Edelman: There is Life After Jardine’s for Kansas City Jazz

Rest in the Peace, Jardine’s

All that’s left of my favorite KC jazz spot is the occasional story about Beena‘s travails here in KC Confidential. With its liquor license coming due, I’m afraid that may be all she wrote for a club that gave up plenty of smiles in its long hey day (and kept alot of musicians working).

Beena gave us some great shows.

I had my "killing me softly" moment the first time I heard Karrin Allyson on the tiny Jardine’s stage. Billy Stritch, Marilyn Maye‘s musical director, brought the cool for a $5 cover– that would be $35 and a two drink minimum in NYC.  The Sons of Brasil (and  all of Stan Kessler‘s musical amalgamations), Alacartoona, Professor Cartwright‘s KC series, Julia Othmer, Bram‘s jumping septet, Friday nights with Angela and Saturdays for Ida McBeth–it all sounded good,

I, for one, miss the place.

Like the Reno Club, Tootie’s Mayfair, the Inferno, Milton’s and a hundred other nightspots, the doors are closed but the music lives on. Don’t despair; move on.

Speaking of which, here are some places to catch great jazz in Kansas City this week:

Tonight (Monday): Mark Lowrey‘s trio plays the Majestic Steakhouse from 6 to 8; the Phoenix has shimmering vocalist Millie Edwards with the talented Michael Pagan on keyboards 7 to 11.

Tuesday: New Jazz Order Big Band kicks out the jams with some of the town’s best young cats at Harling’s, upstairs where Main Street meets Westport Road, 9 to midnight. On the intimate side, Chaz at the Raphael hosts two of the best guitarists you’re likely to hear in a summer of Starlight and Sandstone concerts– Jerry
and Danny Embrey, 6 to 10. Monitque Danielle croons with Rick Bacus and a plate of warm beignets at the aptly-named Jazz: a Louisiana Kitchen 6 to 9.

Wednesday: Another "new" music spot– McCormick and Shmick’s on the Plaza– presents the aforementioned Stan Kessler laying down some smooth samba sounds with Beau Bledsoe and Luis Orasano 5 to 8. Mark Lowery shifts to the Cafe Trio (just down the block from the shuttered Jardine’s) 6 to 9. And way out south in Leawood, Lonnie McFadden holds court at the West Chase Grille for dinner while Lynn Zimmer plays for the swing crowd at the Gaslight Grill, 137th and Roe, from 6:30 to 9:30.

Thursday: As we get closer to the weekend, our jazz scene heats up hotter. The Record Bar in Westport welcomes the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey and Dan Tedesco, 10 to 1am.
Kerry Strayer fronts the New KC 7 at the Take Five Coffee Bar, 151st and Nall, from 7 to 9. Solid jazz organist Everette DeVan takes his groove to Leavenworth for a gig behind vocalist Anne Trinki 6:30 to 9:30. The Hotel Phillips gets into the jazz scene with Millie Edwards on the bandstand 5 to 8. And the Sons of Brasil bring the cool to Zona Rosa outdoors from 7 to 9.

Friday: Still more new nightspots join the weekly calendar. Lisa Engelken warbles at the Blue Room 8:30- 12:30. Saxophonist Dave Chael guests with the Ron Carlson Trio at the Lucky Brewgrille. Speaking of lucky, 7 to 11’s the time and the Drum Room at the President Hotel, 14th and Baltimore, the place where Monique Danielle and Rick Bacus will keep the P&L District hip.

The 1 a.m. jam is still going strong at the Mutual Musicians Foundation, 1823 Highland.

And add Accurso’s at 4980 Main Street to the talent round-up with City Lights veteran Tim Whitmer on the 88s starting at 6.

Saturday: Cascone’s out in OP primes the pasta with saxophonist Jim Mair 6 6:30-9:30. Pieropos in Briarcliff presents Candace Evans handling the vocal and piano chores, while the hat hisself, David Basse, keeps the frogs and snakes and topless statues happy at the Overland Park Arboretum 6:30-10:30 (don’t get lost out there, DB). Sullivan’s at 119th and Roe hosts Ryan Howard from 7 to 11; half a block away, Megan Birdsall sings at West Chase from 6:30-9:30. And try Taste in downtown OP for a taste of Steve Gray, 6:30-10.

In all, I count 23 different music spots. Perhaps we CAN get by without Jardine’s — though I’ll miss it.

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5 Responses to Edelman: There is Life After Jardine’s for Kansas City Jazz

  1. the dude says:

    jazz is dead and beena
    killed it, it is all her fault!! I’ll be selling pitchforks and torches out on Main, just look for the dude with the pitchforks and torches for sale.

  2. beena says:

    Dude you have a small brain
    you are not the smartest guy in town. i say look around.take a good look at yourself

    verbacious, i must say you are. Why dont you get some curry, get your fat ass off the couch and stop being so verbacious?

    You and your kcc friends should smoke a lot more cigars and talk to me when you are done with that. I will be a block down the street in my tent by the horse fountain. Just get in line with the other guys.

  3. harley says:

    when do we hear more bullshit
    about the guys who said they were buying jardines. More bullshit. More lies. Just a shot at being
    a somebody in life. Another way to make people think they’re somebody when they are ntohing
    but over the hill wannabees!
    come on hearne…lets hear about guys who are doing things with their lives…not some
    down and out bull shitter who want to see their names on this site just to make people
    think they’re important. No more lies and bullshit please. Those guys are just loseers
    trying to make people think they are important…when they’re one big fucking nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. the dude says:

    and you have
    some white stuff still under your nose to clean up. Snort up some more of the good stuff while you dream of the good ol’ times.

  5. KCMonarch says:

    Wait! Jardine’s closed?
    Why hasn’t anybody reported / blogged about this before now?

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