Glazer: Count Your Blessings, Scribe Says, While He Counts His

Like most of you I think almost daily about how much more I can do and accomplish in my life…

It never seems good enough, does it? All those dream we had as children that faded into life’s reality at age 30 or 40 or 50. Too often we think of what might have been. Trouble is, we don’t take the time to respect and examine what we’ve really done with our lives.

It was only yesterday, it seems, we were hoping to graduate from high school, have a girlfriend, be liked by others and leave our hometown for college and a life adventure.

Well, most of us did just that or something close, right?

I mean, had the Future Fairy told you at age 12 you’d own your own home, have a family, friends, good paying job, trips to exciting cities and enjoy ballgames, theatre – even pick up a few personal awards along the way – let alone just own a smoking hot, brand new car, wow, that would have sounded so COOL.

But that’s never enough, is it?

My gosh, had I been told at age 12, I was going to go away to Arizona, live in Los Angeles, be part of the film and TV industry, date and bed boatloads of beautiful women, become friends with worldwide, well-known celebrities and athletes, own one of America’s best known comedy clubs, a restaurant, be in the media – and oh yeah, write a book about myself, a good one – I wouldn’t have believed it.

Hey Craig, you will drive Porsches, Ferraris, and a Lotus. Damn, I would have been so excited I wouldn’t have been able to sleep.

Of course, there are bad things too; prison, family death, a broken marriage and many, many scary times.

Guess what? That kinda stuff happens to all of us in our own way, right?

I don’t mention me to try and sound cool, only as an example. Yet like most of you, it’s never enough, never good enough. In my case, if only my movie gets made and I becomes nationally known. Or the best one, I make enough money to be on easy street.

It just never ends.

We don’t know most of our readers here, obviously. I don’t anyway. But I have the feeling from the comments section that this mindset is in most of us. That we are the chosen few in the world. That we live in the greatest country ever, America. We are the top one percent earners or there abouts.

Sure, we have bills to pay but so do multi millionaires. We have our headaches and our heartaches, but so do Johnny Depp and Johnny Dare.

It’s the human condition. It’s never good enough.

We have trouble telling ourselves, "You did good, kid. In fact, you did great." 

Few of us show much emotion – maybe it wasn’t shown enough to us as kids (or adults). I sure know that feeling and I bet many of you do as well.

We all think, "Boy, if I had it all to do over." Even though we did better than O.K.

I’m trying harder now to enjoy life and not worry so much about the future. Why? Because the future for me and many of you is NOW. We’ve lived better than half of our lives – maybe two thirds – and as we grow older we begin to lose much of what being young gave us. We become more and more limited. Even when things are going well you hear, "Yeah, well you’re old. What do you know?"

And hey, that starts in your 30’s.

I just looked out my window this morning and saw how nice a day it was. How nice our city can look. Even how nice people can be to one another at times.

No, I didn’t grow up to quarterback the Chiefs, win best actor in Hollywood, or be elected to Congress.

Maybe that’s just as well. I know many of those people and Lord knows they don’t seem very happy. My favorite line has always been, "I don’t know the answer to being happy, but I know if you live to try and please others you won’t be."

Please yourself.

Hell, I think most of you have already won – you’re still here. And if read this site and comment sometimes, you must be fairly bright, so enjoy what you have – what the luck of the draw gave you.

It may be brief; it may be scary, exciting, boring but make it enjoyable. It’s your life. You and I have won, even if it ends sooner rather than later.

So just smile baby, smile.

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16 Responses to Glazer: Count Your Blessings, Scribe Says, While He Counts His

  1. smartman says:

    There is a difference
    Unlike you, I wake up very day thinking about what I can do to help OTHERS. Life is so much more rewarding when I am not the focus of everything I do.

  2. paulwilsonkc says:

    Amen, once again…Smartman
    Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” is how too many people live and, at its root level, an incredily self serving, depressing song.

    You normally come out in first place when you place yourself last in the list of your own priorities. (I made that up just now, Im BRILLIANT) Doesn’t mean others dont live to please themselves, they clearly do. Just not my choice.

  3. the dude says:

    Executive Summary
    Me me me me me me me me me me me me me me.
    Me, ME mE me me me me me me me me.

  4. the dude says:

    Forgive me fellow readers,
    I forgot to throw in a Dare reference, prison time, Lotus, hot chicks and a big, fake rug. Tada!

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    The most critical thinkers have nearly all spoken
    Smart, Dude, SD, Mike, Balogonous LunchMeat, Chuck are the true wheels that keep this site running. I heard the other day someone claimed they single handedly had that roll. If I heard correctly, the person making the claim is actually nothing more than a flat, spare tire, not the wheel. And like any spare tire, you’re pissed when you NEED to use it, and like a FLAT spare tire, more pissed when you find it its not worth using when you need it!

  6. harley says:

    isnt it funny
    that the broke dicks are like criminals in prison.
    when a guy goes to prison he finds god/jesus/…he changes his life. I’m innocent
    when a guy goes broke he then comes out and say..”.I hated the moneh…don’t need it…hate it…
    it doesn’t mean anything to me…
    can’t have it both ways dudes. the world revolves faster than you can. If you ain’t got
    can’t give it.
    I do more volunteer work…i’ve had my stuff featured on the front page of usa today…good morning
    america…cbs news…and yes it feels good. But you guy say that someone who’s successful
    in life and business can’t also be good and charitable and that’s complete b.s.
    That in order to be a good person you can’t have money. That’s b.s.
    Beating on glaze is 100% bulllshit ! Do you know the guy doesn’t do good stuff? NO!
    dO YOU KNOW THE GUY ISN’T CHARITABLE? no! cHARITY begins at home dudes…
    do you know he hasn’t helped out his family ? NO! Do you know he hasn’t done anything
    to help people…maybe help employees pay rent…help a friend…so you dudes play the
    bull shit card and say he’s all about himself…and you guys don’t know shit.
    Every holiday season I participate in giving over $500,000 worth of items to
    needy families…and I mean families that are down and out…as far down as
    a family can be…don’t need to get on kcc about it (like others on kcc who are concerned
    about what people think)… don’t need to explain it….but the crap about glaze being
    about himself is pure shit…you don’t know this guy…you don’t know his story…so as i
    always say…SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. HARLEY says:

    more bullshit from the king of bullshit. Stop the bullshit bullshitter…We know the bullshit. Heard enough..My boots are
    deep in your bullshit…now stfu.

  8. rkcal says:

    Thanks Glaze. I may have had a smokin’ hot ’79 Pinto, visited Branson not once but TWICE, wooed and bedded a double trailer load of fat KC chicks, and finally got a job that doesn’t require that I wear a uniform, but until your validation, I wasn’t sure I was “fairly bright”. I win!

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    On April 20th Harley writes to me in an email:
    under the email address; Stan Greenberg , which he PREVIOUSLY claimed was his “attorneys” email (cut and pasted for its full affect)

    “When all this calms down…i’ll have you over.
    I alwasy said you d be a fun guy to
    hang with…
    and i’ll buy the beers. We know so many of the same people in town…
    .fyi: the initial problem i wanted to talk to you about had nothing to do with
    any legal stuff…i found that a kc station is doing a story on
    ilocal internet sites and to
    warn you to be careful…. seriouslly…”

    Maybe I was beer-worthy THEN… but just not NOW. its hard to sort fact from fiction in his world, which is why I gave up. The rest of the email is just too pathetic to copy/paste, so I’ll go back to IGNORE. Its not worth the argument to read an email like that THEN see yourself described as a broke dick bull shitting bull shitter and wonder WHERE he was telling the truth, if ever. And HE wants to point fingers.

    I’ve been told by a REALLY important person on here “…just ignore him, when you come to all that zig zag scrolling sea sick mess, just hit the DOWN key and race to the bottom, like I do”

    So say what you will, Mr “I Gave $500K To The Needy”, thats my continued tactic for you. Its not worth my breath. I would have said hello at Captial Grill, but like all the ther places you claim to go, you weren’t there either.

    OK, back to ignoring. Dont make me call my COUSINS and have this fixed! Oh, Im sorry, that was YOU, not me.

  10. harley says:

    wilson ignores my comments/writings?
    are you serious. Wilson mention harley is nearly every comment/post he has.
    He can’t writie anything without mentioning me. I’m the most qouted guy on kcc.
    And noone ever can say i’m not right all the time. Everything is true. wilson knows
    it. He knows full well that everything i put on this site is true to the point.
    And that kills the guy.
    Ignore me…try to…you can’t. I make your day. hahahaha

  11. John Galt says:

    But back to the glazed over one…
    Two sayings come to mind: There is no smaller package than a man wrapped up in himself, and The empty vessel makes the most noise. You need a shrink.

  12. Harley says:

    “Wilson mention harley is nearly every comment/post he has”
    Mensa level IQ at work there, but I new that already. That…
    why I tri to make shure no one really no’s me.

    “I’m the most qouted guy on kcc”

    Hear are other most quoted people:
    Attila The Hun
    Mel Gibson
    John Edwards
    Maximilien Robespierre
    Idi Amin Dada
    Casey Anthony
    Leopold II of Belgium
    Jerry Sandusky
    Tommy Flanagan the Pathological Liar
    Adolf Hitler
    OJ Simpson
    Spencer Pratt
    Kim Kardashian
    Tiger Woods (no connection to cheaters and promoters of Domestic Vioilunce intended)
    Emperor Hirohito of Japan

    Sea? Im in good kumpany! These people are always quotd. Never wrong. Im the wheel hear.

  13. harley says:

    come on wilson…do better than that
    ignore? come on wilson you can’t let it go. You can’t stand the fact that I got it going on
    and you’re (well we’ll leave it it that)…..nice try….but you screwed up with the “cousins” thing….and FUCKED THAT UP…
    you screwed up with my chairty deals…you screwed up with trying to defam me…and now
    you just can’t let it go…because you know..
    I’m seriously not one to brag…but you can’t simply ignore me because you’re PUNKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Beano says:

    dont you have anything better to do

    bla bla bla bla

    quite verbacious

    need to get away from computer

    might learn something

    lose some weight

    dont you have phones to sell

    all talk


    you dont



  15. hardly says:

    wi are ewe so obcessed with mee………..ewe are justjellus of me………………………………peepul liek mee an creg are suck cess ful…………………ewe liv in a dump………………….were thrif stoor undurware……………..smoak cheep ciggarz…………………..ewe wish ewe hadd my folowerz………………i am the reesun peeple look at this sight…………………mi leeguns of folowerz…………….admit it………………ewe wihs ewe were mee…………………eye am allwayz wright………….ewe no it………………admit it…………………..eye amm youre idul…………….admit it an youl feal bettur……………………….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA………..your PUNKED…………………HAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. Dick Goesinya says:

    Glazer is an abject bum

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