Donnelly: Help KC Confidential Photographer Katie Grogan Climb Roger Water’s ‘Wall”

If you’re Katie "McPansy" Grogan, when it rains it pours…
She’s on the verge of winning a nationwide photography contest to go and be Roger Waters’ photographer for a performance of The Wall in NYC.
The photo that caught the eye of the contest organizers was one of the first that she shot for KCC, Rob Zombie at Sandstone last summer.  I must say, it’s a badass pic.
So whaddya say KCC faithful?  Can you help a brutha out?  Katie needs your votes.  Follow this link to the contest website:


Everyone can vote twice, once via Twitter and once via Facebook.  I know, I know—What’s all this about the Twitter? 

Why would I care what Chad Ochocinco had for lunch?
Look, just do it for Katie.  She’s a great photographer.  And if she wins I’ll force her to write something about the whole deal…

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18 Responses to Donnelly: Help KC Confidential Photographer Katie Grogan Climb Roger Water’s ‘Wall”

  1. vote whore! says:

    Because I detest vote whoring, I voted for somebody else. you’re welcome.

  2. polly says:

    that’s one way to do it, whore!
    Or you could just vote for whichever one you like the best. Either way.

  3. sir boni maroni says:

    KCConfidential not your personal army! j/k voted

  4. Super Dave says:

    Gee where is the love………….sure not the fuck here as one can see. Come on people it’s Katie not Glazer so vote for her.

    I mean she does take good pictures so why not support her some? Looks to have more going on than either the Royals or the Chiefs

  5. the dude says:

    I do not participate
    in this “twatter” or “facespace”, is there some more normal means of voting?

  6. chuck says:

    Yeah, I like her work too, but I am with dude,
    not enough to be on Facebook, ever.

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    I’m an attention whore 2 & more than willing to help some 1
    trying to make it, so I voted.

    NOW, I expect her and all the rest of you to be at Good JuJu in the West Bottoms the first weekend of July to buy our stuff!

    (Coming soon to KCC, it’s TRADIO, where you can buy and sell your favorite crap!)

  8. PB says:

    Sorry, I’m With the dude
    Unless there’s a non-Twitter/FB option (ie: option for the over 30 crowd), I guess I can’t vote either. Cool pic though. Nice work, Katie. FWIW, I’m pulling for you.

  9. smartman says:

    Velvet Jones
    WTF Matt? Are you Katie’s pimp? Is she not mature and old enough to ask for help on her own? Can’t Glazer just call his agent at CAA and get her the gig? All I can do is wish her the best. I don’t tweet and Facebook……well I just never got it and judging from the IPO, once again I have earned my moniker.

  10. Katie says:

    I never thought people would be so against supporting a local artist.. thanks guys. I appreciate it.
    For the ones who actually did vote and kind of care, I really do appreciate it. It means a lot.
    This is what I love to do and this would be huge opportunity for me. Just trying to get the word out.

  11. Rick in PV says:

    Katie does great work
    Always liked her images, can’t believe the haters. You’re too cool for this room, McPansy.

  12. smartman says:

    You Missie B Elliot the Point Katie
    WORK IT. Make the cream rise to the top. We contributors are for the most part self made and self actualized. We aren’t going to vote for you just ” because”. I will offer some advice though. If you fancy yourself the next Annie Leibovitz, get the hell out of KC and shooting for free on KCC. There’s paying dues and then there is thinking you are paying your dues. Move to NYC and get a shitty apartment. Live on Mac and cheese. Feel some real struggling artist pain. Only then will you be able to truly evaluate your passion and skill and appreciate success.

  13. Katie says:

    I understand where you’re coming from but I’m actually still in school. I’m making my name in KC first before I go anywhere.
    There’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help every once in a while. I’m just using my resources. As you can see, I was already in the top 10 highest voted before I asked for help on here. I’ve worked hard to get where I am right now and continue to do so.

  14. smartman says:

    Oscar Wilde Says
    Education is an admirable thing but it is well to remember from time to time that anything worth knowing cannot be taught.

  15. katie says:

    this is true smartman 😉

  16. dood says:

    Katie, please
    please, please, please don’t take career advice, or any other advice for that matter, from smartman.

    And what’s up with the “We contributors…” thing? Contributors? Are you kidding me? I think I speak for everyone when I say, smartman, please don’t feel the need to “contribute” ever again.

    Katie, I’m begging.

    Well, except the part about being just like Annie Liebowitz. That’s some great advice. Maybe try Ansel Adams, too.

  17. smartman says:

    Don’t dood that Katie
    Chase your dreams with unbridled passion and reckless abandon. Like Glazer turned loose in a Thai brothel. You will always have time to get an education. Do while you’re young that which you can’t do when you’re old. You can’t look for summer in the autumn of your life.

  18. legendaryhog says:

    What a bunch of dickless dicks
    In the time it took you to post your anti-shilling-for-votes bullshit, you could have just been a normal person and voted for a contributor to a site that you frequent daily and post your unemployed asses off on. Seriously, these people at least are trying to throw some entertainment your way, and in return, you anonymously slander them for it. The amount of douche-baggery that goes on with more than a select few posters on this site is fucking incredible. How worthless is your life when you take pleasure in others not succeeding? I would kick you in the balls if you had any. You no-talent hacks. You fucked-up blown-out assholes.


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