destruction.

    During late 19th Century, most Whites thought the blacks would become extinct, per their inadaptability to civilization. Blacks were propped up and nursed through misguided White charity, and now we’ve created a dependant monster that is strong enough to kill us if we don’t feed it.

    The story of the White man’s folly and interference with nature to his own demise will be the tales that space aliens use to scare their children.

    How many trillions have been robbed from the White economy and invested in Diversity? How many Whites have robbed nation of their gifts, talents, and treasure by investing in blacks instead of their own kind? How much of our government and civic life is perverted and corrupted away from its purpose for us by being diverted for the benefit of blacks, for whom it was never intended?

    How great would the White community be in America if we didn’t have blacks or if we hadn’t ruined ourselves for their benefit? That we could commit such a race crime against ourselves proves that a deep and evil dispensation descended upon us, and we’ve not you found the power to expunge it from our lives.

    Maybe they are right after all, and we don’t deserve any White privilege. In the mass, we certainly didn’t act like we wanted any…

  20. Church of Jed says:

    Where is the video of Rodney’s death?
    Even if their was one, the media would edit it to show the water attacking Rodney, and deleting the portion showing him splashing around.

    Good riddance scum-bag.

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  22. hardly says:

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  23. harley says:

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  24. Kerouac says:

    Just this
    So many comments, so little resolve read them. I’ve never seen that picture up top before, the guy in the blue shirt wearing steri-strips on his face and ‘winking’ at the camera… is that King or ‘Bad Bad’ Leroy Brown, baddest man in the whole damn town?

  25. BarKeeper says:

    Idols of the Black Community
    As long as the black community idolizes Calypso Louie, Sharp-ton, Jesse, and various obscene rap stars; they will remain firmly face-planted in the mud. Bill Cosby spoke out and was ostracized immediately.

    The Rodney King riots were only an excuse to loot the Sears and Walmarts….nothing more.

    The Trayvon situation could start the same thing, but it won’t be about justice in any way. It will be about stealing TV’s and laptops.

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