Glazer: Sorry Sam, Zack Greinke Ain’t Coming Back and He Shouldn’t

I usually agree with Star sports columnist Sam Mellinger

He’s done a top notch job replacing Jason Whitlock and Joe Posnanski. Today he wrote an article suggesting former Royals star Zack Greinke may one day return here. Sorry Sam, I don’t buy it.

I know you asked him recently and he mentioned he liked the city, the people, the coaches, and still had a place here. All true. However the team has the worst record in the American League and along with the Twins, and is going nowhere fast.

Zack on the other hand is fast becoming one of baseball’s best pitchers.

He’s 23-8 with the division champion Milwaukee Brewers with an ERA of 3.62 during his two year’s there. Sam also mentioned something a tad bit important about the Zack Attack when he was leaving.


So far Zack is right. So no Sam, he’s not coming back anytime soon. Maybe when his career is shot in three to six years for more money than anyone else would pay him.

If and only if his career is in the toilet or by some miracle the Royals are a first place team, which is not likely.

Oddly enough, it’s not just the pitching that keeps the Royals from competing or even mattering to anyone outside KC.

The pitching is decent, at just unde ar 4.00 ERA with the leagues overall best bullpen. But we have no hitting. A team that was suppose to hit has not one hitter that matters. AND YES, THAT INCLUDES BILLY BUTLER.

Butler has decent numbers, but come on, nobody really fears Billy’s 285 hitting and 12 homeruns.

He’s merely the best on a poor hitting, no power ball club. And yes, Eric Hosmer can blame himself for the team being in last place, again. Had he been anywhere near the hitter we expected the Royals would have won at least 6-8 more games and be competing for the division. A very weak and open division. His pals are no better.

I don’t need to do the roll call, nobody is hitting at all, nobody.

I mentioned a few weeks back that we had no All-Star.

And I got some hate comments and some give them a chance comments. Really? They still STINK and are on yet another losing streak. Likely one that will continue tonight with Zack on the mound.

No he is not coming back and nobody wants to come here.

Well, maybe a few guys in South America who just want to get into the league.

The Royals continue to be the most unimportant major sports franchise in America.

They are truly a sad joke.

NOBODY that really matters that has played here since George Brett, save Kevin Appier maybe.. I know, I know, Carlos Beltran and Johnny Damon. I mean who really even remembers they ever played in KC? I was in Puerto Rico and mentioned to the locals their guy Carlos was once a Royal.

"Oh yeah, he played there a minute," they said. And Johnny Damon never mentions KC and nobody talks about him playing here.

And when they were here they got little to almost no national attention. Not one Royals player is known outside of KC. We are never mentioned on ESPN unless we are getting beat by a team that matters or do something stupid like hitting into a triple play or maybe Alex Gordon makes a great catch.

We  DO NOT MATTER. We haven’t for decades.

When will the Royals ever be on the map again? Nobody knows. It was suppose to be this year.

THIS WAS OUR TIME…ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN FROM THE FIFTY (The Chiefs stupid ad the year they went 2-14).

With no position players above a B, Hosmer on his way to being the next Alex Gordon – decent not great – and no starters, it could be years and years from now.

But hey, it’s a nice stadium. Enjoy.

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13 Responses to Glazer: Sorry Sam, Zack Greinke Ain’t Coming Back and He Shouldn’t

  1. Rick in PV says:

    To put a finer point on it
    Greinke won’t come back as long as the Glasses own this team and run it like a Walmart.

  2. harley says:

    the experiments are over….
    I’ve been to at least 30 games per year since yost has been manager. There is no doubt…based on the
    best minds in baseball…that these young guys have incredible talent. The top people in personel in
    baseball who run the top clubs have said outright that kansas city has a wealth of top young talent
    that could keep them competitive for many years. Dayton has done a great job…in that respect…putting
    together young talent that SHOULD BE SUCCESSFUL.
    Although its easy to blame the glasses…and they should have gone out and bought 2 top starting
    pitchers this year and spent the 20-30 million dollars…there’s no inspiration…no energy on this team
    that can get this team into the top echelon of the league.
    This yost guy is a complete jackoff! IN the clubhouse..on the bench…the quickest way for the royals
    to ruin these young talented players is to keep thizs loser. His calls have been beyond stupid. His rotation
    has been beyond ignorant. Seitzer needs to be told either you get this talent hitting or you’re gone.
    They say a manager will only win you 9 or 10 games a year….but yost has lost these guys at least
    10 games already. Theres no motivation on the bench….the players just don’t have the electric energy
    in playing that young guys usually have. In the field…it basic skills that kill the royals. Skills that should
    hgave been learned in 3 and 2. Yost is not a winner. doesn’t have the makeup to take this team
    to be compettitive. He’s a nut case. And until they bring in a proven winning manager for this
    huge talent pool they are in trouble. Trouble in losing the confidence that the team had.
    I think they are maybe 7 games under .500 now so a nice streak could put them back in the
    hunt. But yost is not the guy. He’s not running the bench correctly. The players have their heads
    down too much.
    The experiement is over. They tried to build from within. And its worked. Dayton is hamstrung with
    an owner who won’t spend money that really could have made a difference this season.
    Attendance has been up…probably because they had that all star game ticket package toventice
    ticket sales. So until yost is gone …it could be a long season..and the longer the young players
    underperform the worst it gets.
    Having watched them during the recent homestand you can see that yost is just not the guy.
    Until glass opens the wallet for starting pitchers, the pitchers will bear down and their arms
    will get blown and they will overpitch meaning they will probably struggle.
    There’s no doubt this team has talent. Thats not my opinion…thats from the top people
    in baseball. Until they get rid of yost..and brings in a tough…fundamental coach with a
    winning attitude and record they will struggle.
    This can be the year. Young players require special attention. Yost is old school.
    The experiment is over..
    Next time watch the royals bench and see what i mean.
    The season is still young..the royals can still make a run…a big run ….they’ve got
    major league talent sitting in the minors that need to come up NOW…
    keeping them down there is going to ruin them…

  3. harley says:

    read mell;ingers column this a.m.
    nice article…but wishful thinking. We have 2 owners who are not commited to winning. They have more money
    than okc owner (i think they do..havent checked their financials) but glass and hunt are not hurting for
    money in any way.
    Neither has piced the right people. Sorry…romeo is not a winner…defensive coach great…head coach…unproven
    and did terrible before. Both hunt and glass think osmosis works for general managers. Pioli worked with
    new england so by connections should be a great gm…moore worked in atlanta under he must
    be good too. doesn’t work that way.
    Both sports have tough time getting the most out of talented palyers…kc cheifs move to other teams and do
    great…royals players move to other teams and do great…here in kc they don’t do crap.
    Until the teams we have get the right people at top we’ll still be wishing for championships.

    As far as nba in kansas city…we were sold the deal by tim. But we all know what the guy did with
    the comets in kc. he papered the joint with free tickets tomake it look like it was full…
    great con man.
    Bring him and phil into kc. Give them the ultimatum…we want movement…we built p and l
    we built sprint under the belief that we’d get pro team…we have the demographics for
    nba team….they just won stnley cup with kings at staple…now its time for them to repay
    kc…and now….theres got to be something in their clause that says theres a penalty if no
    pro team gets to sprint…..or are the kc pliticans too scared to take these guys on.
    Yes…kc can support an nba team (i know nothing about hockey)…the money is there..
    but the owners better be wiling to invest in the team and make it work.
    Theres no body like kaufman anymore in kc…the rich guys are older and probaly pretty content
    without the headaches of a pro sports team. Prices for the teams are inflated but theres
    at least 3 teams that could make it here in kc….anyone got any ideas…because it’s our time..
    we just can’t get the right people in the right places…..

  4. smartman says:

    The Harley Report
    Has been sponsored today by 3 Rivers Psychiatric Hospital and Glory Hole Thursdays at Sidekicks Saloon.

  5. harley says:

    smarmtan i’ll be sure and say
    hello to the people who said you were a pos conman when we meet today. they already know
    you…should be an interesting meeting….

  6. Jimmy Rustle says:

    >>They have more money
    than okc owner (i think they do..havent checked their financials)

    That is a fucking blistering take there, Harley.

    You forgot to tell us what you ate for breakfast and what the weather was like where you live.

  7. Dr. Watkins says:

    Any individual who spends that much time typing that much jibberish may be due for a check-up.

  8. harley says:

    I respond to my fans/disciples
    and provide live/updated news and information
    jimmy rustle…
    I actually had breakfast this morning….2 over easy eggs…hash browns…3 slices of bacon…rye toast .
    The weatehr here in beautfiul joco is very nice…about 78…humidity is about 63%…a little cloudy but
    should be fine for the afternoon.

    dr. watkins…another fan and reader (see hearne everyone reads my comments!!!!!) …not jibberish …but
    the truth….if you disagree bring out some intelligent points…you read it and i appreciate your
    commenting on my writing…just another fan of harley!!!!!!!!!!!! . Best part is my comments create
    readers for kcc and hence more customers for the advertisers….

  9. Eric says:

    Glazer The Royals won
    Hey Craig the Royals beat the Brewers and ZG. Yeah, I agree we still have a ways to go. Harley kills me.

  10. harley says:

    my grandfather new
    angelo dundees brother abe. they met each other in toledo when they were both in the purple gang. back in the 50s somehow they hooked up with jimmy the greek. that was before jimmy was saying the wrong things. they decided to go to vegas. they won a bboat full of money! somehow though they thought they were cheating and made them give all the money back. well they were in for a suprise bbecause vegas vic was a friend of my family. vic always carried a 45 with ahuge barrel on it. well they went back to the casino and when the employees saw vic they gave them back the money. didnnt even have to pull his gone out. imagine that. well after that they all went to the middle eeast. they were out in the desert somewhere and came accross an oasis. my grandfather told me it was the best nudist oasis hhed ever seen. he told it was quite a sight to see a bunch of shakes chasing nude girlss!!!! well those must have been the days

  11. the dude says:

    Huzzah to the

    Greinke no want to play Walmart ball, NO!

  12. Jim says:

    Harley / JoJo/ J……….New / Knew. Tomato / Tamato.

  13. Harley says:

    What does my detergent …..
    have to do with this?
    I new Billy…Mays brother Willy…… and
    he got me using Oxymoron after…
    met Billy.
    He was a party animal…
    you loosers couldnt keep up.
    He puked on my shirt
    one knight in vegas….when we were out
    a bunch of hores but I didnt care….
    because we had lots of Oxymoron with us
    and every time I blow glaze…
    I just take a big fist full and garggle wit it

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